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Fallout: New Vegas/Unused Notes

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This is a sub-page of Fallout: New Vegas.

Despite being under the Data tab in your Pip-Boy, notes function exactly like items and can be added with the same console command: player.additem [form ID] 1.

Quest Notes

Ammunition for the Scorpions

Form ID: f7b1d

This one is interesting. Yvette, despite being a unique, named NPC, is hostile under all conditions and totally useless except for killing.

Yvette, the leader of the Scorpions on the Westside of New Vegas, wants you to set up a steady supply of ammunition from the NCR quartermaster at Camp McCarran. Her gang recently acquired new firearms but lack the ammunition to put them to use.

Charlie Station Requsition List

Form ID: 123e28

Attn NCR Staff,

We received nearly ten times the medical supplies requested. We had an incident of a broken leg - not a missile strike. Please arrange a supply shipment to redistribute - no doubt there's an NCR military camp that desperately needs the supplies.

Crimson Caravan Payment

Form ID: f2d28

Alice McLafferty at the Crimson Caravan Company in New Vegas has told you to return in a few days for payment as a result of your undetected theft of the Gun Runner's manufacturing secrets.

Erasmus' Log

Form ID: 123e29

Sighting ES-7 in quadrant 9:
  • Sighted at 03:11
  • Radioed HQ at 03:13
  • NCR rogered at 06:01
  • Contacts left quadrant at 05:10
  • NCR patrol in position at 7:20

Sighting ES-8 in quadrant 9:

  • Sighted at 07:22
  • Radioed HQ at 07:25
  • NCR rogered at 10:01
  • Contacts left quadrant at 10:15
  • NCR patrol in position at 11:20

Sighting ES-9 in quadrant 11:

  • Sighted at 019:59
  • Radioed HQ at 20:04
  • NCR rogered at 23:23
  • Contacts left quadrant at 20:44
  • NCR patrol in position at 01:19

Ericsen's Log

Form ID: 123e27

  • Observed patrol of 3 Raiders - radioed position but no intercept was sent.


  • Received yet another shipment of ammunition. This is the seventh shipment we have received without request.
  • Running low on Fancy Lads.


  • All Clear.


  • Sighted Legion scout party bound for Bitter Springs. Intercept arrived two hours after we called it in - sent complaint to Hanlon about NCR militia taking forever.
  • Shipment arrived with more .308 rounds (not requested). Sent complaint to Hanlon but didn't get a response.


  • Rabid jackal wandered into camp providing much needed target practice.
  • Found crate of rifles in with some rations shipped last week - where are all these surplus weapons coming from?

Followers Need Supplies

Form ID: 11702d

Julie Farkas from the Followers would like me to arrange a trading agreement with someone to supply Med-X, Rad-Away, and Fixer. The Crimson Caravan are apparently asking for too many caps for the supplies. I'll need to ask around to see if I can work out a deal.

Ghoul in Trouble

Form ID: e60f3

According to the radio, a ghoul named Raul is being held captive on Black Mountain.

Injured Molerat

Form ID: e834b

This 'quest' amounted to a single medicine check, so there was probably no need for a note.

The molerat Snuffles at Sloan appears to have injured his leg. Judging from the condition of the injury, it doesn't appear that any of the quarry workers have the appropriate medical skills to do anything about it.

Jack Wilson

Form ID: 11bae9

You've discovered that Jack Wilson is the civilian contractor responsible for running the operations at Quarry Junction and Boulder City. While it would make sense for the NCR to simply reuse the rubble lying around Boulder City, it seems that a report from the Office of Science and Industry has deemed the rubble unusable - a fortunate turn of events for Jack Wilson. Ike, the bartender at the Big Horn Saloon in Boulder City, informed you that Wilson frequents Gomorrah, one of the casinos along The Strip in New Vegas.

Kudlow's Log

Form ID: 123e2a

After Action for Incident FS-87,

Victims include 4 NCR Militiamen - squad was most likely on an unregistered patrol as they were not being observed until after the attack. Assailants believed to be raiders (likely Great Khans) with hunting dogs (two dog corpses were left in the scuffle - tracks suggest as many as a dozen in the attacking pack).

