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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim/Dragonborn

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This is a sub-page of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Dragonborn is the third and last DLC for Skyrim, released worldwide for the Xbox 360 on December 4, 2012; the PC on February 5, 2013; and the PlayStation 3 on February 12, 2013. Dragonborn deals with the return of Miraak, the original Dragonborn.

Unused Creatures

Ash Hopper

Form ID: xx019AD0

An Ash Hopper variant used for testing. It has a unique class that the finished version does not use.

Dwarven Ballista

Form ID: xx02B019

A Dwarven Ballista variant used for testing. It has very weak stats in comparison to finished versions.

Albino Spider

Form ID: xx017074

An unused friendly variant of the Albino Spider. Like other friendly spider variants, it was likely meant to be created with the imbuing chamber device. The base Albino Spider cannot be created in the final game, as all created spiders are subspecies of said spider.

Glowing Spider

Form ID: xx02747E

An unused spider variant. It uses an unique skin as well as an unique script in order to emit a special glow effect, which would also be unique to the spider.

Glowing Spider

Form ID: xx027495

A friendly variant of the previously-mentioned spider. It was meant to be created by the player and has an unused recipe remaining in the files.

Pack Spider

Form ID: xx027482

An unused spider variant. The spider uses a special skin, yet this skin looks identical to the Glowing Spider's. Like its name reveals, the spider is meant to carry items and it uses a special script for this purpose. The spider also carries loot, which is abnormal since Dragonborn's spiders usually burst upon defeat, therefore having no point to loot. It carries random gold and occasionally a gem, a piece of jewelry, or a scroll.

Pack Spider

Form ID: xx0274A0

A friendly variant of the previously-mentioned spider. It was meant to be created by the player and has an unused recipe remaining in the files. It is the only member of a unique race for Pack Spiders. It has no inventory and this version can also be talked to.


Form ID: xx0203BD0C

An unnamed test creature, likely used for testing the Ring of Tracking, used in the Telvanni quest Old Friends.

Detection Target

Form ID: xx019617

An unused rabbit, likely also used for testing the Ring of Tracking.

Horker Youngling

Form ID: xx01B63E

An unused Horker variant. It was a scaled-down version of a normal Horker, it also does not attack on sight, unlike regular Horkers. It is still present in formlists, indicating it would only appear on the island of Solstheim, not on mainland Skyrim.

Ice Wraith

Form ID: xx0E2D2B

An unused variant of the normal Ice Wraith. It has low stats and is part of the "DLC2Wyrm" faction.

Solstheim Mudcrab

Form ID: xx025AE4

An unused Mudcrab variant with a unique ash skin. It was meant to populate the island of Solstheim.

Frost Troll

Form ID: xx01DFA1

A Frost Troll meant to get summoned by the player under unknown circumstances.

Unused Dialogue

Skaal at the Wind Stone

At the start of the expansion, seven residents of the Skaal Village can be found working at the Wind Stone. Others can be found elsewhere, although they still have dialogue present for when they would get saved from working at the Stone. This either implies that these people were also supposed to appear at the Stone, or that the dialogue has been conditioned wrong in some cases.


Yrsa can be found working at the Temple of Miraak, not at the Stone.

Speaker Text File
Yrsa Relief and gratitude
Yrsa You saved us! But from what? Is it truly over?


Oslaf is also present at the temple.

Speaker Text File
Oslaf Finna? Aeta? Where are my wife and daughter?!
Oslaf By the All-Maker, please let my wife and daughter be safe.
Oslaf I must get home, outsider.


Nikulas appears meditating at the magical barrier of Skaal Village; he is never seen under control by Miraak.

Speaker Text File
Nikulas We're the victims of some evil magic, but why?
Nikulas I'm on my way to Skaal Village. Perhaps I'll see you there.
Nikulas You are a true hero. I thank you, friend.