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Fallout: New Vegas

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Title Screen

Fallout: New Vegas

Developer: Obsidian Entertainment
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Platforms: Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
Released in US: October 19, 2010
Released in EU: October 22, 2010
Released in AU: October 21, 2010

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
Sgf2-unusedicon1.png This game has unused abilities.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

Fallout: New Vegas is the fourth (canon) entry in everyone's favorite post-apocalyptic RPG series. Developed by Obsidian, which includes a bunch of folks who worked on the original two games. It was released for Windows, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in October 2010 to positive reviews and extensive bug complaints.

Most of this content can be played with in the Windows version through the use of the console (~) or the New Vegas edition of the G.E.C.K.. Some requires FO3 Archive Utility and/or NifSkope to view.


Unused NPCs
They survived the apocalypse, but not New Vegas's rushed development.
Unused Creatures
Some critters and contraptions that never quite got to roam the wasteland.
Unused Items
All sorts of unused or inaccessible armor, weapons, ammo, keys, and the like.
Unused Maps
Test rooms and other miscellaneous unused areas.
Unused Notes
Text notes from quests that were changed or cut entirely. Also some other random text strings and emails.
Unused Dialog
Words left permanently unspoken, either due to impossible criteria or because they were horrible.

Downloadable Content

Dead Money
A LOT of Vera Keyes.
Honest Hearts
Pick your poison.
Old World Blues
Weird skeletons and even weirder old men.
Lonesome Road
The final secrets of The Divide.

Unused Perks


FalloutNV Perk survivalist.png
This Pip Boy image can be found in the game's BSA but there is no corresponding code. A similarly named perk in Fallout 1/2 increased the player's survival (outdoorsman) skill. There aren't any skill upgrade perks in New Vegas, so this may have done something different.

For the following perks (which are usable in-game), type player.addperk [form id] to give them to your character.

Child At Heart

FalloutNV Child at Heart.png

Form ID: 03142

Seemingly a carryover from Fallout 3, but there are a few uses for it hidden in the game's code (see unused dialog). Since there are mercifully very few children in New Vegas, it would have been almost completely useless.

DeathClaw Omelet


Form ID: 136e14

Since the criteria for the recipes to work are whether you have the notes, not the perks, this perk does nothing.

This recipe allows you to make Rose's famous deathclaw omelet!

Spicy Casserole


Form ID: 1613be

Since the criteria for the recipes to work are whether you have the notes, not the perks, this perk does nothing. In the game, the only way to get the casserole made is to ask Ruby to make one for you in exchange for a Radscorpion Poison Gland. The ingredients are Flour, a Jalapeño Pepper, Mole Rat Meat, and a Radscorpion Poison Gland, and it would have required a Survival skill of 30.

This recipe allows you to make Ruby's spicy casserole

Cut Quests

Big Winner: The Tops

One objective:

Objective Index Objective
10 Visit your private Suite on the 13th floor of the Tops

Chip Provenance

Called 'VChipHistory' internally. This appears to be the remnants of a quest that tracks the ownership of the platinum chip - at one point, it was possible to give it to a faction, steal it back, then return it again. The script file for this quest is incomplete but revealing:

scn VChipProvenance

int ChipHouse 
int ChipNCR
int ChipCaesar
int ChipFollowers

; 0 = The player has never given the Chip to the specified faction.
; 1 = The player gave the Chip to the specified faction, but then stole it back.
; 2 = The player stole the Chip from the specified faction, but then returned it.
; 3 = The player gave the Chip to the specified faction.

Of note is the variable tracking chip ownership by the Followers - they are the only faction with which the player cannot side in the final game, nor can the chip ever enter their possession.

The House Always Wins

There is no "The House Always Wins", only parts I-VIII.

Objective Index Objective
5 Talk to Mr. House at the Lucky 38.
10 Bring the Platinum Chip to Mr. House
12 Recover the Platinum Chip from Benny at the Fort.
20 Deliver the Platinum Chip to Mr. House.
25 Go to the Basement of the Lucky 38.
26 Observe Upgrading of Securitrons.
27 Return to Mr. House.
30 Use the Platinum Chip to open the secret bunker at Fortification Hill.
31 Enter the hidden bunker.
32 Upgrade Mr. House's secret Securitron army.
36 Report back to Mr. House for further instructions.
40 Convince the Boomers to support Mr. House.
42 (Optional) Neutralize the Boomers by killing the tribe's leaders.
45 Inform Mr. House that the Boomers will support his cause.
47 Inform Mr. House that the Boomers have been neutralized.
50 Investigate the Omertas and stop them if their plans oppose Mr. House's interests.
52 Inform Mr. House that the Omerta threat has been neutralized.
60 Find the Brotherhood of Steel and destroy them.
62 (Optional) Inform Mr. House that you've negotiated a peaceful solution with the Brotherhood.
64 Inform Mr. House that the Brotherhood's bunker has been destroyed.
70 Go to Hoover Dam and protect President Kimball during his visit.
72 Inform Mr. House that President Kimball survived the assassination attempt.
74 Inform Mr. House that President Kimball is dead.
80 Go to Hoover Dam and defeat Caesar's Legion.

