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Fallout 4

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Title Screen

Fallout 4

Developers: Bethesda Game Studios, id Software (Additional work)[1]
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Platforms: Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4
Released in JP: December 17, 2015
Released in US: November 10, 2015
Released in EU: November 10, 2015
Released in AU: November 10, 2015

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
Sgf2-unusedicon1.png This game has unused abilities.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

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  • Companion dialogue relating to Dogmeat and Vault 81 security with Dogmeat and another companion.
  • Compare the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X versions.

Fallout 4 takes the series to Massachusetts, where a Pre-War civilian awakens after being cryogenically frozen in a vault for 200 years. There, the veteran goes on an epic journey to find some adhesive, romance eight people at once, and spend hours modding weapons and building towns. There was also something about a missing son, too...


Unused Maps
Mostly testing and debugging rooms.
Fo4 Nuka-World.png
From Automatron to Nuka-World.

Unused Quests

The Enemy of My Enemy


Internally called MQ201.

The mission would have taken place between the quests Reunions and Dangerous Minds. While not actually cut (the quest itself still occurs), it doesn't appear in your active quests, as the quest itself has no stages to appear in the player's PipBoy.

Off the Grid


Internally called MQ301.

The mission would have taken place before The Nuclear Option. Several script remnants still exist for this quest, and indicate the following:

  • This quest would trigger if the player was no longer allied with the Institute, and involved Synths taking control of Diamond City's Radio Tower. The quest would proceed once all the synths were eliminated.
  • Hostages would have been involved, however this part of the quest was not fleshed out.
  • A unique synth, Y7-38, is mentioned as a reference in one of the quests but not used. A male voice type is attached to this character in the main files, but also completely unused.
  • The player would have taken this quest from either the Brotherhood of Steel, Railroad, or Minutemen. If for any reason the player was kicked out of the current faction related to the quest, it would default to the Minutemen.
  • Whichever faction you sided with to guard Diamond City would then remain in the city guarding it; this is actually the one aspect that did remain in the game, though adjusted to occur after the player either destroyed the Institute or completed Airship Down.

The Replacement


Internally called InstM04.

This mission would have been unlocked, along with A House Divided, if the quest The Battle of Bunker Hill was completed. While a common fan theory is that the icon implies the Sole Survivor's spouse may have been cloned as a synth, it is more likely that this quest dealt with the head of Institute's robotics division, Alan Binet. Following the death of his wife, Dr. Binet replaced her with a synth, Eve. Furthermore, unused holotape dialogue exists in which Max Loken describes the relationship as "inappropriate". Not enough content is leftover from this quest to say for certain what it would have involved, however.

20 Leagues Under the Sea


Internally called MS03.

20 Leagues Under The Sea would have involved the Sole Survivor going to Vault 120 which was underwater. Vault 120 would have been inhabited by a massive sentient octopus outside the vault and mutated sea creatures. The Sole Survivor would fought said creatures off presumably with a harpoon gun (discussed in further detail below).

There's also a marker (MS03ResurfaceMarker) located between the Yangtze and the Shamrock Taphouse, as well as an unused Institute terminal entry (InstM02Terminal2Message) called 'MS03 Temp Hydroponics Message':


Access: Local. Login: ABinet.

Notes: Routine diagnostic on Courser designate X6-88, all functions nominal.

Access: Local. Login: ABinet.

Notes: More programming work on new AI software update.

Access: Local. Login: ABinet.

Notes: Prototype testing of neural net upgrades.

Additionally, several cut quest scripts, namely DN158QuestScript, point to originally using the Yangtze itself to locate an underwater vault, in this case, Vault 120. However, what that Vault would have contained outside these mutated creatures is anyone's guess, as several of the files appear to overlap with the Institute Bioscience area (referred to internally as Hydroponics).

(Source: Todd Howard Reddit AMA coined as a "Bioshock style Vault")


Internally called InstR01 OLD, which shares its internal name with Pest Control (albeit with the OLD part removed).

All that remains of this radiant quest is its entry and stages:

Stage Description
20 Check on the Synths
30 Take the Status Report to Max Loken.
1000 Quest complete

Judging from the name and stages, Salvage would have involved checking up on synths and obtaining status reports from them, much like the mission Political Learnings.

That's the Spirit/Bullet

Internally called MS12 and MS18, respectively.

Nothing exists of these sidequests other than their names and IDs.

