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Title Screen


Developer: Altron[1]
Publisher: Disney Interactive Studios[1]
Platform: Nintendo DS
Released in JP: March 13, 2008[1]
Released in US: November 6, 2007[1]
Released in EU: November 16, 2007[1]
Released in AU: December 6, 2007[1]

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
MinigameIcon.png This game has unused modes / minigames.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

This article is a work in progress.
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This page has only just been started and there are certainly more things to be discovered and documented. Some notable examples are:
  • Unused music/sound effects
  • Inaccessible areas (there are a lot)
  • Unused models
  • More unused textures (some of the unused textures already documented also exist in other languages)
  • Unused cheat codes

A video game based on the 2007 animated/live-action film that parodies Disney princesses and their animated features. The game mostly follows the movie pretty closely, although there are a lot of slime monsters roaming around New York in the game for some reason.

Unused Levels

To do:
There are more unused stages which can be played.

pField_WE.nbma is a very basic level with a large "Congratulations" sign. It is unknown exactly what the purpose of this stage was but it is possible that it would have been used for some sort of ending cutscene.

pMinMap6.nbfs and pMinMapEmpty.nbfs are both maps for Pip levels which go unused. pMinMap6.nbfs was for an intended level at the very end of the game, where Pip has to make his way to Narissa to ultimately stop her. This was achieved in a cutscene in the final game. pMinMapEmpty.nbfs was likely a test level.





Unused Pip Game Mode

To do:
Try and access the mode in game.

Originally, there was going to be an option in the main menu known as "Pip Game", which would have allowed the player to play through any of the Pip levels. Whether the Pip levels were originally intended to be completely separate from the main story or if this was always intended as an easy way to revisit the Pip levels is currently unknown. Various assets from "Pip Game" are still present within the game's files.

To do:
Try and get this sequence working in the final game. The Pip sprite should correctly display in game

Text stating that the player has unlocked Pip mode can be found at offset x182864. This is positioned in the code after the credits, suggesting that the mode was going to be unlockable after completing the game.

You can now play
the Pip Game mode!

In addition to this, Unlock_pgame.nbfs is the sprite sheet for Pip which would have been used when unlocking this mode.

Unlock pgame.nbfs.png


Title.Icon1.nbfc as well as Title.Icon2.nbfc and Title.Icon3.nbfc all contain an option for Pip mode. As Pip mode is present in Title.Icon1.nbfc, this suggests that the option was originally available at the start of the game, which may have been changed to after completing the game later on, before it was scrapped.

Title Icon1.nbfc.png



PTitle_Top.nbfs, PTitle_Bot2.nbfs and PTitle_TopE.nbfs are all similar screens intended for the mode's menu.

PTitle Top.nbfs.png


PTitle Bot2.nbfs.png


PTitle TopE.nbfs.png


PTitle_Top2.nbfs is a top screen menu showing each of the playable levels as well as having space for the fastest completed times on each level.

PTitle Top2.nbfs.png


PTitle_Time.nbfs is the font which would have been used for the time.

PTitle Time.nbfs.png


Level previews

PTitle_W0.nbfs, PTitle_W1.nbfs, PTitle_W2.nbfs, PTitle_W3.nbfs, PTitle_W3_B.nbfs, PTitle_W4.nbfs, PTitle_W4_B.nbfs, PTitle_W5.nbfs, PTitle_W6.nbfs and PTitle_W6B.nbfs are all level thumbnails intended for the Pip Game Mode. Some of these previews have pink bars at the top of the images, showing that these images were not finalised. The tutorial has a blank preview as it was likely not intended to be re-playable in this mode (backed up by the fact that the level lacks a timer in the final game unlike the other Pip levels). PTitle_W6.nbfs and PTitle_W6B.nbfs not only confirm that there was going to be a Pip level at the end of the game but it also shows that there were plans to have a boss fight against Narissa as Pip.

PTitle W0.nbfs.png


PTitle W1.nbfs.png


PTitle W2.nbfs.png


PTitle W3.nbfs.png


PTitle W3 B.nbfs.png


PTitle W4.nbfs.png


PTitle W4 B.nbfs.png


PTitle W5.nbfs.png


PTitle W6.nbfs.png


PTitle W6 B.nbfs.png


Hints of this mode's existence can still be seen in the final game. The biggest indicator of this mode's existence is the fact that the Pip levels (outside of the tutorial) have time limits and there is a results screen for the levels with a ranking system based on time, despite the fact that the levels cannot be replayed unless the player plays through a new save file (where the best times are still kept). All of these remnants of the mode likely mean that the mode was cut very late into development and the developers simply did not have to time to remove everything that was intended for the mode.

Unused Graphics

Meet The Robinsons Leftovers

Spr_FaceCarl.nbfc and Spr_FaceWilbur.nbfc are both leftover textures from the DS version of Meet the Robinsons, which was also developed by Altron.

Spr FaceCarl.nbfc.png


Spr FaceWilbur.nbfc.png


Tak Leftovers

eff_tak_juju1.ntft is a leftover texture from the DS version of Tak: The Great Juju Challenge, which was also developed by Altron. Interestingly, this texture was also leftover in Meet the Robinsons.

