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Fallout: New Vegas/Unused Dialog

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This is a sub-page of Fallout: New Vegas.

This page houses New Vegas' unused dialogue. The text is copied directly from the game when possible, so any spelling errors or missing words in the "Text" file are completely intentional and should not be altered. {Notes in curly brackets are reading directions for voice actors or developer tags which are included in dialog text but invisible to the player.}



Alexus is the named legion Decanus in Techatticup Mine with no dialogue other than the generic "What do you need?". Despite this he appears on the 2 of clubs in the collector's edition deck along with Dead Sea. There are a handful of topics directed at him, but they lack any response. The line present on the card: "This is no place for the faint of heart and no one comes down into this vile pit without purpose." seems to have been intended for Alexus.

Speaker Text
Player I just wandered in here.
Player I'm here about the hostages.
Player Can you let them go?
Player I'll be going now.
Player I want one of their heads.

Arcade Gannon


Speaker Text File
Player Is the Enclave's treatment by the Brotherhood influencing your opinion?
Arcade Some of the old-timers like Moreno hold grudges against the Brotherhood and the NCR. I'd like to think I'm above that, but you may be right.
Arcade I'm not going to pout and cry if you give him to the Brotherhood. I'd rather they have it than allow all that knowledge to disappear.
Arcade I'd just prefer that it goes to an organization like the Followers, who are less likely to use it for... violent purposes.

On Emily Ortal

Speaker Text File
Arcade {sarcastic, in response to being ignored by another Follower}Oh, hello Emily. Yes, it is I, Arcade Gannon, fellow member of the Followers of the Apocalypse.
Arcade Would I like to help infiltrate the Lucky 38{casino}? I'm so glad you asked...


Atticus is an early version of Veteran Atticus, the legionary who visits the legion safehouse weekly. This version of the NPC is not used in-game.

Speaker Text File
Atticus Here - these are the supplies I've acquired for you.
Atticus I'll be back in a few days with more supplies. See you then.


This would have been used in an ambush sometime after freeing him from Caesar.

Speaker Text File
Benny {ambushing the player while using Stealth Boy} Thanks for getting me outta that cage! Now for once will you just {emphasis, player's resilience is vexing} lay down and stay down?
Benny No one rules Vegas {'cept}except me, got it? You're a lowdown gofer! You deliver mail!
Benny How ya like being Mister Good-Two-Shoes, Ey? How's it feeling?
Benny How ya like being Miss Good-Two-Shoes, Ey? How's it feeling?

Bert Gunnarsson

Bert Gunnarsson is the ghoul in Aerotech Office Park. Apparently, he's Mormon and was friends with the fiend Driver Nephi.

Speaker Text File
Player What was it that brought you out here from Utah?
Bert Following a lost cause, I'm afraid. My old friend Nephi fell in with a bad crowd.
Bert Drug runners, raiders, probably worse things it's better not to dwell on. When his gang headed west, I followed.
Bert I thought perhaps I could turn him back to the Church.
Player What happened to your friend Nephi?
Bert I never was able to reach him. He has allowed drugs and hatred to consume him. He runs with the Fiends north of here, now. They call him Driver Nephi.

A trace of this still appears in the game when Nephi is killed. Bert will use as a greeting this line, just once: "I've heard through the locals that Nephi has passed on. I truly hope his soul finds peace."

Betsy the Brahmin

Betsy the Brahmin is an NPC companion who never made it to completion. See unused creatures. She has two topics directed towards her both lacking responses, but because she is a Brahmin, any replies probably would have been something along the lines of "moo".

Speaker Text
Player Betsy, I need to go on by myself. Are you going to be okay, girl?
Player C'mon, girl. Let's get going.


Betters was an NCR soldier located in or near Techatticup Mine, based on his dialogue editor IDs. Only player lines remain.

Speaker Text
Player I'm going nowhere in particular.
Player I have no time to talk right now.
Player Yes. But why does that matter to you?
Player Sorry. I need to go.
Player Okay I will help you.
Player I really can't do that.

Black Mountain Radio Transcripts

Early Black Mountain Radio Transcript

An early, different transcript of the Black Mountain Radio broadcast exists in the game's message files (normally used to display pop-up messages).

[Rhonda] You're listening to Radio Free Utobitha, bringing truth to Utobithians 24 hours a day! Welcome!
[Tabitha] I am in control here!
[Rhonda] That was today's and every day's extra special guest, Best Friend Tabitha, supreme commander of Utobitha and Wearer of the True Eyes!
[Tabitha] I still miss you, Rhonda. After all these years...
[Rhonda] Also joining us from his locked cell is Raul Tejada, master mechanic who can be executed at any time! Hello, Raul. Or should that be "Hola?"
[Raul] Uh, either one works.
[Tabitha] Today you die, Raul! I command it!
[Rhonda] Ooooh, Raul. Supreme commander Tabitha says you die today. Any reaction.
[Raul] I going to obey supreme Tabitha, claro, whatever she say. Just I feel so bad I die before I fix her special robot.
[Tabitha] <Growls in frustration.>
[Rhonda] We'll be right back after this musical interlude! Enjoy!
[Rhonda] You're listening to UNC - the Utobithian News Channel - with breaking news!
[Rhonda] The execution of master mechanic Raul Tajeda has again been commuted for a period of 24 hours to allow time for important repairs.
[Tabitha] <snarling> This time you will get it done, Raul!
[Rhonda] Joining us from his cell to comment on the situation is Raul Tejada. Raul?
[Raul] Hi, Tab - <catches himself> Rhonda.
[Rhonda] What's your take on the situation?
[Raul] All I want is to make that special robot work again, you know? I give it my best.
[Rhonda] We'll be right back after this word from our sponsor during which Raul will contemplate how lucky he is to be alive.
[Tabitha] Are you tired of getting chased because you're bigger than humans, and scaring them?
[Tabitha] Did you kill some and they overreacted? Are two-head-bear people shooting at you, and battle cattle mooing? Beware the battle cattle...
[Rhonda]<whispering a line prompt> "Leave the fear behind."
[Tabitha] Leave the Fear Behind. Meet at the Mountain Top! Enjoy life in a state of Utobitha - Free, Safe, Secure!
[Rhonda] <rushing sotto voce like disclaimers at the end of prescription ads> Freedom limited to following the commands of Best Friend Tabitha...
[Rhonda] <Cont.> Safety not guaranteed against siege or assault by two-head-bear people or battle cattles.
[Rhonda] <Cont.> Many infractions are punishable by death, no allowances for dumb-dumb "misunderstandings".
[Tabitha] Utobitha! Come feel the difference!
[Rhonda] Welcome back, Utobitha. It's time!
[Tabitha] Time for what, Rhonda?
[Rhonda] <sing-song> True Eye Seeing Time!
[Applause track.]
[Rhonda] I see that you're already wearing the True Eyes, Best Friend Tabitha, along with your head of True Hair. What do you see?
[Tabitha] Uh... I see Neil...
[Rhonda] First-generation Neil from down the mountain? And what is he up to?
[Tabitha] Standing outside his shack down there.
[Rhonda] In the same spot as before, or has he moved?
[Tabitha] A little.
[Rhonda] Wow! It must be so exciting to see and know all. What a powerful reminder of your ultimate authority and power for our listeners!
[Tabitha] I see Moe...
[Rhonda] Moe, the Centaur? Favorite Centaur Moe? What's he up to?
[Tabitha] Licking the gate. Wants out of the pen.
[Rhonda] Now, I'm almost afraid to ask, but do you see any - you know - threats out there?
[Tabitha] Threats all around us... converging... like a noose, tightening! Two-head-bear people astride battle cattles!
[Rhonda] <unnerved> Not the dreaded battle cattle training to hunt mutants?
[Rhonda] <calmer> Would it be going too far to say that your gift of True Eyesight is the only thing saving our community from annihilation?
[Rhonda] Because I think it's so important for everyone - even the dumb-dumbs - how impossible it is to sneak up on us! More after this!

On the Array, Part 1

Evidently, there was at one point a mission to take over the satellite array while Tabitha was still in charge.

Tabitha: I know what you're here for! You think you're the first to try to take over this array!? Well guess where the ones who came before you are?
Tabitha: Dead! That's where they are.
Raul: Dead's not a place. You can't go *to* Dead. No one vacations in Dead.
Tabitha: Shut - up - Raul!

On the Array, Part 2

Tabitha: Fine! You want the equipment here so badly!? Here, I'll let you have a piece!
Tabitha: I'm not screwing around here. I'm prepared to blow this whole place to hell if I have to.
Raul: But you only had me place the one explosive...
Tabitha: Not now, Raul!

On Raul

Tabitha is unnamed here, as her name had not been decided until later in development.

Leader: Good luck getting that door open. It will only open if you know the password, which you'll never guess!
Raul: Yes, they'd have a 1 in 739452466138 chance of guessing it. But we both know that will never happen.
Leader: So tru- Hey, that number was the same as the password. What are the odds of that?
Raul: Sigh.

Boulder City Workers

Speaker Text File
Boulder City Worker Well, well, well. Look what walked in.
Boulder City Worker Nobody around here's hiring if you're looking for work.

Brotherhood Guards at HELIOS One

At some point, it was possible for Helios One to be turned over to the Brotherhood of Steel. What remains of this are some greetings as well as dialogue factions for Brotherhood front gate guards and some generic NPCs with internal names that place them in these roles.

Speaker Text File
Female 1 We will not lose this place again.
Female 6
Female 7
Male 1
Male 2
Male 8
Female 1 HELIOS One is safe in our hands and our hands alone.
Female 6
Female 7
Male 1
Male 2
Male 8
Female 1 Under NCR control, this place was a gun in the hands of a child.
Female 6
Female 7
Male 1
Male 2
Male 8

Casino Guard

Speaker Text File
Casino Guard {Frowns}Hold up, you look new to Vegas - I'll keep it short: no weapons allowed in the casinos.
Casino Guard Keep to the games, and there won't be any problems.
Player All right, here you go.
Casino Guard {Searched the player}All right, you're clean. Come back by here when you're done at the tables.
Casino Guard Back for your gear? Here you go.
Player [Sneak] Sure, take whatever you can find. <Holdout>
Casino Guard {Player fails the sneak attempt}[FAILED] Nice try, wiseass. Now hand everything over before you make a *second* mistake.
Casino Guard [FAILED] Oh, now, what surprise - someone trying to smuggle in weapons.
Casino Guard Look, jackass, the job's rough enough as it is without troublemakers like you, so either hand it all over or take your caps elsewhere.
Player I'm going in - touch my weapons, I'll kill you.
Casino Guard {Player attacks}You just made a big mistake.

Child At Heart Dialogue Checks

Bitter Springs Refugees

Regardless of which greeting you hear, you will receive Barnabas Bear.

Speaker Text File
Female 1 The man with the spiky hat comes into camp at night.
Female 2
Male 1
Male 2
Female 1 I say. Would you like some of this absolutely delightful confection I found? I've been grazing on it all day.
Female 2
Male 1
Male 2
Female 1 I like you. Will you take Barnabas Bear to New Vegas when you go?
Female 2
Male 1
Male 2
Female 1 Did you know ants can get *this* big?
Female 2
Male 1
Male 2
Female 1 I saw snake puppies in the hills.
Female 2
Male 1
Male 2


Lindsay is the Mini Boomer at Nellis who is missing her teddy bear, Mr. Cuddles.

