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Half-Life (Windows)

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Developer: Valve
Publishers: Sierra Entertainment (Windows),
Valve (Mac OS X, Linux)
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
Released internationally: November 19, 1998 (Windows), February 5, 2013 (Mac OS X, Linux)

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Half-Life revolutionized the gaming industry by arming you with a crowbar. Whapish!

For even more unused content related to this game, take a look at Half-Life: Source.



Hl gman briefcase 2.png
Leftovers from cut areas, the insides of the G-Man's briefcase, Xena the Warrior Princess, and many other cut textures await you.
HL2ambient generic.png
What do you get when you mix a much more chatty HEV Suit, a Security Guard near an RPG, and a Scientist trying to send a message? This page!

Unused aliens


Hl aflock 1.png

Aflock are flat flying creatures, similar to a manta ray. They have a yellow body, a white underbody, and six beady red eyes, three on each side of the critter's "head". These aliens have animations for being hit by something, being wounded, and dying. A similar critter, Boid, is used in the background of the ending sequence, but only has a flying animation.

They appear in Blue Shift as a prop in the Xen chapter.


Hl archer 1.png

The Archers are a small red, eel-like fish. As one would expect, they were meant to be fought underwater. They would be able to attack the player by biting and shooting something at them. These creatures also has animations for swimming faster than usual and being able to surface. There is also a unique death animation that would play if their bodies floated to the surface.


Hl chumtoad 1.png

The Chumtoads are a headcrab-sized creature that looks like a purple frog with a giant red eye. Their animations shows them swimming, hopping, and playing dead (which is different from their actual death animation), but they possess no attack animation. They would have served a dual-purpose as a critter and as a weapon used by the player.

In the expansion packs, they are present in some easter eggs.


Hl floater 1.png

The Floaters are odd-looking aliens with a balloon-like object at the top of them, a claw extruding from their center, and a mouth/eye thing at the bottom of them. Their animations only have them floating around. Some sketches for Xen show this creature placed in them.


Hl kingpin 1.png

The Kingpin are white creatures with a tall center body, two claws used for locomotion, and a worm-like appendage coming from their rear. Their animations give no indication on how they would attack.

They have three animations: an idling animation, a walking animation where they use their claws to move, and a run animation where they slide around like a snake.

Mr. Friendly

Hl friendly 1.png

Mr. Friendly is a large creature with his rear sticking up in the air and two tentacles as front legs. According to Raising the Bar, he was meant to hump the player as his attack, but his animations show no trace of this. His in-game attacks show that he would be able to whack the player with a tentacle once, whack 'em twice with his tentacles, and spit vomit (complete with the mouth opening).


Hl snapbug 1.png

The Snapbugs are a small four-legged green alien with their eyes bulging out of them. What they were meant to do is unknown, as they have only an idle animation.


Hl sphere 1.png

The Sphere is a device that looks like a solid colored sphere. However, it features animations of it opening up, revealing a part that looks somewhat like the eye of an Alien Slave. Its "fire" animation shows the eye part repeatedly thrusting. There is also an animation of it closing up.


Hl stukabat 1.png

The Stukabats are an alien bat-like creature with multiple red eyes and a purple body with shades of red on them. Their animations show that they would be able to perch, fly around and could crawl around on the ground. The final game contains two nodes that would be used by this creature, but are now useless because they were scrapped. However, concept art show that they were possibly first encountered during Blast Pit, and better yet, during E3 1998, they make an appearance during On a Rail.

The closest thing the Stukabat has to an attack is an animation called "dive_cycler", though if this was supposed to be used against the player or simply as decoration is unknown.

The "stuka" in its name comes from the Junkers JU 87, a WWII-era German bomber known informally as the "Stuka".

Unused human characters


Hl construction 1.png

Construction is an earlier version of the Security Guard, but with an orange jumpsuit and a white helmet. While he has most of the Security Guard's basic animations, he has two animations found on the Day One model for the Security Guard; inspect_floor and c1a4_bottom.


Hl97 doctor1.png

Doctor.mdl is a very early model for what would become Gordon Freeman. This version gives Gordon a buzzcut, a large beard, and a very bulky HEV suit that is a muted mustard color. This design was informally known as "Ivan the Space Biker" and appeared in early media, including the first batch of screenshots ever released for the game.