The House Always Wins V

This quest has an unused stage:

Objective Index Objective
62 (Optional) Inform Mr. House that you've negotiated a peaceful solution with the Brotherhood.

It is impossible to negotiate peace between House and the Brotherhood.

The House Always Wins: Lockdown

An unused quest that would have the player locked out of the Lucky 38 for misbehavior.

Objective Index Objective
10 Escape the Lucky 38 until Mr. House's security lockdown expires.
12 Escape the Lucky 38 or kill Mr. House as Caesar directed.
14 Escape the Lucky 38 or neutralize Mr. House as Colonel Moore directed.
16 Escape the Lucky 38 or neutralize Mr. House as Yes Man directed.
18 Escape the Lucky 38 or neutralize Mr. House.
20 Deliver the Platinum Chip to Mr. House when his 24 hour security lockdown has expired.
30 Return to Mr. House when his 24 hour security lockdown has expired if you want to continue working with him.

Its associated script contains the following variable and description:

scn VMQHouseLockdownSCRIPT
int iLockdownState	; 1 = Lockdown on (faction hostile/no House dialogue/elevators only accessible to Casino (ground)).
			; 2 = Lockdown over (24 hours have elapsed/faction neutral again/House dialogue acitve/previous elevator state restored).

Infected Brahmin Meat

The Infected Brahmin Meat the player can find in the kitchens of the Ultra-Luxe had an implied use for an unmarked quest which never made it into the game. Unused pop-up messages exist for poisoning the Legion's stew and dog bowls, but the scripts attached to the message are nonfunctional.

This pot contains ingredients for the Legionaries' stew.
Leave the pot alone.
Added the infected Brahmin meat to the mix.
Meat intended for the Legion's mongrels is usually dropped onto this plate.
Leave the plate alone.
Drop the infected Brahmin meat on the plate.
The slave girl Siri would have been involved in this quest, as remnant dialog strings indicate. There are also leftover dialog strings indicating the poisoning would result in the death of the Legion's mongrels, but the results of poisoning the stew remain unknown.

Jailhouse Rock

An NCR sidequest involving the unused NPCs Trooper Willis, MP Fretwell, and two unnamed NCR Troopers. There are also two blank sidequests immediately following it, VMS27 and VMS28 (VMS29 is Kings' Gambit).

The Moon Comes Over the Tower

This quest includes an unused stage:

Objective Index Objective
15 Disable the Lucky 38's network encryption from three executive consoles.

These three consoles are located at Camp Golf, H&H Tools Factory, and New Vegas Steel.

My Kind of Town

The quest to recruit a sheriff for Primm has unused variables to allow for the player to recruit a new sheriff after one has been killed off. This is technically impossible on the game's quest engine, as it requires a quest to be completed, then started again. Johnson Nash has a bit of unused dialog to accommodate this.

Additionally, there is a variable remaining from a time when the method of recruiting an NCR sheriff was through petition. Johnson Nash has something to say about this as well.

int NCRSheriffState		; 0 = no NCR sheriff, 1 = NCR Sheriff, 2 = NCR Sheriff Dead
int MeyerSheriffState		; 0 = no Meyer Sheriff, 1 = Meyers Sheriff, 2 = Meyers Sheriff Dead
int PrimmSlimSheriffState	; 0 = no Primm Slim Sheriff, 1 = Primm Slim Sheriff, 2 = PrimmSlim Sheriff Dead
int NCRPetition			; 0 = Player doesn't have NCR Petition, 1 = Player has incomplete petition, 2 = player has completed petition

Run Goodsprings Run

This quest has an unused variable to set the Bighorners free, presumably to run amok.

short bBighornersFree

This variable can be found in VMS16bQuestScript.

Talent Pool

It seems Bruce Isaac's portion of the quest once involved a bounty hunter, presumably hired by Mr. Bishop. This unused variable can be found in VMSTheTopsTalentPoolScript.

short BruceHunter ; Set to 1 after the player has encountered the bounty hunter on Bruce's trail.


Quest associated with Test Man.

The Thorn Mayhem

Red Lucy's PC, likely intended as a component of this quest

At some point it was possible to open the Thorn's cages, releasing the creatures within and causing widespread mayhem. Methods of doing so may have involved Red Lucy's otherwise useless computer terminal, or some unused keys. Unused dialog was recorded for multiple NPCs' reactions to this event. The quest's script explains in no uncertain terms why it was never completed:

Scn	VMS38bQuestScript

; Script to control the sequence of events (general mayhem and pandemonium) following the shutting down of 
electric current to creature cages in The Thorn.
; Cut, not enough time to implement as polished as it should be.
; - Jorge

Underpass Water Purifier

The Underpass, located near the mole rat ranch.

An unmarked quest that has the Courier fixing a water purifier in The Underpass, a location east of the Mole Rat Ranch that is still in the game but almost empty (Carlyle St. Clair and a few mad Brahmin live there). This quest would have likely been assigned by an unused NPC by the name of Meg Reynolds. While the quest exists in name and very incomplete script form only, the unused message for solving it is still around:

This purifier would provide clean water to Underpass, if it were functional.
Whoever assembled it had no idea what they were doing - many parts are connected incorrectly or hooked up backwards.
Someone with the proper knowledge could easily get the purifier operational.

