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Prerelease:Fallout: New Vegas

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This page details prerelease information and/or media for Fallout: New Vegas.

Development Timeline



  • Bethesda Softworks acquires the license to develop and publish Fallout 3, as well as two potential sequels.


  • Bethesda Softworks purchases the Fallout IP fully.


  • Bethesda's Fallout 3 turns out to be a massive success, and the company commissions a sequel. Due to their own development team being preoccupied with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Bethesda reaches out to Obsidian Entertainment, a company comprised of many of the original Fallout series' team members, to work on this sequel.


  • April - Fallout: New Vegas is announced. As the game is developed, a large number of ideas from Black Isle's Fallout 3 are implemented.


  • February 4 - Obsidian releases a teaser trailer.
  • June - A second trailer is shown at E3, this one more focused on gameplay.
  • October 19 - The game is released in North America.
  • October 21 - The game is released in Australia.
  • October 22 - The game is released in Europe.


Bethesda's official Fallout site hosts 19 pre-release screenshots, showing a multitude of small changes. A couple of these screenshots also appear on the game's Steam page.


Early Final Notes
FNV PrereleaseScreenshot 51602 2 5.jpg FNV PrereleaseScreenshot 51602 2 5 FinalComparison.jpg The Vit-o-matic Vigor Tester inside of Doc Mitchell's House during the tutorial. In the early version, the HUD icons are missing, the lighting on the bulbs is a bit different, a well as the background. The font for the explanation was altered and the final version is a bit shorter, omitting the last sentence. The overall composition of the text and image were also changed, and the bottom corners gained some small decorations.
Early Final Notes
FNV PrereleaseScreenshot 51632 2 5.jpg FNV PrereleaseScreenshot 51632 2 5 FinalComparison.jpg A view of the two main buildings in Goodsprings. Originally, there was a pile of tires where there is now a couple of boxes in the final game. The road had more loose pieces by the side, and the plant in the final game was absent. Most of the trees were slightly changed, and one in front of the Prospector Saloon was removed. The early Saloon features standard writing like the genral store and lacks the lights and neon seen in the final game. A box next to the old trailer in front of the saloon was removed, and some of the boxes in front of the general store were replaced with sacks. The early screenshot shows two mannequins standing where the Mojave Express dropbox stands in the final game. Some landmarks, such as the Yangtze Memorial and the water tower at the graveyard, can't be seen in the early screenshot.
Image Description Notes
FNV PrereleaseScreenshot 51544 2 5.jpg The Courier killing Powder Gangers in Goodsprings during Ghost Town Gunfight. A possible early version of Joe Cobb can be seen behind the Powder Ganger wearing the Desperado Cowboy Hat.
FNV PrereleaseScreenshot 51682 2 5.jpg A Powder Ganger being targeted in VATS, likely during Ghost Town Gunfight as well. This exact Powder Ganger does not appear during Ghost Town Gunfight. In the final game they only appear at Whittaker Farmstead.
FNV PrereleaseScreenshot 51772 2 5.jpg The Courier shooting Securitrons in Goodsprings. An earlier version of the Prospector Saloon can be seen in the background, lacking the lights and neon seen in the final game. A tree is also present that doesn't appear in the final game. Also notable is that except for Victor, Securitrons are never found in Goodspings.
FNV PrereleaseScreenshot 52662 2 5.jpg A Courier in Legion Armor and Boxing Gloves fighting with Super Mutants, an NCR soldier and another corpse can be seen in the background. TBA.
FNV PrereleaseScreenshot 1294334-savbplisj.jpg Easy Pete sitting outside the Prospector Saloon. TBA.
FNV PrereleaseScreenshot 1294335-ubygb3.jpg Sunny Smiles and Cheyenne inside of the Prospector Saloon. - Sunny's physical design is quite a bit different than how she appears in the final game. This early version features darker hair, a darker tan, and a broader face structure. TBA.
FNV PrereleaseScreenshot 1294336-wzneho.jpg Doc Mitchell inside of his house during the inkblot test section of Ain't That a Kick in the Head. TBA.
FNV PrereleaseScreenshot 51294322-8y82ef.jpg The Courier, Sunny Smiles and a Goodsprings settler fighting off Powder Gangers during Ghost Town Gunfight. Sunny seems to still be using her early design here.