Interestingly, this model uses the same model format that the player model does in the 1997 prototype.

This model only appears in the Steam version of the game.


Hlfinal hassault1.png

The Hassault is a black man with a cigar and a large minigun. His animations show him walking, running, firing, dying, and seemingly resting his back on a wall. His head was recycled into a variant head for the commander type of Human Grunt in the final game.

In the 1997 prototype, the Hassault appears to be used as more of an obstacle than an actual enemy, as the player must often find an alternate route around him to proceed.

Unused weapons


Hl v chum.png

The Chumtoad creature could also apparently be used as a weapon, like the Snark can. The weapon's first person model, v_chub, can be found in the game's files.

The first person model shows animations for the player holding a Chumtoad, idle animations of them croaking or sticking their tongue out, the player deploying and putting them back into the player's inventory, and an animation of them being thrown. What they would do after being thrown is unknown.

Of note is that the weapon's positioning graphics are broken by default, making them not appear in the same place the other first person weapon models do. This can be fixed, however.

The weapons first person graphic is based off of another name for the Chumtoad, the Chubtoad.

Suppressed Pistol

Hl pistol suppressed.png

The Pistol would be able to have a suppressor put on it at one point. The weapon's model has a suppressor attachment that can be seen via a model viewer and there is an unused animation of Gordon attaching a suppressor to the Pistol. In addition, there is an item graphic called "W_silencer" that features the Pistol's item sprite with a suppressor attached to it.

A suppressed pistol does appear in the final game, but is only used by the Black Ops enemies and cannot be picked up.

The suppressed Pistol variant was reused as the first person graphic for the Tranquilizer gun in Team Fortress Classic.

Unused items

.357 ammo

Hl w 357ammo 1.png

Inside the game's files is an unused model called "w_357ammo.mdl". When viewed, it shows a speedloader filled with six cartridges for the .357 Magnum Revolver. Most of the cartridges are represented with a bronzeish chrome texture, but the bottom shows how the rear of each cartridge would look like.


Hl w adrenaline.png

The Adrenaline is a bottle with an orange lower half. When picked up, it would automatically revive the player three seconds after the player had died if the player wasn't gibbed.


Hl w antidote.png

The Antidote is a bottle with a yellow lower half. It was intended to automatically cure the player of poisoning if the player had picked it up. However, almost nothing can poison the player in the final game (like the hazardous waste in Power Up), and the effects go away quickly.

Unlike the other bottle items, it can be spawned in-game.


Hl w chainammo 1.png

Chainammo is an open ammo box showing a lot of ammo in it. It is a usable item and can be placed in levels. It gives 200 rounds for the Pistol and SMG when picked up.


Hl w flare.png

A model for a flare item exists. Its model does not show how it could be used nor does it appear in the SDK.

Isotope box

Hl w isobox.png

The Isotope Box is a medium-sized orange box with the Lambda symbol on it and some warning labels. What it would do is unknown.


Hl w oxygen.png

Oxygen is a large tank. It would be found underwater and would let the player refill their oxygen while taking a swim underwater. It would have a 30 second recharge time in-between uses. It could also be blown up by shooting it.

The texture on its back also appears on the back of the Long Jump Module.

Oxygen Long Jump Module
Hl w oxygen.png Hlfinal longjump.png


Hl w rad.png

The Rad item is a bottle with a green lower half. It was intended that it would either clear any radiation damage the player was taking or make the player immune to radiation for a certain amount of time. The SDK isn't clear on exactly how it would work.

Security keycard

Hl w security.png

A model for a cut keycard item called Security exists. Presumably, it would be used for opening doors. However, it does nothing.

This model was repurposed into an objective the player must take to a location in Team Fortress Classic. The TFC version also has a different texture and four skins, one for each team supported by the game, instead of the single light blue skin Half-Life has for the model.

Unused Half-Life keycard Team Fortress Classic keycard
Hl w security.png Tfc keycard.png


Hl w shotshell.png

The model file "w_shotshell.mdl" contains an unused model of three shotgun shells next to each other. Presumably, it would be another ammo pickup for the Shotgun, but the amount of ammo it would give is unknown.

Unused decorative models


Hl breather1.png

Breather is an alien device that has several slices go up, then down, then repeat. It matches the style used in Xen.


