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Development:SpongeBob SquarePants: SuperSponge (Game Boy Advance)

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This page details development materials of SpongeBob SquarePants: SuperSponge (Game Boy Advance).

As if the PlayStation version wasn't enough, on December 19th, 2019, a backup disc containing early source code, builds and assets from the Game Boy Advance version of SpongeBob SquarePants: SuperSponge was found on eBay and can be downloaded here.

Most of the discs' contents are from April 2001 at most, predating the final release by several months.


On the disc in the Mockup's folder are some early graphic tests.


This folder refers to artist Chris Rundell.



A parallax animation test on a Game Boy Advance screen.

Bob Sprite.bmp

SBPSS Bob Sprite.png

An early SpongeBob sprite render.

Bob Sprite2.bmp

SBSPSS Bob Sprite2.png

What appears to be Chris trying to figure out how to make sprites.

Jelly Feilds Mock.bmp

SBSPSS Jelly Feilds Mock.png

A sprite sheet containing pieces of Jellyfish Fields, likely as a style test.

Screen mock up.bmp

SBSPSS Screen mock up.png

A mockup image of SpongeBob standing in Jellyfish Fields.


SBSPSS Bg1.png

A background from the Yoshi Sample with Jellyfish Fields spliced in.

Repete background.bmp

SBSPSS Repete background.png

A repeatable background with buildings.



A render of the bus.


This refers to artist Shaun Pearson.

Mockup images of various levels.

The individual art assets used to create said mockups.

SBSPSS Cowfish v2.png

A model of a cowfish. A render of it found in the PlayStation version's source code but not the original 3D Studio Max file.


This refers to artist Wai-Hung Wan.

Various scenery objects and mockups.


01 - PSXTest

A song titled "PSXTEST" can be found in /SBSPants/Sound/. It is dated 12/12/2000 and was most likely used for testing sound on earlier builds of the PlayStation version. This song is a XM remix of the original SpongeBob track "War Blowers" by the Blue Hawaiians.

01 - TITLE
In the same folder, there's an audio file titled "01- TITLE_XM". The file dates to the same time as PSXTEST, and unfortunately contains no data.