Speaker Text File
Player Think really hard. What were you doing when you saw him last?
Lindsay Oh! I remember now. I was playing hide-and-seek in the big hangar. Mr. Loyal made us leave, though.


Max is the boy in Freeside who chases his friend Stacey around with Euclid's C-Finder.

Speaker Text File
Player I'm a space soldier. The general sent me to ask you to borrow your gun to stop an alien invasion.
Max Really? Cool! Bring it back to me when you're done, okay? I think Stacey might be turning into an alien.


Melody is the slave girl at the Fort.

Speaker Text File
Player {Child At Heart}Don't worry - I won't tell on you if you don't tell on me.
Melody Okay. Um... do you think you could help me?

Crimson Caravan Guards

The player would apparently have to ask around at the Crimson Caravan Company for Janet, rather than just immediately knowing of her.

Speaker Text
Player Do you know any redheads in these parts?
Player I'm looking for a redhead girl, do you know any around here?
Player I'm looking for a redheaded girl around here.


Daniel is the Fiend jailer in Vault 3. It seems that you originally could enter conversation with him. The dialogue he has in the final game is still a response to this question, but used as a greeting, without entering conversation, likely meaning the line was just reused.

Speaker Text
Player I got a little turned around. Where can I find your boss?


Speaker Text
Player Did he ever tell you anything about what he was up to?
Player I'm asking the questions here. Tell me what you know.


Dobson is the NCR Ranger holed up in Hidden Valley. These lines all lack responses.

Speaker Text
Player There's a Brotherhood of Steel base inside one of the bunkers here!
Player You might want to know that I fixed your radio earlier.
Player I did what I could, but the capacitor needs to be replaced.
Player HVRangerRadioFixedTalk
Player HVRangerRetort

Drill Sergeant & NCR Recruits

The drill sergeant and recruits were originally present in the game, placed at Camp McCarran. However, they got removed by patches meant to free up memory on consoles for the DLCs.

Drill Sergeant

Speaker Text File
Drill Sergeant I appreciate the improvements in the mess. Keep up the good work.
Drill Sergeant These recruits aren't ready, if the Legion comes knocking.
Drill Sergeant Get running the obstacle course, if you want. You look like you could use some exercise.
Drill Sergeant I'm busy. See the brass if you want to chat.
Drill Sergeant No time for idle chatter. These boys need whipping into shape.
Drill Sergeant Either join the recruits running the course or leave the area.
Drill Sergeant Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork... It just never ends.
Drill Sergeant {Angry grizzled Drill Instructor yell}Move it! Move it! Move it! Get those legs up you sorry bastards!
Drill Sergeant {Angry grizzled Drill Instructor yell}Move, you lazy bastards! Do you think the legion is going to slow down for your sorry asses?!
Drill Sergeant {Angry grizzled Drill Instructor yell}Quit dragging your feet, recruit. Pick it up!
Drill Sergeant {Angry grizzled Drill Instructor yell}You run like a feeble old man, private!
Drill Sergeant {Angry grizzled Drill Instructor yell}You can rest when you're dead, private! Move your ass!
Drill Sergeant {Angry grizzled Drill Instructor yell}How the hell did you make it through boot camp, private?!
Drill Sergeant {Angry grizzled Drill Instructor yell}You think it burns now, wait until I sit on your shoulders!
Drill Sergeant {Angry grizzled Drill Instructor yell}The road to hell is paved by the bleached bones of privates that fell by the wayside, boys.
Drill Sergeant {Angry grizzled Drill Instructor yell}Pathetic! My 80-year-old grandmother runs faster than you!
Drill Sergeant {Angry grizzled Drill Instructor yell}Good thing you're not a ranger. When a ranger quits he's dead!
Drill Sergeant {Angry grizzled Drill Instructor yell}Sound off like you've got a pair!
Drill Sergeant {Angry grizzled Drill Instructor yell}That's better, but you're still not winning the battle, boys.

NCR Recruits

Speaker Text File
NCR Recruit Sir, yes, Sir!
NCR Recruit

Early Come Fly With Me Leftovers

There are several lines of dialogue for an early version of the quest Come Fly With Me that indicate the ghoul prisoners could once have be found alive. At this point, the player could kill the nightkin, negotiate for their release or help them sneak out with stealth boys. In the final game, the prisoners are dead. All of these lines lack responses. Based on form IDs, Come Fly With Me looks to be one of the very earliest implemented quests, predating much of even the main quests, so these are likely very early leftovers.

Ghoul Prisoners

Speaker Text
Player Here, I've got three stealthboys.
Player The mutants are dead. You're free.
Player The guards are gone. You're free to leave.
Player Harland sent me. I'm here to get you out of here.
Player Actually, I was just wandering around.
Player Not yet. I'm still working on it.
Player No, I just wanted to come down here to kill you up close.
Player Harland sent me. The way is clear, so get going.

Nightkin Master (Davison)

Speaker Text
Player Why can't you just send your men in to kill the ghoul?
Player I have to go.
Player Well, good luck finding them. I'm headed elsewhere.
Player I think I've helped enough for one day. Bye.
Player Who was this "Master" you served?
Player I'll think about it.
Player You can release the prisoners. I promise they're no threat.
Player Which is?
Player What makes you think there are Stealth Boys here?
Player Where will you go once you have them?
Player Why did you all come here, in the middle of nowhere?


Speaker Text
Player Your friends are safe. I just helped them sneak out of here.
Player I need to search this room.
Player Maybe you missed it. Can I come up and look?
Player Those things out there want the stash of StealthBoys in this room.
Player Who are you?

Early I Fought The Law Leftovers

These topics all lack responses. They look to be leftovers from a more complicated version of I Fought The Law.


Speaker Text
Player [Lie]You're in trouble - the NCR is sending a battalion to take this place back.
Player So, do I get a real job now or what?
Player What kind of job?
Player I wouldn't worry about it. They're probably just rumors.
Player I just wanted to get close to you to kill you.
Player Too many men are sitting around. Put extra guards on watch.
Player I'd put some men with rifles on the guard towers.


Speaker Text
Player I'm making myself useful around here. Need anything done?
Player Cracked that safe for you.
Player I'll see what I can do about the safe.


Speaker Text
Player NCRCFChavezOut
Player I'll see what I can do.


Speaker Text
Player Tell me about Scrambler.
Player DawesHoldUp
Player I'm here looking for work.
Player Never mind, then.
Player Wait! I'm not a Ranger!
Player That's nice. Are you going to let me in or what?
Player Try it, I dare you. Better hope you don't miss, though.
Player I don't think I'd like that very much.
Player How do I make myself useful?
Player I'd like to come in.
Player You shouldn't have any more problems with the generator.

Elizabeth Kiernan [sic]

These player-only lines are obviously from an early version of Elizabeth Kieran.

Speaker Text
Player Do you give supplies to the Locals, too?
Player Why are you doing this for us?
Player {Speech check >= 50}
Player One of the victims confirmed his attacker was an NCR officer.
Player I should be going.

Emily Ortal

Emily Ortal is the woman outside the Lucky 38 who assigns the player to bug House's computer system. This dialogue option is supposed to be a perception check of 6, but the check was mistakenly applied to Emily, and since her perception is 5 it will never appear. This can be remedied by opening the console, clicking Emily, and entering the command forceav perception 6. This error was also fixed in J.E. Sawyer's unofficial mod.

Speaker Text File
Player Did something... happen between you two?
Emily Ugh. So gross. It was bad enough that I didn't get any data out of the Securitron. This is why I didn't want to talk about it.
Emily It only happened once. I chalk it up to sleep deprivation and one atomic cocktail too many.
Player Don't be so hard on yourself. Life would be dull if it weren't for all the little mistakes.
Emily {teasing a bit}I take it you're speaking from experience.
Emily You're right though. He's gone now, so I'm not going to let it bother me anymore. {sweet}Thanks.
Player Alcohol is the only way Benny could ever get any action from a smart girl like you.
Emily {flattered}That's sweet of you to say, even if it isn't true.
Player Getting sucker punched by Benny happens to the best of us.
Emily Good point.
Player Maybe you should chalk it up to being irresponsible and naive.
Emily And maybe you should go jump off Hoover Dam, jackass.

Extended Silver Rush Introduction

It seems Gloria Van Graff once had a bit of history with the individual seen incinerated at her command upon the player's first visit to the Silver Rush.

Speaker Text File
Gloria Jean-Baptiste, could you bring out the volunteer?
Soren W-What is this, Ms. Van Graff?
Gloria This is a lesson, Mr. Soren. A lesson in faith.
Soren I don't understand. Who is this man? What does this have to do with our deal?
Gloria Everything. Up until recently, this man was an employee of mine. He's quite handsome, don't you think?
Gloria I know I did. We became... close. I warned him that I was a very jealous woman, and he said he understood.
Gloria Apparently he didn't. Last week, I chanced upon him in Gomorrah, being serviced by one of their two-cap whores. I was not pleased.
Gloria I tell you all this because I want you to know that this man means a great deal to me.
Gloria Do it.
Gloria Never break faith with the Van Graffs, Mr. Soren.
Gloria I expect you'll have the rest of our payment ready tomorrow morning.
Gloria Okay everyone, show's over. Back to work!
??? {laughter} N/A (File missing)
Jean-Baptiste Ha ha, I think he wet himself before he left. That was pretty good making up that part about sleeping with Jacob.
Jean-Baptiste You {stressed}did make that part up, right, Glory?
Jean-Baptiste Damn it, girl, what has mama always said about tipping the help? I thought this was about him stealing money from us.
Gloria He {stressed}was stealing money, though he could have kept it for all I cared. God knows he earned it.


Speaker Text File Note
Fantastic I look so good in this shit, I want you to call me Fucking Spectacular from now on.
Alternate greeting for when the BoS was in possession of HELIOS One.
Player What are you doing here?
Player That's right. I'm here for your job.
Fantastic Ah, shit. Shit, man. I need this. Gotta pay the bills. And I'm addicted to a lot of different kinds of chems. I mean a lot.

Freeside Pickpockets

See unused NPCs. No dialogue lines were recorded for these NPCs.

Speaker Text Note
Pickpocket Oh, excuse me.
Pickpocket Afternoon, friend.
Pickpocket Good day, sir. For female players
Pickpocket Good day, sir.
Pickpocket Excuse me, coming through!
Pickpocket Get out of the way, chump!
Pickpocket Move, lard ass!
Pickpocket Scoot your boots, ya bum!

Followers Doctor at Hoover Dam

Speaker Text File
Followers Doctor I hope the Legion doesn't get in here.
Followers Doctor Sorry, but I'm busy with patients right now.
Followers Doctor Julie Farkas wasn't kidding when she said we would be needed here.
Followers Doctor All this bloodshed. Such a waste of human life.
Followers Doctor Please don't hurt me!
Followers Doctor I'm just a medic! Please don't hurt me!


Fiends outside Vault 3 are innately hostile. Even if pacified with console commands, speaking to them will not initiate conversation.


