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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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Title Screen

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Developer: Bethesda Game Studios
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Platforms: Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Released in JP: December 8, 2011
Released in US: November 11, 2011
Released in EU: November 11, 2011
Released in AU: November 11, 2011

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

Skyrim is the fifth entry in the extremely popular Elder Scrolls series, in which you play as the Dragonborn or Dovahkiin – a person bestowed with the ability of killing dragons by absorbing their souls and using their powers. Oh, and it turns out they're back. And causing a whole load of trouble.


Skyrim's first DLC pack adds a lot of debug stuff!
The Windhelm Pit
A cut arena from the main game. There's actually a lot of stuff left behind.

Quick Start

There is a simple debug option in the script data for the introduction quest ("Unbound") to skip it in various ways, for ease of testing. Look in the script for Unbound (MQ101) for a variable called MQQuickStart. By default it is set to 0, but changing the default state of this variable will alter the state the game begins in.

  • 0: The game starts normally. Default.
  • 1: The game attempts to start after the cart ride, but something appears to be broken.
  • 2: The game starts at the very beginning of the Helgen Keep dungeon, right after you've chosen who to follow.
  • 3: The game starts at the very end of the Helgen Keep dungeon with a basic set of equipment pre-set to your character.
  • 4: Seemingly the same as option 2?

Options 2-4 will pop up a dialog box on game start asking whether you want to follow the Imperial (Hadvar) or the Stormcloak (Ralof).

Fallout Remnants

In the game files, there are several remnants of Fallout features, such as the Pip Boy, the VATS system, and hacking. These can be viewed in the Creation Kit, although they are completely blank.

Debug & Unused Rooms

Careful, you'll lose an eye.
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You can use the console command coc AREACODE to teleport to these areas.

Windhelm Pit

Area Code: WindhelmPitEntrance

This is the entrance to the unused Pit arena. Entering the Pit spawns Argonian, Nord, Dark Elf and Imperial NPCs called 'Pit Fans', who just wander around, but are obviously supposed to be spectators of some sort.

Editor Smoke Test Cell

Area Code: qasmoke

An item testing room. The chests contain every inventory item in the game. Opening any enchanted chests may crash the game due to the sheer amount of enchanted items. Note that having Dawnguard & Dragonborn installed expands the room; Dawnguard adds a room with two chests holding inventory items specific to that DLC, whereas Dragonborn adds a room with chests full of Dragonborn items, as well as a cage with buttons that spawns enemies from Solstheim.

M'aiq The Liar's Room

Area Code: Elsweyr

A small grey room where the Khajiit wanderer M'aiq the Liar is stuffed away (when he's not roaming around Skyrim). The developers decided to use the name of the Khajiit homeland as the area code.

Do Not Delete - Not A Test Cell

Area Code: ThievesGuildHoldingCell

There seems to be a lot of Thieves' Guild related things here, unsurprisingly. In the corner is a disabled woman NPC with Vaermina's name and voice, as well as chests for all the Thieves Guild fences, the Stones of Barenziah, notes and books relating to Thieves' Guild quests, drinks, levelled and special loot, and Mercer Frey's Chillrend sword.

Main Menu Cell

Area Code: MainMenuCell

Entirely blank. Sort of self-explanatory...?

Unowned Cell

Area Code: UnownedCell

All this contains is a chest with an Amulet of Mara. Not sure what it'd be used for.

Voice Cells

All of these cells are small stone rooms carrying NPCs with IDs relating to disembodied Daedra voices.

  • Area Code: AzuraVoiceCell – Holds a female Dark Elf with the ID DA01AzuraVoice.
  • Area Code: MalynVarenVoiceCell – Empty.
  • Area Code: MolagBalVoiceCell – Holds a male Imperial with the ID DA10MolagBalVoice.

E3 Bleak Falls Barrow

Area Code: E3demoBleakFallsBarrow

Pretty much identical to the final game, except in the final game, the location is split into two separate loading cells. This version is both cells clumped together; presumably to show off combat at an E3 expo. A few smaller parts of the map were taken out as well. There are some bugs in it as well (probably because it was just a early build), such as the man trapped in the spider web not able to be freed and not obtaining a shout when you approach the wall at the end. No enemy appears when you are supposed to collect the shout. When you get to the end of the map, you are taken outside of a random mountain near Whiterun.

Helgen Unused Cells

These cells all lead back to or reference Helgen in some way, the town that Alduin ravages at the start of the game. Perhaps Helgen was to be rebuilt at one point in the game?