Image Description Notes
FNV PrereleaseScreenshot 52720 2 5.jpg Primm Slimm inside of the Vikki & Vance Casino. TBA.
FNV PrereleaseScreenshot 1376256-fnv screenshot primm.jpg The Courier firing at an assailant outside of the Bison Steve Hotel. The planters and trees seen here don't exist in the final game, the assailant also seems to be using a different generic raider template than the escaped convicts seen in the final game.


Image Description Notes
FNV PrereleaseScreenshot 51732 2 5.jpg The companion wheel used on Boone in Novac. TBA.
FNV PrereleaseScreenshot 52572 2 5.jpg Manny Vargas aiming at Super Mutants from his sniper nest. Manny doesn't carry a Sniper Rifle in the final game, but a Hunting Rifle. The Super Mutants are also using their Fallout 3 models.
FNV PrereleaseScreenshot 1294323-b9nocw.jpg Dinky the Dinosaur in Novac. On the right, some picnick tables can be seen that don't appear in the final game.
FNV PrereleaseScreenshot 1376254-fnv screenshot dinky mutant.jpg A Super Mutant with a missile launcher shooting at Dinky. The mutant is using a Fallout 3 model.


Early Final Notes
FNV PrereleaseScreenshot 51752 2 5.jpg TBA. Archimedes II being used on the NCR at HELIOS One. - The shelters seen above the beds don't appear in the final game.
FNV PrereleaseScreenshot 1294327-doz1qf.jpg TBA. Archimedes II charging at HELIOS One. - The unused shelters can be seen again.
FNV PrereleaseScreenshot 52620 2 5.jpg FNV PrereleaseScreenshot 52620 2 5 FinalComparison.png The front of HELIOS One. The rocks in the background have been changed, and the flagpole on the left is a different, squarer-model in the prerelease.

Black Mountain

Early Final Notes
FNV PrereleaseScreenshot 51496 2 5.jpg FNV PrereleaseScreenshot 51496 2 5 FinalComparison.png Raul inside of the prison building at Black Mountain. Raul is inexplicably equipped with the All-American, and in the final game there's a table behind him that is not visible here.
FNV PrereleaseScreenshot 1294328-fhyzcj.jpg TBA. The companion wheel used on Raul inside of the prison building.
FNV PrereleaseScreenshot 51722 2 5.jpg TBA. The Courier battling a Nightkin.
FNV PrereleaseScreenshot 1294325-clttg3.jpg TBA. The Courier battling three Super Mutants with a grenade machinegun. - The Super Mutants are using Fallout 3 models.
FNV PrereleaseScreenshot 1294332-lemvr1.jpg TBA. The Courier battling Tabitha.
FNV PrereleaseScreenshot 1294337-xejomu.jpg TBA. The Courier battling a Nightkin.

New Vegas/The Strip

Image Description Notes
FNV PrereleaseScreenshot 1465387-falloutnewvegasnewvegas.jpg The Courier standing in front of the Strip north gate. There seems to be a concrete barrier right behind the Courier that doesn't exist in the final game.
FNV PrereleaseScreenshot 1405385-newvegas4.jpg A Mark I Securitron standing in front of the Lucky 38. There is no Securitron to be found here in the final game, the bus stop and mailbox don't exist either. The bus stop is a reycled Fallout 3 model.