Speaker Text File Note
Cook-Cook Something on your mind?
Greeting for male players
Cook-Cook Hey there sweet thing, want a ride on the Cook-Cook express?
Greeting for female players
Player Who are you?
Cook-Cook Who am I!? I'm the scariest motherfucker you're ever gonna meet. I'm Cook-Cook, bitch, better not forget it.
Player Why do they call you Cook-Cook?
Cook-Cook If I had to guess, it's because I cook shit for the rest of the gang. I'm a {draw this out}good cook. Maybe I'll make you dinner sometime.
Alternate take
Player I'll remember that.
Cook-Cook Goddamn right.
Player Do you know Violet and Driver Nephi?
Cook-Cook Course I do. You want to meet them? Heh. Even money whether Violet's dogs rip you apart or Nephi caves in your skull with that iron of his.
Alternate take for female players
Cook-Cook And after they're done... I get to play with whatever's left.
Said to female players only
Player What do you think of the NCR?
Cook-Cook NCR? Bunch of soft little bitches, they've got no stomach for life in the wasteland. Got some choice strange, though, I'll give 'em that.
Cook-Cook {Revoltingly fond reminiscence}Heh heh... yeah. I'll give 'em *that* all right.
Player So, you cook all these animals around here?
Cook-Cook That's right. Brahmin, mole rats, lizards... the occasional traveler lost in the wrong part of town.
Cook-Cook Not Queenie though. I'd never cook my Queenie.
Player What's a "Queenie?"
Cook-Cook *That's* Queenie. She's the prettiest Brahmin in the Wastelands. {Really creepy baby talk}Aren't you, Queenie, yes you are, who's a good girl?
Player Oh, you've got a little pet. How sweet.
Cook-Cook {Even creepier baby talk}You are! Yes that's right!
Player Gooodbye.
Cook-Cook Yeah, whatever.
Goodbye for male players
Cook-Cook Come on back if you get lonely, sweet thing.
Goodbye for female players

Driver Nephi

Speaker Text File Note
Nephi Who the fuck are you and why are you bothering me?
Nephi Back again? Jesus.
Second greeting
Player Who are you?
Nephi Name's Nephi, friend. Driver Nephi. Pleasure to meet you.
Player It is? Really?
Nephi No, you fucking dolt! Why the hell would it be a pleasure?!
Player That's a nice club you've got there,
Nephi Fuckin' A right it is. This baby's my life, my love, my strong right arm. Killed a lot of fuckers with this hunk of iron, yessir.
Player Can you tell me about Cook-Cook and Violet?
Nephi I *could.* I'm not terribly inclined to, though. If you go talk to them, they might kill you and rob me of the fun.
Said to male players
Nephi Really? Listen... you don't want to mess with Cook-Cook. And you *realy* don't want to let him get you alone. Trust me.
Said to female players
Player How many NCR citizens you figure you've killed with that club?
Nephi Huh? Oh, lots. More than any other Fiend - hundreds, maybe. Wham, bam, "oh god my brains, you hit me in my brains." Easy as that.
Player I heard you came from Utah. A friend of yours asked me to check on you. Bert?
Nephi Bert? That scaly, corpse-looking fuck, you tell him I'm never going back to his little cult!
Player Okay, I'll tell him.
Nephi And get the fuck away from me before I cave in your skull.
Player Goodbye.
Nephi Get fucked.


Speaker Text File Note
Violet What you want, freak show?
Violet Come back to Violet huh? Wha- what now?
Second greeting
Player Who are you?
Violet Who wants to know? You here for my dogs? Can't have my dogs. Here for meat? Can't have my meat. Meat's for dogs.
Violet I'm Violet. dogs are mine. Meat is mine.
Player What exactly are you on?
Violet Heh. Good shit. Psycho. Top quality. You want? Might know a guy who knows a guy.
Player Yeah, hook me up!
Violet No! Ha ha! More for me!
Player I'll pass, thanks.
Violet Heh. Good. More for me.
Player What do you know about Driver Nephi and Cook-Cook?
Violet Don't fuck with Fiends. Driver Nephi'll brain your skull in! Cook-Cook... don't even want to know what he'll do.
Player Where do you get all this meat?
Violet Heh heh. Good meat, huh? Cat meat, rat meat, dog meat - maybe even *you* meat!
Player What's with all the dogs?
Violet Dogs? Good dogs! My dogs! Fiend dogs. Tear you up, arf arf arf! Ha ha!
Player Would you sell me one?
Violet Sell? Sell!? My dogs! What part don't you get? Mine! Lucky they don't eat you alive for that!
Player I'm sure they would. I'll just stand over here.
Violet Arf arf! Ha ha!
Player Nice doggies. Want a treat?
Violet Hey! No feeding my dogs!
Player Goodbye.
Violet Piss off!

Great Khan Ritemaster

The Ritemaster was a Great Khan NPC whose function it was to provide the player a means of joining the Khans. Only the player's lines remain.

Speaker Text
Player I'd like to join the Great Khans.
Player What is this place?
Player No, tell me what I have to do.
Player Run that by me again.
Player I've got it. Let's do this.
Player On second thought, never mind.
Player How does the initiation work?
Player What does it take to join the Great Khans?
Player I had some other questions.
Player What do you mean?
Player Sounds like cheating.
Player Sounds like fun.
Player GKRitemasterFailure
Player GKRitemasterSuccess


Player Wasting Time on First Visit

Speaker Text File
House Hello.
House Come over and introduce yourself.
House Come now, don't keep me waiting.
House I invited you here so we could talk, not so you can nose around.


These lines are remnants of an unused quest involving the player getting booted from the Lucky 38 for 24 hours for misbehaving.

Speaker Text File
House Aggressive acts on the casino premises will be met with lethal force. Vacate the premises immediately.
House Vacate the premises immediately. The casino is off-limits for 24 hours.
House Vacate the premises immediately. All Securitrons are at a state of high alert.


An unused series of taunts for the player to hear on their way to killing House.

Speaker Text File Note
House You dared come here, after what you did?
Script notes: [Casino floor]
House What do you think you're going to do? Fight you way up to the penthouse and assassinate me?
House You came here to finish what you think you started?
House This is nothing compared to what's waiting for you up in the penthouse.
House Vegas will still rise again. Your betrayal won't defeat me!
House The Lucky 38 will be your grave. I'll finish what Benny couldn't get right!
House Think you're doing well to have made it this far?
Penthouse floor
House Your chances of breaking through my defenses, they're... minimal, at best!
House Why are you doing this?
House I would've made you wealthy! You could've helped change the world!
House You're actually going to do this all over again?
House Damn it, will you die already?
House Hold on, now, hold on. Just a moment...
Control room
House Turn around and leave, and I'll... I won't attack you any further.
House Just... stay away from the console. It doesn't do anything...
House You've come back to kill me this time, I assume?
For when the player leaves and returns
House Ironic, how this turned out. The thousands of hours I spent calculating odds, running projections, planning for every contingency...
House ...only to be done in by a mail carrier with a grandiosity complex.
House Get it over with, will you?

Last Will and Testament

Speaker Text File
House I, Robert Edwin House, am deceased. Please approach a Securitron and take one of the printed obituaries.
House If this statement is being broadcast, I am deceased. Please approach a Securitron and take one of the printed obituaries.

Player-Only Lines

Speaker Text
Player Suggest talking about Benny.
Player Use [Speech to press Mr. House about the Chip.]
Player Agree with House that you're important.
Player What's your story, Mr. House?
Player Ask about the Chip. (Recovered)
Player How do I get to Benny?
Player Was it just me, or were there signs of attraction earlier?
Player Are Marilyn and Jane your... girlfriends?
Player I'll do as you ask.
Player <Change the subject.>
Player Let's talk about something else.
Player Don't you get lonely here, with no one but Marilyn and Jane to keep you company?
Player Would you like to scan me again?
Player <Ask Mr. House why the place doesn't seem to have any power.>
Player <Goodbye Placeholder.>
Player <Decline quest to neutralize Boomers.>
Player The Omertas? No thanks.
Player They had it coming. The Omertas disgust me!
Player <Tell House about Benny's fate at fort>
Player I want to know more about you, Mr. House.
Player Who do you think will win - the NCR or Caesar's Legion?
Player <Secondary factions>
Player Goodbye.
Player You haven't asked what became of Benny.
Player <Go on.>
Player <Change subject.>
Player <Benny's fate.>
Player <House about himself.>
Player <Vegas history.>
Player <Major factions.>
Player <Secondary factions.>
Player <Goodbye.>
Player What about Benny?
Player Who do you think will win at Hoover Dam? The NCR, or Caesar's Legion?

In-Game Introduction

Dialogue was written and recorded for two in-game versions of the intro FMV, both differing from what was used in the final game. Coding for the short version remains and is bypassed in favor of the FMV while the long version seems to be orphaned entirely. Some of Benny's lines from the long version have alternate placeholders recorded by a different (unknown) voice actor; the long version's script more closely resembles the placeholders.

Long Version

Speaker Text File Note
Jessup That the thing you were talking about?
Benny Beautiful, ain't it? It's platinum.
Jessup Can't see shit out here.
McMurphy Either way, you owe us.
Benny I told you, you'll get paid when we get there.
McMurphy We just walked through hell, man.
Benny What are you, dense? I don't got it here!
McMurphy Well we're not going back north. We're lucky to be alive.
Benny How the hell else are we supposed to get back, genius?
McMurphy We go east. Take the 95.
Benny East? Are you nuts? That'll take us days out of our way.
McMurphy Then you can just go back by yourself.
Benny Fine. Anything to get you two to shut up.
Jessup Hey. What do you want me to do with this?
Benny Almost forgot. Take off the hood.
Benny Well, kid, you're our last loose end.
Benny Shame you had to get caught in the middle of all this. Bet you don't even know why you're here.
Benny But hey, if it makes you feel any better, it's nothing personal.
Benny Just bad luck.
Victor Howdy, pardner! Sure is one fine evening, ain't it?
Victor Gimme your hand, pardner. Let's get you out of there.
Victor You okay, pardner? You look like you could use a sarsaparilla.

Short Version

Speaker Text File Note
McMurphy Is that thing silver?
Benny You're not getting paid to run your mouth.
McMurphy So far you ain't paid us nothing!
Benny You'll get your caps when the job's done!
Jessup Is this deep enough?
Script note: Stops digging, interrupting
Benny Yeah. Take that thing off.
Benny Real shame you got caught up in this, kid. Must seem like bad luck.
Benny Truth is, game was rigged from the start.
Victor Howdy, pardner! Fine evening, ain't it?
Victor Friend, you look like you could use a sarsaparilla.


Jack is the Boomer who is in love with Janet. This line is supposed to play if you have her run into Boomer territory without the proper attire, but the check on cause of death is not properly set.

Speaker Text File
Jack You're a terrible person! I loved her! And you let her run right into our killzone. Why didn't you stop her?

Jailhouse Rock NPCs

Jalihouse Rock is a cut NCR-aligned quest with a few artifacts left in the game data. The four NPCs remaining with ties to the quest all have some poorly-written lines that are clearly placeholders, but had voice work recorded regardless. This is probably because the developer responsible forgot to delete them/add them to the donotrecord voice group and not because they would use these lines exactly. For more information, see unused NPCs.

Speaker Text File Note
MP Fretwell Hi. I'm Frewell.
MP Fretwell Fretwell again, brah.
MP Fretwell Frettie, a thirtie.
Trooper Willis Yo, I'm Willis, trooper Willis to you, punk.
Trooper Willis Me again, ahole!
Trooper Willis Why not?
Henchman #1 Henchman number 1, yeah.
Henchman #2 Henchman number 2 bro!


Speaker Text File
Jane Aw, sugar, why'd you have to go make Mr. House mad? Now we've got to get all messy shooting you to little bits.


These lines lack responses.

