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Fallout: New Vegas/Lonesome Road

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This is a sub-page of Fallout: New Vegas.

The form IDs for all objects on this page vary depending on the number of add-ons you have installed. The IDs here assume you have Dead Money, Honest Hearts, Old World Blues and the four preorder DLCs. For every DLC you don't have, subtract one from the form ID's first digit.

Unused NPCs & Critters

Bill the Tax Collector


An NPC used as a narrator for the ending. He is graphically identical to Testacles the Debug Centurion. He can be found hanging out in the room where the player is placed to view the ending slides (coc NVDLC04SlideShow). 800923e



A test NPC for the Marked Men wearing Legion armor. Graphically, he is similar to the unique Marked Men boss, Bonesaw. 80092eb

Marked Men Hunter

FalloutNV-OWB AnimatronicSkeleton.png

A glitchy skeleton similar to the ones unused in Old World Blues. 800c9d5


Unused alternate Tunneler

There are two unused variants of the Tunneler. The first is a test creature (denoted by its editor name) lacking a texture, but fully functional. If spawned with the console it will cycle through random loaded textures as it approaches/moves away from the camera. Ordered by form ID, it is the first creature listed in the game's data. The second, and alternate version according to editor ID, is similar to those used but lacking some spikes on its body. This one is the last creature in order of form ID. Both of them are friendly. Test (textureless): 80045a8 Alternate (no spikes): 800dee2

Unused Items



A food item. Uses the model of the MRE, and the Pipboy icon of the Caravan Lunch. It is weightless, and doesn't address hunger, but heals 15hp/s for 864000 seconds. 800deab

The Faderator


A debug weapon that is included in every DLC. It is a variant of the Gauss Rifle that fires a spread of three projectiles rapidly without reloading and has an ammo capacity of 255. It regenerates ammo quickly enough to make it impossible to run out. 8000800



Custom ammunition for the H&H Tools Nail Gun. They are worth five times as much in caps, but actually worse because of a reduced capacity (25 vs. 36) and lack of the regular Nail Gun ammo's DT reduction effect. 800d5cf



There is an unnamed misc. item (i.e. non-functional) copy of the Snakebite Tourniquet in the game's files. It is weightless. 800dfe9

Ulysses' Head

If his head/mask is removed with the GECK, it is revealed that he has another face underneath, that of the generic black male.

The reason that Ulysses never takes his mask off is because his lips do not move. This is because his head, gas mask and dreadlocks are all a single NPC-only item, with a rendered face rather than one utilizing facegen. His unique face under the mask can only be seen by deleting the mask from his head's model in NifSkope.

Skeleton Armor

Two pieces of armor used to give an invisible NPC the appearance of a skeleton. Used in this DLC by the skeletal Marked Men Hunter. Skeleton Head: 800d036 Skeleton: 00d032

Tribute Crate Key

A key, tied to a Legion tribute crate that is also unused (see Unused Containers). 800d2a9

Sonic Detonator

Not unused, but the Laser Detonator's art assets indicate it originally had a different name. Possibly changed because a single projectile (like the game's other sonic weapons) as a detonation mechanism wouldn't be as deliberate as the constant, focused laser stream used in the final.

Unused World Objects

Rocket Proxy


An untextured nuclear missile. Missing geometry from certain angles.

Unused Highway Overpass Signs


Unused Containers

Broken Eyebot


Similar to the 'Destroyed Eyebot', of which you can find five scattered around the Divide, carrying upgrade components for ED-E. All of them are empty.

Dirty Crate


Similar to the generic crate. Most of them are empty, one contains random pre-war food.

Swag Bag


Similar bags can be found in the Atomic Wrangler and the Great Khan Armory. Contains: Assorted swag.

Tribute Crate


Similar to the footlockers used by the wasteland's higher-tech factions. Has a corresponding key which also went unused. Most likely a reward for nuking NCR territory at the end of the add-on's main quest. Contains: one Armor of the 87th Tribe.

Unused Message

This unused pop-up message is titled 'Death':

Stop jumping off of buildings.