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Fallout 2

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Title Screen

Fallout 2

Developer: Black Isle Studios
Publishers: Interplay (PC), MacPlay (Macintosh)
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X
Released in US: October 29, 1998
Released in EU: 1999

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

To do:
Many things, like items and locations such as the Abbey where the Chosen One'd have found a guy named Old Joe, and a talking head for Cassidy.

Fallout 2 is an RPG and the sequel to Fallout. Its gameplay is much improved compared to the previous game and it has better writing to boot, certainly making it way more fun and replayable than the original.

There's a mountain of content that was cut, with only a modest amount actually left in the game. Unlike with most games, the developers actually explained a lot of the stuff that never came to be.

Unused Items


It's a Star Trek reference
An energy weapon using small energy cells. Would have been found on one of the corpses in the Federation Crash Site special encounter.

Zip Gun

A small gun chambered in 10mm. Doesn't have a proper icon but works when added to the inventory.

Unused Areas


A generic cave that leads nowhere. the text is actually part of the map graphics.

Den Residential

An early version of part of The Den. It's still accessible in the game because the developers forgot to close it off (press 3 on the map screen). It had a special quest that involved getting rid of the pickpocketing orphans, and finding them a place where they can live after being troubled by abusive parents.

Hubologist Space Shuttle

Accessible from the San Francisco map screen. You were supposed to go inside it at some point.

King Arthur's Knights

The Vorpal Rat's cave.
The player has a chance to encounter some Brotherhood Knights searching for the Holy Grail, modeled after the Monty Python characters. A second encounter was planned where you would find them being slaughtered by a Vorpal Rat (the rabbit from the movie). Due to incorrect scripting, it's impossible to access this encounter in the vanilla game. It was fixed in the Fallout Trilogy re-release, however.

Unused Characters


"Illicit Allocations Chief" used for debugging. Changes reputation, followers, and some faction affiliations. Appearing as a guy in a vault suit, the name of his dialog file places him in Vault City.


The Chosen One's rival from Arroyo. You would have encountered him on six different occasions, each time with better equipment.

Unused Text

NOTE: The number before the colon is the value that is called upon by the game.

To do:
Add the rest of the values



These are leftovers for the Friendly Foe perk, before the ability to distinguish companions & allies from enemies/neutrals became an actual feature.


1112: TEMPORARY - What is this?


Demo Leftovers


Demo version

Demo time limit exceeded


Sorry, the preferences menu is not
available in the demo version


Sorry, you can't save or load
in the demo version.


Sorry, you can only print your
character in the full version.

Sorry you can only save your
character in the full version.

Sorry, you can only load a saved
character in the full version.

Not available in demo

Development Strings

Within the game's executable are these leftover compiler strings.


Partially Unused Developer Quotes

When viewing the quotes from the developers (Shift-click Credits on the main menu), there is one part of a quote which goes unseen due to the fact that it is too long. Said part is highlighted in the full quote:

That thing has an unpleasantness about it that is not readily apparent.
Bring in the others...I wish to taste of their unsavoriness as well.
- Matt N.

It should also be noted that some quotes contain mixed case or symbols that lose the emphasis due to the upper-case font. Here they are in their original glory.

I'm kinda anal about this...  I'm anal about everything...
- Scotty

I LOVE sheep!
- Greg B.

Sleeping is *way* better than moving.
- Nick

You look up SUCK and you'll see my name, address and previous
- John D.

*I* think it's worth a dollar for 3 days of day-dreaming.
- Fred

Man, are *you* white.
- T-Ray

Well, that's just what he said.  I don't know if that's
the case, since he's English and not to be trusted.  Of
course, *I* am English.
- Feargus

Because it's my ass.  You *all* share my ass!
- Feargus

Keep singing, Nick...Jess...Who *are* you?
- Gary

Is it possible to make drugs have
*serious* side-effects?
- Nick K.

I don't see this as a problem.  The rats
go "squee".
- Matt N.
The cows go "moo", the dogs go "arf, arf".
- Chris J. (The REAL one)

Nick's right, sleeping *is* way better
than moving.
- Jesse R.

Yeah, *I'll* make it sore.
- Scotty

Yes, I agree, the frog *does* look more
sophisticated with only one pineapple.
- Jesse R.

Other Unused Stuff

Unused Perks/Reputation

Virgin of the Wastes

Suddenly, BIS remembered who they make games for and decided to leave this one out.

Unused reputation. Has no actual effect, and is, naturally, lost by sleeping with any sex-specific characters. "You really need to get out more. Your sexual exploits have been... well, two dimensional."

