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Fallout: New Vegas/Unused Items

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This is a sub-page of Fallout: New Vegas.

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To add these to your inventory, type player.additem [form id] 1.

Also, note that many items, keys, and a few enemies, NPCs and locations from Fallout 3 reappear in this game's code. The base IDs for all the items are identical in both games.



Armored Vault 21 Jumpsuit


Form ID: 1046F8
An armored version of the Vault 21 Jumpsuit, like the Armored Vault 101 Jumpsuit seen in Fallout 3, as well as the Armored Vault 13 Jumpsuit seen in this game. The suit has a +5 bonus to Guns, and +3 to Energy Weapons. Despite not being available in the game, the Courier can be seen wearing the jumpsuit in the very last ending slide. According to developer Joshua Sawyer, the jumpsuit was unintentionally omitted.Formspring

Its attached script indicates that it was to be found mounted rather than neatly folded, which is also how the Armored Vault 101 Jumpsuit was found:

scn ArmoredVaultSuitMountedSCRIPT

BEGIN OnActivate

	if IsActionRef player == 1
		player.additem MS03VaultSuit21Armored 1 1


Aura Token Kicker

Form ID: 13B1A8
This is an odd item. The GECK says it's a pair of sunglasses, but it can't be equipped or even seen if added to the inventory. Despite being a Legion-related item (called LegionExplorerAuraToken internally), it was mistakenly placed in the inventory of Crandon in North Vegas. The following developer comment is in the item's script:

This script runs on an unplayable token in Legion Explorers' inventory. I place this GameMode code in an item so as not to run the script on the Actor entity. The token merely kicks in a timer that, when appropriate, makes the Legion Explorer's reference cast on itself (CIOS) an AOE, touch based, spell. This AOE spell is responsible for applying the "aura" effects on nearby Legion allies.

Boomer and Followers Disguises

A pair of unused message files (FactionReminderBoomer, FactionReminderFollowers) show that it was once possible to disguise oneself as a Boomer or a member of the Followers of the Apocalypse. The Boomer disguise would have been useful for infiltrating Nellis, and a Followers of the Apocalypse disguise would have made the Legion docile.

You are still dressed as a member of the Boomers.
You are still dressed as a member of the Followers of the Apocalypse.

Fiend Faction Armor

Similarly, there is an unused script indicating that Fiend armor was planned to function like regular faction armor at one point:

scn FiendTestArmorScript

begin OnEquip Player
	setAlly FiendFriendFaction PlayerFaction 1 1
	showwarning "faction set"

begin OnUnequip Player
	setenemy playerfaction FiendFriendFaction 1 1
	showwarning "faction unset"

Papa Khan Armor and Helmet


Form IDs: 15A937 (Armor), 15A935 (Helmet)
This helmet and this armor can be found on a second unused Papa Khan NPC. Stats of these items are incomplete and the texture of the armor is missing.

Powder Ganger Simple Armor Mask

Ripped texture.
Reputation icon showcasing the unused hood.

The texture file for the Powder Ganger Simple armor contains an unused white shirt fashioned into a homemade balaclava mask. It was likely omitted to allow the player to wear separate headgear, as very few pieces of armor take both the head and body equipment slots. Further evidence of this scrapped mask can be seen in the Powder Ganger's reputation icon.

Remnants Tesla Armor

Helmet world model

Form IDs: 133F31 (Armor), 134094 (Helmet)
Enclave power armor similar to the set you get for helping Arcade Gannon with his quest, except it's got tesla coils on the back. Gannon will wear an identical looking piece of armor in the final battle if you get his help, but it's actually a completely different item. Nevertheless, an unused message file (FollowersMessageArcadeUpgradeGiveArmor) indicates Arcade would have been the source of this armor.

Arcade has chosen to give you the customized Tesla armor of his father for the upcoming battle against Caesar's Legion.

As indicated by the following unused message file (FollowersMessageArcadeUpgradeKeepArmor) his personal quest could have also been solved differently, with another outcome that has him keep his armor (similar to how it is in the final game under all circumstances).

Arcade has chosen to don the customized Tesla armor of his father for the upcoming battle against Caesar's Legion.

Repconn Jumpsuit


Form ID: 153A0E

Other than the fact that all the REPCONN employees are dead, there's no real reason why this shouldn't have made it in. Note the uncapitalized name. When dropped on the ground it looks like a RobCo Jumpsuit.

