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Diablo III

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Title Screen

Diablo III

Developer: Blizzard Entertainment
Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment
Platform: Windows
Released in US: May 15, 2012
Released in EU: May 15, 2012
Released in RU: June 7, 2012

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

Diablo III. The first game in the series which requires an internet connection. Famous for the travesty that was the Auction House.


The designer menu.

Developer tool that cannot be accessed by players, offers various cheats and debugging tools. Found at en-US\StringList\DesignerDialog.stl and UI\DesignerDialog.ui.

*Title                   Designer Menu
*Button_God              God Mode
*Button_AI               AI
*Button_AIBlind          AI Blind
*Button_AIBlindToPlayers AI Blind To Players
*Button_NavMesh          Nav Mesh
*Button_ShowTriggers     Show Triggers
*Button_EasyKill         Easy Kill
*Button_Scenes           Scenes
*Button_PhysBounds       PhysBounds
*Button_FullHealth       Full Health
*Button_KillAllMonsters  Kill All Monsters
*Button_ReseedDRLG       Reseed DRLG
*Button_RestartGameHere  Restart Game Here
*Button_GotoCheckpoint   Last Checkpoint
*Button_AllSkills1       All Skills @ Level 1

DRLG stands for Dungeon Random Level Generator.

Testing Powers

To do:
extract all interesting QA test debug powers

There are various item powers used by QA that cannot be seen in game.

Self harm yourself with all the available elements and attributes. Likely used for balancing purposes. You can find these in the file enUS\StringList\powers.stl file. They are helpfully all marked with QA (quality assurance).

QA_10ArcaneDOT_name     QA Arcane DOT   
QA_10ArcaneDOT_desc     Inflicts {Script Formula 0} Arcane DOT damage to yourself and all allies, enemies, and wreckables within 20 yards.
Useful for testing overlays, damage type deaths, buffs, etc.
Turn on -god if you do not want to be affected by this spell.       

Interesting Debug Items

Strangely, the set of debug items are mostly owned by a "professional russian". Found in Items.stl file. These items are popular with cheaters on the console versions of the game.

Item Description
Debug_100DPS_Axe_1H Professional Russian's 100 DPS 1H Axe
Debug_100DPS_Axe_2H Professional Russian's 100 DPS 2H Axe
Debug_100DPS_Bow Professional Russian's 100 DPS Bow
Debug_100DPS_Dagger Professional Russian's 100 DPS Dagger
Debug_100DPS_HandXBow Professional Russian's 100 DPS Crossbow Pistol
Debug_100DPS_Mace_1H Professional Russian's 100 DPS 1H Mace
Debug_100DPS_Mace_2H Professional Russian's 100 DPS 2H Mace
Debug_100DPS_Sword_1H Professional Russian's 100 DPS 1H Sword
Debug_100DPS_Sword_2H Professional Russian's 100 DPS 2H Sword
Debug_100DPS_Wand Professional Russian's 100 DPS Wand
Debug_Axe_001 100 DPS Axe
Debug_Blind_Bow Professional Russian's Blind Proc Bow
Debug_Blind_Sword Professional Russian's Blind Proc Sword
Debug_Chill_Bow Professional Russian's Chill Proc Bow
Debug_Chill_Sword Professional Russian's Chill Proc Sword
Debug_Constant_Axe_1H Professional Russian's 1H Axe
Debug_Constant_Axe_2H Professional Russian's 2H Axe
Debug_Constant_Bow Professional Russian's Bow
Debug_Constant_Dagger Professional Russian's Dagger
Debug_Constant_HandXBow Professional Russian's Crossbow Pistol
Debug_Constant_Mace_1H Professional Russian's 1H Mace
Debug_Constant_Mace_2H Professional Russian's 2H Mace
Debug_Constant_Sword_1H Professional Russian's 1H Sword
Debug_Constant_Sword_2H Professional Russian's 2H Sword
Debug_Constant_Wand Professional Russian's Wand
Debug_Fast_HandXBow Professional Russian's Fast Crossbow Pistol
Debug_Fast_Sword_1H Professional Russian's Fast Sword
Debug_Fast_Wand Professional Russian's Fast Wand
Debug_Fear_Bow Professional Russian's Fear Proc Bow
Debug_Fear_Sword Professional Russian's Fear Proc Sword
Debug_Freeze_Bow Professional Russian's Freeze Proc Bow
Debug_Freeze_Sword Professional Russian's Freeze Proc Sword
Debug_Immobilize_Bow Professional Russian's Immobilize Proc Bow
Debug_Immobilize_Sword Professional Russian's Stun Proc Sword
Debug_Knockback_Bow Professional Russian's Kanockback Proc Bow
Debug_Knockback_Sword Professional Russian's Knockback Proc Sword
Debug_Slow_Bow Professional Russian's Chill Proc Bow
Debug_Slow_HandXBow Professional Russian's Slow Crossbow Pistol
Debug_Slow_Sword Professional Russian's Slow Proc Sword
Debug_Slow_Sword_1H Professional Russian's Slow Sword
Debug_Slow_Wand Professional Russian's Slow Wand
Debug_Stun_Bow Professional Russian's Stun Proc Bow
Debug_Stun_Sword Professional Russian's Stun Proc Sword
Debug_Sword_001 Don's Sword of Testing
Debug_Sword_002 Don's 2H Sword of Testing
Lewis_Test_Dagger Lewis' Test Item
P42_Unique_Ring_001 Sean's Ring of Testing

Strange textures

Despite the file names having temp in the name, there are plenty left over. Here are some interesting ones.

Diablo3 tempDesign circle obviouslyTemp.png

tempDesign circle obviouslyTemp.dds

Diablo3 tempDesign hugs.png

tempDesign hugs.dds

Diablo3 Hello World.png

Hello World


The Best Bow Ever is unique as it is the only file in all capital letters, and no naming convention. It's also very primitive so may have been a joke.

Unused item passive

Lewis_ItemPassive_Test {c_magic}[{VALUE1} * 2]%{/c_magic} chance on hit to summon a Fetish Sycophant. 

Possibly used by Lewis Villamar for testing the Witch Doctor's Passive Skill Fetish Sycophants. "...you have up to a 15% chance to summon a dagger-wielding Fetish to fight by your side for 60 seconds."


Lightning textures reference Mortal Kombat character Raiden.

  • RaidenBolt.tex
  • RaidenForks.tex
  • RaidenStream.tex