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Era's Adventures 3D

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Era's Adventures 3D

Also known as: Jack 3D (2014)
Developer: andev
Publisher: andev
Platforms: Android, iOS
Released internationally: February 2013 (Android original), April 16, 2013[1] (Android re-release), January 2014[2] (Android/iOS Jack 3D Winter Edition), March 2014[2] (Android Jack 3D)

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Do note the game no longer works at all without modifications. This is most likely due to the game's servers being shut down. As a result, further official developments with the game are unlikely to happen.

Era's Adventures 3D is a platformer starring the titular Era, a green female dinosaur who launches flames at obstacles, collects keys, and is definitely not Yoshi.

You can probably guess what happened next.



If the game detects that it is pirated, a box appears telling the player to close the app and visit the Play Store.

(Source: Destructoid)

Revisional Differences

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The developer's YouTube channel has videos of the second Era and both versions of Jack.
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Nintendo came down on the game two weeks after its initial release for obvious reasons. The developer, Botond Kopacz, stated that due to being a one-man studio "I purchased a cute character from TurboSquid, one of the biggest 3D asset stores, without knowing the background story of the character Yoshi, since I'm not a Super Mario fan", and that after the game's release "I started receiving 'kind' mails from Super Mario fans that I stole Yoshi, etc. So I started Googling and I realized that the character is really from the Super Mario series." Ars Technica would confirm that TurboSquid was indeed selling the Yoshi model as a royalty-free asset. (In fact, they're still selling it as of this writing, albeit limited to "editorial uses only".)

Second Version

Era has been redesigned, but is still clearly based on Yoshi (it's basically a blue Yoshi with diamond-shaped pupils and no saddle). Kopacz stated that he was working to make the changes requested by Nintendo.

This version was soon taken down as well.

Jack 3D

Era has been replaced with the titular Jack, a four-legged male dog who bears no resemblance to Yoshi.

Two versions were released: Winter Edition and the standard game. The former was a seasonal title, getting a re-release in December 2014.[3]