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Fallout: New Vegas/Old World Blues

From The Cutting Room Floor
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This is a sub-page of Fallout: New Vegas.

The form IDs used on this page assume you have all the preorder DLCs as well as Dead Money and Honest Hearts installed. For each of these add-ons you don't have, subtract one from the first digit of each ID.

Unused NPCs & Creatures



Form ID: 700e5ca

A pale woman with no clothes. Judging by her name, it's probable that she was intended as a placeholder 'narrator' character to play the lines of a countdown (possibly the one when Gabe explodes), though it is also possible that it was her actual name during development. She shares her facial appearance with Meg Reynolds from the base game, as they are copied from the same template.



Form ID: 700f42a

A hostile old man in a trauma override harness with skeletonized hands. If he picks up a weapon it will be invisible and he won't be able to use it.

Y-17 Animatronic Lab Skeleton


Form IDs: 700ce76 (Easy), 700ce75 (Medium), 700ce77 (Hard), 701445e (Advanced (Boss))

This is an enemy similar to the Y-17 Trauma Override Harness, except missing the harness. There are three versions of it plus a 'boss' version called Y-17 Advanced Animatronic Skeleton. They seem to prefer melee weapons. They are all very incomplete and glitchy, with missing and stretched out polygons.

There is also dalptest (Form ID: 700a40e), a nonhostile skeleton with the same glitched body graphics.



Form ID: 7010757

A differently-named version of Old World Blues' generic blue Protectrons.

Test Dummy Robobrain

Form ID: 7006da3

This is a harmless generic Robobrain, weaker than the usual kind.

Unused Weapons


Form ID: 700e5c3

A fragmentation mine that looks like a piece of meat. An unused AI package, NVDLC03X8GabeMeatFindPackage has Gabe search for nearby-placed Meat mines, providing another easy method of killing him.

Scorpion Rifle

Scorpion projectile, curled into a ball

This is a reskin of the Grenade Rifle from the base game. It would have fired miniature blue roboscorpions. This weapon does not exist in the G.E.C.K., only its model and that of its ammo remain in the game's meshes file.

The model and textures for this weapon were re-used for the Great Bear grenade rifle in Lonesome Road.

Spider Rifle

Spider Drone

Another reskin of the Grenade Rifle, based on the Chinese flag. This one would have fired the Spider Drones from Fallout 3's Operation Anchorage. This weapon does not exist in the GECK either.

The model and textures for this weapon were also re-used in Lonesome Road, for the Red Victory grenade rifle.

X-13 Field Disruptor Pistol

Form ID: 700c17a

Unique laser pistol that inflicts double normal laser pistol damage. Uses the laser pistol's model and fires microfusion breeders. Marked as player-only.

Unused Misc. Items

Damaged Satellite Dish


Form ID: 701424a

Uses the same graphic and Pip-Boy icon as the Virgo II dish from Fallout 3.

Dala's Teddy Bear

Form ID: 70141e4

A teddy bear belonging to Doctor Dala. Her room in the Think Tank is full of them. There is an unused dialog string about finding her missing bear.

Spare Component


Form ID: 7014247

This uses the same graphic as the fuse from Fallout 3.

Ulysses' Map

There is an unused holodisc object called Ulysses' Map which on activation would give the player the map markers for the locations Little Yangtze, Magnetohydraulics Complex, Elijah's Watch, Big MT North Tunnel, and the Y-17 Medical Facility.

Unused Quest

Debug Topics

Form ID: 7014603

This unused quest has a single function that checks the voice type of two enemies: the Berserk Securitron and Trauma Override Harness, then does nothing. It is enabled at the start of the game.