Speaker Text
Player What's some fun going to run me?
Player That's it for questions.
Player <Ask Joana about herself, speech check>
Player What brought you here?
Player Do you like it here?
Player <Medicine Check - Bye Bye Love>
Player <Debug Complete Bye Bye Love>
Player <Cachino Question 2>
Player <Cachino Question 3>
Player <Goodbye>

Joe Cobb

Joe Cobb has multiple unused topics directed towards him, with none having any responses left over. Some topics are variants of used ones, while others are related to the removed objective of freeing Goodsprings' Bighorners. Also present are placeholder lines of dialogue, voiced by someone unknown. (Due to subtitles not being present for these lines, they were either made from scratch or taken from the finished version's lines.)

Speaker Text File Note
Player All right, I'll kill him for you.
Player What's the point of freeing the Bighorners?
Player Ringo's already settled. What's next?
Player Way ahead of you - I killed Ringo earlier.
Player The Bighorners are loose.
Joe Cobb Huh?
Joe Cobb He's some trader who decided he'd rather shoot than pay the toll for being in our territory. He's hiding somewhere in town.
Joe Cobb That's how you want to play it, huh?
Joe Cobb There are too many places to hide around here. He'd see me coming and then "bam", I'm dead.
Joe Cobb He doesn't know you, though. He probably won't shoot right away.
Joe Cobb Alright, let's do this. Stay out of our way.

Johnson Nash

Speaker Text File Note
Player How can I bring back rule of law to Primm?
Nash With the NCR driven off? I figure our only hope'd be for someone like you to find us someone who's crazy or dimwitted enough to take the job.
Nash With Meyers dead and his deputies gone, Primm's only hope is to accept NCR rule. If you run across one of their patrols, tell 'em so.
Player Will you sign this formal letter asking the NCR to take control of Primm?
Nash So you convinced those NCR sons of bitches to take an interest, did you? Well, we need the help. I'll sign.
Dialogue filename references someone named "Clay" at 188 Trading Post for whatever reason.
Player Do you know who he was? Where he went?
Player What's Novac?
Player What was strange about it?
Nash To start with, it was a robot that set it up! Came rolling in with a picture of a cowboy on a screen where its face should be.
Lacks a voice file, instead using the default.
Nash Had me send a request to the Express office in Hub, for seven couriers to be hired. Each one to carry {beat, deciding on right word, emphasis}bric-a-brac, seemed to me!
Nash Playing cards, dice, chess pieces, trinkets like that. Then, next thing I know, he turns around and says he wants six couriers, not seven!
Nash Has me send on the "corrected" order for six couriers along with a bunch of letters and numbers, like some kind of code or something!
Nash Don't ask me what that was about, {cuz}because I never seen anything like it. {realizing}Anyways, you must've been Courier 6, then? The Poker Chip?
Nash Primm had rule of law for the blink of an eye, but now we're back where we started.

The King

Speaker Text File Note
The King Ah, my little friend has come at last. Not me, darling, though you were doing just fine.
Player I'm looking for a way into the Strip.
The King I might just be able to help you with that. But it's not something I do easily, or often. You'd have to earn it. You willing to do that?

Legion Mongrel Death References

These unused lines refer to a cut quest where the player poisons the Legion's mongrels with infected brahmin meat.

Caesar's Legion

Speaker Text File
Male 1 {Legion dogs killed}Our hounds were bred to kill. They are missed.
Male 4
Male 9

NCR Civilians

Speaker Text File
Female 1 {Celebratory}Legionaries are next in the list of rabid dogs to put down!
Female 2
Female 4
Female 6
Female 7
Old woman 2
Old woman 3
Male 1
Male 1B
Male 2
Male 3
Male 5
Male 7
Male 8
Male Ghoul
Male Ghoul 2
Old man 1
Female 4 {Hopeful}Those Legion beasts needed to be put down, like the vermin they are!
Male 1
Male 8
Old man 1


Speaker Text File
Nightkin Head voices wonder... why bull doggies die?

Lieutenant Hayes and Sergeant McGee

This conversation was supposed to occur after selecting an NCR sheriff for Primm. Meyers has a similarly unused speech.

Speaker Text File
McGee Yes Lieutenant!
Hayes Are you ready to depart for Primm?
McGee Yes sir!
Hayes Ok, we have some soldiers heading to town now. I'll have them sweep the Bison Steve before they start regular patrols.


See unused creatures.

Speaker Text
Player What kind of upgrades?
Player I'd like to talk about something else.

Meg Reynolds

Meg is the Mayor of an unmarked location called the Underpass. She and her constituents were removed from the game leaving their rather useless territory completely empty. She has six dialogue topics directed towards her, but no responses other than her greeting.

Speaker File
Meg Well howdy.
Player Who are you?
Player What is this place?
Player You seem distressed. Is something going on?
Player I'll do what I can.
Player No.
Player Goodbye.

Presumably, the thing she seems distressed about is the Underpass' broken water purifier.


This is a speech Meyers was supposed to deliver to some of his favorite NCRCF thugs after being selected as Primm's new sheriff.

Speaker Text File
Meyers Okay, folks. I called you out here because I've grown to trust you. Primm, the town to the south, is looking for some new law.
Meyers I know that you guys don't have experience with law enforcement{pause} at least not on the enforcement side.
Meyers However I also know that you are honorable and looking for some redemption. This is our chance for redemption.
Meyers Now let's head down there and bring them some law!


While this dialogue option is fully implemented and not disabled, it has a condition that makes it impossible to see: the player must have more than one humanoid companion in their employ. This feature was most likely disabled in order to ensure the game functioned on consoles.

Speaker Text File
Player <Hushed> Would my companion here make a suitable replacement meal?
Mortimer Which one?

NCR Deserters at Vikki and Vance

These player-only lines are remnants of a time during development when the Vikki and Vance was the scene of a slaughter, rather than a hideout from the escaped convicts.

Speaker Text
Player No raider would be foolish enough to go parading around in that.
Player By extorting money from the locals? What happened here?
Player It looks like these people got more than just hurt.
Player There is always a choice.
Player You're welcome to try.
Player They had it coming if they drew on you.
Player So thats it? You've resorted to raiding and crime?
Player Perhaps I could convince them to take you back.
Player I'll see what I can do.
Player I'll see what I can do.
Player You're right. You guys are totally screwed.
Player Well you made the right one.

Old Lady Gibson

These topics lack responses and are named under a different scheme than the topics used by the game.

Speaker Text
Player What are you doing in a place like this?
Player Well, it's still a crapshack.
Player Sorry. I meant no offense.
Player GibsonMoreScrapyardInfo

Oliver Swanick

Oliver Swanick, the winner of Nipton's lottery, is sent running away to the wilderness by an AI package after speaking with you. He usually meets his demise during this travel, but it seems that the player was originally meant to encounter Swanick at a later date. It's unknown where exactly he would've reappeared, but it seems that he tried to forget everything that happened in Nipton. The audio files that are referenced by this dialogue no longer exist.

Speaker Text File
Player You're the guy who won the lottery.
Oliver {suddenly angry}Lottery? You remember the lottery?
Oliver {attacking the player}Goddamn you! I don't need to remember that!
Player Do you remember the message you were told to spread?
Oliver {bewildered}The message? You know about that...?
Oliver {bewildered}There was some kind of message, but... I don't seem to remember it.
Oliver {Jubilant again}Yeah... that air! Smell it!

Orris' Client Gets a New Bodyguard

This scene was supposed to play out after the conclusion of G.I. Blues.

Speaker Text File
Gambler (Male 1) So you're saying Orris isn't available?
Gambler (Male 8)
King Bodyguard (Male 1) That's right. But I'm available. And I'm cheaper.
King Bodyguard (Male 2)
King Bodyguard (Male 5)
King Bodyguard (Male 7)
King Bodyguard (Male 9)
Gambler (Male 1) But I always hire Orris! How do I know you're not trying to steal my business from him?
Gambler (Male 8)
King Bodyguard (Male 1) Look, the Kings clubbed him from behind and dragged him away. I don't think missing your commission is his number one concern right now.
King Bodyguard (Male 2)
King Bodyguard (Male 5)
King Bodyguard (Male 7)
King Bodyguard (Male 9)
Gambler (Male 1) Fine, then. I guess I'll hire you.
Gambler (Male 8)
King Bodyguard (Male 1) Much obliged.
King Bodyguard (Male 2)
King Bodyguard (Male 5)
King Bodyguard (Male 7)
King Bodyguard (Male 9)


Freeside Expository Dialog

Speaker Text File
Player Tell me about Freeside.
Pacer It ain't much to look at, but this dump has something that even the Strip doesn't, and that's absolute freedom.
Pacer You go other places, and there's always someone screaming at you to act a certain way, or to not do certain things.
Pacer Freeside's not like that. Everyone here is free to do whatever they want, and I for one wouldn't want it any other way.
Player What about crime?
Pacer What about it? Someone takes your stuff, you're free to take it back. If you can't, maybe you shouldn't have come to Freeside in the first place.
Player So there's no law here at all?
Pacer People can do whatever they want, they just have to keep in mind what'll happen afterward.
Pacer I guess you could say we don't have law so much as consequences.
Player Don't the Kings run this place, though?
Pacer We do what we want, just like everybody else. We just have more guys, so other people tend to do what we want, too.
Pacer If somebody does something we don't like, we let them know about it. If they're strong enough not to care about us liking it, good for them.
Player Is there anyone like that in Freeside?
Pacer Well, the Van Graffs for one. We had a slight difference of opinion when they first showed up.
Pacer Changed our minds pretty quick after a brief demonstration of how much firepower they're packing.
Pacer We could probably take them, but we'd lose a lotta guys doing it.
Player I heard a rumor that there's something between you and the Van Graffs. What happened?
Pacer Pfff, that's old news. I had some fun with that girl that runs their operation, and then I got tired of her. So I moved on.
Pacer She don't like that, see? Normally, I bet she'd just have a guy killed for doing that, but as you can see, I'm still around.
Pacer Most people think it's cause she doesn't want to start an all-out war with us, but that ain't it at all. She's still got it bad for me.
Player What is there to do in Freeside?
Pacer Aside from this place, there's the Atomic Wrangler just up the street. Women, gambling, booze, you name it, they got you covered.
Pacer If you're more of a prude, the Followers run a mission out of the Old Mormon Fort up toward the north gate. Great place if you're hurt, I guess.
Pacer If you like things dangerous, just past the Wrangler is the Silver Rush, where the Van Graff family peddles their weapons.
Pacer Their stuff is outrageously priced, but if you want to shoot something hi-tech, they're the best game in town.
Player What can you tell me about the Kings?
Pacer Not much to tell. We're a bunch of guys that just want to do our own thing, and anyone who's got a problem with that can shove it.
Player How did you join the Kings?
Pacer I didn't join the Kings. I helped start the Kings. This whole operation you see here was put together by the King and yours truly.
Player I'm trying to get to the Strip. Know anything that could help me out?
Pacer You're looking to get past those tin cans at the gate, right? They let people by all the time, if they've got the caps.
Pacer But if you're not rich, and I can tell you ain't, the King might be able to help you out, provided he likes you.

Unused King's Gambit Endings

Speaker Text File Note
Player So you'll fight him *and* the NCR? Can the Kings afford to fight each other? {Speech check >= 75}
Pacer [SUCCEEDED] I... No. We would never survive. We need to stick together.
Pacer I'll go with whatever the King decides, but I'll be watching these NCR scumbags like a hawk. If they try anything...
player.rewardxp 75
Cue line for King to thank Pacer for seeing his side of things
Player Just shut up and do what your leader tells you!
Pacer [FAILED] No, I won't even consider this. We'll show the NCR they can't bully us!
; Pacer and his men attack!
Player It appears the Kings are a worthless pack of thugs. Sergeant, they're all yours.


