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Title Screen


Developer: Sean Crist
Platform: Mac OS Classic
Released internationally: 1993

DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.

Welcome to DrawMaze, the free $10 top-down adventure that anyone can edit.

Developer Messages

The "Extra Sounds" file contains two text resources, both called "Read Me".

TEXT 0 Note to people who read the resource fork of this file using ResEdit:

  This file is marked as a System file, which means that its name cannot be changed. If you use ResEdit to change this file's name, then DrawMaze will not be able to recognize it.

   If you do have some compelling reason to change the name of this file, then be sure that the resource STR 1000 of DrawMaze is changed to contain the new name.

TEXT 1 Another note to ResEdit bandits-

     If you wish, you can install sounds into your maze file using ResEdit. Everything will work normally, just as though you had used DrawMaze to install the sounds.

Menu Names

There are two unused zero-item menus, called This title never appears. and Dr. Whitley might find this..

"Dr. Whitley" likely refers to Dr. M. Stanley Whitley, who received an acknowledgment in Crist's linguistics dissertation (and who was apparently a ResEdit bandit himself).