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Fallout: New Vegas/Unused Creatures

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This is a sub-page of Fallout: New Vegas.

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Vault 21 Securitron

These can be added to the game using the same console commands as NPCs: player.placeleveledactoratme [form ID] (no brackets).

Alpha Male Lakelurk


Form ID: 14f44c

An unused third tier of the Lakelurk family. Graphically it is identical to the Lakelurk King; statistically, it is slightly stronger in that its unarmed attack does 10 more damage and it has 75 more HP than the King 'lurk, but its perception is lower by 1 and it provides 60 less experience when killed.



Form ID: 10c6fb

A Super Mutant Master. His editor name places him somewhere in Gomorrah, and he is a member of the Omerta faction. He was probably intended either as a guard or a prostitute.

Betsy the Brahmin

Betsy in her pen (modded).

Form ID: 12939d

Betsy is a pack Brahmin the player could have hired as a companion. The player would have encountered Betsy in her pen outside of Freeside's north gate, where they could purchase her from her owner, Kevin Hargrove. Betsy's primary purpose as a companion was as a pack mule, and she has a 600 lb. carry weight limit to serve this. However, once the player went to sleep, she would have disappeared along with all the items the player had her carry. These items would appear in the merchant inventory of Tom Dooley and Betsy would return to her pen outside Freeside. There are no remaining dialog files for either Kevin or Tom, so it is unknown what would have occurred after this point or how the situation would have been resolved, but her script file does have a variable state for hiring her permanently.

Betsy is a member of Kevin Hargrove's faction, but as Kevin himself is not a member of this faction (it is only named after him) she will not become hostile if he is attacked. Her usefulness as a mobile storage device would have been offset by her uselessness in combat and very low HP (only 40, similar to a regular Brahmin). These stats may have been modified if she was completed.

There are two incomplete and unused dialog topics directed at Betsy, each with no response.

Brahmin WaterSkins


Form ID: ff574

A Brahmin with a slightly-different name reflecting the leather water sacks on its back. It is a test creature and appears on a couple of test maps.

Camp Searchlight Ghouls

Feral Ghoul Trooper
Glowing Ghoul Trooper

Form IDs: 144447 (Feral Ghoul Trooper); 144448 (Glowing Ghoul Trooper)

Feral Ghoul Trooper and Glowing Ghoul Trooper are differently-named versions of the ghoulified NCR Troopers in Camp Searchlight (clones of Feral Trooper Ghoul and Glowing Trooper Ghoul, respectively). Both are flagged as non-respawning.

Damaged Mister Handy


Form ID: 10d8de

Based on its lack of animations, it seems this uniquely-named Mister Handy was a quest object initially found in disrepair (similar to Rhonda at Black Mountain) and not an enemy/NPC. Its internal name has a prefix that places it in Freeside, most likely in the Cerulean Robotics building.

Deathclaw Alpha


Form IDs: e584f (Textureless); e62fb (Textured variant)

Not to be confused with the Deathclaw Alpha Male. There are two versions of this creature: The first is missing textures, and when summoned it will load random textures from memory that cycle as its distance away from the camera changes. The second is normal but with a different name, and is denoted internally as a variant. The version with textures is indirectly used as a template for the Deathclaw Alpha Male appearing at Quarry Junction, and the textureless one is completely unused.



Form IDs: e5854 (Floater); e5855 (Floater Budding); e5856 (Floater Evolved)

A mutated tapeworm enemy that was set to make a return from Fallout 1 and 2 but was never completed. It uses the Centaur's graphical assets. Comes in three identical-except-in-name-only varieties: Floater, Floater Budding, and Floater Evolved. All three varieties are statistically identical to a regular Centaur.


Size comparison

Form ID: 11324a

Called simply 'Gecko' when summoned, Gojira is its editor ID. It uses the model and skin of the Fire Gecko, but is triple the size. It's considered a regular Gecko which means it is affected by the Animal Friend perk and will feud with (and kill) Fire Geckos. It has its own unique embedded fire breath weapon that like many embedded weapons uses the Barter skill.

It is by far the strongest creature in the game: Its fire breath inflicts 3200 damage per second, and it has 8000 HP. By comparison, the Legendary Bloatfly is the strongest used creature in the game and all of its add-ons, and has only 2000 HP and inflicts 858 damage per second.

For whatever reason, it drops a piece of Mole Rat Meat on death. Gojira, unlike most large, unique creatures, is flagged to respawn.

Quoting J.E. Sawyer:

One of our animators made him for fun and would have him terrorize Camp McCarran.

Guard Dogs


Form IDs: 134b76 (Brotherhood Of Steel Guard Dog); 134b77 (NCRCF Guard Dog); 134b75 (Great Khan Guard Dog)

Guard dogs for the Brotherhood, Great Khans and Powder Gangers at NCRCF. They would have served as 'faction sniffers', special NPCs that can see through faction disguises and sound alarms (NCR MP's play this role for the NCR). The Great Khan's dog is also named 'Brotherhood Of Steel Guard Dog' except internally. The Brotherhood dog uses the sheep dog model while the Khan and Powder Ganger mutts use the Vicious Dog model.