Vault 24 Jumpsuit


Form ID: 1300B0
Has the same stats as every other vault jumpsuit, except there's a 24 on the back. Vault 24 doesn't appear in the game and wasn't even mentioned in any supplemental materials. It is possibly a vestige of a cut location. Its Pip-Boy icon is darker than that of the other vault jumpsuits.

White Mask


Form ID: 11A970
Graphically identical to the White Glove Society Mask. Repaired by and uses the Pip-Boy icon of the Raider Arclight Helmet. Weighs three times as much as the White Glove Society Mask, but does not disguise.


Deathclaw Gauntlet


Form ID: 432B
The armor-piercing homemade claw weapon from Fallout 3 was set to return but didn't make it into the final version of the game, making Deathclaw Hands useless. A unique version of the Deathclaw Gauntlet would eventually appear in the Lonesome Road DLC.

Debug MegaPistol

Form ID: 1465A6
A 9mm pistol which inflicts 9999 damage per hit. Like its name states, it was clearly used for debugging purposes during development.

The Disintegrator

Form ID: F82AA
A laser rifle which inflicts 1000 damage per hit and always critical hits, thus always turning the target into a pile of ashes.

Double Barrel Shotgun

Its repair list can be found in the GECK's form lists, but there is no other evidence of its existence. It's probably safe to assume that this would have been the same as the double-barreled shotgun from Fallout 3's Point Lookout DLC.

Eagle Flag Pole


Contained in the first-person view models for the weapons. This was later used in the game's final DLC add-on Lonesome Road as the model for Ulysses' weapon, Old Glory.

General Purpose Machine Gun

Evident from its unused and empty repair list, RepairNVGPMachineGun. Might have been an early name for the Light Machine Gun (which has its own list).

Heavy Rail Cannon and Light Rail Cannon

WeapNVHeavyRailCannon and WeapNVLightRailCannon are two unused weapon names found in the unused NVMissFortuneGunScript. The name brings to mind the Railway Rifle from Fallout 3, but what these weapons did is anyone's guess.

Heavy Riveter

Has an unused repair list, RepairNVHeavyRiveter. Likely similar in concept to the above.


Unused PipBoy image

Laser-assisted Electric Rifle. Has a concept art in the collector's edition strategy guide; the only in-game evidence of its existence are leftover actor and object effects in the GECK. Later added as a weapon in the Old World Blues DLC.


Though the Fallout 3 weapon itself has been deleted from the game's files, the faction MS13 Can be Mezzed with Mesmetron is full of New Vegas NPCs, indicating that player-initiated slavery may have been planned at some point.

Nellis Artillery

Form ID: 1003B1

At first glance appears to be an embedded weapon, however it is marked as playable, has all of its art assets (embedded weapons typically lack these; Nellis Artilery uses the Fat Man's graphical assets), and is otherwise completely unused. Uses the Barter skill to calculate damage.

Pew Pew Unused Script

From an unused script:

scn WeapPewPewScript

; This script is attached to weapon WeapNVLaserPistolUnique, otherwise known as
; Pew Pew.  It makes the pistol fire twice quickly for every pull of the trigger.

; KNOWN ISSUE: If the player has one charge left in the pistol and fires, the gun will
; fire twice and pull the ammo for the second shot from the player's reserve, before
; playing the reload animation.  As soon as we have a way to check ammo, I'll set this
; up to not fire the second shot if there's no ammo left in the gun.

This was apparently never corrected so the Pew Pew's behavior was (eventually) changed to fire five energy cells at once.

Plasma Rifle

Form IDs: CDA5C (Weak), F7EAE (Always Crit)
There are three items with this name in the game's files, with two of them going unused. The first is called HVWeapPlasmaRifleWeak internally, and just as its name suggests, it's weaker then the regular Plasma Rifle. The HV prefix in the name means that it was intended for use in Hidden Valley, probably as another broken weapon like the Jammed Minigun. The other is named WeapPlasmaRifleAlwaysCrit, which functions more like a Multiplas Rifle, except it always crits and always turns the target into a puddle of goo. Both unused rifles look identical to the regular version.

R9000 Camera

Form ID: 13621D
A clone of the Codac R9000. Uses small energy cells.