  • Area Code: HelgenHomestead – This is one of the houses destroyed by Alduin at the beginning of the game. Normally you jump through this on your way to the keep with Ralof or Hadvar, but it exists as a partially coded room with a table, two chairs, a floating bed and a exit back to the destroyed house in Helgen.
  • Area Code: HelgenTheLostMansReprieve – Going off the name, one could guess this was an inn, though all that is left is a table and a door that goes nowhere.
  • Area Code: HelgenTorolfsMill – This is pretty much the same as the Lost Man's Reprieve.

Hoarfrost Grotto

Area Code: HoarfrostGrottoOLD

An unfinished ice cave which just houses a Frost Atronach and some Ice Wraiths. There's no exit.

Skyrim hoarfrostgrottoOLD.png

Obscured Passage

Area Code: CidhnaMine03

The ID suggests this was a scrapped part of the Cidhna Mine. It's mainly full of corpses and gates, and has Dwemer architecture throughout.

Scrapped Quests & Dialogue


A quest exists with the editor ID of WIKill02 which was named "Haunting" but has been prefixed with " - CONDITIONED NOT TO START - ". Based on the quest ID (which shares the same scheme as the quest for inheritance letters) and some leftover dialogue, it seems as though at some point in development, an NPC who died could come back and haunt a loved one.

Boethiah's Bidding

There are several leftovers from a quest where Solitude's Jarl Elisif (the widow of High King Torygg) was supposed to be murdered to appease the Daedric Prince Boethiah. The quest still exists with the editor ID DA02KillObj, but as Elisif is marked as essential to the game, she cannot be killed and the quest is never triggered.

If by console Elisif is made unessential and killed, the quest will still not activate, but guards will make the following comments:-

  • "Even the nobility of Oblivion seem to favor our cause." – Stormcloak guards
  • "Damn Stormcloaks. First Torygg, and now Elisif. Let's hope Erikur fares better than they did." – Imperial / Solitude guards

The second line shows that Erikur, one of Solitude's thanes, was to ascend to the throne if Elisif was to die.

Trius' Trinket

This would have been a quest where upon meeting a man called Trius outside a shipwreck, he would ask you to search it for a jewelry box. Returning it to him would have given you a new spell. The editor ID for this quest is dunShipwreck04QST.

Alternate Delayed Burial Start

There is an unused scene that would've taken place when you first arrived outside Whiterun. Uthgerd and Skulvar would've been outside talking.

"By Ysmir, it's true. A jester - funny suit and all. Just north, by the Loreius Farm. Fool had a coffin in a cart, with a broken wheel. Like to see him laugh his way out of that."

"Well, sounds like you've had quite the journey, Uthgerd. But you were gone longer than usual. I got to thinking maybe you weren't coming back..."

"You sound like my ma. Figured I was lying dead in a field somewhere, is that it?"

"Thought did cross my mind, yeah. War brewing, talk of a riot in Helgen, and now jesters? Skyrim's gone mad, girl. You need to be careful out there."

"Careful, huh? Thanks, Skulvar. I'll remember that. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!".

After the scene is complete, Delayed Burial will start.

Collecting the Edda

An unused Bard's College quest which seems to logically follow after the Festival of Burning King Olaf. The Poetic Edda is what Viarmo says is a "living history of Skyrim", written by bards studying at the Bard's College.

Animal Pelt Collection

An early Companions quest with very unfinished journal entries and references to Aela the Huntress. This quest would've made you hunt animals for their pelts, funnily enough.

Winterhold Rogue Wizard

A quest in which one is sent out to deal with a Rogue Wizard. The NPC is unused, so it never triggers, nor is there a reward once asked to return to Tolfdir. The Rogue Wizard in question exists with the BaseID 0005AE91, and is a High Elf, but never actually appears anywhere in the game.

Killing Jarl Balgruuf

A lot of unused scripts and dialogue, when viewed with the Creation Kit, show that Hrongar was meant to initially replace Jarl Balgruuf during the quest The Whispering Door. Not just Nelkir, but all of Balgruuf's children were meant to fall under the influence of Mephala, and the three of them would commit patricide. The scripts remain unused and thus, Hrongar cannot become Jarl.