Threat Assessment: Trivial. Great Khans with dogs present virtually no matter of trouble. Incident likely caused by unskilled NCR patrolmen failing to radio us for an eyes-on backup.

Radioed HQ with report at 12:40, received Hanlon's confirmation at 12:42 that he received the details.

Let There Be Light!

Form ID: e5e00

Chomps Lewis complained that the replacement generator the NCR sent to Quarry Junction isn't working. No one at Quarry Junction has the skill to fix the problem.

Lineholm's Log

Form ID: 123e26

Seasonal Casualty/Loss/Injury Summary:

Two (2) minor gunshot wounds. One (1) case of radiation-related gastroenteritis. Three (3) radscorpion stings. One (1) twisted ankle.

Zero (0) deaths. Zero (0) permanent injuries. Zero (0) medical evacuations. Total of eleven (11) patrol hours lost in the last three months to c/l/i.

No medical/staff resupply required.

Obtain a book of medicine for Hannigan

Form ID: a5ad1

Hannigan at the NCR Correctional Facility wants you to obtain a book of medicine for him.

Pick the Lock to Chavez's Cell

Form ID: e3d60

In the final game, after you tell him to leave/kill him, Chavez just disappears.

Chavez at the NCR Correctional Facility wants you to pick the lock to his cell.

Primm Residential Petition

These notes describe an alternate method of recruiting an NCR sheriff for the quest My Kind of Town.

Form ID: e3e97

We, the undersigned, do hereby agree for Primm to become full participants in the New California Republic.

We accept that we will follow all of the NCR laws and regulations, and support them in all wartime efforts.

This petition is unsigned.

Form ID: e3e98

We, the undersigned, do hereby agree for Primm to become full participants in the New California Republic.

We accept that we will follow all of the NCR laws and regulations, and support them in all wartime efforts.

This petition has 1 of 5 signatures.

Form ID: e3e99

We, the undersigned, do hereby agree for Primm to become full participants in the New California Republic.

We accept that we will follow all of the NCR laws and regulations, and support them in all wartime efforts.

This petition has 2 of 5 signatures.

Form ID: e3e94

We, the undersigned, do hereby agree for Primm to become full participants in the New California Republic.

We accept that we will follow all of the NCR laws and regulations, and support them in all wartime efforts.

This petition has 3 of 5 signatures.

Form ID: e3e95

We, the undersigned, do hereby agree for Primm to become full participants in the New California Republic.

We accept that we will follow all of the NCR laws and regulations, and support them in all wartime efforts.

This petition has 4 of 5 signatures.

Form ID: e3e96

We, the undersigned, do hereby agree for Primm to become full participants in the New California Republic.

We accept that we will follow all of the NCR laws and regulations, and support them in all wartime efforts.

This petition has all 5 required signatures. It can now be returned to Hayes.

Ranger Station Passwords

The passwords you are given to distribute to the Ranger Outposts for the Return to Sender quest were at one point in five different notes.

  • Alpha: Form ID: 1167e1
  • Bravo: Form ID: 1167e2
  • Charlie: Form ID: 1167e3
  • Delta: Form ID: 1167e4
  • Echo: Form ID: 1167e5
  • Foxtrot: Form ID: 1167e6

Recon of the Lucky 38

Form ID: 11d582

This was made into a full quest, The Moon Comes Over The Tower during development.

The Followers of the Apocalypse have asked you to gather information on the Lucky 38 and its master, Mr. House.

They have given you a bug to install at an access point to the Lucky 38's data network. Mr. House will be in the penthouse of the tower.

Sgt. Reyes List

Form ID: 127b22 (Charlie), 127b23 (no Charlie)

Part of Return To Sender. This might be from a stage of development where the quest was unmarked, or when it ended at an earlier point. There are two versions of this, one with Ranger Station Charlie, one without. Charlie:

Here's what I need you to research.

1) Several casualty reports have come in saying that Alpha Station sustained heavy casualties and injuries in the vicinity of Hoover Dam - yet no new reinforcements have been sent in weeks. Speak with Senior Ranger Rebecca Lineholm, get an accurate casualty count and asses the situation, as several of us have been worried that something horrible is stalking the Hoover Dam area if it can claim NCR's elite Rangers.