MeettherobinsonsDS-Eff tak juju1.ntft.png

Tak.nbma is a large 2D cutout of Tak, a leftover from Tak: Mojo Mistake, which was in development at the time.

To do:
Get a clean rip of this model.

Enchanted Tak.png

Early Title Screen

Two files titled title_top_bg.nbfc exist. Both of these are for the title screen (for the top screen) but only one version is used. The version which is not used lacks the "Walt Disney Pictures Presents" text and also contains some text in the top right corner (MS06, most likely meaning "Milestone 6" and a build date, April 10th). The second version is combined with Title_top_bg.nbfs to make the title screen in the final game. This early title screen is not present in the Japanese version's files.

Early version Final
Title top bg.nbfc.png Title top bg.nbfs.png

Unused Cartridge Error Screen

Error_bg.nbfs is an error screen which is intended to be seen when the game cartridge has been removed. Amusingly, it says "The DS Card has been remove" instead of "The DS Card has been removed". When the cartridge is removed, the DS simply displays a blank screen. This screen is only available in English and this error screen is completely absent in the Japanese version's files.

Error bg.nbfs.png

Placeholder Textures

skit_debug.nbfs is a placeholder texture for cutscenes which have not been added. This texture is not present in the Japanese version's files.

Skit debug.nbfs.png

boss_skip_menu.nbfs is a placeholder screen which seems to be related to skipping a boss. There is no way to skip bosses in the final game.

Boss skip menu.nbfs.png

BG_END.nbfs is a placeholder ending screen, using the same background as "boss_skip_menu.nbfs", albeit with a different color palette. MS08 likely means "Milestone 8" meaning that this would have been the ending screen for the "Milestone 8" build.

BG END.nbfs.png

congra_xx.ntft is a screen saying "congratulations", intended for a cut Pip level. Interestingly, this screen exists in every language with the exception of English, although a sign with English text does exist in the aforementioned cut Pip level. The French version of this splash screen (congra_fr.ntft) is shown below although German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and Japanese versions of this screen also exist. While this sign exists in all of the game's translated languages, the cut Pip level only has the sign in English.

Congra fr.ntft.png

Times.nbfs is placeholder text which says "タイムズスクエア" (Times Square).


Cs_official_r.nbfc seems to be two placeholder textures.

Cs official r.nbfc.png

Cs_pip_r.nbfc seems to be two placeholder textures for Pip, specifically in his real world form.

Cs pip r.nbfc.png

Center_pip.nbfs seems to be a placeholder for a cutscene. The text roughly translates to "Background of the bronze statue centered on Pip".

Center pip.nbfs.png

To do:
Include the Japanese text on the page and double check the translation.

Unused Music

To do:
There are a lot more unused songs, in addition to some unused sound effects as well.

SEQ_BGM_02.sseq is an unused song found inbetween the title screen song and Giselle's Andalasia theme. The purpose of this song is unknown although judging from its placement in the files, it is possible that it may have been intended for the title screen, in case the developers did not get the rights to use the movie's music. The title screen in game uses a rendition of "True Love's Kiss" from the movie.



Unused Text

sample.nbsq and skit1.nbsq are files which essentially contain the lyrics of the movie's song "True Love's Kiss". In the game, the song is never sung, only being present via instrumentals. The dialogue and lyrics are more or less ripped directly from the movie, albeit with various grammatical errors. Both files are not exactly the same, but they do contain the same dialogue, albeit with different grammatical errors and with some lines being combined together. sample.nbsq is present in all versions of the game although skit1.nbsq is absent in the Japanese version.

sample.nbsq is shown below:

When you meet the someone who is meant for you
Before two can become one there's something youmust do
Do you pull each other's tails?
Do you feed each other seeds?
No..there is something sweeter everybody needs
I've been dreaming of a true love's kiss
and a prince I'm hoping comes with this
That' what bringsever afterings so happyand
that's the reason we needlips so much for lips arethe only things that touch
so to spend a life of endlessbliss just find who lovethrough true love's kiss
She's been dreamingof a true love's kiss
and a princeshe's hopingcomes with ths
That's what bringsever afterings so happy
so happy!so happy!!
and that's the reasonwe need lips so muchfor lips
are the only thingsthat touch
So to spend a lifeof endless bliss
just find who you lovethrough true love's kiss

After the song ends, the files contains most of the dialogue for the cutscene between Giselle's first level and Edward's first level, although Giselle's dialogue is missing and there are numerous grammatical errors.

Do you really thinkyour dream boy exist?
Eye....eye! eye!!
Girl yum my
Do you hear thatbeautiful voice singingNathaniel?
Me? No.I hear nothing at all,your highness
I must find the maidenthat belongs to thatsweet voice!!
The queen isn'tgoing to like this!

skit2.nbsq contains the dialogue for the cutscene between Edward's First level and Pip's second level, although it contains numerous grammatical errors.

Thank you.My name is Giselle.Oh, my gosh It's you?
Yes! Fair maidenGiselle
it is I! Prince Edward!We shall be marriedin the morning
Oh...how sweet!!!!!
And what do I look like?Garbage?
Guy thinks he can closethe door on me!?Well... I'll show that!!!!

gaEE_W1_0.nbsq contains early text for the objective in Edward's first level.

You have a <r>MAIN MISSION<n>!
Protect the owner ofthat beatiful voice fromthe troll!