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The Elder Scrolls: Blades

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Title Screen

The Elder Scrolls: Blades

Developer: Bethesda Game Studios
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Platforms: iOS, Android
Released internationally: March 28, 2019

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MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
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The Elder Scrolls: Blades is a mobile game that is actually for consoles.

Future Ports

Even though the game is only on Android, iOS, and the Nintendo Switch right now, the game has some text strings that refer to future ports.

Xbox One
PlayStation 4

Cut Dialogue/Duplicate Dialogue

Theodor Gorlash has 10 whole cut lines of small talk, which now all just say one thing in every language.


There are 3 responses that the player can choose, which also say the same thing above.


Segunius also has extra dialogue marked with "DUPLICATE" at the beginning.

DUPLICATE Then we heard thunder, even though the sky was clear, and the fire started.

This line of dialogue is also slightly different from the one used in the final game.

Placeholder Descriptions

Buildings have a placeholder description, the classic "Lorem ipsum" paragraph.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.
Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat.

Jobs have a contradictory placeholder description as well.

Jobs should not have descriptions

There are 5 placeholder job names, too.

Kill 5 Bandits in Forest
Explore the Dwemer Ruins
Rescue Villagers in Dungeon
Find 3 Rings in Caves
Kill Trolls in Caves

Dwemer Ruins are mentioned here, but they are not seen at all in the final game. It seems they were replaced by Ayelid Tombs.


This section covers items, such as Potions, Poisons, building materials, etc.


There are two poisons that seem to have been made for testing purposes.

Poison Description
Poison of Death
  • This has no description.
Placeholder Poison
  • This has no description.


Clay was a resource that has been replaced with Copper. Interestingly enough, copper still has the same internal name of "clay", and the clay's name and description are still intact under "clay orig".

Material Name Description
Clay Nothing is easier to mold than Clay, and for this reason alone it is commonly used in construction and crafting.


Four placeholder images exist, two for broken equipment and broken shields. Whoever made them was really sad about their broken equipment.



Templar's Set

Templar armor is a set of artifact armor and weapons, currently unobtainable and very powerful if all equipped at once. Their descriptions aren't very descriptive, though.

Templar's Armor Set Bonus
+{0} Block Rating against undead while wearing the Templar's Cuirass, Helm, Gauntlets, and Boots.
Sets undead that hit the wearer On Fire if also wearing the Templar's Helm, Gauntlets, and Boots
Does {0} fire damage per second to undead while wearing the Templar's Cuirass, Helm, Gauntlets, and Boots.
Equipment Header text
Templar's Boots Templar's Boots
Templar's Cuirass Templar's Cuirass
Templar's Gauntlets Templar's Gauntlets
Templar's Helm Templar's Helm

Watcher's Set

There are three deleted pieces of equipment, Watcher's Armor, Watcher's Greaves and Watcher's Gauntlets. They were part of the Watcher's Set. People who signed up during E3 2018 have access to the helmet and sword. Each cut Watcher's equipment have their own descriptions. In English they have all been marked for deletion, however their descriptions in other languages are intact:

Equipment English Description French Description Italian Description Spanish Description German Description Russian Description Fan-translated English Description
Watcher's Armor NO LONGER IN USE - REMOVE OBJECT AND DESCRIPTION Les Gardiens portent rarement des armures, leur travail requérant un maximum de discrétion. Toutefois, lorsqu'ils sont appelés au combat, ils revêtent ces armures reconnaissables. Gli Osservatori indossano raramente corazze, poiché i loro incarichi richiedono molta discrezione. Quando però vengono chiamati in battaglia, portano spesso queste armature caratteristiche. Los Vigilantes no solían llevar armadura, puesto que debían ser bastante discretos en sus actividades. Sin embargo, cuando se les llamaba al combate vestían estas armaduras distintivas. Wächter trugen nur selten Rüstung, da ihre Aufgabe höchste Diskretion erforderte. Sobald sie jedoch in den Kampf zogen, legten sie oft diesen charakteristischen Schutz an. Наблюдатели по самой природе своей службы редко носят доспехи. И всё же, случись им пойти в бой, Наблюдатели облачаются в специальную броню. The Watchers did not usually wear armor, since they had to be quite discreet in their activities. However, when they were called to combat they wore these distinctive armor.
Watcher's Gauntlets NO LONGER IN USE - REMOVE OBJECT AND DESCRIPTION L'armure couvrant les bras et les mains utilisée par la section des Lames appelée Gardiens, des agents spécialisés en opération sous couverture. Questa è l’armatura per il braccio standard della sezione delle Blade chiamata Osservatori, agenti specializzati in operazioni in incognito. Es la armadura básica para manos y brazos utilizada por el grupo de Cuchillas conocidos como Vigilantes, agentes especializados en operaciones de infiltración. Dieser Standardschutz für Hände und Arme gehört den Wächtern, den Schläferagenten der Klingen, die in geheimer Mission operieren. Это стандартные защитные перчатки Наблюдателей - воинов ордена Клинков, специализирующихся на нелегальной разведке. Armor covering the arms and hands used by the Blades section called Watchers, agents specializing in undercover operations.
Watcher's Greaves NO LONGER IN USE - REMOVE OBJECT AND DESCRIPTION Bien que l'on n'ait que très peu d'informations sur la structure de commandement interne de l'ordre proscrit des Lames, la rumeur dit que des “Gardiens” sous couverture seraient présents dans toutes les capitales majeures de Tamriel. Si sa ben poco della struttura interna dell’ordine fuorilegge delle Blade, ma si dice che ci siano degli “Osservatori” in incognito in tutte le maggiori capitali di Tamriel. Aunque se sabe poco sobre la estructura de mando interna de la orden proscrita de los Cuchillas, se rumorea que los Vigilantes están presentes en todas las principales capitales de Tamriel. Obgleich nur wenig über die interne Hierarchie des für gesetzlos erklärten Klingen-Ordens bekannt ist, wird gemunkelt, dass sich in jeder größeren Stadt von Tamriel verdeckte “Wächter” aufhalten. О структуре запрещенного ордена Клинков мало что известно, но поговаривают, что глубоко законспирированные Наблюдатели есть в каждом крупном городе Тамриэля. Although there is very little information about the internal command structure of the proscribed Order of Blades, rumor has it that undercover "Watchers" would be present in all the major capitals of Tamriel.


There are some unused artifacts that remain in the game. They will be removed if they become obtainable.

Weapon Weapon Type Description
Umbra Versatile Sword Umbra
Shield of Ysgramor Shield Shield of Ysgramor
Templar's Mace Versatile Mace Templar's Mace
Templar's Shield Shield Templar's Shield
Templar's Sword Versatile Sword Templar's Sword


To do:
Review this! What other unused decorations are there?

There are three Abyss decorations, though the only one that seems obtainable is the second decoration.

Decoration Name Description
Abyssal Mound They say it's impossible to conquer the Abyss... but champions rarely listen.
Abyssal Altar The Lich and the Abyss - one did not create the other, but they are forever linked, a true union of the damned.

Internal Project Name

Many files refer to the game as Blade.