2) Ranger Station Bravo hasn't requested a resupply in four months. While the Rangers I can reach on the radio say things are 'just fine' I need you to speak to Ranger Ericsen, the commanding officer, and find out how they've been running on no supplies for so long.

3) Charlie station received a substantial shipment of medical supplies despite having only a few serious injury reports. Check up on them and see if they have a surplus that could be redistributed to needed locations - I'm having a hard time getting anyone on the radio lately.

4) Delta station radioed in a report of an NCR Trooper cadre being murdered to the last man in a horrifying display of brutality. The report mentioned a squad of Super mutants wearing Caesar's colors. This report has unsettled NCR command I need you to speak to Senior Ranger Pason to confirm the report and get an accurate count of Super mutants spotted.

5) Echo Station has had a five-fold spike in reported enemy contacts, but NCR crews dispatched to follow up have a mere 10% success rate in intercepting these hostiles. The ghouls I've reached by the radio insist everything is 'just fine' but the numbers disagree - so speak Senior Ranger Erasmus for me please. Perhaps they're short-handed and need more spotters.

6) Foxtrot station called in a report of an NCR Trooper patrol slaughtered by a Great Khan hunting team with trained Deathclaws. Senior Ranger Kudlow called in the report but I can't seem to contact her for a more detailed account of the incident - please to speak to her and confirm/deny this rather disturbing report.

Sniper's Justice

Form ID: ccfca

This was changed to a full-blown quest, One For My Baby, during development.

Boone, one of the snipers posted in the model dinosaur in Novac, has enlisted you to try and find out who in town sold his wife to Caesar's Legion. He has requested that, should you find the person responsible, you lead them out in front of the dinosaur while he is on duty. You are to put on his beret as a signal that the person you've brought there is the guilty party.

Miscellaneous Notes

Black Mountain Investigation Note

Form ID: e9c26

It was a fool's errand to send us into these mountains. The road seemed deserted at night, just like our scout said, but halfway up we found ourselves attacked from random directions by enemies we couldn't see. In the chaos that followed, the squad got split up, and now I don't know where my men are. Hopefully, some of them made it.

(no name)

Called BMWarningNoteMessage internally. This is classified as a message, not a note, and so cannot be added to the inventory.

The tattered message paper looks hastily scrawled by a shaky hand. It reads:

"If you can read this, please know that you are in great danger if you continue on this path. If you value you life, turn back now. If you must proceed, I implore you to head west past the gate, which will take you to my dwelling. Take the trails rather than the roads, and you may live long enough for us to meet face to face.


Forlorn Hope Letter 9

Form ID: 162abc

This used to be accessible in the inventory of an injured NCR trooper west of the BoS bunker, but the NPC was one of many deleted to free up memory for consoles. Thanks, consoles!

Dearest Andrew,

Writing this seems pretty morbid, but tomorrow we march into the no man's land between our camp and Nelson, which is crawling with Legion. The Major insisted I write this damn "if you get this, I'm dead" letter so here it is. What a crock. I have the luck of the devil and your love on my side, so I'll be home soon. Keep the porch light on for me.

We'll party in New Vegas when I get back.

I love you.



Form ID: 10771c

Called PowderGangerNote01 in the GECK.

Not many patrols out here lately, which means not much loot. Our crew is thinking we should make a move soon. Follow the tracks up north; head towards the Strip. You in? Ain't on the chain gang anymore, but we still gotta stick together.


Form ID: fc9e6

[FAILED] There appears to be a hidden file buried in the network, but you aren't skilled enough to crack it.


Form ID: fc9e7

[SUCCEEDED] You've accessed a hidden, distributed file network buried in the net code for this terminal. It appears to be part of a journal.

Letter of Introduction

Form IDs: e2949 (male), e294a (female)

There are two versions of this depending on the player character's gender.


This woman has been useful to us down here at the prison, and she's been of great help keeping the NCR away. Since she's proven to be competent and trustworthy, I sent her in your direction. Maybe she can help.

If so, we're even.


LS Chamber

Form ID: 158980

Warning: Lethal Shock Risk if LS Chamber Occupied. Proceed?