Unused Dialogue

To do:
Check if dialog exists for Maxson/other BOS members.

Inside the files for Paladin Danse's dialogue are remains of a cut subquest where, after the subquest "Blind Betrayal", him and the player fight and kill Maxson, after which the player (or Danse if the player convinces him) becomes the Elder of the Brotherhood.

Speaker Text File
Paladin Danse If you're referring to Maxson, you're right. He's still going to be a problem. But I might have a way out.
Paladin Danse I hope that's enough to convince you to take your place as Elder of the Brotherhood.
Paladin Danse The Litany is clear. We have a new Elder.
Paladin Danse Just prepare yourself. I don’t know what Maxson will have in store when we arrive.
Paladin Danse When Haylen warned me about Quinlan’s discovery, she begged me to confront Maxson. She told me that there were Brotherhood soldiers that still believed in me, that would stand behind me if I challenged his authority. At the time, I told her that it wouldn’t be right to cause a rift in our ranks. We’re on the brink of war with the Institute, and weakening our unity felt like I’d be… Backstabbing my own troops. But knowing that you’re still with me… Maybe that will be enough to convince Maxson that he’s making a mistake. I’ll come back to the Prydwen with you, and we’ll confront Maxson together.
Paladin Danse As a Brotherhood of Steel Paladin, I’m issuing a formal challenge against your authority as Elder. We’ll settle this matter as it was written in the Litany: In combat. Then you leave me no choice.
Paladin Danse Right now, I’m not sure we can even get near Maxson before the Brotherhood would cut us down. But we have to try. I’ve known Maxson for a long time, and under all that protocol is a decent man.

Unused Graphics


Broadsider Mods

Within the files of the game are two mod-related models for the Broadsider; a scope add-on and a bomb projectile. The mods cannot be spawned in-game or attached to the Broadsider.

Brotherhood Armor

I can't believe Saitama was going to be in Fallout 4.

There are three unused variations of the BOS Uniform; from left to right, they are Kells' coat, the BOS Lab Coat, and Maxson's cape. Kells and Maxson wear different-looking apparel in the final game, and the BOS Lab Coat was most likely replaced with the Science Scribe's Armor.

Chinese Assault Rifle


An unfinished model exists for the Chinese Assault Rifle from Fallout 3, internally called "assaultrifle-proto".

Harpoon Gun


A roughly-textured model of a weapon with parts from a Syringer and an assault rifle. Its internal name would place it with the unused "20 Leagues Under the Sea" quest.

A harpoon gun was eventually added in the DLC Far Harbor, but with an entirely different model.

Metal Helmets


Three unused models exist of what appear to be early variations of the Metal helmet. The last model has an appearance similar to the Motorcycle helmet from Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas. It's possible that helmets, similar to armor pieces, would have had normal/sturdy/heavy tiers.

While the scarf model was discarded, the helmet and goggles would be split into the Metal helmet and the Wraparound goggles, respectively.


Even though only two issues of the hairstyle magazine La Coiffe appear in-game, there are covers for three more magazines in the game's files.

Unused Items

Use the console command player.additem (ID) 1 to add any of the following items/weapons/armor to your inventory.

Institute gourd

ID: 00173b13

An Institute variant of the gourd. It heals more health (+20 to +10), delivers no rads, and is more valuable (36 caps to 6).

Pristine deathclaw egg (junk variant)


ID: 00190ae4

A scrappable variant of the regular pristine deathclaw egg that's obtained in "The Devil's Due". It can be broken down for two Bone and one Acid, much like the cracked deathclaw egg.

RobCo defragmenter

ID: 000e5081

A holotape that serves as a (fake) defragmenter for the terminals and Pip Boy.


ID: 00106e96

A modified version of the RobCo defragmenter. It's designed to hack and destroy turrets, similar to the holotape acquired from the turret edition of Total Hack.

Unused Weapons

GasTrap Dummy

ID: 000001f6

An unequippable melee/unarmed weapon. The name suggests it was meant for a flammable gas trap.

Handmade Gun

ID: 0014831d

A gun that has no range and is listed as using 5.56mm rounds. It can be equipped, but all the weapon does is make the player stick out their fists without the ability to punch. The gun can be fired in third person, but lacks a firing noise and its world model is broken.

Mini Nuke

ID: 0010e689

A strange weapon, the Mini Nuke attaches the titular ammo to the player's right hand. It deals a rather high damage output for an unarmed weapon.