Hl crystal 2.png

The Crystal is a rotating yellow crystal, similar to the one that kicks off the alien invasion at the start of the game and the ones found in Xen late in the game.

Dead Osprey

Hl dead osprey 1.png

A model for an extremely damaged V-22 Osprey with a missing rotor can be found in the model files.

It has two animations, one of it flying, and another of it crash landing and its remaining rotor falling into pieces. The final frame of the crash-landed Dead Osprey was reused as a prop in Opposing Force.

Dead Osprey Osprey
Hl dead osprey 1.png Hl osprey.png


Hl gasbag.png

Gasbag is a balloon-like object that expands and reduces itself in size. Its texturing suggests it would be seen in Xen.


Hl gib hgrunt.png

Gib_hgrunt is a severed leg from a Human Grunt.


Hl in teleport.png

In_teleport is a lot of blue boxes and flat squares rotating around each other. Presumably, it would have something to do with teleporting, but it goes unused.


Hl islave gibs1.png

Islave_gibs1 is an unused model of an Alien Slave's severed hand. The model file has textures for several more body parts, but only the hand model exists.


Hl out teleport.png

Out_teleport is another unused model that is like in_teleport, but this time the textures are a dark red color. The name suggests it would be used for coming out of a teleport.


Hl shrapnel 1.png

Shrapnel.mdl contains three unused models of silver junk. Darker versions of these models were used in the 1997 prototype, where they were spawned from the point of impact an SMG grenade blew up at.


Hl skeleton.png

An unused model of a full skeleton can be found in the game's files. In-game, only pieces of a human skeleton are seen.

Half-Life: Opposing Force uses this model.


Hl spiggot.png

The Spiggot is a model that was used in a tech demo showing a man having a spiggot inserted into his head. The model for the man can be found in the Day One prototype.


Hl spit.png

At one point, the Bullsquid's projectile was meant to be represented with a model called spit.mdl. While the projectile was changed into a set of sprites, the model still exists in the game's files, unused.


Hl stealth 1.png

Stealth.mdl is a cut model showing what appears to be a very primitive representation of the F-117 Nighthawk. It lacks proper textures, instead using a solid black texture.

Test Sphere

Hl testsphere.png

The Test Sphere is a sphere with a black and white checker texture that doesn't appear anywhere in the game.


Hl zombiegibs1.png

Zombiegibs1 is a cut model of a Zombie's severed left leg.

Unused Animations

Alien Grunt

The Alien Grunt has an unused animation of them floating in something.


The Bullsquid has three unused animations.

  • Bulljump: The Bullsquid shakes his head, then jumps with his mouth open, then does what looks like a bite upwards after landing.
  • Scare: The Bullsquid does a quick jump and then lunges his head forward after landing.
  • squidfallidle: The Bullsquid is handing on something with one claw.
  • squidfall: The Bullsquid falls off of something with his stomach facing upwards.


The little-seen Gargantua has two unused animations:

  • Bitehead: The Gargantua stomps, then goes back while his claws and mouth are open. He closes his mouth, closes his claws, looks on the floor, then returns to his idle position.
  • Throwbody: The Gargantua steps back and makes a throwing motion with his left claw.

In addition, the Gargantua's death animation is much longer than shown. The full animation has the Gargantua looking up, then slowly hitting the ground, eventually falling face-first to the ground. In-game, the animation is cut off with them exploding after the Gargantua's body goes completely up.


The Gonarch has an unused animation as well as an extended.

  • defend: The Gonarch's front moves down a bit to take on shots meant for her body.

The Gonarch's full death animation has her body quickly shaking like she's having a seizure after her body rests for a bit. In-game, her body explodes before this can happen.


Even the minor Headcrab has some unused animations.

  • crashidle: A Headcrab rocks back and forth while his front arms are attached to something.
  • crash: A Headcrab in the same position as crashidle goes flying to the side, with the top of his body hitting something. These two animations seem to be connected to a cut Scientist animation, discussed below.
  • hstruggleidle: A Headcrab seemingly attached to something is rocked to the front of something, then goes to the side.
  • hstruggle: A Headcrab that seems to be attached to something is thrown back, with his rear hitting something multiple times.

Human Grunt

The Human Grunt has a lot of unused animations.