Lucky 38 Reactor

Form ID: 128f2a

Reactor Terminal.

Meeting Notes

Form ID: e9499

Note written by Marcus

Note to Self

Form ID: 16768f

Called VES02GeckomanNote in the GECK. This would have gone on the corpse in the little encampment near Goodsprings which Barton Thorn asks you to clear of Geckos.

Remember to not roll off the cliff and kill yourself while you're sleeping. You'll show her... you'll show everyone! What does "too stupid to live" even mean anyway?

Offer to Permit Annexation

Form ID: 166661


Upon further reflection, I have determined that it is my best interests, and the best interests of the New California Republic, to transfer sovereignty of the Vegas Strip to the NCR.

If all terms are agreed upon, annexation would occur one year from today.

a) I am to be granted full status as a citizen of the NCR and immunity from prosecution for any activities prior to annexation.

b) I will be recognized as the sole proprietor of the Vegas Strip, a commercial property.

c) I will be subject to all laws of the NCR, including personal and property taxes.

d) NCR functionaries will police the Strip; I will retire my Securitron police force and limit their movement to the grounds and interior of the Lucky 38.

Please confirm that these terms are agreeable. I do not foresee any objections on your part.

Robert Edwin House President, CEO, and Sole Proprietor The New Vegas Strip

Powder Ganger Note

This is a message, not a note, and cannot be added to the inventory.

The note reads: "I'm taking most of the boys west to go check out this vault we heard about. Stay here and keep an eye on things until we get back, and keep a closer eye on the Fiends - those guys are crazier than Scrambler. If there's any trouble, radio ahead."

Recipes - Ruby's Spicy Casserole

Form ID: 1613d1

This recipe allows you to make Ruby's Spicy Casserole.

(no name)

Form ID: ce704

Called "REPCONHackNote" in the GECK.

RobCo. Inter-office Correspondence #AG%(V$*


I've encrypted this message from the systems as best I can. You have access to some of Mr. Isley's personal messages. Hopefully you find some ammo to use against that bastard Reynolds.


REPCONN Sabotage Terminal Note

Form ID: ce6ca

Warning! Current coordinates violate safety protocols! Please confirm.

Sammy's Safe Combination

Form ID: e32f5

The combination for my safe is 5-23-34

Simulation Note

Form ID: cda61

Current Simulation: Hidden_Valley_Attack_Watkins

Invading Forces: Enclave

Invader Offensive Strength: Baby

Invader Defensive Strength: Pansy

Overall Difficulty: Easy

Simulation Note

Form ID: cda60

These notes are associated with Watkins, the blond girl in the Brotherhood's Hidden Valley, who is otherwise just a prop (though she does have some lines if you bring Veronica in with you).

Current Simulation: Hidden_Valley_Attack

Invading Forces: Enclave

Invader Offensive Strength: Strong

Invader Defensive Strength: Strong

Overall Difficulty: Hard

(no name)

Form ID: 1632e8

Called "V22FilterInventoryNote" in the GECK.

Current Inventory for Storage Room 2:

14 Nitrogen Canisters

02 Pressure Valves

08 Dispersal Nozzles

06 Cartridge Filters (HEPA 20)

26 FRP Piping (2m)

Vault 3 Emails

These have no names if added to your inventory, as they were intended for use as terminal entries, not notes.


Form ID: fd778

From: Daniel Raati



It is with a heavy heart that I tell you that we are not going to be able to complete this school term. I'll be running some private tutorials in the screening room, but they will be informal, and attendance will not be required. I've asked Michelle to look in the surrounding areas, to see if there are any local schools that will be willing to take on some of our teachers and students. Between this prospect and the hopes of speedy repairs, this unexpected recess will be short.


Daniel Raati


Form ID: fd779

From: Daniel Raati



I'm sure you've heard by now that the doors of the schools will be close for an undetermined amount of time. Your individual classroom teachers will be sending all of you updated reading lists, and some workbooks to continue your studies. Please spend some of your newfound free time taking care of these assignments.