IDs: 0005de31, 00063b72, 00063b73 (guns), 0005de33 (ammo)

Three different copies of the Broadsider, presumably used for the Minutemen artillery strikes. The first one deals less damage than the other two, both of which are exactly the same except for their ID number.


IDs: 00065df2 (gun), 00065df3 (ammo)

Yet another copy of the Broadsider, most likely used for the nuclear missiles fired by the Yangtze submarine. The only difference between it and the Mortar weapons are its damage and ammo type. Firing the weapon will cause a gigantic missile to shoot out of the barrel, before exploding in a way similar to a Mini Nuke.

Unused Armor

To do:
Add the wearable baby Shauns (f468e and 22f83f).

Cait's Bandolier

ID: 001921d8

It's the bandolier that Cait normally wears. It's mostly complete, aside from a lack of a world model.

Robotic bits

ID: 0022f0dd

An invisible piece of clothing that takes up the eyewear slot. It provides no Damage Resistance, but adds +1 to Perception. Given its overworld model (which is the Faded trench coat), the Robotic bits probably would have been something that Nick Valentine wore.

Vault 75 Jumpsuit

ID: 00225f7e (dirty), 0022da67 (clean)

The first of three unused Vault jumpsuits.

Vault 95 Jumpsuit

ID: 0022da73 (dirty), 0022da66 (clean)

The second unused Vault jumpsuit.

Vault 101 Jumpsuit

ID: 000976b3 (dirty), 0022da6a (clean)

The final unused Vault jumpsuit, and the most interesting due to Vault 101 not appearing in Fallout 4.

Unused Mods

To do:
Document the hunting rifle bipod.

These mods can be applied by dropping the weapon/armor piece into the world map, clicking the item, and typing amod XXXXXXXX into the console, with XXXXXXXX being the mod's respective ID.

Gamma Gun Signal Splitter


ID: 000b9a58

A muzzle mod for the Gamma gun that basically turns it into a shotgun. It works on both Lorenzo's Artifact and the Zeta gun.

Brotherhood Paint-job

ID: 001979a4 (Soldier), 001979a6 (Officer)

Due to how the game using palettes for texture recoloring on Power Armor, the T-45, T-51 and X-01 power armors can have Brotherhood of Steel paints applied to them if done so with console commands. This'll additionally reveal an unused decal slot on the chest of each armor, though the arm 'rank' decals are exclusive to the T-60 armor.

Unused Perks

There are several perks in the game that cannot be obtained. These would have been granted by actions in-game, similar to companion perks:

  • ID: 0004D873: Silent Running Running is as silent as sneaking. An old Fallout staple, the perk's filename is tagged "MightDelete".
  • ID: 00085331: Initiate: Take 10% less damage from feral ghouls, super mutants and synths. BoS-related.
  • ID: 000865E8: Knight: Smaller power armor core explosion. Despite the description, the perk doesn't actually seem to do anything.
  • ID: 0009AC95: Secret Agent: Stealth Boy effects last 10 seconds longer. Railroad related.
  • ID: 0009AC98: Station Master: Get a 5% bonus on selling items. Railroad related.
  • ID: 000A5993: In the Blood: +5 Radiation Resistance, but -5 to maximum health. Judging from the description involving the Railroad, it would have been used if you took Tinker Tom's battery acid shot.
  • ID: 000B0EC0: Liam's Algorithm: Claims to grant "improved hacking", but doesn't actually seem to do anything. The quest tag on it suggests it was related to the Plugging a Leak quest.
  • ID: 000E1A24: True Hero: +1 Luck. The quest is tagged MS04, making it part of the Silver Shroud quest, and probably would have been acquired by saving Kent Connolly from Sinjin. Doesn't appear to actually do anything, however.
  • ID: 0014B730: Blimp Buster: Described internally as 'RR303BlimpBuster', the perk has no visible effects, but presumably would have been granted for completing Rockets' Red Glare.
  • ID: 000EECC0: Wired Reflexes: +15 AP. While it shares a name with a Fallout 3 perk, it has a different effect. Tagged MS17, which would have made it as part of matters involving Covenant.