Irradiated Radroach


Form ID: 13215c

Aside from its different name, this Radroach possesses the same radioactive aura used by Glowing Ones, and can also emit the Glowing One's radioactive explosion to heal itself. It drops a unique item as well: a special Radroach Meat that contains 8 more rads than the regular kind (form ID 13215b). Its name and the name of its meat in the editor start with 'NVCCBunker'; 'CC' is an internal prefix that stands for Cottonwood Cove. It is likely that these would have appeared in Cottonwood Cove after releasing the radioactive barrels onto the camp and killing the Legionaries.

Legion Creature

The effect on his fists as seen in-game.

Form ID: 140d4b

A Legion Recruit, classified as a Feral Ghoul and not part of the Legion faction. His ragdoll doesn't dismember or move around properly. He's got some real funky looking plasma effect on his hands which would have made a cool weapon (it looks much better in-game). This was probably just a test creature.



Form ID: 116a4f

A Securitron named and styled after Marilyn Monroe that would have appeared in the Lucky 38. Despite being unused, she (along with Jane, House's other Securitron girlfriend) appears in the collector's edition deck, on the 2 of Diamonds. Veronica alludes to her as well in dialog, commenting "What'd you think of Mr. House? I was surprised he only had the two robot sex slaves."

She is placed inside the Lucky 38's Presidential Suite, but disabled. You can enable her by entering the commands prid 15e113 and enable into the console. She does not have any functional dialog other than the placeholder "What do you need?" and "... goodbye", though she has a pair of inaccessible player-only lines.

J.E. Sawyer had the following to say about Marilyn:

"Apparently, there were some errors with her VO that weren't able to be fixed, so she was cut."

NCR Sentry Bot


Form ID: fe9ea

According to its editor ID, this robot would have gone in Camp McCarran, and it has a patrol package that takes it around the perimeter of the parking lot. It uses the green military Sentry Bot skin from Fallout 3. Despite being unused it is mentioned in the official strategy guide, and was probably cut very late in development.

Ranch Dog


Form ID: feb84

A generic dog. Not enough information is available to determine its placement in the wasteland, but they may have been associates of Ranchers (also unused). Uses generic dog stats.

Ranger Chauncey


Form ID: 1279cf

A Super Mutant NCR Ranger. His GECK editor ID places him in Ranger Station Foxtrot. Inventory consists of a Hunting Rifle and Ranger Red Scarf Outfit. Josh Sawyer had the following to say when asked about him:

"He was a Super Mutant Ranger posted at Foxtrot, primarily because of its proximity to Jacobstown (much like the Ghoul Rangers are posted at Echo due to its proximity to Searchlight). He was supposed to wear a standard "flat rim" Ranger hat of normal size -- i.e. comically small on him."

Sentry Bot Toy

Size comparison

Form ID: 140ca6 (Normal); 140ca7 (Broken)

An adorable toy Sentry Bot that would have made a cute and completely useless companion. It has an AI package to follow you around until you enter combat, at which point it will retreat. It has no weapons or inventory but has a 75% chance of dropping the normal death items of a full-sized Sentry Bot (though it is impossible to loot because of its script). If you interact with one, a Sentry Bot Toy will be added to your inventory, but the creature itself will still be there. If you kill first and then pick it up, you'll get a broken version. Graphically it is identical to the regular machine gun-toting Sentry Bot, except 1/5th the size.

Both the Sentry Bot Toy and the broken version are placed in a system-use cell for random encounter NPCs where the player can never interact with them.

Sheep Dogs


Form IDs: 101cd3 (Nikita); 10d5d5 (Tokio)

These dogs, named Nikita and Tokio, are called SheepDog01 and 02 internally. Both are flagged as respawning, which is unusual for named NPCs. Nothing else is known about them.

Sunset Sarsaparilla Eyebot


Form ID: 10470a

An Enclave Eyebot variety owned by the Sunset Sarsaparilla company. Its role would have been to greet you to SSHQ and call for more robots to come kill you. The model it uses is that of the Enclave Eyebot from Fallout 3. It has two lines of recorded dialog. It was probably cut to make ED-E more special.

Super Mutant Templates

There are several differently-named unused Super Mutant varieties that seem to be templates of some sort. All of these creatures are innately hostile.

Nighkin Base


Form IDs: cd50a, 167ed3, 167eeb, 167eea, 167eec

Nightkin templates in standard Nightkin attire. There are five varieties that are identical but some do <not> respawn and some are <not> persistent.

Nightkin Base Rehab/Super Mutant Rehab

Super Mutant Rehab
Nightkin Base Rehab

Form IDs: 13fb79 (Super Mutant Rehab); 13fb78 (Nightkin Base Rehab)

These look like the unarmed, unarmored Super Mutants and Nightkin from Jacobstown. The 'rehab' may have something to do with Jacobstown's Nightkin schizophrenia treatments, or it may have no significance.

