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EarthBound/In-Game Debug Menu

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This is a sub-page of EarthBound.

That is one ugly menu.

The easiest way to access this debug menu is by using the "Apple" menu function in the Boot-up debug menu.

You can also access it by using the Game Genie codes 6B84-7D04, 3184-7D64, and 3E84-7DA4, then using the ATM card.

The harder way is by using Game Genie code EE64-54A1 and interacting with three different spots in the game. First, input the code and leave it off. Next, if you are in Scaraba, go to either the bazaar or inside of Dungeon Man. In the bazaar, there is a sign that says "Hassan's Shop ($ dollars acceptable.)" In Dungeon Man, make your way to Brick Road's face and the sign near it that says "That face is mine. (Feel free to talk to it.) ...Brick Road." The final location to access the menu is right before the final battle with Giygas, when Pokey taunts you. Turn the code on and read the signs again/approach Pokey. Eventually, you will receive a text box that says "NNW SMSK?" (何をしますか? What shall you do?) and then the debug menu will be open.

It is also possible to get into this debug menu without any Game Genie code at all by using the "check area" glitch on certain spots of the map, such as the Circus Tent in Threed, as demonstrated in this TAS video. This video demonstrates glitching to the upper-right corner of Onett to enter the debug menu, further facilitated by using inputs on the second controller to manipulate the game's RAM.

Instead of being translated, the debug menu's text was transliterated and truncated, displaying only the first English letter for each Japanese character used. Here's a list that details all of its functions:

Still ugly. Also indecipherable.

1. P-TiNStTI [パーティの設定 = Party Edit]

  • KWER [加える = add]
  NS: ネス = Ness
  P-R: ポーラ = Paula 
  ZeF: ジェフ = Jeff 
  P: プー = Poo 
  P-K: ポーキー = Pokey 
  PtK: ピッキー = Picky 
  IN: 犬 = dog (King) 
  TN: トニー = Tony 
  BR-NMNK: バルモン = Bubble Monkey (Balloon Monkey)
  DNZyNMN: ブリロー = Dungeon Man (Brick Road)
  FRINGMN1: フライ1 = Flying Man #1
  FRINGMN2: フライ2 = Flying Man #2
  FRINGMN3: フライ3 = Flying Man #3
  FRINGMN4: フライ4 = Flying Man #4
  FRINGMN5: フライ5 = Flying Man #5
  • HZS [外す = remove]

外すプレーヤーの位置を入力してください。 = Please enter the number of the player to be removed.

  0. [return]
  1. [first party member (usually Ness)]
  2. [second party member]
  3-9. [etc.]

2. TKSyZyUTI [特殊状態 = Special status]

  • DRNSMSK? [誰にしますか? = To Whom?]
  • DRNSR? [どれにする? = Which?]
  KNKU: 健康 = Heal
  DIY: ダイヤ = Diamondize
  HKK: 吐き気 = Nauseate
  NtSyByU: 日射病 = Sunstroke
  KNK: きのこ = Mushroomize
  H-MStK: ホームシック = Homesickness (only affects Ness)
  PPHRS: PP減らす = decrease PP
  KZT: 気絶 = Unconscious
  SBR: 痺れ = Paralyze
  MUDK: 猛毒 = Poison
  KZ: 風邪 = Cold
  TRTK: 取り付き = Possess
  HPHRS: HP減らす = decrease HP

3. OKNNStTI [お金の設定 = Money Edit]

  • GNKU MNTN [銀行マンタン = bank account MAX]
  • SyZKN MNTN [所持金マンタン = cash MAX]
  • SyZKN StTI [所持金設定 = cash edit]
  • SyZKN 0DR [所持金0ドル = zero cash]

4. MYSYUNSKRPT [未使用のスクリプト = unused script]

  • ESKRG 0TDK [エスカルゴお届け = Escargo Express delivery (May crash)]
  • ESKRG AZKR [エスカルゴ預かり = Escargo Express pickup (May crash)]
  • MtHPZ 0TDK [マッハピザお届け = Mach Pizza delivery]
  • YMDRY [闇ドル屋 = Cash Dispenser Man]
  • E-G STtk [エーゴステッキ = Ay-go Stikke]

5. HNTY [ヒント屋 = Hint shop]

ヒント屋のメッセージです。数値を入力して = Hint shop messages. Please enter a number.