Slave's Burden


Form ID: 171B48

An early version of the Legion slaves' backpack, equipped as a weapon. Using it has the player throw a punch as if nothing is equipped. It is marked as unplayable, so it cannot be picked up when dropped or sold. Its textures are not displayed correctly, indicating that the texture file for the slave backpack was modified.

Stun Grenade


Form ID: 14DDDF

Inflicts fatigue damage like the boxing gloves.

Unique Multiplas Rifle

If you can't tell the difference, the Multiplas has more wires coming out of it, plus the lightbulbs on the front are glowing.

The Multiplas Rifle's model was originally intended for a unique weapon version of the weapon (there is no unique Multiplas Rifle). Generic Multiplas Rifles were given the unique model, leaving the original model unused.

Unused Big Boomer Skin


An unused alternate skin for the unique Sawed-Off Shotgun. The texture is designed to fit the Sawed-Off Shotgun model from Fallout 3.

Weapon Mods

10mm Pistol Heavy Frame


The name of the mesh for the default 10mm view model lists it as a 'Heavy Frame' mod in the GECK. The mod, if it existed, would have increased the durability and weight.

Hunting Rifle Stripper Clip

Listed in the GECK's viewmodels in name only. The mesh doesn't exist.

Marksman Carbine Extended Magazine


Unfortunate, as the Marksman Carbine has no mods in the game.

Service Rifle Bayonet and Reflex Sight


Their graphics exist, but the specifics for the mods themselves are incomplete. How the bayonet would have worked is a mystery, since there are no combination melee-firearm weapons in the game.

Trail Carbine Laminate Stock and Custom Action


Form IDs: EEA6F (Custom Action), EEA6E (Laminate Stock), EEA6D (Scope)

Would have reduced the carry weight and increased durability, respectively. There are junk item versions of all three mods which do absolutely nothing.


.30-30 Soft Round

FNV-items .30 30 soft round.png

.30-30 Soft Round, an unused ammo type of unknown properties that exists in icon form only.


Mentioned only in the empty levelled item list VendorAmmo25mmGrenadeWP. WP most likely stands for White Phosphorous. Incidentally, there is an unused message file that describes the construction of white phosphorous shells at The Fort (based on editor ID) but this is probably unrelated:

You created several white phosphorous artillery shells.

Pure Water

Form ID: 15FD42
Unused ammo type, flagged as usable by the player. Uses the water bottle Pip-Boy icon, but has no world mesh.

Unused Ammo Effects

Both of these are pretty self-explanatory.

  • AmmoEffect308DTReduction
  • AmmoEffectBeanBagSpreadReduction

Aid Items


FNV-item focus.png

An unused chem existing only in the form of a Pip-Boy icon. What it would have done remains unknown.

Fruit Mentats

Form IDs: : BF7C6 (Berry), BF7C5 (Grape), BF7C7 (Orange)
These are the three special flavored mentats from Fallout 3: Berry, Orange, and Grape. There are signs that they were meant to return at some point - all three are on the list of items banned by Caesar's Legion, as well as an unused form list NVFiendDrugList.

Irradiated Radroach Meat

Form ID: 13215B
Called just "Radroach Meat" in-game. It has 8 more rads than the regular kind. Would have been dropped by an irradiated radroach.

Miss. Quantum Pie

Form ID: 49076

This consumable item from Fallout 3 confusingly appears both on the list of the Legion's contraband as well as its list of allowed consumables, though its stats were not updated for New Vegas's hardcore mode.

Nuka-Cola Quantum

Form ID: 284F9

Another Fallout 3 leftover adjusted for hardcore mode and featured on the Legion's contraband list. Likely cut due to because of Quantum's region-specific nature, though a banner advertising it can still be seen in Goodsprings General Store. One crate in Lonesome Road has a 10% chance of containing a single bottle.

Rebound Addiction

Rebound has its own addiction type in the game's files, but instead uses Jet addiction.

Rum & Nuka Agility Boost

Rum & Nuka is set to give the player an agility boost for 240 seconds. However, the magnitude of the buff is set to zero, rendering it effectively useless.

Scorpion Poison

Form ID: 13D60F

Puts Radscorpion poison on the player's weapon. Its world model is identical to Absinthe. Also on the Legion's contraband list.