Poindexter is one of the Misfits at Camp Golf. Poindexter lacks a caravan deck and the faction association necessary to play it, but has the dialogue files.

Speaker Text File Note
Player Want to play a hand of Caravan?
Poindexter A fascinating proposition. Naturally, my considerable genius makes me a master of the game, so try not to be disappointed if you lose miserably.
Poindexter All right, let's see what you got.
Generic challenge accepted
Poindexter I'm going to roll over you.
Generic challenge accepted
Poindexter Well now, this is an unexpected variable. You really must let me challenge you to a rematch, so I can analyze what passes for your strategy.
Player wins
Poindexter I am unsurprised regarding your appalling lack of talent. Perhaps you'd care to try another hand? After all, you can only improve.
Player loses
Player Yeah, let's play again.
Poindexter Very well. I would wish you luck, but of course peerless intellect is all that matters here.
Player I'm all done playing for now.
Poindexter As you wish. Once you've salved your battered ego, perhaps you'll make another go of it.

Post-Endgame References

These refer to the game's final battle in the past tense. If mods are installed that allow the player to continue after the final battle, these will all work as designed.

Alex Richards

Alex is the NCR doctor at Camp Forlorn Hope.

Speaker Text File
Player How're things around camp?
Alex With the Legion defeated, things are great now.

Colonel Moore

These lines are actually accessible during the last stages of the NCR questline due to a bug.

Speaker Text File
Player How have things been since the battle?
Moore Surprisingly good. Our forces have managed to secure the region with little resistance, and trade should soon reach an all-time high.
Moore The brass was particularly surprised by the lack of domestic threats in the area. They were prepared to spend months pacifying known troublemakers.
Moore When they found those threats absent, they turned to the man in charge of the area, but Hsu being Hsu, he denied having anything to do with it.
Moore So now the men have to answer to Brigadier General Moore, and both they and I have you to thank for it.
Moore We made a good team. I hope we can work together again in the future.
Player Do you have any work for me?
Moore I'm afraid I'm going to have to disappoint you. There's much to be done, but nothing for someone with your skills.
Moore You should take some time off. You've earned it.
Player What happened to the Legion?
Moore With their leader dead, the rest of their army retreated to the east. We've sent scouts to track them, but that's it.
Moore We don't have the forces or supplies necessary to chase them down. More's the pity.
Moore Still, I've sent a few skilled men out to make sure their journey is "eventful". It should be a long time before they even think of returning.


Speaker Text File
Dazzle {NCR victory}All those NCR troops should see me to celebrate. Come one, come all!
Dazzle {Legion victory}I'm not letting the Legion make me a slave. Even I have standards.
Dazzle {House victory}Guess it's true what they say - the house always wins in the end.
Dazzle {Indy Vegas}No Mr. House, no NCR, no Legion, no rules! New Vegas is going to be just one wild, never-ending party.

Freeside Locals

Speaker Text File Note
Female 3 They say you single-handedly assaulted the dam and massacred everyone! That must have been quite a sight!
Independent Vegas
Male 5
Male 7
Female 3 Well, it looks like we won't have to worry about NCR or the Legion messing with us now. I just hope the Securitrons can keep the peace.
House victory
Female 7
Female Ghoul
Male 5
Male 7
Male Ghoul
Female 3 They say you swarmed the dam with a whole army of Securitrons! That must have been quite a sight!
House or independent
Male 5
Male 7
Female 3 Can't say I like all the tin cans shuffling around, but this new Securitron Army shouldn't have much trouble keeping things safer around here.
House victory
Female 7
Female Ghoul
Male 5
Male 7
Male Ghoul
Female 3 Why not just put the slave collars on us yourself, you bastard. With the Legion at the dam, it won't be long before they enslave us all.
Legion victory
Female 7
Female Ghoul
Male 5
Male 7
Male Ghoul
Female 3 Without you, we'd all be slaves. Thanks for helping the NCR at the dam.
NCR victory
Female 7
Female Ghoul
Male 7
Male 9
Male Ghoul
Female 3 As if House didn't have enough control already. At least we don't have to deal with NCR or the Legion, now
House victory
Female 7
Female Ghoul
Male 7
Male 9
Male Ghoul


Speaker Text File Note
Jane See? Mr. House has everything well in hand!
House victory

Legionaries at Hoover Dam

Speaker Text File
Male 1 Our victory was never in question.
Male 4

Legion Military

Speaker Text File
Male 1 {Legion victory}{proud}All that {KAI-zar}Caesar promised has come true.
Male 4
Male 9
Male 1 {Legion victory}{Ah-WAY, Ah-ME-cus}Ave, amicus.
Male 4
Male 9

Legion Slaves

Speaker Text File
Female 2 {Mr. House victory}The leader of New Vegas and his army of robots has defeated both the NCR and the Legion. What will happen now?
Male 2
Male 7
Female 2 {NCR victory}There's talk that many of the ranking Legionaries will be beheaded for allowing the NCR to defeat the Legion yet again.
Male 2
Male 7

Lt. Carrie Boyd

When offering to help interrogate Silus after the end of the game:

Speaker Text File
Player Do you need any help?
Carrie No, I've got this one. I don't think he's going to have much information of value, so I'm just tormenting him for fun. Thanks, though.

Quartermaster Bardon

Speaker Text File Note
Bardon You really saved our asses out there against the Legion. Thanks.
NCR victory

NCR at Helios One

Speaker Text File
Female 3 The attacks have stopped. Winning the dam saved our asses.
Male 3
Male 5
Female 3 The Legion's coming for us. Just a matter of time, believe you me.
Male 3
Male 5

NCR Troopers at McCarran

Speaker Text File
Female 3 I can't believe it's over. I figured the Dam would fall and this place would be our last stand.
NCR victory
Male 1
Male 1B
Male 3
Male 5

Private Jake Erwin

Jake is the NCR's prankster located near the embassy.

Speaker Text File
Jake I can't believe it's gone. It's all gone. How the fuck did this happen?

Radio New Vegas

Speaker Text File Note
Radio Intense fighting erupted on Hoover Dam as tensions between NCR and Caesar's Legion boiled over.
Radio Reports indicate that NCR forces emerged victorious, and the Legion scattered amidst the defeat of its most feared military leader.
NCR victory
Radio Preliminary word is that Caesar's Legion has taken control of the Dam, and that the NCR presence in Nevada is severely crippled.
Legion victory
Radio While it initially appeared to be an NCR victory, we're receiving word that our own Mr. House may have been the one to secure the Dam for himself.
House victory
Radio But in a shocking turn of events, the Dam has been rendered useless, and both sides have taken heavy casualties. Neither faction appears to have won.
Independent Vegas, dam destroyed
Radio But in a shocking turn of events, an army of Securitrons has seized control of the Dam, preventing both sides from claiming it.
Independent Vegas
Radio Sources at the Dam are telling us that the involvement of one key person appears to have heavily influenced the outcome.


As in "Mick and".

Speaker Text File
Ralph {Sarcastic, aaaand}And NCR wins? No, really, I'm shocked.
Ralph {sarcastic}I totally didn't expect the guys with advanced armor and seemingly unlimited ammunition to take down an army of machete-wielding ingrates.
Ralph {Wary}With Caesar's Legion in control of the dam, I think things are going to get much more difficult around here.
Ralph {Elated}That old coot, House, is going to make me rich! With all the new rules and regulations in New Vegas, I'll make a killing circumventing them!
Ralph {Pleased}An independent Vegas... Never thought I'd see it.
Ralph House may be gone, but the players remain the same. Business as usual, then.


Speaker Text File Note
Securitron Welcome to Vegas, capital of the sixth state of the New California Republic!
NCR victory
Securitron True to {KAI-zar}Caesar.
Legion victory
Securitron Welcome to New Vegas, where a new day is dawning!
House victory
Securitron Welcome to Vegas. Don't make trouble.
Independent Vegas

Tech Sergeant Reyes

Speaker Text File
Reyes {NCR victory}{grinning}You should've heard the cheers over the radio when news of the victory came back from the Dam.
Reyes {Legion victory}{fear}I've been trying to sort out the rumors from the facts, but with the Legion coming, I guess it doesn't matter. The news is all bad.
Reyes {Other victory}{puzzled}Lots of confusion over the radio. Somehow the NCR lost the Dam, but the Legion didn't get it, either?


Speaker Text File Note
Veronica Not sure what my parents would think of me fighting for the NCR.
NCR victory
Veronica But for New Vegas it seemed like this was the best chance at stability. I don't regret it.
Veronica Never sided with a group of marauders before. But I think the Brotherhood stands a better chance against them than they did against the NCR.
Legion victory
Veronica That gives me some hope.
Veronica For some reason, it warms my heart that we fought for the kooky old geezer. Guess he reminds me of someone.
House victory
Veronica Independent New Vegas. If that isn't redundant, I don't know what is.
Independant Vegas
Veronica But I like its chances.

Beyond the impossibility of hearing Veronica's opinion on the outcome of the battle at Hoover Dam, it is also impossible to complete the game for House or the Legion without wiping out the Brotherhood's Mojave chapter.

Press Demo NPCs

These lines were exclusive to a demo version of the game. The dialogue options that remain are disabled with always false conditions.

Quartermaster Mayes

Speaker Text File
Player [PRESS DEMO] I'll look for your men and supplies. Send me to HELIOS One.
Mayes Thanks. Watch your back out there. Never know when those Legion bastards might show up.

Tops Cashier

Speaker Text File
Player [PRESS DEMO] Enough gambling, more fighting. Take me to the no man's land near Camp Forlorn Hope.
Tops Cashier You'll need someone to watch your back - Craig Boone, an NCR sniper, will be joining you. Keep your head down out there!

Paladin Ramos

Speaker Text
Player What's article 49?
Player What happened with Elijah?
Player So you won't support Hardin if he calls a tribunal?
Player Can you tell me about some of the other people here?
Player I've discovered proof that the chapter is in danger, and McNamara has covered it up.

Ranger Milo

Speaker Text
Player VNelsonNelsonRangerMiloTopic000
Player Milo Initiate
Player How rude.
Player Legion?
Player Nelson?
Player Why?
Player If you want to make a go at it, I'll come along.
Player Can't you snipe the captives from up here?
Player Sorry, not interested.
Player Hey there.
Player What would I have to do?
Player Okay, I'll do it.
Player How about I rescue them instead?
Player Sorry, not interested.
Player What can I do to help?
Player Yes, I'll do it.

Ranger Station Foxtrot unused NPCs

Player-only dialogue lines exist for two NCR privates named Biggs and Harcourt. Editor topic IDs place them both at Ranger Station Foxtrot.

Private Biggs

Speaker Text
Player Goodbye.
Player What are you talking about?
Player Is that going to happen soon? I'd like to be around to loot your corpses.
Player I think you're overreacting.
Player I could take care of Harcourt. What are you offering?
Player Or she's just lucky.
Player What are you going to do about Harcourt?
Player How are you going to get rid of her?
Player Have you talked to your superior officer?
Player Never mind.
Player I'll take it.

Private Harcourt

Speaker Text
Player Goodbye.
Player I win more than my fair share of coin tosses. How is that a bad thing?
Player Right. Biggs mentioned you.
Player Uh, what?
Player I take it you're some kind of jinx?
Player Why do the other soldiers think you're a jinx?
Player I think a man would be very lucky indeed to catch you.
Player That has to bother you, right?
Player You put on a brave face, but I can tell that it bothers you, just a bit.
Player I'm sure the casinos of New Vegas love you.