Tumbleweed Creatures

Wind Brahmin


Form IDs: 16938d (Large); 17654f (Small)

Tumbleweeds classified as creatures instead of static world objects, with unique names that appear on mouse-over. There are two of them, one regular-sized and one half-sized. Their names refer to a scripted encounter at Brooks Tumbleweed Ranch where they were probably intended for use, but regular tumbleweeds are used there instead. They are flagged to not show compass markers but will still display [DETECTED] if you sneak in their vicinity. The larger of the two will move around on its own while the smaller sits in place, unless hostile enemies are around in which case it will retreat. Both can be killed in a single hit (despite having 1000 HP) and will explode in a harmless green splash that will kill other nearby Wind Brahmin. It is a member of the player, creature, Wastelander, Super Mutant, Nightkin, and Feral Ghoul factions, and uses the Mantis combat style for some reason.

Radioactive Tumbleweed


Form ID: 163cf4

It's a tumbleweed, except it's green and radioactive. Unlike regular tumbleweeds, it is classified as a creature and not a world object, so rolls around of its own accord and can be killed. This creature is derived from the Wind Brahmin and shares most of its statistical properties with it.

J.E. Sawyer on Radioactive Tumbleweeds: "They wound up causing some terrible problems (though they weren't "really" enemies). I think the issue was that they were all marked as persistent references so they didn't cause some odd loading problems whilst they rolled around the wasteland, but that caused additional bugs. They wound up in some odd places, too. Apparently radioactive tumbleweeds are a real-life problem, too. They will absorb a surprisingly large amount of radiation and then just roll all over the place."

Sydney Wolfram (former Obsidian designer) on Radioactive Tumbleweeds: "Misc:

-The radioactive tumbleweeds were inspired by the tumbleweeds in Hanford, Washington. (Basically what happened was that the tumbleweeds would soak up radioactive elements in the ground water, dry up and then blow around). We thought this was pretty cool for a Fallout game; however, the only way to have a radioactive effect on them was to make them a creature and because they would travel the wasteland and add to the entity count they had to be removed for consoles. We left Tumbly the Tumbleweed in the editor – we just didn’t have the heart to delete him."

Vault 22 Robots

Keely was to have two robotic companions with her in Vault 22 at some point, and both of them made it far enough in development that it is uncertain why they do not make an appearance in the final game.



Form ID: f0901

A named Protectron who it seems would have greeted the player somewhere near Vault 22's entrance. Bohr is not placed on any map. He has unique dialog options related to the Vault 22 quest and is statistically identical to every other generic Protectron.


Koch in Vault 22

Form ID: f0903

Koch is a named Sentry Bot who is placed in Vault 22's Common Areas, but disabled. She (according to her script, she's female) can be re-enabled by opening the console and entering the commands prid f0950 and enable. She is initially deactivated, with the name 'Broken Sentry Bot'. Interacting with her in this state with <40 repair displays the following message:

This sentry bot looks like it's seen some heavy fighting recently. You could probably get it running again if you knew a little more about machines.
(Repair 40 required)

If the player meets the 40 repair skill check, they will instead see this message:

This sentry bot looks like it's seen some heavy fighting recently. You could probably get it partially running again with a little work.

and be given the option to fix her. Repairing her displays this message:

You manage to get most of the robot's systems operational, but it's leg activators are beyond repair, leaving it immobile.

She will then greet you with a unique five-part dialog sequence.

It is unclear why Koch or her counterpart Bohr are disabled (or in Bohr's case, not placed at all), but both of them seem to be properly functioning, if not very close. Because Koch's reference is placed on top of a chair, an error can occur once she is fixed that part of her body falls through her torso.

Vault 34 Ghouls

Feral Ghoul Jumpsuit
Glowing Ghoul Jumpsuit

Form IDs: 145e6e (Feral Ghoul Jumpsuit); 145e6f (Glowing Ghoul Jumpsuit); 146c1d (Feral Security Ghoul)

Feral ghouls and glowing ones wearing RobCo jumpsuits. These would have been right at home in Vault 34. Both of these creatures have a 25% chance of dropping a stealth boy on death.

Feral Security Ghoul is a differently-named version of the Vault Security Guard.

Other Unused Creature Information

  • A Mister Gutsy exists that was intended for placement in Nellis AFB in a deactivated state, possibly as some part of a quest. Form ID 109a95.
  • Cannibal Johnson had a pet Coyote at one point. Form ID: 1010bd
  • There is a generically-named Prospector's Dog (form ID 84205) intended for Gibson Scrapyard. It might have served as Old Lady Gibson's dogs before they were all given unique names.
  • There is a Protectron intended for use in the Lucky 38 (form ID 15f5cf).
  • An unused REPCONN HQ Maintenance Robot (e7a0e) exists that carries Jenny Millet's security keycard in its inventory.
  • The internal name of the hair and glasses model that Tabitha wears on her head is named 'Bridget', possibly an early name for Tabitha.
  • Every non-unique creature in the game has several unused varieties in three different sizes and up to five different tiers of strength, probably intended either for a level-scaling system or random encounters (New Vegas has neither of these things). Some of them are used but the majority are not.