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Fallout: New Vegas/Unused NPCs

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This is a sub-page of Fallout: New Vegas.

All NPCs that still exist in NPC form can be placed in-game by entering the command player.placeatme in the console, followed by the specific NPC's provided form ID.



Form ID: 1602AB

Atticus is an unused preliminary version of Veteran Atticus, the Legionary who shows up occasionally at the Legion safehouse. This version's internal name instead places him at the Fort. Killing him will instantly fail the quests Caesar's Hire and Beware the Wrath of Caesar, regardless of story state. His inventory pool is copied from that of the Legionary Veteran template, and includes Veteran Armor with matching Veteran Helmet, random food, random Legion-approved chemicals, water, and either a machete or chainsaw.

He has unique unused dialog options that are very similar in subject matter to those his completed counterpart uses, but less polished and numerous.

Battlegear NPCs

These are unused and uniquely-named generic faction grunts like those seen in the final battle at Hoover Dam. Those without headgear that normally covers their faces will be wearing bandanas.

Battlegear Centurion: 13F3F0

Battlegear Combat Ranger: 13F3F2

Battlegear Enclave Officer: 13F3F3

Battlegear Enclave Scientist: 13F3F4

Battlegear Great Khan: 13F3F5

Battlegear Legionary: 13F3AB

Battlegear NCRTrooper: 13F3F7

Battlegear PowerArmor: 13F3F1

Battlegear Ranger: 13F3F6



Form IDs: 129394, 129395, 129396

Three old men in Brahmin-skin outfits who were intended to populate some area of Freeside (based on their editor IDs, VFSFreesideBeggar01-03) and pester the player for caps. They all look very similar. Each of them uses a beggar-specific AI package to sit somewhere but no target is set. There is also an unused idle marker VFSBeggarMarker that has them randomly play the animations LoosettpAskForHelpA, Swatting, and ScratchingSelf/ScratchingSelf02. In the final game, there is only one beggar, Rotface.


Betters was an NCR soldier in or near Techatticup Mine, based on his dialog's editor IDs, and may have been a prisoner or an early version of Renolds. Though he seems to have been deleted from the NPC list in the GECK, several player-only dialog lines remain. Unfortunately, they are not particularly enlightening as to his purpose.

Billy Bettis


Form ID: F839F

A merchant equipped with a Roving Trader Outfit and Sawed-off Shotgun. It is not certain exactly where he would have been placed, but his editor ID has the prefix 1E, which primarily includes NPCs placed in the wasteland south of New Vegas, including the NCR Sharecropper Farms, Westside, Camp McCarran, Casa Madrid Apartments, South Vegas Ruins, and Aerotech Office Park.

Bitter Bob and Roger the Codger

Two pickpockets from Freeside who are only ever mentioned in Freeside's script file.

int iBobRobbed		; Bitter Bob robbed the player, 0 = robbing, 1 = robbed and returning to idle package.
int iRogerRobbed	; Same as above for Roger the Codger

Boulder City Workers


Form IDs: 10E3EA, 10E3ED

There are two unused Boulder City Workers, each of them with unique dialog lines.

Bowen Family Members

Form IDs: 15F9BA (Lily), 15F9BA (Jimmy), 15F9BA (Becky)

A pre-Nightkin version of the possible companion Lily, alongside her two grandchildren, Jimmy and Becky. The trio is placed in the test cell known as Cell for Dead "Void Creatures". They were used in order to deliver lines during the voice message at the start of Lily's unmarked quest.

Casino Guard

Form ID: 14EFEF

Unused doorman for an unspecified casino, likely Vault 21 (his inventory packages are those used for male Vault 21 patrons). He has partially recorded dialog lines, some of which lack voice files, which refer to him by editor ID as The Strip Bouncer.

Catty Clara


Form ID: 16336A

If the player has the Wild Wasteland trait, there's an encounter in Freeside against a trio of crazed old ladies. Catty Clara was intended to be another of these attackers. She is carrying a pre-war spring outfit, rolling pin and cigarettes.

Carlyle St. Clair III

Form ID: 127DCB

An unused version of Carlyle that was meant to appear as a corpse. He looks visually identical but lacks any AI packages and factions.

Dixon's Thugs

Form IDs: 122B4B, 122B4C

Dixon has two unused bodyguards equipped with Varmint Rifles (including the incorrect .22 ammunition from when the Varmint Rifle was chambered in .22) and Merc Veteran Outfits.