Alcohol Addiction

In their crusade for real-world scientific accuracy, Black Isle cut this title when overwhelming scientific evidence proved that there are no negative effects of alcohol whatsoever.

Unused addiction. No code exists for this, apart from a graphic and description. "You have a problem with alcohol. Actually, you have many problems with your drinking habits."

Tragic Addition


Stops map travel every once in a while to say "You feel a burning desire to open another box of Tragic cards." Tragic is one of Fallout 2's derp culture references to Magic: The Gathering.

Developer Icon

Within the icons for the main executable, lies this portrait of Tim Cain which is visible when the icon size on Windows is set to 48px.

32px 48px
FO2-Icon-Normal.png FO2-Icon-Dev.png
To do:
Maps for locations, dialog files for characters

Revisional Differences

Careful, you'll lose an eye.
This page or section needs more images.
There's a whole lotta words here, but not enough pictures. Please fix this.

In December 11, 1998, a v1.02 patch was released to fix numerous bugs in the game, way more than what existed in the first game. This is a list of the most important or more commonly mentioned bugs:

  • Boxing in New Reno would no longer lock up the computer.
  • The dice games (craps) would now give you winnings.
  • The Lloyd quest in New Reno would no longer lock the computer.
  • Talking to Tandi about the Vault 15 quest would no longer lock the computer.
  • Loading and saving games have been sped up, the readme says there are other ways to improve load times by checking its troubleshooting section..
  • Party members would no longer turn hostile (under most circumstances), meaning it is now possible to talk to them at almost all times.
  • Ghouls in Gecko would no longer randomly attack you unprovoked.
  • Harold will now give you the right information when you are trying to optimize the power plant.
  • Shopkeepers will get money more often - this is more of a tweak than a bug fix.
  • Endless stopwatch in combat should be fixed.
  • The car and the trunk will no longer become separated.
  • Francis in Broken Hills has been fixed... The readme doesn't state what parts related to him were.
  • Hakunin movies will no longer appear after the GECK has been returned.
  • Dragon and Lo Pan challenges should no longer cause an endless stopwatch.
  • Goris will no longer join if you are over your Party Member limit.
  • The slave overseer in NCR will no longer lock the computer up.
  • The PIP-Boy will no longer crash when there are too many maps in the Automap.
  • The Here and Now perk now works correctly. Originally, taking the perk would give you the amount of experience points equal to the total amount needed to reach your current level. Ex. at level 6 would level you up more than just *one* level as a result. The bad about this was that you are only able to pick one perk per third level (or four if you have the Skilled trait).
  • Improved the maximum carry weight of NPCs? (The readme just says "NPC's max carry weight.")
    • Also improved NPC's run-away settings, almost equally as vague.
  • The .44 magnum now does the proper amount of damage.
  • NPCs who have too many dialog responses have been fixed.
  • "Radiation warning pop-ups would appear sooner = 66 rads".
  • Bartering has been slightly modified.
  • The bug with the GECK and the Arroyo elder has been fixed.
  • The problem where game wouldn't run properly on some NT/NTFS/large hard-drive setups has been fixed.
  • Smitty in the Den will now properly sell you the Highwayman. It was originally possible to get the car without having the fuel cell regulator, though you still had to pay him $2000 by simply asking Smitty what he does, and then again about the car and in order to get the option to buy it.

Some new fixes were also added in the 1.02d patch:

  • In New Reno's Chop Shop, T-Ray's problem where he would not take money for getting car back had been fixed.
  • Fixed Stuart Little boxing so that he only gives you one chance to repeat.
    • Also, he wasn't setting the names properly for STUPID characters (IN < 4), this should be fixed.
  • All boxing problems have been addressed. Critical failures count as a knockdown, and the readme stated this was not going to be changed.
  • Fixed a bug regarding where Valerie should go when done upgrading weapons.
  • Fixed Slim Picket in Klamath's trapping grounds not taking/checking for money to raise your Outdoorsman skill. Also, there should be no way to get him to give you the upgrade more than once, code was put in as a safety.
  • When Vegeir was sending you home with Jonny, he was trying to send the car with you too. The writer of the readme found out this was bad and the car wasn't set up to do so. Vegeir will no longer touch your car in this situation.
  • Highwayman-related problems that might occur if the car didn't show up in correct spots had been fixed.
  • In related news, the trunk would work better in conjunction with the car as the code ws all new since the programmers shipped and now it knows where the car is at all times.
  • One of the engine bugs that was fixed would fix the problem of the trunk showing up without the car, since the trunk script was becoming "junked" (to speak technically).
  • The car would now leave with you when you leave random encounter maps, but only if thecar is on that map and it has fuel. Before, if you used the car after it ran out of gas, it would keep following you around, this was fixed.
  • Slavers you hunt slaves in the Den with would now die and STAY DEAD when killed, in order to fix a bug where they would get up again and freeze the game. The readme humorously adds "Amazing, bastards just didn't want to go down easily."
  • The quest to get a car part was made clearer.
  • Fixed a crash when leaving maps with party members. This could potentially fix lots and lots of thing out there since it was killing memory at this point (this is what helps fix the cars).
  • Miria would no longer follow you after she dies.
  • Fixed a bug regarding party members leveling up with power armor.
  • Fixed Tyler door bug in the Den where he would sometimes give you permission to use the door, but would attack you if you tried to do so.
  • Fixed Joey not taking your money for Jet.
  • Fixed a problem with when the player comes out the back entrance of the raiders (secret entrance) and the car not being there.
  • Fixed saving the game on the "King Arthur's Holy Knights" encounter so that you could finish the whole thing even after saving. (The readme says: "Fixed Saving game on "Holy Knights" encounter do that you can finish the whole thing even after saving.", the "do" is a typo and is supposed to mean "so")
  • The New Reno quest with Richard Wright's murder no longer ends pre-maturely ends when telling Mr. Orville Wright that his son was poisoned.
  • Fixed an inability to use the dresser in New Reno map 2 where Mrs. Bishop is.
  • Cody on Virgin Street now gives you experience points when he leads you to the Chop Shop.
  • Mason of the Salvatores would not only let you use the door if he tells you it's O.K.
  • Myron from the Stables now takes all the stuff to make drugs even if it's in his inventory. So if he is told to make 3 bottles of antidote and has the tails in his inventory, he'll now purge them from his inventory as well.
  • There should no longer be any way to get $2000 from Dr. Troy for selling him jet.
  • Fixed a typo in Randal's examine description, where it was spelled "offcier" instead of "officer".
  • Fixed a bug in the Sierra Army Depot so you couldn't get stuck on level 4 by entering from the world map before extracting an organ. This fix was simply due to the fact that you should only be able to enter Sierra Army Depot from the ground floor from the world map.
  • You now get experience points for giving the non-working robobrain a brain.
  • Buster in the NCR's bazaar now replenishes his supplies more often.
  • It is now only possible to enter the entrance map from the world map.
  • You can now complete the spleen quest in San Francisco for Chip even if you joined the Hubologists.
  • Talking Bette in Redding's bar out of fighting should complete "Stop-the-bar-brawl" quest.
  • Fixed a bug with saving during Lo Pan/Dragon fights.
  • Made it so there is only the Battle Field area to enter the Sierra Army Depot
  • Melchior in the Mariposa Military Base now only lets out four of his pets at once. This would reduce pathing problems with multi-hex critters.
  • You now get 1000 experience points for getting Eric (the readme says "Brian") in Broken Hills more power for his air conditioner.
  • Fixed an error with using the bulletin board in the Den during combat.
  • Fixed kids not being pushable when they're not on their home tile.
  • Fixed a bulletin board error like that in the Den.
  • Fixed a problem with the Highwayman not showing up the first time with a high Outdoorsman skill.
  • Fixed an endless loop for not having power armor with the door guard.
  • Fixed a bug regarding re-entrance to Vault 15's squat area.
  • Fixed a problem with sometimes ending a fight and becoming stuck inside the ring. (The readme doesn't clearly state where, New Reno or San Francisco)
  • Fixed a bug where Melchior caused game crashes related to fire geckos not being able to hit their target.
  • Fixed the craps dealers bug allowing setting odds bet to 0 dollars in order to take odds money back.
  • Fixed a problem with party members dying on map exits, causing Miria or any party member dying in the toilet explosion and then following you around the game forever, wasting a party member slot.

Source: The Nearly Ultimate Fallout 2 Guide by Per Jorner

Region Differences

  • Outside of the US, children are removed to avoid childkilling controversy. However, this broke things such as a quest as well as making the Den's thieving kids invisible. The GOG version (which unlike Fallout 1 with being UK 1.2) is the normal US version with the children included.
  • The German version removes the two higher violence settings from the game. Also, the "normal" blood setting in that version is the same as the "minimal" blood setting seen elsewhere. Many of the other more violent aspects were also removed.

(Source: Schnittberichte)