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Development:Mario Clock

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This page details development materials of Mario Clock.

How about a nice leek in this trying time?
This page or section details content from the September 2020 Nintendo Leak.
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Included within the September 2020 Nintendo Leaks are planning documents for Mario Clock. One of these documents is a flowchart with some early screenshots mockups of the app. The flowchart can be found in from_Nintendo.rar\fro_Nintendo\20091021\clockcalc_debug_20091019.zip\Ä×îvü{ôdæýÄæù┐\üyDSiÄ×îvü{ôdæýüzJPÄæù┐\ÄdùlÅæ\â}âèâIü{éÃéñéÈé┬Ä×îv\0211 8bit Mario Clock Flowchart.pdf.


Top screen

A screenshot was included within the flowchart that was hastefully copy-pasted several times. It does show some interesting differences. If the dates were to be correct, the flowchart was created on February 11th 2009, with the other screenshots being taken at various points in time between October 28th 2008 and February 11th 2009.

Prerelease Final
DSi-MarioClock-PrereleaseMain-1.png DSi-MarioClock-Main-2.png
  • The date is on the right and shows the first 3 letters of the month, in this case October. These strings still exist in the final build, although go unused.
  • There's no coin counter.
  • There's no battery indicator.
  • With this mockup being based on the Japanese version of the app, there's no mentions of AM or PM times.
  • The second clock hand is red instead of orange and less thick. It has a drop shadow, which the final build doesn't have.
  • The big and small clock hands don't extend as far to the back.
  • The brick isn't centered onto a grid.
  • Only one half of the ground sprites are visible.
  • The bell icon is different. There's also an alarm indicator that reads ALARM ON.
Screenshot Mockup Final
DSi-MarioClock-BellScreenshot-1.png DSi-MarioClock-Bell-2.png DSi-MarioClock-Bell-1.png
  • The number 8 in the game's 8x8 font is the one from the original Super Mario Bros. This was changed to a more standard looing one for the final version, likely to make it more legible.
Screenshot Mockup Final
DSi-MarioClock-Number8Screenshot-1.png DSi-MarioClock-Number8-2.png DSi-MarioClock-Number8-1.png


Prerelease Final
DSi-MarioClock-Flowchart-9.png DSi-MarioClock-Settings-1.png
  • The OK button was wider and has a beige color in this screenshot. This was later changed to gray.
  • The brick pattern in the top left is shifted up.
  • There's an option for setting the system in sleep mode beyond 1 hour.

Alarm Song Select

Prerelease Final
DSi-MarioClock-Flowchart-15.png DSi-MarioClock-AlarmSoundSelect-1.png

The DSi Sound button has a lighter tint.

Mockup screenshots

The full application's functions are shown in this flowchart as mockups with more horribly cropped screenshots. Some of these mockups were also covered up by real application screenshots. There are some minor UI tweaks though.

Mockup Final
DSi-MarioClock-Flowchart-0.jpg DSi-MarioClock-Main-3.png
  • The manual, exit and settings buttons are smaller.
Mockup Final
DSi-MarioClock-Flowchart-1.jpg DSi-MarioClock-ApplicationClose-1.png
  • The closure textbox doesn't cover up the entire screen.
  • The text formatting is different.
  • There's no textbox showing the amount of collected coins.
Mockup Final
DSi-MarioClock-Flowchart-3.png DSi-MarioClock-AlarmList-1.png
  • The alarm time is a bit more to the left.
  • There's no alarm bell icon for turning on / off the alarm, there's just a button that reads 'ON' and 'OFF'.
  • The time on the 2nd button is set to 12:30pm, something that isn't possible. The hour counter only goes up to 11.
Mockup Final
DSi-MarioClock-Flowchart-4.png DSi-MarioClock-TimeOffset-1.png
  • The changed time was at the bottom of the screen.
Mockup #1 Mockup #2 Final
DSi-MarioClock-Flowchart-5.png DSi-MarioClock-Flowchart-7.png DSi-MarioClock-Settings-2.png

Not one, but two early settings mockups!

  • The energy saving mode was just a simple on / off button instead of a time selector.
  • There was originally an option to activate summer times. This was removed entirely.
  • You originally could cancel the changes you've made before saving.
  • The text for changing the time offset is different.
Mockup Final
DSi-MarioClock-Flowchart-10.png DSi-MarioClock-AlarmSettings-1.png
  • The alarm settings has no option to change the volume of the music or the ability to test the alarm beforehand.
  • The selected alarm number is shown on the right.
Mockup Final
DSi-MarioClock-Flowchart-12.jpg DSi-MarioClock-AlarmSoundSelect-2.png
  • The song selection has no Super Mario Bros. icons, just music notes and numbers.
  • The top buttons don't extend to the borders of the screen.
  • The text within these buttons is different.
Mockup Final
DSi-MarioClock-Flowchart-17.jpg DSi-MarioClock-Snoozing-1.png
  • The text formatting and the text itself was changed slightly.