Renolds is the NCR private outside Techatticup Mine who assigns you the quest Anywhere I Wander. His unused lines are player-only, lacking responses:

Speaker Text
Player What are you doing out here alone?
Player Armed? Look at these biceps!
Player And what would you need me for?
Player Just those? You calling me weak? I'll show you weak!
Player I can't help you right now.

Rose of Sharon Cassidy


These lines are supposed to play whenever the player acts in a manner that Cass finds admirable/reprehensible.

Speaker Text File
Cass {Commenting on player's behavior}Think that was a mistake.
Cass {Commenting on player's behavior}No call for that.
Cass {To herself, commenting on player's behavior}Could have handled that better.
Cass {Commenting on player's behavior}What I would have done.
Cass {Commenting on player's behavior}You handled that well.
Cass {Commenting on player's behavior}Good job.
Cass {Commenting on player's behavior}That was fucked up.
Cass {Commenting on player's behavior}Can't believe you did that.
Cass {Commenting on player's behavior, to herself, neg}Just when I think I'd seen it all.
Cass {Commenting on player's behavior, to herself}That was lower than low.
Cass {Commenting on player's behavior}Set an example, others will follow.
Cass {Commenting on player's behavior}Proud of you.
Cass {Commenting on player's behavior}Color me impressed.

Whiskey Rose

These were supposed to play upon drinking whiskey with Cass' Whiskey Rose perk.

Speaker Text File
Cass That hit the spot.
Cass {Shot of whiskey}All right, now for some ass-kicking.
Cass {Shot of whiskey}Pass the bottle.
Cass {Shot of whiskey}Now all I need is some shame to wash it down with.
Cass {Shot of whiskey}Bottoms up.
Cass {Shot of whiskey}Oh, now, there goes the pain.

Debug Topics

These voiceless lines are simple debug topics to quickly solve part of her questline.

Speaker Text
Cass Hello. I'm Rose of Sharon Cassidy.
Player I'm here to buy out Cassidy Caravans for the Crimson Caravan Company.
Cass Okay! Sold!
Player Goodbye.
Cass Bye.


Rotface is the ghoul hanging out on the pavement near Freeside's east exit. He really got screwed by the deadline, because he has a surprisingly well-developed subplot with more unused lines than most characters have dialogue total. A little-known "Easter egg" is that when the player buys enough tips from him, he will go and buy himself a new hat (Eulogy Jones' hat from Fallout 3, in fact).

Most players will likely never see this hat, because it requires that they buy exactly 10 random tips (not counting the first free tip), then leave and re-enter the cell. At this point, he will be wearing Eulogy's hat and his price for tips will increase to 10 without explanation. In the highly probable event that the player buys all 30 tips at once, they will never see the hat.

There are two things that do not trigger due to scripting errors, which prevent the subplot from continuing: Rotface interrupting tip delivery every 10 tips, and asking the player's opinion on his new hat once it is purchased. The remainder of the scripting after this point is completely nonexistent.

For those knowledgeable in the GECK, Rotface's script VFSRotfaceScript gives some insight into how he is probably supposed to be functioning.

First Choice

When the player sees the snazzy new hat Rotface purchased for himself, they will be given the following greeting:

Speaker Text File
Rotface Hey pal, you dig my new hat? I've been making some good money lately, and figured I'd treat myself.

The player will be given the following dialog options, which effect what he will do at the 20-tip mark.

Speaker Text File Note
Player Yeah, it looks great.
Rotface Exactly what I was thinking. It's nice to have a little style, you know?
Player You look like an idiot.
Rotface Yeah, it does look pretty sweet, doesn't {it}i- hey, screw you! Who asked you anyway? The crap I put up with...
Player It's not exactly what I would have bought for myself.
Rotface Oh yeah, what would you have gotten?
Player Probably a weapon, given how dangerous it is around here.
Rotface Yeah... that's a good idea... no sense making money and waiting for someone to just come and take it, right?
Player I'd have saved the money, so I could someday get the hell out of here.
Rotface Hmmm... you're a long-term thinker, man. I like that. You might be on to something there.
Player I'd have given the money away.
Rotface ...Really? Wow, it never occurred to me to actually give the money away. Do people really do things like that?
Script notes: Long pause at the beginning as he's trying to decide if he heard the player right.
Rotface But you're probably here for more of my special commodity, and luckily for you, I haven't been idle since last we spoke.
Rotface However, all that hard work on my part means that the price has gone up. 100 a tip, now. You game?

After dispensing the next 10 tips for a total of 20, Rotface would tell the player to go away again until he acquired more tips to dispense, and his price per tip would increase to 100 caps.

Second Choice

Rotface has a different greeting depending on the response the player had to his hat.

If the player said they liked the hat, Rotface will purchase a matching suit and have this greeting:

Speaker Text File Note
Rotface Hey pal, I made so much recently that I was able to afford this little number too. How do I look?
Player Very classy. This option leads to him being killed for being dressed too flashy in a bad neighborhood.
Rotface You said it. With these threads, people are finally going to start noticing me.
Player As good as a ghoul in a suit can look. This leads to him attempting to mug the player.
Rotface Fuck you, human. We don't all share your wonderful complexion. Some of us have to make do, you know?
Player I don't care. Do you have any new info? Outcome: Killed by haters.
Rotface Yeesh, you're just all business, aren't you? Well, I like how I look, and that's what's important. Though it'd be nice if other people did too.
Script notes: Emphasis on the first "I" in "I like how I look". Also, the last sentence is said quickly and slightly under his breath.
Rotface Anyway, I was just going to tell you that I've come across some new tidbits you might find interesting.
Rotface And since you're just about my favorite person in the world, each one is only going to cost you 100 caps. Interested?

If the player said they didn't like the hat:

Speaker Text File Note
Rotface Look pal, I've been thinking. I know we got off to a bad start there, but let's put it behind us, okay?
Player I'm sorry. Sorry you're such a prissy asshole. Outcome: Attempted mugging.
Rotface You're a real piece of work, you know that?
Player I'm sorry. I was out of line before. Outcome: Rotface joins the Followers of the Apocalypse
Rotface It's cool. I'm just a little touchy about people making fun of me, especially smoothskins. But you're not all bad. Take the Followers, for example.
Rotface Why, just the other week, one of them offered me a job. Can you imagine? Me, with a real job?
Rotface Can you imagine? Me? With a real job?
Player I've already forgotten it. Outcome: Mugging.
Rotface Yeah, I bet you have. Not important enough for you to remember, huh?

If the player said they would have purchased a weapon:

Speaker Text File Note
Rotface Hey, I thought about what you said before, and picked up this sweet piece. You were right, I feel much safer.
Player Whoa, now. Watch where you point that thing. It's dangerous. Outcome: Mugging.
Rotface Dangerous... I like that. Maybe it's time people starting being afraid of me rather than the other way around.
Player Good for you. No one should have to be afraid all the time. Outcome: Followers.
Rotface Unfortunately, it comes with the territory around here. But being afraid sucks, no doubt about it.
Player Now you'll get some respect. You should give some hell to the people that used to push you around. Outcome: This gets him killed for becoming too violent.
Rotface Yeah... yeah, that's a good idea. They'll learn that shouldn't have messed with me. Just wait till they get what's coming to them!
Rotface Oh yeah, I wanted to tell you that I got some new info for you. Each tip's gonna cost 100 caps now though.
Rotface Cause I got plans. Big plans. So what do you say? Want a tip?
Rotface Oh, hey, I almost forgot to tell you I heard a few things you might be interested in.
Rotface I'm kind of sorry about this, but I'm going to have to up my price to 100 caps per tip from now on.
Rotface It's getting tougher to discover new things that might interest a traveler such as yourself. I'm sure you understand. So, you interested or what?

If the player said they would have given the money away:

Speaker Text File Note
Rotface Hey, I'm sorry about being so dismissive about your suggestion before. I thought a lot about what you said.
Rotface There've been times when just a little bit of money from a stranger would have made a huge difference to me, so I get where you're coming from.
Rotface Maybe I could make that kind of difference for someone else... ah, who am I kidding?
Player No, you could make a real difference. Outcome: Followers.
Rotface You really think so, pal? I'll start looking into it. I bet I can help a lot of people around here.
Player Freeside's problems are too big for you to have much impact. Outcome: Rotface leaves Freeside.
Rotface You're probably right. This place has been going downhill for a long time. Maybe I could start over somewhere else.
Rotface Just think of it. A new life...
Rotface Oh yeah, I heard some new things that you might find interesting. I'm going to have to start charging 100 caps per tip, though.
Rotface After all, I have to save up for my ticket out of here, right? So how about it? Want a tip?
Player You believed that crap I said about giving the money away? Outcome: Mugging.
Rotface What? N-No, I knew you were just kidding. Ha ha. You're a funny one, all right.

If the player encouraged him to leave:

Speaker Text File Note
Rotface Hey, I've been thinking a lot about what you said earlier, about saving up and leaving this dump. Do you really think it's possible?
Player I go places all the time. It's actually pretty easy to just pick up and leave. Outcome: Leaving Freeside.
Rotface That's true, you seem to always be on the move and it seems to be working out for you pretty well.
Rotface I've already got a decent amount saved up. If I keep it up, there's no reason I shouldn't be able to go start over somewhere else soon.
Player You wouldn't last ten seconds out in the waste. Outcome: Mugging.
Rotface That's a hell of a thing to say. Build up a man's hopes, then dash them in front of him.
Rotface And who says I couldn't survive just as well as you out there? People are always underestimating me, damn.
Player Sure, but what about this place? Isn't it your home? Outcome: Followers.
Rotface This place is a shithole, but yeah, it's home. I've lived here all my life. I'd be leaving a piece of myself behind if I left.
Rotface There'd be things I'd miss - the fun of watching the Kings kick the crap out of a thief, or the look of joy on a child's face after catching a rat.
Rotface Ah, now you've got me all nostalgic-like. Maybe I'd be better off trying to find a way to make this place better than giving up and leaving.


If he's planning on mugging you:

Speaker Text File Note
Rotface {Mugging sequence}Well, look who it is. I was just thinking about you.
Rotface I recently came across a piece of info that you just have to hear, and since you're my best customer, it's on the house. Interested?
Player No right now. I'm busy. [sic]
Rotface Well, don't wait too long. What I've got is something you'd need to act on, quick.
Rotface {Mugging, after you turned him down the first time}Hey, I've still got that super-hot tip for you, and it's still free. What do you say?
Greeting if you opted to do it later
Player Sure. What is it?
Rotface I don't want to mention it out in plain sight like this. You never know who might be listening. Follow me.

At this point he would lead the player into an alley to rob them. Once there:

Speaker Text File Note
Rotface {Actual mugging}Okay, pal, we're going to do this quick and easy. I know you're loaded down with caps, judging by how much you've already given me.
Rotface So I thought I'd save us both some time and just take all the caps you have. Hand them over.
Player Why are you doing this?
Rotface Man, I'm tired of scrounging for caps from ungrateful idiots like you. It's past time I moved on to bigger and better things.
Rotface Now are you going to hand over your caps, or am I going to shoot you and take them anyway?
Player Don't shoot! Here you go.
Rotface Wow, I didn't think it would be this easy. I should have done this years ago. Guess I'll be going then.
Rotface Oh, here's a final tip - don't ever follow anyone into a dark alley in Freeside. Later, chump.
Player I'm not giving you my caps. Provokes him into atacking
Rotface Then you give me no choice.
Player I have a better idea. Why don't I just take all my caps back from your corpse? Provokes him into attacking
Rotface You're welcome to try.