Several perks are not unused, but have descriptions that would normally never be seen as they are NPC-exclusive:

  • ID: 00023752 Deathclaw Rage: "The deathclaw takes less damage when fighting multiple enemies."
  • ID: 00023753 Deathclaw Rage: "The deathclaw does increaed damage when fighting multiple enemies."
  • ID: 00031AC6 Deathclaw Exploit: "The deathclaw does increaed damage when fighting anybody who isn't the player."
  • ID: 00064009 crSetRangedDmgPerk: "Sets the crAttackDamage actor value to the melee damage done by creatues."
  • ID: 00085333 BoSPaladinPerk: "Recover health while in power armor."
  • ID: 000BA42F ModLimbDamage: "Generic Perk used to hook actor value into limb damage system. Make sure this perk is added to anyone whose actor value you mod to use with this perk."
  • ID: 000BA435 ModFallingDamage: "Generic Perk used to hook actor value into falling damage system. Make sure this perk is added to anyone whose actor value you mod to use with this perk."
  • ID: 000BA440 ModDetectionMovement: "Generic Perk used to hook actor value into detection system to change the effect of movement. Make sure this perk is added to anyone whose actor value you mod to use with this perk."
  • ID: 000BA448 ModChemMagnituteDamage: "Generic Perk used to hook actor value into chem potency. Make sure this perk is added to anyone whose actor value you mod to use with this perk."
  • ID: 000D3F37 ModExtraLimbDamage: "25% extra limb damage"
  • ID: 000D3FCB ModChanceCripple: "20% chance to cripple a limb"
  • ID: 000ED6DC GenericBrawlPreventLimbDamage: "Limb damage is reduced by 100%."
  • ID: 001504FC crRangedDmgPerk: "Adds the crAttackDamage actor value to the melee damage done by creatures."
  • ID: 001D97D5 CompanionPreventLimbDamage: "Limb damage is reduced by 100%."
  • ID: 0023D4B0 RECheckpointPreventLimbDamage: "Limb damage is reduced by 100%."
  • ID: 00245BA3 Ignore Armor with Melee Weapons: "10% per mod piece"
  • ID: 00245B9B More unarmed damage!: "10% unarmed per mod piece"

There are also several effects related to perks that go unused in the finished game:

  • ID: 0004B260 Rock Steady: +10 Damage Resistance
  • ID: 0004B269 Well Groomed: +1 Charisma
  • ID: 0004D86C Cyborg: +15 Radiation, Poison and Damage Resistance
  • ID: 00135F0B Backpacking: +5 carry weight. According to the name, this would have been provided by one of the Wasteland Survival Guide magazines.

Unused Actors and Changed Actors

Several actors are named differently internally, either in regards to their main file or files related to them.

  • Dr. Goodfeels: The hippie robot that circles around Sunshine Tidings Co-Op is internally referred to by a more recognizable name, Dr. Feelgood.
  • High Rise: The Railroad agent you escort to Ticonderoga is called internally by his voicetype as Low Road Franklin.
  • Rufus Rubins: Was originally Stanley Rubins, and would have been Tommy's bartender in the Combat Zone. Despite the name change, many of the files still refer to him as Stanley.
  • Spare: A Mr. Handy who was supposed to appear in the General Atomics Galleria, specifically the Back Alley Bowling. He even has a set spawn point behind the main counter, but is set to initially disabled, with nothing set to enable him.

Unavailable Vendors

  • Tina De Luca was originally intended to be a special vendor at one point, as her character file references "WorkshopVendorChestMisc01". However this appears to be a placeholder reference during development as this is also used by Trader Stands, and she actually lacks the additional check to see which station she is assigned to activate it.
  • Parker Quinn, a scammer found near the South Boston Police Department, actually has variables set in his file to not only act as a settler but also a tier 4 vendor. This may be an unintentional bug from copying data from Ron Staples' character file, as both refer them to the wrong type of stand to unlock their special inventory.
  • Deezer, the lemonade offering robot found in Covenant, was originally supposed to sell you lemonade, not just give one free sample a day. "VendorCovenantDeezer" would have contained 250 bottlecaps and 8 Deezer's Lemonade.
  • Patches was a neutral raider intended to appear in the Combat Zone, and his shop ("VendorCZPatches") would have sold grenades, armor, weapons, food, and mines.


  • There are two characters in the game that have full settler commands available, but never actually appear in a settlement: Honest Dan (investigator in Covenant), and Chem Vendors (randomly generated random encounter vendors). These options can be seen in full if they are forcibly pulled into a settlement using console commands or tier 3 Intimidation. However, unlike other settlers they have a specific patrol point and will promptly return to it.