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Dyna Brothers 2

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Title Screen

Dyna Brothers 2

Developer: CRI
Publisher: CRI
Platform: Genesis
Released in JP: December 3, 1993

MinigameIcon.png This game has unused modes / minigames.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
BonusIcon.png This game has hidden bonus content.

Dyna Brothers 2 is a real-time strategy game for the Sega Mega Drive.

To do:
  • Document the following passwords: MAINCH, SECOCH, HAGE, BURABO, STAFF, HAZURE.
  • Add descriptions for the rest of the secret levels.

Cheat Mode

Use the following passwords in this order to access Cheat Mode: DBSAMA, UHYO, then MAKOTU. The first two passwords will give an "invalid password" sound, however a unique jingle will play when Cheat Mode is active.
When paused, use A + Start to give yourself 999999 Power Points, and use B + Start to remove menu restrictions early-on in the game. Additionally, when the game is paused, a set of coordinates will be displayed.
This password is most likely a reference to programmer Makotsuan Sato.

Animation Test Modes

Use the password ANIME to access Normal Animation Mode. This would later on be available in Dyna Brothers 2 Special for the Sega Channel.
Use the password SIFUKU to access Blissful Animation Mode. This adds additional functionality to the normal animation test mode.

Background Test

Once Cheat Mode has been successfully enabled, enter the password SOA to access a background test mode.
Use Start to proceed to the next background, and B to view the previous background.

Character Intros

Use the password SHOKAI to view character intros and stats for all main units. This will automatically cycle through every unit.

Dyna Fight

Use the password FIGHT to start an otherwise inaccessible game mode called Dyna Fight.
Dyna Fight is a simple fighting game for two players, and was later made available by normal means in Dyna Brothers 2 Special for the Sega Channel.

Using the password DASH instead will start an alternate version of this, called Dyna Fight'.
Dyna Fight' uses a different background and music for fights, as well as allows players to select four extra characters.

Secret Stages

The following stages are unavailable during normal gameplay, and can only be accessed through cheats.
Most of these stages were made immediately accessible in Dyna Brothers 2 Special.

Password Description
BEEP Special level created for Japanese magazine "Beep! MegaDrive".
CSK Stylized after the CSK Research Institute (CRI) logo.
DBTWO Playfield spells out "DB2", over a sprite of Stego.
FAMITS Special level created for Japanese magazine "Famitsu".