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E-Motion (Atari ST)

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Title Screen


Developer: The Assembly Line
Publisher: U.S. Gold
Platform: Atari ST
Released in EU: 1990

SourceIcon.png This game has uncompiled source code.

Uncompiled Code

A couple of source code fragments were left behind. They can be seen in the .stx dump at the hex addresses listed below.



        bsr     de_selct        ;turn drive off

        bsr     getdma          ;get DMA length for track 79 (in d0)

;       move.l  temp,d1         ;get length for track 78
;       sub.l   d0,d1           ;subtract d0 from d1
;       cmp.l   #200,d1
;       blt     wrong           ;if difference is <200 then pirate !
        cmp.l   #6020,d0
        bgt     wrong

        move.l  #0,d0

wrong:  move.l  #1,d0


;I use BSS for buffer area - you might not !
trackbuff:    ds.b 8000     ; 8k buffer ! Really only needs 6600.

_memtop       equ $436
memval2       equ $43a
flock         equ $43e
seekrate      equ $440
_timr_ms      equ $442
_fverify      equ $444
_bootdev      equ $446
palmode       equ $448
defshiftmd    equ $44a
sshiftmd      equ $44c
_v_bas_ad     equ $44e
vblsem        equ $452
nvbls         equ $454
_vblqueue     equ $456
colorptr      equ $45a
screenpt      equ $45e
_vbclock      equ $462
_frclock      equ $466
hdv_init      equ $46a
swv_vec       equ $46e
hdv_bpb       equ $472
hdv_rw        equ $476
hdv_boot      equ $47a
hdv_mediach   equ $47e
_cmdload      equ $482
conterm       equ $484
themd         equ $48e
savptr        equ $4a2
_nflops       equ $4a6
sav_context   equ $4ae
_bufl         equ $4b2
_hz_200       equ $4ba
the_env       equ $4be
_drvbits      equ $4c2
_dskbufp      equ $4c6

(Source: ggn (D-Bug Forums))