[Repair of 35 or greater required to fix the generator.]

[Science of 35 or greater required to modify the generator's settings.]
You repaired the purifier.  It's now producing clean water.
You modified the purifier's settings.  It's now producing cleaner water.

Viva Las Vegas!

Unused post-endgame stage of the main quest. It has variables for each outcome of the final battle at Hoover Dam, but nothing else.

Quest Stage Log Entry
10 Independent Vegas stub
20 NCR Stub
30 Legion Stub
40 Mr House Stub

Welcome To Fabulous New Vegas

There are two quests with this name: one of them for a press demonstration, another that tracks dialog for an unused in-game rendered version of the introductory cutscene. The press demo version has only one stage:

Objective Index Objective
20 Kill the Raiders.

The White Wash

There is an early version of this quest, the quest object itself having been repurposed to hold variables for the final version of the quest, though its original objectives are intact.

Objective Index Objective
10 Speak to Lieutenant Romanowski about the water shortage.
20 Check the East Pump Station computer for evidence of a water shortage.
25 Talk to Wrench about the water shortage.
30 Return to Lieutenant Romanowski with the information you uncovered from the East Pump Station.
35 Buy Wrench's Super Tool Kit back from Angelo's Pawn Shop and find out what he knows about the water shortage.
40 Catch someone in the act of stealing water from one of the western cisterns.
50 Confront Anderson about the water shortage.
60 Complete the White Wash to resolve the mystery of the missing water.

World Changes Post-Endgame

There is no post-endgame, the game just ends.

End States for The Strip

Post-endgame content. See above.

Freeside Post-Endgame Content Quest

See above.

Hidden Quest Names

These are not unused, but they still have names you cannot see in gameplay.

  • A Difference of Opinion: This is the name of the quest dealing with Chief Hanlon at Camp Golf. The quest was instead consolidated into Return To Sender.
  • Arachnophobia: Second half of the Camp Searchlight quest, consolidated into Wheel of Fortune.
  • Caesar's Foe: The negative counterpart to Caesar's Favor. Never actually assigned, Legion Assassins just start showing up to kill you.
  • Like Water For Stealth Boys: This is the part of Come Fly With Me involving the Nightkin in the REPCONN basement. Its objectives were consolidated into Come Fly With Me.
  • Limited Access: The NCR equivalent to Caesar's Hire, for mixed NCR reputation.
  • Most Wanted: The NCR equivalent to Caesar's Foe.
  • Stocking Up: Bring holotags to Camp Forlorn Hope.
  • Team Spirit: Bring Legion Ears to Camp Forlorn Hope.


Big Guns

The Big Guns skill was removed from the game late enough in development to leave references to it in a few places.

  • Every time a skill check is conducted in dialog for any or all combat skills, Big Guns is checked along with the other five used combat skills. Neil has one of these checks.
  • Additionally, searching through the texture files reveals that True Police Stories was the original Small Guns skill magazine through its filename. Milsurp Review was originally intended as the Big Guns skill magazine until the two skills were fused.

Unused Reputation

Menu icon
Message icon
The only reference to a Primm reputation is in Testacles's dialog. In the final game, Primm is mostly independent/leaning NCR. That's Primm Slim on the left and what looks like a random hobo in a wasteland settler outfit.

Unused Graphics

FalloutNV Nvgraffitisierra01.png
An unused piece of graffiti hinting at the first New Vegas DLC, Dead Money. This is only unused in the base game and can be seen with the Dead Money expansion installed.
FalloutNV Angrytron.png
FalloutNV Sadtron.png
Unused Yes Man faces.
These audio test cells appear as static world objects in the GECK. There is one for every footstep sound effect in the game.
FNV-med history paper.png
Checkmark for the boxes
A medical history test. This was used at some point to determine the player's traits. It is done through the menu in the final game. Some of the answers on the test do not have corresponding traits in the final game, either.
FNV-Endscrn cr21.png
Prerelease screenshot showing the preliminary face
An unused ending slide, showing a different, creepier face for House than is used in the final game.


  • Fallout 3's death theme.
  • A piece of music intended for use at night in Legion-controlled territories.
  • 'Hangover Heart' by Hank Thompson is listed in the credits as one of the radio songs, but does not appear in the game, or in the game's files. Likely cut due to licensing difficulties.
  • The complete Fallout 1 and 2 soundtracks are present in the game's files in 128 CBR mp3 (used music is encoded in 192) in the directory \Data\Music\Fallout1and2. The Fallout 1 soundtrack is named and fully tagged in such a way that it looks like it was copied from somebody's home music collection. Several tracks that were not used in New Vegas are included in these files.


Craps was going to be a casino game at one point. There is little left to support this other than craps tables in the Lucky 38 and the fact that dice rolling sound effects for craps are stored in the exact same naming scheme as the regular casino games. Code for the minigame itself may or may not exist.

Liberty Prime?

These sound effects were found along with other monster voice files in a folder named 'robotlibertyprime'.