Drill Sergeant & NCR Recruits


Form IDs: FE1C7 (Drill Sergeant), FE1C8, FE1C9 (Recruits)

These NPCs used to be stationed at camp McCarran until all three of them were disabled in a patch to free up memory for consoles. Each of them had unique dialog.



Form ID: 13FD7F (Male); 13FD80 (Female); 1727DA (ShortWalk)

NPCs made to test the drunk-walking animation. They are all named DrunkTestMale, including the female one. The female NPC is wearing a prostitute outfit; the male versions are each naked with a gambler hat. Each of them is carrying a Centaur Spit Missile projectile which is used as 'ammunition' for their vomiting animation.

Elizabeth Kieran

Form ID: 116C62

An unused alternate version of Elizabeth Kieran. According to her editor ID VFSElizabethKieranDead, this version was intended to be found as a corpse. In the final game, Elizabeth only dies by the hand of the player or by accident.



Form ID: 159A00 (Female); 159A01 (Male);

Male and female versions, equipped with Sexy Sleepwear. They would have worked in the Atomic Wrangler, but at some point it was decided in order to hire a prostitute the player would have to go on a quest to find them first. They have a very short script with only one variable:

scn VFSAtomicWranglerEscortSCRIPT

int iWorking


Felicia was an NPC located at (or associated with) Sunset Sarsaparilla HQ, based on the internal editor ID prefix of her vendor package (named Felicia's Merchant Container), which is the only concrete piece of remaining evidence of her existence. According to a source reliable enough to be quoted by NMA, she would have traded Sunset Sarsaparilla Star bottle caps for items such as mini-nukes and stealth boys, though there is no evidence of this. She is also mentioned briefly in the SSHQ quest script, but has no variables or code:

; Felicia vars

Followers Doctor

Form ID: 15891A

A doctor of the Followers of the Apocalypse that would've appeared at Hoover Dam. Likely intended for the endgame or post-endgame if the NCR acquired Followers support. An NPC with recorded dialog remains but is unused.


An NPC of unknown attributes who is as close to completely removed from the game as one can get and still leave evidence of his existence: He has only one unused blank dialog topic, VGrigorskyAgree. However, the form ID of this line is consecutive to those of Sen Lin, strongly suggesting that they were related.


Hawkins as he appears right outside of Quarry Junction.

Hawkins (called Powder Ganger in-game) appears as a corpse accompanied by a trio of Deathclaws (two of them dead) by a crane between Quarry Junction and Sloan, but only on the player's first visit to the map cell. He was an important character in a Quarry Junction-centric quest that didn't make the cut, but some scraps remain in the game's files. Despite his uselessness the developers still left him lying around in corpse form to give the area that cozy, lived-in feeling. He has several blank dialog lines with no responses, but we can make an educated guess as to what the player might have said:

  • QJHawkinsFollowerNo: The player refuses to let Hawkins tag along?
  • QJHawkinsLeave: Either the player tells him to leave as a temporary companion, or to leave Sloan altogether.
  • QJHawkinsKnowCooke: Unknown, but it concerns Samuel Cooke.
  • QJHawkinsTalkedToChomps: Unknown, but Chomps does tell the player that there was a recent failed Powder Ganger raid.
  • QJHawkinsDie: Unknown.
  • QJHawkinsLookingForCooke: Unknown. Someone is asking about Cooke here but it could be either the player or Hawkins.
  • QJHawkinsSuckToBeYou: The player refusing to help Hawkins?
  • QJHawkinsRaidSurvivor: The player finds out/guesses/confronts Hawkins about his status as a survivor of the Powder Ganger raid mentioned by Chomps Lewis.

There is a section of the Quarry Junction quest script (VFreeformQuarryJunction) that deals with Hawkins.

; Hawkins Variables
short bHawkingsTaggingAlong		; 1 = Player is letting Hawkins tag along.
short bHawkinsFlee					; 1 = Hawkins is attempting to flee from the player.
short bHawkinsSaved				; 1 = Deathclaw harassing Hawkins is dead.
short bHawkinsSafe					; 1 = Hawkins is ready to chat with the player.
short bHawkinsLeaving				; 1 = Hawkins is leaving Sloan after it resets.
short bHawkinsMentioned			; 1 = Chomps Lewis mentioned the failed powder ganger raid.
short bHawkinsPaid					; 1 = Player gave caps to Hawkins.

