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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim/Dawnguard

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This is a sub-page of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

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Dawnguard is the first DLC for Skyrim, released worldwide for the Xbox 360 on June 26, 2012; the PC on August 2; and the PlayStation 3 on February 27, 2013. But what makes Dawnguard noteworthy is how it adds a crapload of unused data and test cells.

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Unused Dialogue

Vigilant Tolan during Awakening

Vigilant Tolan originally played a much bigger role than he does in the final game. Instead of encountering him at Fort Dawnguard, the player originally started the Dawnguard questline by finding a wounded Tolan at the destroyed Hall of the Vigilant. Upon healing him, he would offer the player the same dialogue as he does in the final game, with the exception of the topic "What was the Hall of the Vigilants?", which appeared as "What was this place?" in order to make sense for the location. The player could then ask him how he survived the attack on the hall.

Speaker Text File
Player How did you survive the vampires' attack?
Tolan I wish I could say it was courage, or skill at arms that saved me. But that would be a lie. [[File:]]
Tolan No, I am alive only because the vampires spared me. [[File:]]
Tolan It seems they wanted to send a message to the other Vigilants still walking the roads of Skyrim. [[File:]]
Tolan If was a foolish mistake, and I intend to make sure they learn that the hard way. [[File:]]

The player would then have been able to ask Tolan where the vampires went after the attack. The player's dialogue is no longer present, but Tolan's dialogue is.

Speaker Text File
Tolan North, I think, then they turned west and that's the last I saw of them. [[File:]]
Tolan They mentioned some place called Dimhollow Crypt, but I don't know where that is. [[File:]]
Tolan While you're looking for the vampires, I'll try to get us some help. Come find me at Dead Drop Falls when you've learned more. [[File:]]

If the player talked to Tolan, but left before healing him, he would've cried out.

Speaker Text File
Tolan Wait, please! Don't leave me for the wolves to find! [[File:]]

Vigilant Tolan during Bloodline

This quest would've played out mostly in the same way as the final game, with one major difference. The player still reported to Tolan, rather than Isran, who wasn't met at this point. Also, the player would've returned to Tolan with Serana, before heading to Castle Volkihar.

Speaker Text File
Tolan It's good to see you all in one piece. Who is this? Voice file no longer in the game's files.
Player Her name's Serana. It was her that the vampires were seeking.
Tolan What do you mean? Why were the vampires after this woman? Voice file no longer in the game's files.
Player Because she's one of them.
Tolan She's... she's a vampire? Are you a complete fool? You can't trust them! She'll turn on you the first chance she gets! [[File:]]
Player I don't think so. In fact, I'm going to help her get home.
Tolan Home? Well, where is that? Some dusty crypt or frigid cave? Voice file no longer in the game's files.
Tolan No doubt she'd like you to lead her into such a place. Then, when you're alone and beyond help, the fangs will come out! Voice file no longer in the game's files.
Player I can handle myself, and there are still unanswered questions
Tolan I suppose you're right. I should have a little more faith. Voice file no longer in the game's files.
Tolan Just be sure to keep your eyes open and your guard up. Voice file no longer in the game's files.

Upon returning to Tolan after bringing Serana home, he would've said this. What the player would've answered is unknown, as is any following dialogue.

Speaker Text File
Tolan You're back, good! So, what happened? [[File:]]

Vigilant Tolan during A New Order

This quest would've originally started off by meeting Vigilant Tolan at Stendarr's Beacon, where a scene would play out between him and Isran. The two Vigilants that are by Tolan's side in the final game would've also appeared here, tending to the beacon with a third, additional Vigilant.

Speaker Text File
Isran Well what did you expect, Tolan? Didn't I tell you? Didn't I warn you this would happen? [[File:]]
Isran Look at these fools, so concerned with tending their precious "beacon." [[File:]]
Isran Why not just scream at the top of your lungs "Here we are, monsters! We're oh so tasty! Come and get us!" [[File:]]
Tolan Isran, these vampires are different. I know you've disagreed with the Order in the past... [[File:]]
Isran They threw me out, Tolan! [[File:]]
Tolan I know, and I'm sorry that happened. But now... [[File:]]
Isran Yes, you've explained yourself. I'm supposed to just throw myself in front of you all and offer protection, am I? [[File:]]
Isran Years of mocking, of dismissal... and now suddenly here you are, begging for help. [[File:]]
Isran Well, maybe it really is time to resurrect the Dawnguard. [[File:]]

After this scene, Isran would speak to you, asking about your connection to Tolan.