Alternate Dark Brotherhood beginning

An NPC male Nord exists called PlayerFriend with the BaseID 0002001F, and is supposed to appear in Candlehearth Hall in Windhelm (albeit naked without weapons or gold). He is friendly towards you, but otherwise has no other scripts. That said, the NPC is called in the quest "With Friends Like These", the initiation Dark Brotherhood quest. It's presumed that instead of killing Grelod the Kind, you were to kill a friend of yours - something which was referenced by Bethesda in pre-release texts.

Drahff & Hewnon Black-Skeever

These two bandits appear in the entrance corridor to the Ratways in Riften, in which they attack you on sight. However, recorded dialogue not used implies that originally the two were supposed to demand money off you before they'd let you pass. Intimidating them would allow you to pass without a fight.

Killing Children

If the "setrace" command or mods are used to allow the player to kill child characters, their death noises are voiced. Furthermore, children also have voiced zombie groans just like resurrected adults, suggesting that this was scrapped in late development.

Bigger Civil War

According to leftover dialogues, markers, scripts, etc. The Civil war was meant to be much more advanced and dynamic than it was in the main game.

Possibility of Loss

It was implied that it was possible to fail and lose battles, in which you would have to then go on the defensive until your team won a battle.

Whiterun Escape

If you lost Whiterun for the Imperials, dialogue suggests you would then get a quest to escape the city using some sewer tunnels underneath the city.

City Sieges

Sieges and large scale battles were planned to take place in every hold capital and not just Whiterun, Solitude, and Windhelm.

Jarl exchange dialogue (similar to the dialogue between Balgruuf and Vignar when you take Whiterun for the Stormcloaks) are present for the major cities (Riften, Markarth) but the smaller ones (Morthal, Falkreath, Dawnstar, or Winterhold) don't have dialogue.

Ondolemar's Triumphant Execution

In addition to the above scene between Jarl Igmond and Throngar Silver Blood, another scene would happen if you took Markarth for the Stormcloaks: Galmar Stone-Fist would confront the local Thalmor Justiciar Ondolemar as he tried to leave with the Jarl. After some banter, the former would attack and kill the later and his two escorts, then ordering his soldiers to burn the bodies

Interestingly, although the scene itself is cut from the game, you can still see its results: Ondolemar and his goons disappear from the game, and their clothing and items can be found in a coffin in Markarth's Hall of the Dead after it's taken over by the Stormcloaks.

Final Battle not in Solitude/Windhelm

Leftover final battle dialogue suggests the final battle taking place in any of the holds rather than just Solitude or Windhelm. This has several implications:

1. That it was possible to take over Solitude/Windhelm while the Imperials/Stormcloaks still held onto at least one other realm, implying the leader would flee to that hold instead.

2. That holds would not be captured in a linear order like they were in the final cut.

Cut Missions

A number of side missions are cut from the main game, including dealing with (and recruiting) a giant that is harassing troops.

Inaccessible Keys & Nonexistent Areas

A handful of keys exist in the code that are either unobtainable or open doors that are never found in-game.

Irontree Mill House Key

Object ID: 00098b7a

This unobtainable key is supposed to be carried by two characters named Steirod and Trilf, neither of whom are found in the game.

Key to Traillus's House

Object ID: 00065659

This key is unobtainable.

Key to Longhouse

Object ID: 0009e2a4

This key is carried by Jesper, Swanhvir, and Teeba-Ei, NPCs who can be found in Stonehills. Though it is obtainable, The Longhouse it's meant to open doesn't exist.

Key to Wintersand Manor

Object ID: 00093b14

This key is carried by the NPCs Acolyte Jenssen, Ahlam, and Nazeem, who can be found in and around Whiterun. Though it is obtainable, Wintersand Manor doesn't exist.

Key to Argi's Hut

Object ID: 0009e2a6

This key is carried by Argi Farseer, who can't be found anywhere in the game, making the key unobtainable. Even if it were obtainable, Argi's Hut doesn't exist.

Doesn't Exist

Object ID: 000C62A1

Nothing special. It appears to be a duplicate of the Katariah Master Key, but renamed.

(Source: UESP)

Placeholder Messages

FX / Gameplay Placeholders

In the game files remain message boxes that describe various visual effects and events in the game. These were likely used as placeholders during development of the game, where special effects would be used, and where various things would happen.

ID Name Text
DA14TempFadeInMessage (temp) FX Placeholder Screen slowly lightens from black and resolves from blurry images into normal view. Sanguine's voice fades out and is replaced by priestesses'.
DA14TempFadeOutMessage (temp) FX Placeholder Player drinks. Over remaining lines of scene, the screen goes fuzzy and fades to black as Sanguine continues talking.
DA15Temp155Message (temp) Gameplay Placeholder (temp placeholder)

Puzzle-fight with Pelagius, involving use of the Wabbajack

At the end, Pelagius disappears in a flash of light and is replaced by a skeever, which scurries off.