Ignacio Rivas

Form ID: E35B7

An unused version of Ignacio Rivas, the Followers scientist at HELIOS One. This version isn't part of any factions and doesn't have any AI packages. He also doesn't carry the East Terminal password, neither does he possess the finished version's script. Visually, he is identical, however.


Form ID: 1228E2

An unused version of Kate, Michael Angelo's assistant. This version lacks any factions and AI packages, but shares the same inventory. She also has the same hair, eyebrows and eye color, but a completely different face and voice.

Kevin Hargrove

Kevin and Betsy in-game (modded).

Form ID: 12938E

An old man associated with the cut companion Betsy the Brahmin. There is an unused NPC floor-sitting furniture marker next to (what was supposed to be) Betsy's pen where he probably would have been hanging out had he appeared.

Legate Lanius


Form ID: 14C63A

An unused version called VHDLegionOliverFakeLegate internally. Wears generic Legion armor instead of the Legate's unique armor. Possibly a leftover from a discarded segment of the end of the Legion questline.

Legion Centurion


Form ID: 174996

There are Centurions in the game, but they are known simply as Centurion, not Legion Centurion.

Legion Messenger


Form ID: 163412

A cut random encounter NPC, named Recruit Legionary in-game. His role as a random encounter and messenger is shown by his editor ID, VEFR0xLegionRaiderCM2Messenger. Equipped with metal armor and a metal helmet, a machete and random raider loot. Has no recorded dialog lines, so his message is forever lost.

Mayor Steyn


Form ID: 1618AE

The mentioned-only Mayor of Nipton was going to appear in the game at some point, probably as a corpse. The cell of the Mojave Wasteland worldspace in which Nipton Rest Stop is located has the name MayorSteyn, so his corpse may have been found there. He's a member of the Powder Ganger faction. His inventory includes a Grimy Pre-War Businesswear and valuable lottery ticket. He uses the Tops Chairman NPC template for some reason.

Meg Reynolds

The Underpass, located near the mole rat ranch.

Form ID: 103FEE

Meg Reynolds was supposed to be the mayor of an area called the Underpass which was completely removed from the game. Carlyle St. Clair III lives near the site where the settlement was supposed to be located. Meg would've been the questgiver for a removed mini-quest which involved fixing a water purifier.

There are a few artifacts of unused dialog connected to this NPC.

Mojave Inhabitant

Form IDs: 163BE9, 163BEA, 163CB5, 163CB6, 163CB7, 163CB8 (Mojave Inhabitants), 163BE1, 163BE3, 163BE4, 163BE5, 163BE6, 163BE7, (NCR counterparts)

Placed in the unused cell 2EOCasHiHotelLobby01, these NPCs are part of an unused scripted encounter that would have appeared somewhere around Camp Golf. Includes a few children. The substance of this cut encounter has them arguing with some NCR Troopers (called 'NCR Duadz' in their faction name) over some water.

MP Fretwell

Fretwell, enabled using the GECK.

Form ID: 12512F

An unused NCR MP by the name of Les Fretwell. He is placed behind the NCR Ambassy, but disabled. Linked to the cut quest VMS26 Jailhouse Rock, along with Trooper Willis and two unnamed NCR Troopers. Despite being far from completion, this NPC's placeholder dialog lines were recorded and remain in the game's files.

Mr. House

Form ID: 1161E7

An outdated (even says so in his editor ID, MrHouseOUTDATED) placeholder version of Mr. House used during development as a workaround to deliver lines to a computer to which the player would speak (the game engine doesn't like dialogue coming from nowhere; this is in no way indicative that a healthy humanoid House NPC was to appear in the game at any point).

NCR Mercenary

Form IDs: 16503E, 16503F, 165040, 165041, 165042, 165043, 165044, 165045, 165046, 165047, 165048, 165049, 16504A, 16504B, 16504C, 16504D, 16504E, 16504F

A generic unused NPC class, unsurprisingly allied with several NCR civilian factions.

New Vegas Resident

Form IDs: 156951-156954, 156956, 156957

Unused generic NPC class based on the Outer Vegas sewer resident template. Member of the Mojave Civlian, Outer Vegas, North Vegas, and The Strip Dialogue factions. Inventory includes a small number of caps, random food and drink, chems, trinkets, and a randomized wastelander outfit.