Speaker Text File
Isran And I suppose you're the one Tolan says is actually doing something about this mess. [[File:]]
Isran These Vigilants are nothing but talk. [[File:]]
Player Yes, I've been aiding Tolan.
Isran It certainly seems the Vigilants of Stendarr can't help themselves. No surprise there. [[File:]]
Player Are you going to help?
Isran Well, I certainly can't help any less than the Vigilants of Stendarr, now can I? [[File:]]
Isran I warned them. I knew something like this would happen eventually. But they didn't listen, and look where it's gotten them. [[File:]]
Isran This attack... it's unlike the vampires. Do we at least know what they were after, or is this completely a lost cause? [[File:]]
Player They were trying to free a woman trapped in a crypt.
Isran None of this makes any sense. What does she have to do with this? [[File:]]
Player She just wants to go home.
Isran None of this feels right. We need to know more. [[File:]]
Player I don't know, but she must be connected.
Isran Why her? What significance does she have? We don't have enough information. [[File:]]
Isran Well, it seems the Dawnguard really is needed again. [[File:]]
Isran While I ready things here, you find out what this woman means to the vampires. She must be important somehow. [[File:]]
Isran I'll admit, I don't know that I can trust you, but I know I can't rely on the Vigilants for anything. So we'll have to work together for now. [[File:]]
Isran If you can prove you're reliable, maybe you can join the Dawnguard. We have ways of dealing with vampires. [[File:]]

It is unknown what would've happened after this, but at one point the player would've gone to Fort Dawnguard, where a short scene would've played out between guards Celann and Durak. It seems that the Fort would've been attacked by vampires at this point, like the final game. This also would've been the first time that the player entered the Fort.

Speaker Text File
Durak Here comes another one! [[File:]]
Celann Hold it! He's the one Tolan mentioned. [[File:]]
Celann Hold it! She's the one Tolan mentioned. [[File:]]
Durak Ugh. I thought this place was supposed to be secret? [[File:]]
Celann Well it was... Thank the Vigilants for ruining that. [[File:]]

Vigilant Tolan during Bolstering the Ranks

Vigilant Tolan would've also been able to elaborate on Florentius and Isran's past during the quest Bolstering the Ranks.

Speaker Text File
Player I need to find someone named Florentius. [[File:]]
Tolan Florentius? Really? I assumed Isran would want nothing to do with him. [[File:]]
Player Does Isran have a problem with him?
Tolan Isran has a problem with most people, if you haven't yet noticed. [[File:]]
Tolan No, this was different. He never trusted Florentius, always thought him to be trying to get attention. [[File:]]
Tolan I can't imagine that opinion has changed. [[File:]]
Player Do you know where I can find him?
Tolan Florentius still worked with the Order from time to time. [[File:]]
Tolan Last I knew, he was headed to Ruunvald. But then, we hadn't heard from anyone there in a few weeks. [[File:]]
Tolan If he's moved on, perhaps the Vigilants there can tell you where he's gone. [[File:]]

It seems that after this point, the story was re-written to its final incarnation, as there are no more references to Tolan to be found anywhere.

Unused Map Markers

Both Windhelm and Dawnstar receive new map markers with this DLC, both for their docks. Neither marker ever gets enabled and, in Dawnstar's case, it was likely seen as redundant. Also of note is that neither the "Windhelm Docks" or "Dawnstar Docks" markers use the symbol of docks (anchor), but rather that of a shipwreck (ship).

Test Cells

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To access these, load up the console by hitting Tilde and then typing coc Editor ID.

Editor ID: DLC1NPCHome
This interior cell is modeled like a Nordic barrow. It is a single square room with two very short hallways with dead ends.

Editor ID: DLC1LDUtilityCell
A Dwemer-decorated room which includes items from the DLC: the Aetherial Crown, Staff, and Shield, plus the Aetherium Crest.

Editor ID: testFalmer
This interior cell is set up like a stone fortress. Behind the entrance is empty space. There are Ancestor Moths in the middle of the main room, with three locations on the ground where they can land. There is nothing of interest up the stairs. A leveled melee bandit stands next to the doorway, through which there is a small room. Embers float next to a broken part of a wall, which leads to a dirt tunnel with wooden support beams. The tunnel ends in nothingness.

Editor ID: testGiant
Similar to the testFalmer cell, this too is set up like a stone fortress. In the middle of the main room is a weak test vortex with a number of items in it—four Iron Daggers, two Hide Shields, two Deathbell flowers, one Daedric Greatsword of the Inferno, and four bloody human leg bones. In one corner of the room is a test Storm Atronach (level 30), but it is disabled and does not appear. There is nothing of interest up the stairs. Through the doorway, there is a small room with floating embers next to a broken part of the wall, which leads to a dirt tunnel with wooden support beams. The tunnel ends in nothingness.