Thank you,



Form ID: fd777

From: Laura Robinson

To: Daniel Raati

Hey Mr. Raati,

Can you look over my final paper for comp lit? I think this is so unfair! I totally completed the assignment, and she gave me a D! I worked so hard, and she can be so mean. I mean, I know it is up to her what grade she gives me, but I've never gotten anything lower than a B on anything. EVER! So can you take a look at the paper for me? I swear, if you think it is worth a D, I'll let it drop.

Thanks, Laura


Form ID: fd773

From: Michael Robinson

To: Michelle Dallian

Michelle, please reconsider. Take some weapons with you. Arm yourselves. I just know that you are going to bring trouble back onto all of us.

- Mike


Form ID: fd77f

From: Michael Robinson

To: Undisclosed-Recipients

I'm sorry to hear that all of you have abandoned the cause. Am I the only one left who sees the folly of this plan? I'm sure the outside hasn't recovered. Nevada was a desert before the bombs fell. I can hardly think to imagine what it must be like out there now. You are all cowards, and your fear is going to lead to our deaths.

- Mike


Form ID: fd780

From: Michael Robinson

To: Michelle Dallian

Ok Michelle. I was wrong. The wasteland isn't as dangerous as I thought it was. AS DANGEROUS. That doesn't mean it is safe. We've had some luck trading, and it looks like we are going to be operating at full capacity soon. Let's lock the doors for a little while, set up some guards. Let's be smart. We've all seen those freaks with the strange hats lurking around outside. Every day they get a little closer, let's show them that we aren't going to be easy targets. Let's be safe and smart.




Form ID: fd77a

From: Michelle Dallian

To: Sarah Kimper

Sarah. I'm curious if you've given any more thought to joining my task force. I'd love for the opportunity to work with you again, and I think you'd be a great fit. I really need someone with your keen interpersonal insights for dealing with the people outside.



Form ID: fd77b

From: Michelle Dallian


Hello Everybody,

I'm looking for volunteers for the External Association Committee. We have enough core personnel, but we can always use the extra hands. All residents are welcome to apply, and we hope to be able to accommodate any of you who are willing to donate your time. Feel free to contact me and I'll send you an application for membership.




Form ID: fd77c

From: Michelle Dallian


Hi! Thanks again for agreeing to help out with this momentous task. Sarah and I are going to be organizing you into teams. Teams will be in charge of trading, inventory, politics, and miscellaneous. Many of you have asked why we don't have team dedicated to security. Well, I've talked long about this with George, and we both agree that we don't want to appear belligerent to the outside world. We are certain that once the people out there realize that we are just like them, and won't threaten them at all, they'll be happy to form long lasting relationships with us. We'd like to present an open hand instead of a closed fist.

Thank you!



Form ID: fd77d

From: Michael Robinson

To: Michelle Dallian

I can't believe you are going forward with this naïve idea that the world is going to be peaceful and welcoming to us. We have no idea what we are going to see out there, or how the world has changed. I strongly suggest that we, at least at first, just open the doors long enough to get what we need. Allowing people to come in and out of the Vault unscheduled, can only lead to trouble.

- Mike


Form ID: fd78a

From: Nara Robinson

To: Daniel Raati

Hi Danny,

Laura is going to send you a message about her grades. Could you take some time and talk to her? She's pretty upset. I know she slipped a little bit near the end of the semester, but she works really hard, and she genuinely wants to do well.




Form ID: fd785

From: Nara Robinson

To: Michelle Dallian

Michelle, do you know what happened to the trading party? They were supposed to be back a few hours ago. This is the first time anyone has been late. Do you think something could have happened to them?



Form ID: fd786

From: Michelle Dallian

To: Nara Robinson

I'm sure they'll be back soon. The Vault door is unlocked, and it'll stay that way until they get in. If we don't hear from them in another hour I'll send out another party.


Form ID: fd785



REMINDER: The Vault elections are coming up, the primaries start two weeks from today. If you intend to run please announce your candidacy.



Form ID: fd786



RESIDENTS: The opening protocols for the Vault door have begun. The seals will open in 24 hours.



Form ID: fd787

From: William Mayson


Hi Everyone! I just received a relay message from Michelle's initial party, and they are doing well. She asked me to pass this along to anyone that was worried about her.