If he's leaving Freeside:

Speaker Text File
Rotface {Leaving}Hey pal, I've finally saved up enough caps to leave this dump, so no tips today. Or ever, I guess, ha ha.
Rotface A lot of these caps came from you, so I wanted to say thanks before I shove off. Meeting you really changed my life.

If he joined the Followers:

Speaker Text File
Rotface {Him working for the Followers}Oh hey, didn't think I'd see you here. I decided to stop scrounging for caps and start making a difference.
Rotface The Followers have been really great. There's always something that needs to be done, and everyone here treats me really well.
Rotface Sorry if you stopped by my old spot looking for info. I've been so busy lately that I haven't heard anything.
Rotface Anyway, feel free to stay as long as you like. I've got to get back to work.


Once 10, 20, or 30 tips are dispensed, Rotface is supposed to deliver this line:

Speaker Text File
Player { Holder for Rotface extra lines }
Rotface Hey, listen, I'd love to sell you some more info, but you've tapped everything I've heard lately.
Rotface Come back in a few days. I'll put my ear to the ground and hopefully have heard a few more things by then.

These are the alternatives to "Ah, my favorite customer returns. Want a tip?" the player would see if they were rude or polite to him on the second choice, respectively:

Speaker Text File
Rotface You again. You want a tip, or you here to piss me off some more?
Rotface Hey pal, you got the caps, I got the info. You do have the caps, right?


Siri is a slave girl at The Fort. She would have been involved in the cut quest to poison the Legion's food supplies. Only the player's lines in this exchange remain.

Speaker Text
Player What happened to this Brahmin?
Player Is the dead Brahmin contagious?
Player I'm not exactly a friend of the Legion, you know.
Player I could probably find a use for some of this meat.
Player < Speech Option >
Player I'll just keep bugging you until you say yes, you know.

Sunset Sarsaparilla Eyebot

See unused creatures.

Speaker Text File
Eyebot Welcome to the headquarters of the Sunset Sarsaparilla Company!
Eyebot You appear to require assistance. I'll go find someone.

Test Man

See unused NPCs.

Speaker Text File Note
Test Man Hi, REPCONN Quest Stuff, have at it!
Player Start VMS01 Please
Test Man Ok, I'll add the quest.
Player Set me up to Sabotage the rockets!
Player Advance the Chupacabra quest.
Player Advance the Ranger Station quest.
Player Advance the sniper quest.
Player Advance VMS03.
Player Do Nothing.
Player Set up HELIOS One finale sequence, including the ARCHIMEDES laser.
Test Man Sure thing buddy.

The Thorn

The Thorn Mayhem

These greetings were intended for an unfinished quest option to free the Thorn's beasts upon the locals. See unused quests.

Speaker Text File
Female 1 {Terrified and alarmed. Yelling to everyone around. Monsters got free.}Run! Beasts got free!
Female 10
Old woman 1
Male 1B
Male 1B alternate
Male 3
Male 4
Male 4 alternate
Old man 2
Female 1 {Terrified and alarmed. Yelling to everyone around. Monsters got free.}Deathclaws are loose! Get out of here!
Female 10
Old woman 1
Male 1B
Male 1B alternate
Male 3
Male 4
Old man 2
Female 1 {Terrified and alarmed. Yelling to everyone around. Monsters got free.}It can't be! How the hell...
Female 10
Old woman 1
Male 1B
Male 1B alternate
Male 3
Male 4
Old man 2
Female 1 {Terrified and alarmed. Yelling to everyone around. Monsters got free.}Holy shit! Run for your lives!
Female 10
Old woman 1
Male 1B
Male 1B alternate
Male 3
Male 4
Old man 2


Speaker Text File
Female 1 {Dumbfounded}All hell broke loose when the creatures escaped from The Thorn!
Female 2
Female 10
Male 1B
Male 3
Male 4
Old man 1
Old man 2
Female 1 {Dumbfounded}One of those beasts cut my friend in half! How the hell did they escape from Red Lucy?
Female 10
Old woman 1
Male 1B
Male 2
Male 3
Male 4
Old man 2
Female 1 {Dumbfounded}Can't believe that The Thorn's no more.
Female 2
Female 10
Old woman 1
Male 1B
Male 3
Male 4
Old man 2

Reactions to Red Lucy's Death

Speaker Text File
Female 1 {Dumbfounded}We'll miss Red Lucy down here.
Female 2
Female 10
Old woman 1
Male 1B
Male 3
Male 4
Old man 2
Male 1B {Dumbfounded}Red Lucy was a fine warrior, and a beautiful woman.
Male 3
Male 4
Old man 2

Tops Promoter

Unused Lines

Speaker Text File Note
Tops Promoter "Pull my finger, {puh-leeze}please!"
{obnoxiously loud and cheerful}
Tops Promoter See Billy Knight, King of the One-Liners - LIVE at the Aces Theater! If you miss it, you'll "Take your life, please!"
{delivering the message with enthusiasm}
Tops Promoter "I bet you could stop gambling!" {laugh}See Billy Knight, King of the One-Liners, LIVE at the Aces Theater! "I had amnesia once - I think!"{laugh}
{overplaying your jokes}
Player What sort of show are you talking about?
Tops Promoter One-liners! The epi-tome of comedy! Little nuggets of hilarity irresistibly bringing forth laughter!
{"epitome" mispronounced as "epi-tome" instead of "i-pi-tomi"}
Tops Promoter You know, like "is that your face, or is a bowl of puke stuck in your collar?" I tell you, you gotta see this show!

Second Tops Promoter

There is a second Tops Promoter NPC which is entirely unused. This version has much more to say than his used counterpart.

Speaker Text File
Tops Promoter Ready to tap your toes and snap your fingers? Don't miss Bruce Issac, LIVE at the Ace Theater!
Tops Promoter "Fuck off, ass-breath!" You've already heard my spiel - you really gotta go see Hadrian!
Tops Promoter Don't miss The Lonesome Drifter, LIVE at the Aces Theater!
Tops Promoter Songs so sad and lonesome, audience members of the opposite sex will be fighting over who gets to go back to your room with you - guaranteed!
Player Where do I find the Aces Theater?
Tops Promoter The Tops casino, my friend! If you're in the mood to knock back a few and frolic the night away, ain't no better place on Earth!
Player Who is the Lonesome Drifter?
Tops Promoter Way I hear it, he's some whack job who used to spend his nights sitting around a campfire and howling to himself.
Tops Promoter "Who wants to hear songs that make you wanna cry?" I try to tell them. But hey, they don't pay me to ask questions.
Tops Promoter Do me a favor - go see the show. Otherwise they'll think I didn't do my job.
Player Who's Bruce Issac?
Tops Promoter A velvety-voiced cool cat fresh out of New Reno, that's who! When Bruce sings, his smokey, dulcet tones will transport you to another world!
Player <Player asks about the Chairmen>
Player <Player dismisses Promoter>
Player Stop bugging me.
Tops Promoter Just doing my job, okay? Jeesh.
Player Goodbye.

Unused Camp Golf Scripted Encounter

Mojave Inhabitants

Speaker Text File
Female 2 {Whispering, trying not to be heard while sneaking}Hurry! We've got to get some before they notice us!
Female 10
Girl 1
Male 3
Male 4
Boy 2
Female 2 {Alarmed}Oh shit! They saw us. Get out of here, quick!
Female 10
Girl 1
Male 3
Male 4
Boy 2
Female 2 {Screaming at soldiers that shoot them from a distance}Fuck you, NCR thugs! This is our land, and you won't last here forever!
Female 10
Girl 1
Male 3
Male 4
Boy 2
Female 2 We'll be back. They can't step over our people forever.
Female 10
Girl 1
Male 3
Male 4
Boy 2
Female 2 One of these days, we're going to teach them a good lesson.
Female 10
Girl 1
Male 3
Male 4
Boy 2
Female 2 Hope those greedy bastards rot in foul water.
Female 10
Girl 1
Male 3
Male 4
Boy 2
Female 2 They're hoarding our water! How are we supposed to survive the desert, huh?
Female 10
Girl 1
Male 3
Male 4
Boy 2
Girl 1 They're mean! Don't want to share water with us.
Boy 2
Girl 1 We've lived here a long time! We're not going to leave our home.
Boy 2
Girl 1 This desert is our home!
Boy 2
Girl 1 They're asking for it, those people from the NCR. We're tough, here! They don't scare us.
Boy 2
Girl 1 We'll get back our water, and our land, one of these days. We'll be mean to those soldiers until they leave!
Boy 2

NCR Troopers

Speaker Text File
Female 3 Hey look over there! It's those Mojave rats again, coming to take our water!
Female 9
Male 1B
Male 3
Male 5
Female 3 You, over there! Go back to where you came from, thieves! Don't try our patience!
Female 9
Male 1B
Male 3
Male 5
Female 3 Screw it. Just shoot! They'll get the hint!
Female 9
Male 1B
Male 3
Male 5
Female 3 I almost pity them, these desert savages.
Female 9
Male 1B
Male 3
Male 5
Female 3 They've got no right to come near our outposts. This is NCR territory now.
Female 9
Male 1B
Male 3
Male 5
Female 3 Damned rats. Next time I see them, I swear, I'll aim right between their eyes.
Female 9
Male 1B
Male 3
Male 5

Vault 21 Securitron

It seems that originally, if Sarah Weintraub were to die, she would get replaced by a generic Securitron that would offer the same basic services as Sarah. The Securitron is still placed in the Vault 21 Giftshop, but permanently disabled.

Speaker Text File
Securitron Greetings, citizen. Please, select your accommodation needs.
Player What's a Securitron doing here?
Securitron Vault 21's previous manager is no longer capable of servicing your needs. Hotel arrangement functions are now purview of Mr. House.
Player Goodbye.
Securitron Observe the rules, citizen.
Player I need a room.
Securitron Proceed to your accomodations. Please, enjoy your stay at Vault 21.
Player I don't have enough for a room.
Securitron Vault 21 hopes to service your needs in the future. Goodbye.
Player I'm looking for an antique rangefinder somebody might've sold you.
Securitron Predecessor's records indicate matching item purchased by nervous man wearing metal collar.
Securitron Records indicate man requested free lodging and was directed to concrete building in Freeside. Transmitting coordinates.

The "I need a room.", "Goodbye.", and "I don't have enough for a room." topics also have duplicate empty topics.

Vault 22 Robots

Bohr and Koch are two fully functioning robots, a Protectron and Sentry Bot respectively, designed for use in Vault 22. They may have been disabled (or in Bohr's case, removed) for atmosphere.