Scorpion Poison Grease

Form ID: 15BD07

Identical to the above.

Spore Plant Pods


Form ID: E2F69

A minor healing item which increases poison resistance. Would have been dropped by the spore plants in V22. You can find one on the ground of one of the test maps. They would later reappear in the Honest Hearts and Old World Blues DLCs.


Form ID: 30A23

The Elder Scrolls running gag from Fallout 3 was meant to return at some point, likely at character generation. The item's stats were also adjusted for hardcore mode.


Form ID: 1598EF

Test item. Inflicts one 'hiss' of Cazador poison on the player. Uses Psycho's mesh and carries a risk of Psycho addiction.

Misc. Items

Aster's Journal

Form ID: 16007F

This would have gone in Hidden Valley, so Aster was almost certainly Brotherhood of Steel.

Barnabas Bear

Form ID: 13ABDC
A teddy bear meant to be received in Bitter Springs upon speaking to the child refugees with the unused Child at Heart perk. After hearing the line "I like you. Will you take Barnabas Bear to New Vegas when you go?", the player was intended to get it in their inventory.

Doggie Treat

Though not unused, this strange and useless item (found in the abandoned shack near Yangtze Memorial and in Old World Blues' X-13 Research Facility) is coded to knock dogs out with fatigue damage. The only problem is that there is no way to get the dogs to ingest it.

scn SleepytimeDogTreatBaseEffectScript

; Inflicts Fatigue damage on the consumer to temporarily knock it out.
; Effect-level logic should only apply this effect to CreatureType 0.
; Non-animals receive a different negative effect.

Ref SleepytimeTarget

Begin ScriptEffectStart

	Set SleepytimeTarget to GetSelf

	SleepyTimeTarget.damageav Fatigue 300



Form ID: 154308
Duplicate of Egg Timer (with a space).


Form ID: 15E013
An evil gnome identical to the unique one you find in Fire Root Cave, but with a different internal name. The Evil Gnome's internal name is "ScottEGnome", named after one of the developers.

Mayor Steyn's Journal 1/2

Form ID: 13722C
You can read this on his office computer, but not pick it up anywhere.

NCR Ranger Station Logs

Items intended as alternate means of completing the quest "Return to Sender". The only one which made it into the game is the GBRM2KX Memory Chip, which is in the inventory of a Robobrain at Ranger Station Delta.

  • Lineholm's Log (Alpha): 1210f9
  • Ericsen's Log (Bravo): 1210fa
  • Charlie Station Supply Manifest: 1210fb
  • Erasmus's Logbook (Echo): 1210fd
  • Kudlow's Report Log (Foxtrot): 1210fe

Platinum Chip

Form ID: 11678E

The actual chip is called "The Platinum Chip" in-game.

Radscorpion Egg


Form ID: 15E5C2
More clutter to be fetched for Red Lucy's egg-hunting quest. Adding a dozen of them to your inventory during the Radscorpion stage of the quest Bleed Me Dry will convert them into a Pile of Radscorpion Eggs.

Recipes - Ruby's Spicy Casserole

Form IDs: 1613D3 (Item), 1613D1 (Note)

This is a junk item, not the functional (unused) note.

Schematics - Mantis Scythe

Form ID: EFB3C
A useless junk item referring to the weapon that was later renamed to "Mantis Gauntlet". This indicates that it was originally intended to be crafted.

Sentry Bot Toy

Form IDs: 140CA2 (Normal), 140CA1 (Broken)

Uses the model for the Ash Tray internally, but if dropped by the player it creates a fully functioning Sentry Bot Toy (or a broken one, see unused creatures). At some point in development you would have found a tiny Sentry Bot you could pick up. If you killed it first you'd get a broken version. The item and creature are almost fully functioning, except it doesn't disappear when you pick it up, allowing you to get infinite toys. It has no Pip-Boy icon.

Thrust Control Modules

Form ID: 842D7
Duplicate item.