  • 180left: The HGrunt jerks back while his left leg slides out a bit.
  • 180right: The HGrunt's right leg slides to to the slide while his left foot moves to face the side of his left leg.
  • bustwindow: The HGrunt hits something with the side of his gun.
  • cliffdie: The HGrunt falls off of something.
  • converse2: The HGrunt rests his back on something in a casual manner.
  • corner1: The HGrunt has his back on something while looking to his right.
  • corner2: The HGrunt is slightly tilted to his right, seemingly looking at something.
  • defuse: The HGrunt is touching and manipulating something like it is a computer or a set of buttons.
  • diveside: The HGrunt shoots, stops, quickly jumps to his right, then slowly gets up. This one has an idle animation that is the same as his shooting animation.
  • jumptracks: The HGrunt jumps over something in a manner very similar to the jump animation used by the player models in deathmatch.
  • kneeldive: The HGrunt is kneeling while shooting, then suddenly falls to the ground on his left and gets up. After he gets up, he is facing the opposite direction he was at the start of the animation. This one has an idle animation that is the same as his shooting while crouching animation.
  • startleleft: The HGrunt starts off in the same pose he was using in converse1, then suddenly looks to his left with surprised-looking arm gestures.
  • startleright: The HGrunt starts off in the same pose he was using in converse2, then quickly turns his entire body to his right with surprised-looking arm gestures.
  • stonetoss: The HGrunt crouches, scoops up something with his left arm, seems to drop it, looks further downwards, then gets back up.
  • strafeleft: The HGrunt quickly strafes left. A similar animation can be seen in the 1997 prototype.
  • straferight: The HGrunt quickly strafes right. A similar animation can be seen in the 1997 prototype.
  • trackwave: The HGrunt waves his arms around.
  • wm_button: The HGrunt forcefully hits something with his left hand while looking at it.
  • wm_moatjump: The HGrunt vaults over something.

Semi-unused animations

The HGrunt also has two animations that are impossible to completely see normally.

  • converse1: The HGrunt stands casually with his arms in front of him. This is used by the HGrunts in C2a2g that talk about Freeman and how they want to kill him, but only their backs can be seen in normal gameplay, and only if the player doesn't cause them to activate too early by shooting near them before seeing them. If the player tries to approach their front to see the front of the animation, they will instantly wake up and begin attacking.
  • converse2: The HGrunt stands casually with his arms in front of him. This is used by the HGrunts in C2a2g that talk about Freeman and how they want to kill him, but only their backs can be seen in normal gameplay, and only if the player doesn't cause them to activate too early by shooting near them before seeing them. If the player tries to approach their front to see the front of the animation, they will instantly wake up and begin attacking.


The Ichthyosaur has a single unused animation.

  • Hitcage: The Ichthyosaur quickly rams into something with his head, then goes back down just as quickly.

Laser Trip Mine

The Laser Trip Mine weapon has an unused sequence called "arm1" where Gordon presses something on the top of the device with his right hand, then lowers the weapon.


Hl loader.png

The Loader robot seen briefly in the intro has quite a few unused animations. All of these show it without it holding a box. One of them has it running towards something in a damaged state, then falling apart.

Multiplayer models

Several animations for the game's various multiplayer models show them being a corpse, on its back, sitting, or on a table. None of these corpses are found in the game, and a dying player freezes at its last death frame, rendering these "animations" unused.

These animations are technically used in-game, but only in single player during Xen, and for a completely different HEV suit guy model that is only used in MP as a default skin if the player doesn't have a custom skin someone is using.


Everyone's favorite giant fetus with a satellite shoved up his butt has some unused animations too!

  • block: The Nihilanth moves his hands in front of him, as if he's trying to block something.
  • fall: The Nihilanth spins at a 45 degree angle.
  • throw: The Nihilanth throws something with his left hand.


The Rat seen at the start of the Training Course contains a lot of unused animations. They have several idle animations, a jumping animation, a walking animation, and even a dying animation.

If the player uses cheats to obtain weapons in the Training Course, then begin shooting at a rat, he might play some of his unused idle animations. A powerful shot, such as a Crossbow bolt, will kill the Rat entirely, making him play his dying animation several times before reverting back to a single frame of one of his idle animations.