Image Description Notes
FNV PrereleaseScreenshot 52640 2 5.jpg A female Courier standing in front of the Hidden Valley Bunker. TBA.
FNV PrereleaseScreenshot 52698 2 5.jpg The Courier in a Ranger Outfit walking on the tracks at Boulder City Train Station. In the final game you would not be able to walk here, as there is a stationary train located in the way.
FNV PrereleaseScreenshot 52778 2 5.jpg Legionnaires attacking at Camp Searchlight. TBA.
FNV PrereleaseScreenshot 52824 2 5.jpg The Courier at Freeside. Simon and the Silver Rush Crier can be seen in the background. TBA.
FNV PrereleaseScreenshot 52844 2 5.jpg Marcus at Jacobstown. TBA.
FNV PrereleaseScreenshot 52862 2 5.jpg The Courier throwing dynamite at a Giant Ant outside of the Ant Mound barn. TBA.
FNV PrereleaseScreenshot 1294329-fnv.jpg A Sunset Sarsaparilla sign in the Mojave Wasteland. TBA.
FNV PrereleaseScreenshot 1294333-ma56cv.jpg The Courier fighting Geckos in the Mojave Wasteland. TBA.
FNV PrereleaseScreenshot 1376255-fnv screenshot ncr vs mutant.jpg The Courier fighting a Super Mutant. A big hole can be seen in the LOD of the landscape in the background.

Magazine Scans

Some very interesting and early screenshots were only ever used in magazines. For example, the following eight screenshots only ever appeared in the June 2010 issue of the German GameStar magazine.

Image Description Notes
FNV PrereleaseScanGameStar1.jpg A male Courier gambling at The Tops. The whole interior of the casino looks different, as it uses an early texture where everything appears a lot less worn than it does in the final game. A doorway can be seen in the back that was removed. It also features sandstone pillars, different plants and planters, as well as different light fixtures. The Courier is wearing the Armored Vault 21 Jumpsuit, which is unobtainable in the final game, and the gambling hall is a lot more densely packed than in the final game.
FNV PrereleaseScanGameStar2.jpg A male Courier in Legion armor inside of the Camp Forlorn Hope Command Center. TBA.
FNV PrereleaseScanGameStar3.jpg Roulette Table gambling interface. TBA.
FNV PrereleaseScanGameStar4.jpg Blackjack Table gambling interface. TBA.
FNV PrereleaseScanGameStar5.jpg Tops slot machine gambling interface. TBA.
FNV PrereleaseScanGameStar6.jpg A male Courier standing in front of the "No Vacancy" sign in Novac. The big car barricade is absent in the final game.
FNV PrereleaseScanGameStar7.jpg A look at the New Vegas Strip establishments. Most noticable is that the loading zones of the final game are absent here, making the Strip one big zone. The arches of the Las Vegas Boulevard Station look different, as does the Ultra-Luxe fountain. Also, all of the Lucky 38's windows are lit and there's a strip of yellow neon on the edge of The Tops' roof, both of which are seen in the E3 demo.
FNV PrereleaseScanGameStar8.jpg A male Courier in front of the Bison Steve Hotel in Primm. Neither the trees, the planters, nor the pylon seen in the background appear in the final game.

Concept Art

Brian Menze was the main person responsible for the game's concept art, alongside a handful of others at Obsidian. Additional concept art was made by several people at Massive Black, none of them are named in the game's credits.

Joe Sanabria

Joe is credited as an Art Director, and would later go on to be the Lead Artist on the game's expansion Dead Money.

Art Notes
FNV JoeSanabriaConcept ArtTest.jpg What appears to be just some kind of test for artists working at Obsidian. They had to use the given elements to design something in accordance with the dimensions given.
FNV JoeSanabriaConcept Gomorrah.jpg The Strip's Gomorrah Casino. Both the sign and the front of the main building look slightly different. The final game version has just the name "Gomorrah", while the concept has it written down as "The Gamorrah Casino". It seems that the name "Gamorrah" was a mistake, as it's mentioned during the credits that the team struggled with the spelling of "Gomorrah" throughout development, althought his can only be seen with the Wild Wasteland trait. Also of note is an early or placeholder logo for the game itself.
FNV JoeSanabriaConcept Reflectron.jpg The Reflectron as seen during the game's opening. The early/placeholder logo appears here once more.
FNV JoeSanabriaConcept StripGate.jpg The Strip North Gate. While the concept version lacks a lot of detail that's present in the final game, the "STOP" barricade doesn't appear there. Neither does the paved road.
FNV JoeSanabriaConcept StripWalls.jpg The Strip's billboard barrier walls. Featuring an exterior view, interior view, side view and reference pictures.

