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Everywhere Road Trip

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Title Screen

Everywhere Road Trip

Also known as: Choro Q HG 2 (JP/KR), Road Trip Adventure (EU)
Developer: E-game
Publishers: Takara (JP), Conspiracy Entertainment (US), Play It! (EU), Atlus (JP, Atlus The Best) Sonokong (KR)
Platform: PlayStation 2
Released in JP: October 1, 2002
Released in US: October 26, 2002
Released in EU: May 2003
Released in AU: July 2003
Released in KR: 2002

MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

BugsIcon.png This game has a bugs page

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A debug menu was activated in the Japanese version. Also, an English version can be found here.

The second game in the Choro Q HG series had an open world with no limits of what fans consider to be the best Choro Q game out there.


Read about notable bugs and errors in this game.

Unused Song

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eSM0hR1XZ08 It is unknown what that purpose is for, but it could be likely for a race/circuit. It was reused in Gadget Racers.

Unused Text

To do:
What does it say in the Japanese Version?
I'll never forget what you did for me!

While not technically unused, this text can be accessed by glitching into the place where Otomi was trapped. She will say it AFTER you rescue her, but the E-mail she sent you claimed she has moved somewhere far away. It could be she was meant to stay in Fuji City.

Unused Graphics

To do:
Translate the text.

Inside the textures for the Q150 body are leftover graphics. These do not show up in the game, however they were used in the Choro-Q HG2 strategy guide. This was likely changed to accommodate the stickers, or was a last minute change.

Debug Mode

To do:
More research.

A debug mode can be activated in the Japanese version using the following code on an emulator:

  • 20204624 10000006
  • 20204640 10000017

It can also be activated in the European version using this code:

  • 202054fc 10000006
  • 20205518 10000017

This code can also be used to display the parameters.

  • 2021a48c 1400000e
  • 2021a4f8 1400000e
  • 2021a5a4 1400000e
  • 2021a550 1400000e
  • 2021a764 1400000c
  • 2021aa60 1400000e
  • 2021aae8 1400000d
  • 2021abb8 1400000e
  • 2021ad04 1400000e
  • 2021ae54 14000007
  • 2021ae64 14000004

Go Town

My Garage

Teleports you to My Garage with all the items included except for the trophies and minigames. It has the four starter Emails. Leaving the Garage leads you to a blank My City with the exception of Wonder Reality and My City Rally Center. Leaving the garage also gives you a "Got my own garage" stamp.

Race Course

Gives you a list of all the racecourses. Finishing any one of them takes you back to the racecourse screen instead of Q's Factory.

  • CO0 - Peach Raceway (Rank C)
  • CO0 - Peach Raceway (Rank B)
  • CO1 - Peach Raceway II (Rank A)
  • CO3 - Ninja Castle Raceway (Rank C)
  • CO2 - Temple Raceway (Rank B)
  • CO2 - Temple Raceway (Rank A)
  • CO4 - Desert Raceway (Rank C)
  • CO4 - Desert Raceway (Rank B)
  • CO5 - Night Glow Raceway (Rank B)
  • C05 - Night Glow Raceway (Rank A)
  • C07 - Miner 49er Raceway (Rank C)
  • C07 - Miner 49er Raceway (Rank A)
  • C12 - Lava Run Raceway (Rank B)
  • C12 - Lava Run Raceway (Rank A)
  • C10 - River Raceway (Rank C)
  • C08 - Slick Track (Rank C)
  • C09 - Oval Raceway (Rank B)
  • C08 - Slick Track (Rank A)
  • C06 - Snow Mountain Raceway (Rank B)
  • C11 - Snow Mountain Raceway (Rank A)
  • C13 - Sunny Beach Raceway (Rank B)
  • C13 - Sunny Beach Raceway (Rank A)
  • C14 - Lagoon Raceway (Rank B)
  • C14 - Lagoon Raceway (Rank A)
  • C20 - Endurance Run
  • C18 - Tin Raceway (Day)
  • C20 - President's Race
  • C19 - Tin Raceway (Night)

World Grand Prix

Allows you to play in any track of the World Grand Prix. Finishing any racecourse takes you back to the course selection screen, thus the results aren't saved.

Action Stage

Allows you to select any minigame to play. Finishing a minigame takes you back to the selection screen.

  • A01 - Sliding Door Race
  • A02 -
  • A04 - Highway Race
  • A10
  • A19
  • A20
  • A00
  • A03 - Rock Climbing
  • A05 - Crazy Minigolf
  • A06 - Roulette
  • A07 - Figure 8
  • A08 - Soccer
  • A09 - Rainbow Jump
  • A10 - Obstacle Course
  • A11 - Which Way? Race
  • A12 -
  • A13
  • A14
  • A15
  • A17 - Ski Jumping (You can enter it WITH a Flight Wing)
  • A18


Allows you to look at an empty Stamp book.


Allows you to look at an empty Photo album.

Result Note

Allows you to look at an empty Records book with (strangely!) all the unlocked circuits.

Name Entry

Allows you to rename your character.

Show Ending

Allows you to watch the ending without music or credits for all the options except for the last one.

To Shop

To do:
Try and get a complete list.

Allows you to visit all the characters, even without them living in houses which uses a placeholder background.

Go Back Title

Returns you to the title screen.
Allows you to visit all of the places.

Regional Differences

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Are there more? Also, images.

Course Names

The courses where you race has been renamed in the English version. However, the Quick-Pic pictures uses the Japanese version's graphics.

Japanese English
Peach Peach Circuit Peach Raceway
Ninja Castle Ninja Temple Raceway
Chyaki Chyaki Town Temple Raceway
Endurance Circuit Endurance Run


To do:
Rip the audio from the videos...the videos might include a Mediafire download. Also, should we rip the English audio?

In the Japanese version, there are three radio stations; a talk station, a station that plays sung music and an easy-listening station. In the English version, there are only two radio stations. The Easy-listening music was moved from Q-Wave to E-Radio. and Peach FM now has new English songs by artists known as Push Kings.


To do:
Rip the parts where the "Talk Sequences" are.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=09bPQ4PgWD8 On the easy listening music station, there are "commercials" between each song. They were cut out in the English version.