The not-so-brave Scientist lost some animations in his hurry to escape Black Mesa.

  • haulscientist: The Scientist is floating above something with his body in a U shape. This appears to be connected to an unused Zombie animation, discussed later.
  • helicack: The Scientist looks to the side, then is hit in the gut and falls down.
  • scicrash: The Scientist struggles with something on his head for a bit, then throws himself to the side, headfirst. This appears to be connected to the unused "crash animation found in the Headcrab's model file, as they both have the same movement directions.
  • scicrashidle: The Scientist struggles with something on his head. The movements in this animation also match the ones seen in crashidle, found in the Headcrab's list of animations.
  • scientist_gets_pulled: The Scientist looks around for a bit, then is suddenly dragged backwards. Might have a connection with an unused Zombie animation.
  • windive: The Scientist is flung (or flings himself) through something, falls down for a bit, then hits the ground on his back.

Security Guard

The Security Guard has some unused animations too!

  • barneyfall: The Security Guard falls off of something, back first.
  • barneyfallidle: An idle animation for barneyfall, showing the Security Guard holding onto something with one object in each hand.
  • c1a3_emerge: The Security Guard crawls for a bit, then lands on the floor and dies. Interestingly, the animation matches the vent the Security Guard at the start of We've Got Hostiles! is dragged through, suggesting the player was supposed to see him drag himself out of the vent after the Zombie pulled him away.
  • c1a3_emergeidle: An idle animation for the previous animation, meant to platy before the sequence started in full.
  • dragvent: The Security Guard is dragged into something. He tries to grip onto something mid-drag to stop whatever is dragging him, but it doesn't work. Interestingly, this is similar to an animation that does play in the 1997 prototype.
  • fence: The Security Guard looks at something, then tries to climb up it, but quickly jerks around as if he's having a seizure after he touches it then slumps down, dead. This animation is used in Opposing Force near the start of the game, where an Otis Security Guard plays the animation on an electrical fence the player must get around to reach an objective.
  • haulbarney: The Security Guard is dragged on his stomach. This fits with an unused Zombie animation.
  • pepsipush: The Security Guard tries to push something at two different angles, but falls on his back after the second attempt and gets back up.
  • pepsiswing: The Security Guard forcefully pulls something.
  • stuffed_in_vent: The Security Guard is stuffed into something, looking very uncomfortable.

Snark nests

The Snark nest that contain Snarks the player can use has an unused animation of it walking.


Last, but not least, the Zombie has unused animations.

  • c2a3_snack_getup: A Zombie gets up from eating, walks with his hands out like a stereotypical zombie towards something. Note that there is a zombie in the middle of C2a3 that is found eating, but he does not play this animation when he notices the player.
  • haulzombie: A Zombie has his right arm behind him and his left arm shaped in a O-shape. The left arm matches the shape that haulscientist is in, while the right arm's position fits with haulbarney.
  • pull_scientist: A Zombie appears to have his head sticking above something while holding onto it, then suddenly makes a grabbing animation with both of his hands, then drags something back. This animation's motions match the animations for the Scientist in his unused animation "scientist_gets_pulled".

Unused behaviors


The Houndeye pack was supposed to distinguish the leader from its minions through two animations, depicting the leader standing up while the minions would have recoiled in fear. Despite the behavior retained in the retail, the animations are never triggered by the Houndeye, and therefore go unused.

Level designers can place info nodes to define environmental elements - namely, machines and blinking lights - that idle Houndeyes will occasionally wander over to and paw at out of curiosity. No such nodes are used in the retail game.

(Source: Marphy Black)

Early Anomalous Materials lab entrance

Hl anom entr c0a0d 1.png

The level c0a0d contains an earlier version of the Anomalous Materials lab entrance hall. This one is much more industrial-looking and has brown airlock doors. Interestingly, the brown airlock doors are still used for the entrance to the entrance hall in c0a0e, which contains the proper entrance hall.

c0a0d c0a0e and c1a0
Hl anom entr c0a0d 1.png Hl anom entr c0a0e 1.png
c0a0d c0a0e and c1a0
Hl anom entr c0a0d 2.png Hl anom entr c0a0e 2.png

Forget About Freeman elevator switch

Hl c3a1 switch 2.png

In the chapter 'Forget About Freeman', there is an elevator with a closed door at the beginning. If you noclip inside, you will see a red triangle. Walking towards it will either crash the game (if you're running the game in Software mode. Running in OpenGL or Direct3D mode will apparently stop the game from crashing) or send you 2 maps ahead (the map where you fire the tank to open the door that takes you to the lambda lab), floating on the ceiling, dead.

