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Enthusia Professional Racing

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Title Screen

Enthusia Professional Racing

Developer: Konami Computer Entertainment Studios
Publisher: Konami
Platform: PlayStation 2
Released in JP: March 17, 2005
Released in US: May 3, 2005
Released in EU: May 6, 2005

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

Enthusia Professional Racing was Konami's first attempt at a simulation racing game, with a diverse car selection, good driving physics, rather frustrating difficulty and car sounds that would make Gran Turismo 4 blush. Unfortunately, its lack of promotion, its release period and poor sales meant that this game would be Konami's last attempt at a simulation racing game.

To do:
Because this game's data archive is all over the place with its data, it won't be too easy to sift through everything, but...
  • I'm almost certain there's more leftover textures of an older build of the game.
  • Figure out how to open .SDA audio files and see if there's anything unused.
  • If anyone can get a hold of the Subaru STI demo released in Japan, check and see what's unused in that.
  • Also sniff around the OPS2M Issue 59 demo and the Official US PlayStation Magazine 91 demo
  • Document the Car Debug feature.

Unused Graphics

Old Screenshots

Two relatively random screenshots lie around in the files, both of which seem to be a relatively old build of the game. Bizarrely enough, both have completely different fonts for the timer text and the current lap timer differs by one one-thousandth of a second, but are completely identical otherwise.

Enthusia old ss1.png Enthusia old ss2.png

Unused Copyright Text

The copyright text on the start menu has extra text not used. The "& Konami Computer Entertainment Studios" portion of the texture goes unused, and more interestingly, there's a version left over with a copyright date of 2004!

Enthusia kces 2005.png
Enthusia kces 2004.png

Regional Differences

As with the series it attempted to compete, in the US version of the game, the Esso decals in the Toyota GT-One and Esso Ultraflo Supra were replaced with Exxon ones; as such, the Supra was also renamed to Exxon Superflo Supra to reflect the modified branding.