Vault 22 Mantis Egg

Form ID: EF40D
Duplicate item intended for the quest Bleed Me Dry. One is lying around in the test map "backups". Relevant noteworthy script, entirely commented out:

	;If (Player.GetItemCount V22MantisEgg >= 12)	; Vault 22 mantis eggs are obsolete - we use only the general mantis eggs now.
	;	VPitMantisEggsREF.Disable
	;	Player.AddItem VMS38MantisEggs 1
	;	Player.RemoveItem V22MantisEgg 12
	;	Set VMS38.LucyAwaits to 1
	;	Set VMS38.PlayerSearches to 0
	;	SetStage VMS38 20
	;	Return


The faction-specific currencies have junk item equivalents that are never used.

  • $5 NCR: 13A4D6
  • $20 NCR: 13A4D7
  • $100 NCR: 13A4D8
  • Legion Denarius: 137B9D
  • Legion Aureus: 13A4D9
  • Mangled Denarius: 173236


Red Lucy's Chamber Key

Form ID: 167E18

This is a clean key. After completing her associated quest, Red Lucy invites you to her room[1]. At one point, she must have given you the key, or otherwise carried it on her person.

Thorn's Cages Key

Form ID: 167E19

This is a worn key.

Thorn's Master Key

Form ID: 167E1A

This is a worn key. Along with the above, this key was likely intended for a cut unmarked quest that had the player releasing the Thorn's critters from their cages.

Becky Hostetler's Key

Form ID: 167E25

This is a clean key. Becky is the first name of Mrs. Hostetler, the wife of Don Hostetler of the Crimson Caravan Company. There's nothing particularly valuable in their house, so it's uncertain what this would have opened.

Unused Containers

Antique Nuka-Cola Fridge

Three copies, each containing generic food items.

Armor Trunk

There are twenty different copies of this container, all of them empty.

Compost Heap

Differently-named ant refuse pile. There are ten of them and they're all empty.

Drug Stash

Three copies. Contents (identical between the three copies):

  • Blood Pack (25% chance)
  • Bobby Pin (25% chance)
  • 1 Stimpak
  • Another 2 Stimpaks (75% chance each)
  • Three of the following: Rad-X, Stimpak, Dirty Water, Purified Water, RadAway (75% chance each)

Felicia's Merchant Container


  • 1 Conductor
  • 1 Leaf Blower
  • 1 Sensor Module
  • 1 Scrap Metal
  • 1 Pre-war Toaster
  • Microfusion Cells
  • Small Energy Cells
  • Medium-sized vendor caps package
  • 3 Plasma Mines
  • 4 Pulse Mines

This container is flagged to respawn.

Gun Locker

There are many containers with this name, most of them empty, some containing randomized guns, armor, caps and clutter.

Legion Drop Box

Not to be confused with the not unused Legion Dropbox. There are two of these, one for positive and one for neutral reputation. Contains one Legion Aureus.

Liquor Cabinet

There are ten of these with identical contents:

  • 1 Whiskey
  • 1 Empty Whiskey Bottle
  • 2 random liquor items (75% chance each)
  • 3 Bobby Pins

Merchant's Trunk

There are five of them (though their internal names number them from 06 to 10) and they're all empty.

Nellis Argyll Store


  • 1 Doctor Bag (50% chance)
  • 1 Stimpak (75% chance)
  • 300-2400 caps, leveled
  • 5 Stimpaks or Super Stimpaks, 75% chance each

Pharmacy Supplies

There are five of these, each with contents identical to the Drug Stash.

Pony Express Pickup

Has the appearance of a generic metal box. Pony Express may have been an early name for the Mojave Express.

Pristine Vending Machine


  • 1-9 caps
  • 2 Nuka Colas
  • 4 more Nuka Colas, 75% chance each

Produce Crate

There are five of these, all of them empty.

Quartermaster Mayes' Caravan Cash

Contains 200 caps. This wouldn't have been accessible by the player if it were used.

Radiation Suit Locker

There are ten of them (they are labelled internally as VLootArmorLockerGen21-30) and they're all empty.

Refuse Pile

Differently-named Ant Refuse Piles, in several different varieties. Contains Ant Nectar and various household/military clutter.

School Desk

There are five of these. Contents:

  • 0-9 caps
  • 20-80 caps (requires Fortune Finder perk)
  • Random school clutter, 15% chance

Tom Dooley's Player Stuff Merchant Container

Placed in the NVVendorChestsCell, this is where the player's stolen goods would go after they were stolen by Betsy the Brahmin.

Weapons Trunk

There are thirty of these, all of them empty.

Unused Inventory Pip-Boy Images