Outer Vegas Defender

Form ID: 167E02 (Female); 167E03 (Male)

Would have existed in male and female varieties. Equipped with randomized city clothes and weak weapons.

Pablo Miller


Form ID: F83A1

Some kind of merc, with a shaved head and muttonchops. Wearing Leather Armor, Sunglasses (actually Three Dog's Glasses from Fallout 3), and a Laser Rifle. His editor ID includes 1E and his base ID is right next to that of Billy Bettis, which means they were at least created consecutively, if not in some way related.

Paladin Ramos

Form ID: A41A9

An unused alternate version of Ramos, named RamosIntercom internally, with a different appearance and different inventory: the alternate version is equipped with a plasma rifle (instead of a Gauss Rifle) and 28 microfusion cells, but missing the Hidden Valley bunker key.

Papa Khan


Form ID: 15A936

An unused version of Papa Khan. He's wearing two unused pieces of Armor, the Papa Khan Armor and Helmet. He's a member of the Quarry Junction Deathclaw faction, and has an AI package to wander around the quarry, suggesting that this early Papa Khan would have appeared at the Great Khan encampment outside of the quarry.


Form IDs: 12975E, 12975C, 12975B

Patients of the Followers, probably intended for a medicine skill check mini-quest like the ones at Nellis and Camp Forlorn Hope.

Press Demo Raiders

Form IDs: 153626, 153628, 15362A

Called simply 'Raider' in-game. These are three 'Press Demo Raiders', NPCs used for a trade show presentation. There are demo quest markers assigning the player to kill them, as well.

Primm Deputies

Form IDs: 15E239 (NCR Deputy), 0A23B4 (Powder Ganger Deputy)

Upon completion of the quest My Kind of Town, either sheriff Meyers from the Powder Gangers, or Sgt. McCredie of the NCR would get five generic deputies to patrol the town of Primm. The NCR Deputies would have random Trooper armor, with dogtags and a randomized weapon. The Powder Ganger Deputies would have Leather Armor with a random chance of having a helmet, a varmint rifle and 5 sticks of dynamite.

Privates Biggs and Harcourt

Biggs and Harcourt were two female NCR Privates stationed at Ranger Station Foxtrot. They no longer seem to exist in NPC form, but some player-only dialog lines were left over that give decent insight into their purpose: there is a bit of a rivalry between then, with Harcourt being described as a jinx who the player could 'take care of' in exchange for something from Biggs.


Form IDs: FEB80, FEB82, FEB85

Each of them is a member of the NCR faction, has the Toughness and Finesse perks, and has equipped random wastelander clothing, a varmint rifle and cowboy hat.

Ranger Gomez


Form ID: 160300

Named 'NCR Ranger' in-game, Ranger Gomez's job was guarding the monorail, if her dialog is any indication. No relation to the Ranger Gomez who appears at the NCR Safehouse. She is flagged as respawning.

Red Lucy Face Holder


Form ID: 1599C0

As her name indicates, this NPC was used to create the face of Red Lucy before being ported over to her actual character. Other small differences with this version include her inventory lacking the Sexy Sleepwear and she has Evil karma instead of Neutral.


An NPC associated with a cut quest called VMS48 internally. The Ritemaster was a Great Khan whose job it was to induct the player into the Khans, which was presumably the point of the quest. The only traces of his existence remaining in the game are a small handful of player-only dialog lines.

Ron the Narrator

A placeholder NPC used to run the scripts for the credits. He is visually identical to Testacles the Debug Centurion. His name is an obvious reference to the person who voices the series' narrator, Ron Perlman. This NPC is actually present in the game, but he appears offscreen in the room where the player watches the ending slides.

Rose and Sylvia


Form IDs: 1618AF (Rose); 1618B0 (Sylvia)

Two girls who would have appeared dead in Nipton. They are mentioned as being prostitutes pimped out by Mayor Steyn in one of his journals. They are both identical in all but hairstyle: Really pale, with cheekbones that almost reach their noses. Both are equipped with generic Wastelander clothing plus a hat.

Roy Gottlieb/Vault 11 Survivor


An NPC tied to Vault 11. There are no in-game survivors in Vault 11, however it is implied that one vault citizen did not commit suicide after the events that took place there. Roy is equipped with a Merc Grunt Outfit. While it is possible that there was more to the Vault 11 quest, it is more likely that this is just a system-use NPC for the narration at the end, as the game cannot play dialog files without having an NPC to anchor them to. Comes in four varieties: 'Vault 11 Survivor' (form ID E8B20) who is unused; 'Vault 11 Survivors (Audio Log)' (form ID E9AC0) who is identical to the Vault 11 Survivor NPC and also unused; 'Vault-Tec Recording Speaker' (form ID E8B1F) who is used, but doesn't have a body; and Roy Gottlieb (form ID E9ABF).

