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Fallout: New Vegas/Unused Maps

From The Cutting Room Floor
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This is a sub-page of Fallout: New Vegas.

To visit these maps, open the console and type coc [cell id].

Unused Maps

Barracks01/02Int Template

Templates of the Boomer barracks. 01: Barracks01Interior 02: Barracks02Interior

Cottonwood Cove Building 01

The void: Endless nothing, but the rent's low.
No notable loot. Everything is marked owned by the Legion. Front door leads to an infinite abyss of nothing. CottonwoodCoveBuilding01

Cottonwood Cove Bunker

There are several objects that refer to some kind of cut bunker structure at Cottonwood Cove. Firstly there is the unused Radiated Radroach enemy (NVCCBunkerRadroach). There is also an incomplete script file for a logbook item related to this location which unfortunately reveals nothing as to its purpose:

scn NVCCBunkerLogBookSCRIPT

begin OnAdd

The nature and location of the bunker remains unknown. Interestingly, there is a piece of lighting used in the NCRCF which is denoted internally for use in the mysterious Cottonwood Cove bunker (NVCCBunkerEmergencyLightWarm).

Craftsman Home 01 Template

I'm sure there's a reason for this to be here...
A very dirty and poorly-lit version of Doc Mitchell's house, without any points of interest. The player is spawned on the roof. CraftsmanHomesInterior01

Gomorrah 3rd Floor

"We should've named it Sodom. I bet these motherfuckers would know how to spell THAT."
Unused third floor hotel rooms in Gomorrah. There's a locked supply closet with some junk, but no NPCs or interesting items. Gomorrah02

Usonianhome01/02int Template

Templates for generic houses like the kind you find near Gun Runners or in Nipton. 'Usonian' is an adjective occasionally used to describe small and simple ranch houses with strong 1950's asthetics. 01: Usonianhome01Int 02: Usonianhome02Int

Test Maps


I wonder where they put Clutterbane?

A huge test map with tons of interesting stuff. Seems to be a dumping ground for props and scenery for designers to copy/paste into other cells. Cell ID: backups.

Hoover Dam Checkpoint

Dance, puppets!
The control panel near the door gives you the option to spawn Legion and NCR grunts to test the cover system. HDCombatTest

Mentats Test Level

Maybe you need Mentats to figure out what the eff is going on.

A vault-like room with some giant rats and mantises, and three different Powder Gangers - one of them female. The Powder Gangers do not react when spoken to and won't fight back when attacked, so the critters will probably kill them. On the tables, you'll find a hunting shotgun, dinner bell, incinerator, service rifle, light machine gun, plasmacaster, and a lit, non-interactable piece of dynamite. The name likely refers to Team Mentats, the codename for one of the internal development teams at Obsidian. TestMentats


Living in the void must be a great excuse for, well, anything.
Empty room with two friendly Freeside Thugs. There are two cells like this, the second being identical except the thug on the right has lighter skin. Both called "Ruined Store" in-game. NPCTextureTest, NPCTextureTestDifferent

Ruined Store

Not pictured: Water cooler.
Just a bunch of Legion thugs standing around. There's some tripwires on the floor. HooverDamIntTest

Sample Bathrooms of All Sizes

Pretty much exactly what its name says. A long hallway, with doors on either side leading to copies of every bathroom used in the game. WarehouseBathrooms2


As it turns out, Limbo is less a place of penance, and more of gambling.

When viewed in-game, it's a single Roulette table sitting lonely in the void, near the player's start position. The player is unable to move. The map however shows furniture markers, indicating the floor was deleted out from under the player's feet. Also called 'Mentats Test Level' in the GECK. TestDance

Test Cell For Traps

No Star Wars references allowed.