Attempting this in the Source version will exit the level and return to the main menu because the game doesn't know how to properly transition into the map the triangle sends you to.

The switch also exists in the multiplayer level lambda_bunker, but will crash the game if used.

Interestingly, if this triangle is touched while running Half-Life in the popular Goldsrc remake Xash3D, it will transport the player two maps ahead, however it'll properly position them near the starting elevator, albeit without their HEV suit, weapons, or ammunition, acting similarly to if the player attempted to directly load the map through the console.

Hidden HEV charger in Apprehension

Hl c2a3a hevchargerbug.png

An invisible, fully functional HEV charging location can be found near another one in c2a3a, it's located near the crossbow, and it's possibly a leftover from an earlier map revision.

Multiplayer level signatures

Hl crossfire sig.png

All multiplayer levels created by Dario Casali contain his signature somewhere in the level that can only be seen by using the noclip cheat. Most of them have a unique blue glow around the signature.

Crossfire (HLDM Multiplayer Map)

Security Guards in Crossfire

If the multiplayer level Crossfire is loaded as a single player level (easily done by simply loading it via the console as soon as the game is started), there will be two Security Guards in the level. One will be in the left bunker, while the other will be next to the Gluon Gun.

Since Crossfire can only normally be played in multiplayer, these Security Guards go unused. What their purpose is cannot be figured out.

Hidden "Blue Room" in Crossfire

In the room with the Longjump module and HEV charger, there is a "wall" entity blocking a passage to a secret room. It is visible in-game by setting off explosions around it (the scorch mark decals do not cross over from the wall to the blocking entity), but cannot be opened. It is also visible when using render commands like r_drawflat, gl_wireframe, etc. Inside the room is a spiral ramp leading to a crossbow, ammunition, and HEV suit batteries.

Dario Casali provides an explanation for the "Blue Room" in an interview with Planet Half-life from 2004.[1]

Pratt: Ok, once and for all, the “blue room” in crossfire - why is it there, and is there really any way in?
Dario: I could fill an encyclopedia with the number of emails I was sent about this blue room! There's actually no way in there. It existed right up till the last minute before the map was released, and so when the decision to remove it was made, only a very minor change to the level was permitted. The solution was to disable access to the room rather than deleting the room. No one I told this believed it, by the way.

Some map edits (or AMX Mod plugins) provide a way to open this door and enter the room - e.g. by shooting specific lights in a certain order, or performing some other secret action.

Impulse 99

The cheat code "Impulse 99" makes it so that the logos of Valve, Sierra Studios, and Half-Life itself will quickly rotate among each other on the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

Note that the Sierra Studios logo is still used in the Steam version of the game when the cheat is activated, even though Valve has terminated their publishing deal with them long ago. It has became apparent that this was used during E3 1998, as seen on the small television screen showcasing the gameplay videos.

Regional Differences

The German version has several changes made in order to avoid a USK 18 rating.

(Source: Schnittberichte)

Robot Grunt

Hl rgrunt 1.png

The most significant change in the German version is that the Human Grunt has been replaced by a robot, appropriately named "Robot Grunt" in the Half-Life modding tools. The robot has a green, vaguely camouflage color and a one big red eye sticking out of the right side of its head. The enemy's voice has been changed as well to make it sound robotic compared to the Human Grunt. The sound clips used to make up the Human Grunt's combat dialogue is still in the game's files, but unused.

This was done to abide with German laws regarding killing people in video games and media. By making the Human Grunts robots, the law could be bypassed.

The design may be familiar to non-German fans, as it was later used a multiplayer model for every version of the game.