  0. [return]
  01-80 [pointers to addresses with valid hint data]
  81-99 [Null]

6. STMI [説明 = Descriptions]

グッズIDを入力 = Enter Goods ID

  Enter 000 to go back.
  001-253 [pointers to addresses with valid goods description data; use PKHack numbers]
  999. [pointers to addresses without valid goods description data; access at your own risk!]

7. HNTTZ [ヒント地図 = Hint map]

ヒント屋を地図に載せます = The hint shop has been marked on your map.

8. GtZStTI [グッズ設定 = Goods Edit]

  • GtZKWER [グッズ加える = add goods]
  Enter 000 to go back.
  254-999 [pointers to addresses without valid goods data; access at your own risk!]
  • ZyUYUGtZ [重要グッズ = important goods]
  TBGYNKG: Key to the shack
  ZySNDNW: Receiver phone
  TKKSMSN: Pencil eraser
  FRNKRNBtZ: Franklin badge
  RUYNKG: Key to the cabin
  STTB: Wad of bills
  TytTKGMSN: Bad key machine
  ZNBHIHI: Zombie paper
  DIYMND: Diamond
  GRMDUFMSN: Yogurt dispenser
  HERGRFNKP: Hieroglyph copy
  TKNM: Hawk eye
  F-SNGM: Pack of bubble gum
  MKTWNOSHN: Shyness book
  BtSTXYZ: Meteorite piece
  SINIRBNN: Signed banana
  KKSKSMSN: Eraser eraser
  GMDRAN: Tendakraut
  USGGNMNNZN: Carrot key
  • GtZMNTN [グッズマンタン = goods MAX (fills all empty places in your team's inventory with Skip Sandwich DXs. Pretty useless.)]
  • GtZSKZy [グッズ削除 = clear inventory]
    • ZNB [全部 = all]
    • SNTK [選択 = by choice]
  • ASKRSyMNTN [預かり所マンタン = storage MAX: fills the empty spaces in Tracy's stash with upper tier weapons]
  • AZKRSyKR [預かり所空 = storage clear]
  • SIKyUBK [最強武器 = ultimate weapons (equip team with some really good gear)]

9. IDU [移動 = Move to area]

  ONtT: オネット = Onett 
  T-SN: ツーソン = Twoson 
  HHMR: HH村 = Happy Happy Village
  GFRDtD: Gフルデッド = Peaceful Rest Valley (Grateful Dead)
  SR-K: スリーク = Threed (Threek)
  UiNT-Z: ウィンターズ = Winters
  ST-NBR: サターンバレー = Saturn Valley
  HMTKT: 秘密基地 = Belch Base (Secret Base)
  DKDKSBK: どこどこ砂漠 = Dusty Dunes Desert (Doko Doko Desert)
  Fo-SID: フォーサイド = Fourside 
  M-NSID: ムーンサイド = Moonside 
  SM-Z: サマーズ = Summers 
  RNM: ランマ = Dalaam (Ramma)
  SKRB: スカラビ = Scaraba (Scarabi) 
  MkyU: 魔境 = Deep Darkness (Haunted Land)
  GM: グミ = Tenda Village (Gumi Village)
  TTITIRK: 地底大陸 = Lost Underworld (Underground Continent)
  MZKNT: マジカント = Magicant 
  GNZISITI: 現在さいてい = West Cave (present) 
  KKSITIKK: 過去さいてい国 = Second Step Back (past)

10. RBRAtP [レベルアップ = Level up]

  ZNIN [全員 = whole team]
  HTR [一人 = one member]

11. IBNT [イベント = Event]

数値を入力して = Enter a number

  Enter 000 to go back.
  Values 71-99 are null.

12. SUND [サウンド = Sound]

  • BGM [Background Music Bank]
  Enter 000 to go back.
  192-999 [pointers to addresses without valid BGM data; will LOCK game]

Note that some songs' instruments may not load correctly if you play one value then skip to another too quickly.

  • SE [Sound Effect Bank]
  Enter 000 to go back.
  • EFFECT [Audio Effect Bank]
  Enter 00 to go back.

13. TRP-T [テレポート = Teleport]

テレポートのテストをします = Now testing Teleportation

  • This option doesn't seem to work properly through the boot-up debug menu.
  0. [return]
  1. running teleport to Saturn Valley
  2. spinning teleport to Saturn Valley
  3. "character map" teleport to Saturn Valley (used during fade-outs?)
  4. collision-less "event" spinning teleport to Saturn Valley