An large room full of various environmental traps, along with a large ruler along the side of the room for distance-checking. A reloading bench is behind the player's starting position. TestTraps


The same room as above, but without traps, and with "Testing Dummies" (Raiders) standing at various distances. This was probably used by lead designer Josh Sawyer to test weapons quickly. TestJoshWeapons

Other Maps


Spawns you in a pit of coyotes. The crowd in the corner consists of a bunch of Mojave Inhabitants, an unused NPC class. 2EOCasHiHotelLobby01


Some level designer really didn't want to let this place go.
Empty casino hotel lobby. Uses the same layout as the maps Dummy Cell for Scripted XMarkers and Dummy Cell VES VEFR Encounters. 2EOCasLoHotelLobby01

Cell for Dead "Void Creatures"

Fallout... by Id Software.
The player is spawned in an empty metal room, with nothing in it, not even lights. There are five other identical rooms which must be noclipped into to access, and one larger, equally empty room. This cell shares its layout with OVSleepCell01/02. VDONOTDELETE

Dummy Cell for Scripted XMarkers

Not present: Elevator music, old magazines.
A large, if somewhat underdetailed building, apparently designed for stuffing "markers" (whatever they are - objective markers?) when not needed. There is a Vault 3 door that "opens elsewhere" in the basement. DummyMarkerCell

Dummy Cell VES VEFR Encounters

"X" marks the point of your demise if you pissed off the NCR.
The same building as the Scripted XMarkers cell. This is where the NPCs that run after you on the road chill out when they're not needed. Weirdly, there's also a naked NCR Ranger next to you when you spawn, who usually doesn't last very long against the hail of gunfire (at least, in my case). Killing one of the Rangers gave me a "Your Follower Has Died" popup. DummyVESVEFRCell


This is the room the ending slideshow takes place in. If you travel here before the ending is finalized, there are only two slides - the courier's buried hand, and the one shown - and the credits roll. Ron the narrator can be found simply by walking through the wall. Endgame

FFE vendor chests

Storage space for New Vegas's random encounters, of which there are very few, if any. Inhabitants include Malcolm Holmes (the dude who chases you down after you find a Sunset Sarsaparilla Star bottle cap) and the Sentry Bot Toy (see unused creatures). Also includes the vendor inventory for an NPC named "Felicia" who doesn't exist in the game - seems to be associated with Sunset Sarsaparilla HQ. When accessed in-game, there is nothing but an endless void. RandomEncounterNPCs

Freeside NPC Dump

Hey, it's that dog.
A small room of a house, floating in a void forever. A static NPC NCR Guard Dog (from a cut quest) Will be standing next to you when you spawn. Presumably this is where Freeside stuff goes when it's no longer needed on the map. there are 4 rooms in this map which have to be no-clipped between, depending on the quests you have completed in Freeside the rooms will have npcs for these quests. one room may have npcs from the protect the Van Graff entrance quest whilst another may have hostile Kings members. FreesideNPCDump

Hoover Dam Battle Spawner


A small, empty room.


Hoover Dam Global Dummy Cell

A single room with all three versions of ED-E (regular, BOS upgrade, Followers upgrade) and a female Powder Ganger. If you are using the "continue after endgame mod" all NPCs from The Hoover Dam end up here which is Tons if you Completed the NCR Ending so expect lag from even the best Computer. room contents also vary depending on what update you have and what mods you are running. HooverDam


I'm sure this is some sort of wacky workaround for something in the engine.
Like, it's where random New Vegas passers by go or something.
Two very dark rooms, properly called New Vegas Residence in-game (or they would be, if any doors led there). 01 is a large room full of mattresses, with a few doors floating off to one side. 02 is smaller but just as dark. The player is spawned in a corner, and will fall through the floor if moved. 01: OVSleepCell01 02: OVSleepCell02

Empty Cells

These are all valid maps but there's nothing to see there except for endless black (or gray) voids.

  • DevArmory: "Armory"
  • GreenRoom: (no name)
  • HooverDamExt: "Hoover Dam Exterior Dummy Cell"
  • HooverDamInt: "Hoover Dam Interior Dummy Cell"
  • HooverDamIntPowerPlant: "Hoover Dam Interior Dummy Cell"
  • HooverDamIntArizonaSpillway: "Arizona Spillway Tunnel"
  • NorthVegasGenericHouse01 (+02, 03, 04): "North Vegas House"
  • NVVendorChestsCell "New Vegas Buried Vendor Chests"
  • NVWildWastelandCell "New Vegas Buried Vendor Chests"
  • TheFortSum "TheFortSummitDummy"