DA15TempDerveninEnterMessage (temp) FX Placeholder (temp placeholder)

Sheogorath snaps his fingers and Dervenin appears in a puff of smoke.

DA15TempDerveninExitMessage (temp) FX Placeholder (temp placeholder)

Sheogorath snaps his fingers and Dervenin disappears again in a puff of smoke

DA15TempExitMessage (temp) Gameplay Placeholder (temp placeholder)

Player learns to use the Wabbajack in various situations, and to solve puzzles to progress through level.

Then, approaching the end, the exit door disappears, and the ghost of Pelagius walks in through the wall.

DA15TempPelagiusLeavingMessage (temp) FX Placeholder (temp placeholder)

Pelagius's ghost gets up and walks away through a wall.

Other placeholder messages

In the game files also exists multiple placeholder messages.

ID Name Text Menu Button 1 Menu Button 2 Menu Button 3
C01TempMessage Playtesting Temporary Message Your Shield-Sibling turns into a werewolf here, and you hear the sounds of carnage from the other side. When he or she next appears, imagine they're covered in blood, having opened that barred door on the left. Awesome
DB06TakeScheduleMessage Placeholder Test Message - you took Agallon's schedule. This is running on an old script because the Papyrus equivalent isn't available - it needs to be switched over at a later time.
DB08KillGourmetMessage Placeholder Test Message - you killed the Gourmet.
DB08TakePapersMessage Placeholder Test Message - you took the Gourmet's Identity papers. This is running on an old script because the Papyrus equivalent isn't available - it needs to be switched over at a later time.
MG01TestCastMessage TEMP Here's where the player would cast the appropriate spell.
MG01TestWardMessage TEMP Here's where the player successfully wards spells cast by Tolfdir.
MG02TestOrbMessage TEMP Tolfdir and player do dungeon-crawly stuff and eventually come upon the Eye...
MG02TestSceneMessage TEMP Everything freezes, monk appears and scene runs
MG02TestTransitionDoorMessage TEMP -- here's where Tolfdir would place the amulet in the door, at which point it unlocks and opens.
MG02TestWallMessage TEMP Wall collapses when player takes amulet, opening up a new chamber.
MG04TestMonkSceneEndMessage TEMP: There's another flash of light, and everything goes back to normal.
MG04TestMonkSceneMessage There's a flash of light, we throw up some cool image shaders, and everything stops...
MG04TestRitualMessage Aren gets close, there's a huge flash, and everything goes 'boom'

Screen will fade to black, then fade back in for the start of MG05

MG04TestStage60Message The player and Mirabelle go to the Great Hall, where the ritual is already underway.
MG06TestDoorMessage Aren and Ervine take down the barrier, with or without the player's help.
MG06TestTelescopeMessage Here's where the player does the stuff with the telescope to make it work, revealing the location of the staff.
MG07TestPriestMessage Player meets Dragon Priest, player kills Dragon Priest. For now just pick up the staff on the floor.
MG07TestWaveMessage Dragon Priest is heard, wave of energy sweeps over player and drains all his magicka.
MG08TestEndMessage The monks perform a big fancy ritual spell, and they, along with the eye, disappear.
MG08TestMonkFrozenMessage The monk is frozen and unresponsive.
MG08TestTandilFreeMessage Player uses staff to revive Tandil.
MQ101TempChooseSidesMessage Who did you befriend while escaping from Helgen? Hadvar (Imperials) Ralof (Stormcloaks)
MQ101TempChooseSidesMessageKeep You rode the cart into Helgen with Ulfric Stormcloak and his men. Just before you were executed, a dragon attacked, and you escaped in the confusion, with the help of Ralof (a fellow prisoner) and Hadvar (one of the Imperial soldiers).

You arrive at the keep - Ralof and Hadvar are both there, asking you to follow them. Who do you go with?

Hadvar Ralof
MQ101TempMessage1 Display race/face menu.
MQ101TempMessage2 The cart's door opens, and Imperial soldiers start herding the prisoners out.
MQ102FriendTutorial Some kind of tutorial message will go here, explaining what it means to have a friend -- regard, reputation, favor points. In particular, that you can use favor points to take their stuff without them getting mad at you.
MQKillDragonTempMsg Imagine something really cool happening.
MQKillDragonTempMsg2 You just got more Voice Power points.
MS03TempWarning TEMP Alarms go off and Louis Letrush opens secret passage to Ratway. For testing, now proceed with Louis to MS03LetrushHideoutMarker
MS07CannotMessage TEMP - LIGHTS OUT (temp for testing)

The lamp is enclosed in a locked case.