Michael Bierek

One of the Massive Black employees as mentioned above, he shared two pieces of concept art on his ArtStation account.

Art Notes
FNV MichaelBierek ConceptArtMrHouseRoom.jpg The apparent original layout for the room where Mr. House's physical form would be kept. The only thing that's really kept in the final game is the pod in which he resides. In the files there's still some leftovers related to this room, such as the water, but nothing concrete. This piece of art also appears in "Behind the Bright Lights & Big City", a special section in the Collector's Edition of the Fallout: New Vegas Official Game Guide, showcasing lore snippets and art.
FNV MichaelBierek ConceptArtTheStrip.jpg A large view of the Strip and its surrounding area, with the Lucky 38 rising above the surrounding ruins.

Wesley Burt

Wesley Burt was a Massive Black employee that worked on a number of NCR Ranger concept arts. Lead designer Joshua Sawyer commented on a formspring post that noted the trenchcoat and gasmask as a little played out:

"Wes Burt (for Massive Black) developed the design. I shared your concerns, so there were a few things I requested to keep it from turning into Jin-Roh Part 53. First, I asked that he wear jeans and boots. I also requested that he should typically have a revolver or lever-action rifle with a bandoleer for bullets. Last, I asked for his jacket to be dark brown, not completely black. I wanted to pull some of the color elements toward warmer "cowboy" tones instead of strict neutrals."

Art Notes
FNV WesleyBurt NCRConcept01.jpg Ranger Pose Sketches. This art was made on July 29, 2009, showing that the NCR Ranger outfit was already completely finished design-wise about three months into development.
FNV WesleyBurt NCRConcept02.jpg Ranger. This art was made on August 13, 2009. It appears that the headgear is an early version of what would later be known as the Ranger Helmet.
FNV WesleyBurt NCRConcept03.jpg Close-ups with variations of the headgear as seen in the previous art piece.
FNV WesleyBurt NCRConcept04.jpg A ranger wearing a finalized version of the NCR Ranger Combat Armor and the Ranger Helmet. The ranger also has a minigun and its ammo backpack.

Whit Brachna

Another Massive Black employee, Whit was seemingly resposible for concept art in relation to Caesar's Legion. The first art piece originates from Whit's ArtStation account, while the others are from archived versions of Massive Black's blog posts.

Whit describes his pieces as "'look & feel' illustrations and environment concepts with a few characters and badguys mixed in", so these were likely just used as mood settings and not to actually depict how the faction was to appear in-game.

Art Notes
FNV WhitBrachna LegionConcept01-2.jpg The tent camp in the Fort, seemingly depicting Caesar's tent. Also of note are the Praetorian guards that appear very close to how they are depicted in-game, similar to the single Decanus near Caesar's tent. Three slaves are seen, and a fourth can be seen in the background cutting up a Bighorner.
FNV WhitBrachna LegionConcept01.jpg A turret and other assorted ruins with a view of what appears to be the Fort.
FNV WhitBrachna LegionConcept02.jpg What appears to be a Legionnaire standing at a fortified location on a mountain top. He might be looking at the Fort.
FNV WhitBrachna LegionConcept02cool.jpg A Legion Decanus leading a group of bound slaves in an apparent slave camp. Of note is that the Decanus is armed with an automatic rifle. This picture uses a cool color scheme.
FNV WhitBrachna LegionConcept02warm.jpg The same as above, this time using a warm color scheme.
FNV WhitBrachna LegionConcept03.jpg More Legionnaires in a fortified slave labor setting. A Veteran Legionary can be seen, as well as a Praetorian guard. Of note is one member operating a mounted turret, and more Legionnaires using automatic guns.
FNV WhitBrachna LegionConcept03-2.jpg A longshot of what appears to be Caesar's tent at the Fort. In the very back, another fortified position can be seen as well.
FNV WhitBrachna LegionConcept04.jpg What appears to be a building inspired by temples found in ancient Greece and Rome, presumably located on the same mountain range as the Fort.