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DuckLife 4

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Title Screen

DuckLife 4

Developer: Wix Games
Publisher: Not Doppler
Platform: Adobe Flash
Released internationally: February 22, 2012

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

Unused Graphics

DuckLife4 UnusedStar.png
A somewhat poor drawing of a star.

DuckLife4 UnusedNPCDuck.png
This is a special duck that links the NPC ducks. When you are racing, this duck gets replaced by whatever duck that was in said race.

DuckLife4 UnusedHandGloveFootThing.png
Some weird graphic that has a red X over a hand/glove/foot thingy?

DuckLife4 UnusedSign.png
This can be seen in multiple frames if viewed in a decompiler. It is unknown as to what it was used for.

DuckLife VCamLeftover.png

Although this is used, it is never seen as it was made to become invisible to players.

Unused Text


Used on the NPC Duck shown above.

Sorry, DuckLife 4 is sitelocked to Not Doppler until February 23.Unlocked version will be available at notdoppler.com/webmasters.php or wixgames.co.uk on February 23

It appears that it was site locked on its release date.

This movie clip stops levels from going over 150

This movie clip stops your money being NaN

This movie clip saves data

These are used offscreen, they may have been used by the developers to direct which movie clip does what.


A placeholder line that repeats a lot of times.