MS07LightAlreadyOutMessage TEMP - LIGHTS OUT (temp for testing)

The light is extinguished and surprisingly hard to re-light.

MS07LightOutMessage TEMP - LIGHTS OUT (temp for testing)

With some difficulty, you extinguish the massive lighthouse lamp.

MS07OpenChestMessage TEMP - TREASURE (temp for testing)

Inside is treasure!

(quest ends)

T02RukiFenrigAscensionMessage Ascension TEMP: Ruki and Fenrig embrace, then slowly rise up into the air. Their spirits grow brighter as they ascend, until they become two bright points in the night sky, forever circling each other.
TG01UrnShattersMessage TEMP The urn shatters.
TG02HiveDestroyedMessage TEMP The bee hive is destroyed.
TG03BoardsDoneMessage TEMP You have already loosened the boards enough.
TG03BoardsLoosenMessage TEMP You loosen the boards over the storage room door.
TG03MeadBarrelBeforeMessage You shouldn't remove the barrel until the Honningbrew has been poisoned.
TG03SkeeverNestAfterMessage TEMP You've already poisoned the nest.
TG03SkeeverNestBeforeMessage TEMP You apply the poison to the nest.
TG03VatAfterMessage TEMP You've already poisoned the vat of Honningbrew.
TG03VatBeforeMessage TEMP The Honningbrew has been poisoned.
TG03VatMessage TEMP Do you wish to poison the Honningbrew? Yes No
TG05TempSceneMessage01 Player is struck. Imagespace effect blur/fades to black. Imagespace returns normal and Player is moved to marker. Player will be 1st Person lying on ground looking up at the action.
TG06StoneHeavyMessage TEMP The stone is too heavy to lift.
TG06StoneRubFailMessage TEMP You don't have the items required to make a copy of the inscription.
TG06StoneRubFailMessageAlt TEMP You will need charcoal and paper in order to make a rubbing.
TG06StoneRubMessage TEMP You create a rubbing.
TrapLockpickingTEMP Placeholder for trapped doors and chests.

Select the lockpicking outcome.

Success Failure Abort
da03TEMPscene1Message TEMP - Special Effects! (temp until effects are in)

Barbas magically disappears

Statue in Vile's shrine changes so Barbas appears on the statue as well.

Dialogue from Barbas and Vile continue, but both now come from statue.

Unused demo quest

There are message boxes relating to some sort of "demo radiant quest" that is never featured in-game.

ID Name Text Menu Button 1 Menu Button 2
DemoQuestMsgBossFail I cannot rest until I have my ancient sword and helm...
DemoQuestMsgBossSuccess You have brought me the long-lost sword and helm! Now I can rest in peace...
DemoQuestMsgQuestgiver I need you to fetch the WOOZLE from the NEARBY DRAUGR CRYPT. Sure, I'll do it. No thanks.
DemoQuestMsgStart The demo radiant quest has started.

Unused Spells and Perks

Unused Archery Perk

Perk ID: 105f1a

An unused perk for the Archery skill tree exists within the Creation Kit, but was left out before the game's release. It is known as Trick Shot and would have been obtained when the player had acquired 80 Archery skill and unlocked the Quick Shot perk. It's description read: "25% chance of disarming an opponent." The perk can be acquired by using the console command Addperk 105f1a. It won't appear in the skill tree for Archery but it is fully functional.

Unused Test Objects

Skyrim testscalerefnpc01.png

A man with an interesting face used as a reference for scale.

Skyrim FalmerDirectionalGlow.png

A cube possibly used to test lighting effects on Falmers.

Unused Conjuration Spell

Spell ID: 0010FC16

An unused spell for the Conjuration skill tree exists in the games files, but was left out before the game's release. It is known as Conjure Dragon Priest and is only accessible with console commands. It would have been a standalone version of Konahrik's Mask enchantment. Casting it would summon a Spectral Dragon Priest for 60 seconds. The spell can be acquired by using the console command player.addspell 0010fc16. It would have had three perks which would extend the maximum duration to 120 seconds, 240 seconds, and to allow the summoning of two Dragon Priests.