Sen Lin


Form ID: EFB39

An old Asian man wearing Dirty Pre-War Casualwear. There are three blank (topic name only - no actual player or NPC dialog) topics with his name in them. They are titled SenLinAgree, SenLinHaveEggs and SenLinNoEggs. It is possible that he is a very early version of Red Lucy, but much more likely that he just had you go on a similar egg-hunting quest.

Sgt. Warren Jacobs


Form ID: EE68B

A member of the NCR faction. Carrying a Combat Helmet, Leather Armor, Combat Knife, and Hunting Rifle.

Testacles the Debug Centurion


Form ID: 139B8B

A one-eyed old man in Legion Centurion Armor designed to test various debug functions through dialogue including:

  • Change the fate of President Aaron Kimball.
  • Change your faction reputation to all types of reputation with all factions.
  • Change the current state of the Great Khans and the Boomers.
  • Change the variables for events outside of the Strip.
  • Change the outcome of Camp Forlorn Hope and Nelson.
  • Change the variables for events on the Strip.
  • Change the variables for Benny, the Securitron Army, Caesar, and the howitzer in The Fort.
  • Change the variables for visiting the lucky 38, giving Mr. House the Platinum Chip, upgrading the Strip's Securitons, and the El Dorado Power Station jumpstarting the Lucky 38's reactor.
  • Change the variable for killing the Deathclaw Alpha Male and Mother at Quarry Junction.
  • Change the variables for killing Benny at the Tops, Benny fleeing and getting captured at The Fort, Securiton Vault being destroyed, killing Mr. House, allying the Boomers with the Legion, killing the Boomers' leaders, allied the White Glove Society with the Legion, killing the White Glove Society leaders, failing to revert the White Glove Society to cannibalism with nonviolence, destroying the Brotherhood of Steel, and putting Caesar in a coma during Render Unto Caesar.
  • Change the variables for surviving Benny's trap, Benny fleeing the Strip, initiating combat, speaking to, seeing, seducing, and killing Benny at the Tops.
  • Setting up the endgame slideshow by changing who won the Second Battle of Hoover Dam, the courier's gender and karma, the fate of Tabitha, the Boomers, the Brotherhood of Steel, the Fiends, the Followers of the Apocalypse, Goodsprings, the Great Khans, Jacobstown, the Kings, the Camp Golf Misfits, Novac, Vault 19, Primm, and Chief Hanlon, the outcome of Raul, Veronica, Arcade, Cass, Lily, Rex, Boone, and the Enclave Remnants.

Testing Dummy


Form ID: 11A509

A raider used for target practice on the TestJoshWeapons map.

Test Man


Form ID: CD074

Placeholder NPC for some scripts relating to the REPCONN Test Site quest. Equipped with a Sheriff's Duster. Despite being a test NPC his dialog lines were recorded.


Form IDs: 108C48 (Male Simple); 108C46 (Male Armored); 108C47 (Female Simple); 108C45 (Female Armored)

NPCs used as test Powder Gangers, likely in order to see how the armor looked on different NPCs. Female Powder Gangers are present here, none exist in the final game.

Tom Dooley

Tom Dooley, enabled.

Form ID: 12938D

A merchant dealing in ill-gotten adventurer's gear, and an accomplice of Kevin Hargrove. He was intended to appear in Freeside and is placed next to a dumpster inside Freeside's north gate, but disabled. He has two merchant containers, one of them containing the player's goods, the other containing the following:

  • 10mm Pistol
  • Hunting Rifle
  • Sawed Off Shotgun
  • Various hand grenades and mines
  • 75 caps leveled
  • Assorted melee weapons
  • Assorted guns
  • 12 gauge, 10mm, and .308 ammo

The player might have been able to confront Tom about his misappropriations through dialog, but this will never be known for sure as neither Tom nor Kevin have any lines of dialog or blank topic names.

A remnant of Tom's presence appears in the final game, when Rotface mentions the following randomized tip, leaving some wondering about whom exactly he was speaking:

There's a guy out on the main drag who sells second hand adventuring gear. He's got an okay selection, but where does it come from?

