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DuckLife (Adobe Flash)

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Title Screen


Developer: Wix Games
Publisher: ArcadeTown
Platform: Adobe Flash
Released internationally: February 25, 2010

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

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The Unity version has some differences from the flash version.

So you own this huge farm and are making tonnes of money

When one day this tornado comes along and destroys it all

The only thing that survives is a single duck egg

So you have to train this duckling into a racing duck

To make enough money to rebuild the farm

Unused Graphics

DuckLife VCamLeftover.png

A leftover from the V-Cam, a Flash component used to simulate camera movement by transforming the rest of the content. This is the preview frame that marks the camera's current position.


What seem to be early designs for the ducks, which are hidden just offscreen. The player cannot see these ducks normally, but they can be easily seen by putting the window into its maximized resolution. Weirdly, both ducks don't have their eyes colored in. The white duck is only seen on the main screen of the game, while the brown duck is in almost all of the screens where you choose a race.