Speaker Text File Note
Bohr Greetings! I do not believe we have met before. I have the singular distinction of being designated as Bohr.
Player Nice to meet you.
Bohr A pleasure to meet you, sir. What may I do for you?
Bohr A pleasure to meet you, madam. What may I do for you?
Player Skip the introductions. Why are you here?
Bohr My, how rude. If you must know, I am here to assist my master Keely in her research.
Player Have you seen a ghoul named Keely around here?
Bohr Why yes, the master was here some time ago. Do you have business with her?
Player I don't have time to talk, sorry.
Bohr Very well, I'll get back to computing these protein sequences, then. Farewell.
Player Where is Keely now?
Bohr I couldn't say, exactly. She went down to the lower levels some time ago and hasn't been back since. Do you suppose something has happened to her?
Player Perhaps. I'll go down and look for her.
Bohr Oh, thank you! The master can really be a bother sometimes, but she has a good heart.
Bohr Now, I must get back to computing protein sequences. Please tell the master to hurry back if you see her.
Player Why don't you go and look for her?
Bohr I have been given explicit instructions to stay here until the master returns.
Player What can you tell me about this place?
Bohr Very little, I'm afraid. I've been stuck here calculating protein sequences for most of our sojourn here thus far.
Bohr Master Keely has done most of the exploring. She might be able to tell you more.
Player What are you doing here?
Bohr I am assisting my master Keely with her research. We have been tasked with extracting as much of the research that was performed here as possible.
Bohr Calculating
Greeting if you've spoken to him already


This series of greetings will play when the player fixes Koch with a repair check.

Speaker Text File
Koch Status............ operational.
Koch Loading memory banks........
Koch Current designation....... Koch.
Koch Current mission.........
Koch Warning! Primary defensive objective, designation Keely, taken by unknown hostile entities. Initiating full countermeasures.

Koch also has one blank dialogue topic, V22KochWarning.


Veronica has dialogue referencing a quest involving two NPCs named Abraham and Monte (at least one of them a ghoul) and an accelerator item. These are actually dialogue options used by Dead Money when installed, camouflaged to avoid spoiling the add-on content (Dead Money content was already planned at release).

Speaker Text File
Player VDialogueVeronicaAbeSim1
Veronica {Waiting for player to step out of simulator}What was on it? What did he say?
Player Abraham wanted to say goodbye, and that he's gone North, into ghoul country.
Veronica Oh god. He... {sighs}I guess he was lost a long time ago. Even at the end...
Veronica Still... thanks for bringing word. At least, now I know.
Player Abe explained what happened in the Crater, how it healed him.
Veronica {Drifting, dismissive}Hmm. Unlikely. He was a little too focused on gears and diodes... tech was the cure-all.
Player What did you expect a ghoul to say?
Veronica {Sadly accepting}Yeah. Yeah. Thought as much. He'd been fading away for a long time.
Player Here's the accelerator.
Veronica Where did you get this?
Veronica {Wary}Guess I was right about the bad news, huh? Same look Elder McNamara always gave me when I was up for promotion.
Player I found the ghoul with the Accelerator you were looking for.
Veronica {Surprise, player found someone she thought was dead}You did? Where? Oh my God, I mean... I thought... I don't even know what I thought might have happened to him.
Veronica {Wary}But... you don't have a "this is good news" expression on your face.
Player I had to kill Monte for it.
Veronica You killed him? {Beat}But...
Player I trapped Monte in a subway tunnel, that ghoul's not coming back.
Veronica Trapped him? Where?
Player VDialogueVeronicaAcceleratorTrapChokept
Veronica {Trapped only}And I don't like saying this, but the Mojave's safer with him... there.
Player VDialogueVeronicaAcceleratorStg21
Veronica Did he say anything when you met him? Anything...{about me, stops herself}anything at all?
Player VDialogueVeronicaAbeMsg1
Veronica Would you mind if I looked at the message?
Player VDialogueVeronicaAbeMsg2
Veronica Would you mind if I listened to the message?
Player VDialogueVeronicaAbeMsg3
Veronica Would you mind if I looked at the message you found?
Player VDialogueVeronicaAbeMsg4
Veronica Would you mind if I listened to the message you found?
Player VDialogueVeronicaAbeMsgRefuse
Veronica {Irritated}Fine. I guess it doesn't matter anyway, keep it. I won't ask again.
Player You should watch this.
Veronica {Given a farewell message}All right, I'll listen to it.
Player VDialogueVeronicaAcceleratorStg32
Veronica {Given a farewell message}All right, I'll watch it.
Player VDialogueVeronicaAcceleratorStg33
Veronica {Watched a goodbye message, slightly choked up}That was... that was hard to watch.
Player What did Abraham say to you?
Veronica {Confused, a little disoriented}The parts I understood? Didn't matter. Past all the garbage, all it amounted to was goodbye.
Player VDialogueVeronicaAcceleratorChokept
Veronica {Default Choke Node}...it doesn't matter. He died when we all retreated to Hidden Valley. I didn't expect to see him again, no one did.
Player VDialogueVeronicaAcceleratorStg35
Veronica {Still a little dizzy}Sorry... feel a little out of it. Head's spinning a bit...
Veronica {Surprise, knowledge downloading}Oh. Oh!
Veronica {Blinking, just gained downloaded defense programs}I think he left me a gift. {Quiet}Maybe I can use it better than he did.


At El Dorado Substation

Speaker Text File Note
Victor Howdy, Pardner! Let's skedaddle! Got something to show ya!
Victor It's just at the top of the ridge here...
Victor There you have it - New Vegas, pretty as a diamond flush.
Victor Well, rambler, it's a royal flush that beats all! So let's crown this hand!
All lines from here on are randomized despite being clearly sequential
Victor Well, darling, it's a royal flush that beats all! So let's crown this hand!
Victor 5... 4... 3... 2... 1!
Victor {the tower of the Lucky 38 lights up brilliantly in the distance}Yee-haw! Ain't that {purty}pretty?
Victor Don't take in the view for too long, though - word is, the Legion's on the move!
Victor Head on back and see the boss real soon, hear? Evening.{face screen blinks to default Securitron}

In Boulder City

Speaker Text File Note
Player Did you see Benny come this way?
Victor 'Benny'? Fancy-pant's name is Benny? {short laugh}No, but I reckon that 'Bunny' hopped his way back to New Vegas.
This response was deliberately disabled with always false conditions

Confronting the Player

Speaker Text File Note
Victor {attacking player who has betrayed House}You low-down snake! I wish {Ida}I'd have left you in the ground to rot!
Victor {starting attack}Draw!

More Elevator Destinations

Speaker Text File Note
Victor {announcing elevator stops}Cocktail lounge!
;Set VDialogueLucky38Entrance.L38CocktailLounge to 0
(Above is commented out because there is no Victor...
...in the Cocktail Lounge -- if one is added, uncomment.);
Victor {announcing elevator stops}B2! Physical Plant!
Victor {announcing elevator stops}B2! Facilities Management! (none) ; Line "B2! Physical Plant!" was selected instead...
...of this one -- copy over result script if line is...
...switched to this one. -ETB;

Elevator Directions

Speaker Text File
Victor All aboard!
Victor Right away!
Victor Heading up!
Victor Heading down!

Vulpes Inculta

These dialogue options should be available upon first meeting Vulpes in Nipton, however they rely on the player being unfamiliar with Vulpes... which they should be, but the "KnowVulpes" quest variable in the Nipton quest package is already set.

Speaker Text File
Player Who are you?
Vulpes Inculta I am {WUHL-pace In-CUL-tah}Vulpes Inculta, of {KAI-zar's}Caesar's Legion. I serve my master as the greatest of his {froo-men-TAR-ee}Frumentarii.
Vulpes Inculta We Frumentarii are soldiers of a different stripe, capable in battle, but skilled as infiltrators and agents as well.
Player Tell me about Caesar's Legion.
Vulpes Inculta The Legion is civilization reborn. Our culture is based on virtues such as martial excellence, loyalty, and justice.
Vulpes Inculta But you'll learn all there is to know in due time. {Le-GAH-tus La-nee-OOS}Legatus Lanius, Monster of the East, will soon arrive to command {KAI-zar's}Caesar's troops in battle.
Vulpes Inculta The Dam will fall, and the rest of the Profligate west will soon follow.
Player Your "civilization" sounds like a pack of snarling dogs.
Vulpes Inculta {scoffing guffaw}Indeed, our hounds demonstrate greater loyalty to each other every day than the wretched inhabitants of this town.
Player What "lessons" did you teach here?
Vulpes Inculta Where to begin? That you are weak, and we are strong? This much was known already.
Vulpes Inculta But the depths of your moral sickness, your {a beat}dissolution? Nipton serves as the perfect object lesson.
Player Sounds like they got what was coming to them.
Vulpes Inculta Yes, they did. As will all the rest of you, in due time.
Vulpes Inculta Now go, and teach what you've learned here. There will be more lessons in the days ahead.
Player I admire the purity of the Legion's justice.
Vulpes Inculta You're unusually bright for a Profligate. Well done.
Vulpes Inculta Now go, and teach what you've learned here. There will be more lessons in the days ahead.

Wasteland Adventurer

Wasteland Adventurer is an unused scripted encounter meant to appear on the road right outside of Goodsprings. See unused NPCs.

Speaker Text File Note
Wasteland Adventurer Peace, traveler.
Wasteland Adventurer You again? What'cha need, champ?
Second greeting
Wasteland Adventurer Unless you wanna slap leather with me you'll put that gun down, friend. Greeting when player's weapon is drawn. This response lacks a voice file.
Player Who are you?
Wasteland Adventurer Just a hunter, out here killing things and hoping their hides fetch more than the bullets cost to kill 'em.
Player Which way to Primm?
Wasteland Adventurer Sign says you go south... just look for the rollercoaster. Oh and don't go north, a caravan just got sacked up the road.
This option places a map marker for Primm
Player What if I go around the caravan?
Wasteland Adventurer It just gets worse the further north you go... Deathclaws... death in general. But it's your ass, I suppose.
Player Do you have anything to trade?
Wasteland Adventurer That's a dangerous question... asked the way a bandit might ask... but since we're close to town I'll trust your good intentions.
Player Let's trade.
Wasteland Adventurer I could use some Stimpaks... how 'bout some nice Bloatfly Steaks in trade?
Player Goodbye.
Wasteland Adventurer Watch your back out there.
Wasteland Adventurer Whatever.
There is a commented out script for Wasteland Adventurer to flip you off with this goodbye
Wasteland Adventurer Keep your guns loaded and ready.

Westside Thug

Thugs that were meant to approach the player after they got information from Hector during the quest "The White Wash".

Speaker Text File
Westside Thug Hassling Hector, huh? Got a thing for little kids?
Player Goodbye.
Westside Thug Oh, no you don't. Time to teach you to mess with our people!
Player What do you guys want?
Westside Thug We saw you follow the kid in there. Figured we'd teach you a lesson.
Player Look, all I did was talk to him. It's no big deal.
Westside Thug [FAILED] Right. No big deal. We're going to beat the hell out of you now, but don't worry - we don't think it's a big deal, either.
Player All right, let's get this over with. I've got better things to do.
Westside Thug It'll be hard for you to do anything once we break your arms and legs.
Player I'd hate to kill you over a misunderstanding, but if that's what you want...
Westside Thug [SUCCEEDED] No, no, it's all right. We're just looking out for our own, you understand. We're, uh, sorry to bother you.


See unused NPCs.

Speaker Text
Player I've got the whiskey.

Yes Man at El Dorado

Speaker Text File
Yes Man Hi there! Come with me!
Yes Man Just to the top of the ridge up here...
Yes Man See that? Vegas, right? Same as always - but not tonight!
Yes Man 5... 4... 3... 2... 1!
Yes Man Pretty nice, huh? But that's not all!
Yes Man Now that the Lucky 38's reactor is fired up, Vegas doesn't need the dam to have power! Vegas is energy-independent! Whoo-hoo!
Yes Man If we keep the dam running, we can sell {emph}all its electricity to the NCR for a nice profit. Vegas doesn't need it!
Yes Man Hope to see you soon!