Training Dummy

Form ID: 14BE0A

Not unused, but quite an oddity. Placed in Camp Searchlight, this NPC appears right outside the fire station, but only on the player's first visit. Despite being a dummy, he bleeds and dismembers like a normal NPC. His placement might be a mistake.

Trooper Willis


Form ID: 12512C

A named NCR Trooper linked to the cut quest VMS26 "Jailhouse Rock". There are also two unnamed NCR Troopers (Form IDs 1251D and 12512E) created for the same purpose. Willis has a few placeholder dialog lines that were recorded.

Underpass Citizen

Form IDs: 106277, 105A71, 105A73, 105A75, 105A77, 105A79

Citizens of the now-abandoned settlement east of the Mole Rat Ranch, where only Carlyle St. Clair III claims residence.

Vertibird Pilot


Form ID: 1544B4

Dead vertibird pilot, probably intended to be left lying around at the crash site. Wearing Reinforced Leather Armor, and carrying a Red Key Card (for Vault 19). The Red Key Card makes it seem like this might have been a reference to the crashed Vertibird in Fallout 2, where you found a dead guy holding a useless yellow keycard. The developers probably decided it didn't make sense to have a non-skeletonized body in a pile of charred ashes and gave him the axe.

Vicky and Vance Corpses


Form ID: E8608 (Bartender), E8609-E860F (Wastelanders)

A bunch of dead unused wastelanders, all denoted VVCorpse## internally. Pictured to the right is the most interesting among them, a "Raider" with the internal name of VVCorpseBartender; VV stands for Vicky and Vance, where these dead bodies were at one time placed as decorations before the casino was repurposed from the scene of a massacre to a hideout for Primm's surviving residents. The bartender's face is severely malformed, a trait which very few characters possess. The name "Raider" is also used by only a single other NPC: the dead body on the bridge just outside of Novac.

Wasteland Adventurer

Wasteland Adventurer standing on his unused location marker (modded).

Form ID: 15AD15 A cut scripted encounter that the player would have met at the road sign outside of Goodsprings. Carrying (Three Dog's) sunglasses at 55% health, random merc armor, a Varmint Rifle and grenade. He seems to have three vendor packages. The first one is identified as belonging to the 'Wasteland Hunter':

  • 10mm Ammo
  • Leather Armor at 78% health
  • Bloatfly Meat
  • Giant Rat Meat
  • Medium-sized vendor caps package
  • Buffout
  • About 100 extra caps
  • Tanned Gecko Hide

The second is a 'buried' chest, meaning it is located in a remote location that the player can never access:

  • Leather Armor at 67%
  • Bloatfly Meat
  • 100 Caps
  • Coyote Meat
  • Random food and liquor
  • Jet
  • 10mm Ammo

The third is identified as belonging to 'Wasteland Wanderer':

  • Leather Armor at 56%
  • Buffout
  • 2 Gecko Hides
  • 3 Bloatfly Meats
  • 25 10mm Ammo
  • 125 Caps

This NPC has several unused lines of dialog.

Water Pump Guard

Form ID: 123C85

A uniquely-named member of the Kings whose job should be fairly obvious. The water pump is instead guarded by Tapper. He has an empty script file VFSKingsWaterPumpGuardSCRIPT.

Westside Thug


Form IDs: FB88F-FB891

Three NPCs who were originally going to confront the player during the quest The White Wash (specifically, after catching Hector in the act stealing water and leaving the cistern). Dialog was recorded for this event but the NPCs are disabled so it, along with the speakers, remains unused.


An NPC involved in an early version of the quest The White Wash who seems to have been deleted from the game: all that remains of him are mentions in the early quest objectives, a single player-only line of dialog and a pair of unused quest variables.

short bWrenchRepair			; 1 = Player knows Wrench can repair stuff.
short bWrenchWaterShortage		; 1 = Wrench mentioned he knows something about the water shortage.

Xa Mo


Form ID: EF40E

A white-haired Asian man, wearing of all things Eulogy Jones' Suit from Fallout 3. He has no factions, AI packages or scripts, his inventory is empty except for the clothes on his back, his editor ID is exactly the same as his in-game name, and he uses a generic template, so nothing is known about him. However, his use of Eulogy Jones' suit could possibly link him to Rotface, as the individual who kills Rotface to steal his threads; this is unlikely however.