Robot Grunt Human Grunt
Hl rgrunt 1.png Hlfinal hgrunt1.png
Robot Grunt Human Grunt
Hl rgrunt 2.png Hlfinal hgrunt2.png
Robot Grunt Human Grunt
Hl rgrunt 3.png Hlfinal hgrunt3.png
Robot Grunt Human Grunt
Robot Grunt Robo
Hl rgrunt 1.png Hl robo.png

Alternate Scientist and Security Guard death animations

Hldeu dead 1.png

The Scientist and Security Guard are still human in the German version, but have a unique death animation not seen in the uncensored version of the game (presumably to bypass the same laws that made the Human Grunts into the Robot Grunts). When a Scientist or Security Guard is killed but has not suffered enough damage to be gibbed, he will sit down with his legs crossed while waving his head to the side. Eventually, he will stop moving, and the player can walk through the victim.

Those put into the "sit down" state but are still solid are seemingly still considered corpses and can be gibbed, adding a little bit of irony to censorship.

Censored version Uncensored version
Hldeu dead 1.png Hl dead 1.png
Censored version Uncensored version
Hldeu dead 2.png Hl dead 2.png

Blood and gibs

In a default installation, the "low violence" mode is enabled, disabling all gibs and blood. However, with the variables "violence_agibs", "violence_ablood", "violence_hblood", and "violence_hgibs" set to 1, a unique version of gibs and blood can be enabled.

When humans are shot, they will bleed a strange dark yellow blood. This blood isn't the same as the blood spewed by alien opponents. If someone is gibbed (Scientist, Security guard, or Robot Grunt), he will explode into mechanical parts, such as gears and springs, instead of human gibs. There will still be red blood, however.

Alien blood and gibs are the same as the uncensored versions if they are enabled.

Censored version Uncensored version
Hldeu blood 1.png Hl blood 1.png
Censored human blood Uncensored alien blood
Hldeu blood 1.png Hl alien blood.png
Censored version Uncensored version
Hldeu gibs.png Hl gibs.png

Removed Female Assassin breasts

The German version of the game removes the breasts (and the associated jiggle physics) the Female Assassins have.

Censored version Uncensored version
Hl deu assassin.png Hl assassin.png

Changed multiplayer models

The Gina, Gordon, HGrunt, and Scientist multiplayer models were replaced with copies of the Helmet multiplayer model.

Revisional Differences

Screen tilting

In the older versions of retail Half-Life, taking fall damage or strafing left and right would result in the player's screen being tilted slightly. This was removed in versions and after.

Hl tilt 1.png Hl tilt 2.png

Steam version menu

When Valve re-released the game on their Steam service, they replaced the main menu. Gone was a locked 640x480 menu with separate menu options, replaced with a menu that scaled with the game's resolution. Also gone are many menu options, including Hazard Course, Custom Game, View Readme and Previews. Steam Half-Life's GUI looks identical to the Steam GUI back during its 2003 launch.

Pre-Steam versions (1.0 to Current Steam release. (
HLTitle.PNG Half-Life-Windows-Title.png
Pre-Steam versions (1.0 to Current Steam release. (
Hl won controls.png Hl steam controls.png


In the pre-Steam versions of Half-Life, the console slides down from the top of the screen when activated. In the Steam version, it is its own window and overlays on the pause menu.

Pre-Steam versions (1.0 to Current Steam release. (
Hl won console.png Hl steam console.png

In-game chat font

The in-game font in the Steam version is completely different. It is larger than the WON version and uses a solid orange color instead of orange with black borders.

Pre-Steam versions (1.0 to Current Steam release. (
Hlfinal textspace.png Hl steam message font.png


Alien Grunt sprite

The Alien Grunt sprite used to simulate the horde of Alien Grunts in the bad ending appears to be based on the design seen in the 1997 prototype, not the finals.

Alien Grunt sprite 1997 prototype Alien Grunt
Hl agruntsprite.png Hl97 aliengrunt2.png

Scigun texture

Near the end of Lambda Core, the player will see a double glass door with a Scientist and a Security Guard on the otherwise. The Scientist is armed with a Shotgun (with the internal name scigun.mdl) and will point it at the player before putting it down. However, this shotgun uses a completely different texture than the actual Shotgun item model. It has a white rear, a gray stock, and a gray body, along with a much higher resolution texture. This seems to be from an earlier version of the Shotgun when it had different colors, but the model used by the Scientist was never updated when the model was changed to the final's textures.

Scigun Shotgun item model
Hl scigun.png Hl w shotgun.png


This is a trailer for a Nightmare on Elm Street Platinum DVD which is in the main directory on the disc.