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The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

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Title Screen

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

Developer: Bethesda Game Studios
Publishers: Bethesda Softworks (US), Ubi Soft (EU)
Platform: Windows
Released in US: May 1, 2002
Released in EU: May 2, 2002

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
Sgf2-unusedicon1.png This game has unused abilities.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.

PrereleaseIcon.png This game has a prerelease article

To do:
  • Document the patch differences. [1]
  • Cover Xbox release, if there isn't much unused content exclusive to that version.

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind is the third game in the Elder Scrolls series, and the first main series game in full 3D. It takes you to the island of Vvardenfell in Morrowind where you, the Player, must fulfill a prophecy to save the island from the evil Dagoth Ur and his Sixth House Cult. In the Tribunal expansion, the player goes to the city of Mournhold to stop assassins from killing him, only to find that there's more going on. The Bloodmoon expansion takes the player to the island of Solstheim, northwest of Vvardenfell, where they must foil the plot of the Daedric Prince Hircine and his Bloodmoon Prophecy.


Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info
Test Cells
Rooms built by the developers to test various things.
Unused Sounds
Voice-overs and creature sound effects that were never actually used.
Unused Spells and Enchantments
Spells and enchantments that were made but ended up going to waste. Note that this doesn't include spells used by NPCs that are unobtainable by the player. (sans diseases)
Unfinished and Unused Quests
These quests were either not finished because of time or disabled due to bugs or another quest being made that made it obsolete.
Unused Textures and Models
Morrowind has a few models and textures in Morrowind.BSA that end up not being used.
Unused Actors
NPCs that were cut out in development and never made it into the game.
Unused Items
Many items in the game are unused.

Expansion Packs

Unused content added by the Tribunal expansion.
Unused content added by the Bloodmoon expansion.

Unused Creatures

There's a few creatures that never got used. Keep in mind that these are versions of existing creatures and therefore use the same models as their used counterparts. These creatures can be spawned with the console by using the placeatpc command. As with other console commands, if the ID has an underscore or no spacing, then the quotation marks are optional. However, if there is a space, one will need to use quotation marks. And also the IDs are not case sensitive.

Ash Ghouls

A couple of Ash Ghouls are nowhere to be found in-game yet their IDs exist in the game and construction set. Both of these are Dagoths so they would have been found in Sixth House bases.

Dagoth Aladus
He just doesn't seem to exist anywhere. There are a few Sixth House bases that lack a Dagoth inside of them. Perhaps he was meant to appear in one of these. His Internal ID is the same as his in-game name.

Dagoth Velos
There actually is a Dagoth Velos used in the game. However, another one exists that's completely unused. The used one uses the ID ash_ghoul_fgr while the unused one uses a more typical internal ID. (the same as the in-game name) The existence of two Dagoth Velos is often speculated that unused one was intended for a dropped Fighters Guild quest. Strangely, the unused Dagoth Velos has spells where as the used version is oddly limited to melee.

Hrundi, a Nord quest giver for the Fighters Guild branch in Sadrith Mora, was supposed to give a quest where the player was intended to kill Dagoth Velos in the Sanit Sixth House base. In the final however, Dagoth Velos appears in Yakin and is associated with a quest given by Skink-in-Trees-Shade at the Sadrith Mora Mages' Guild instead. This would account for the lack of a Dagoth in Sanit.

Ascended Sleepers

A single unique Ascended Sleeper goes unused.

Dagoth Malan
Dagoth Malan cannot be found in the game. His console ID is literally his name (space included) He was possibly meant for one of the many Sixth House bases scattered throughout Vvardenfell that lacks a unique Dagoth.

Corprus Stalker

There is a single Corprus Stalker not used in the game. Because none of the Corprus Stalkers have a unique in-game name, the internal ID will be used instead:

Despite the name, this Corprus Stalker doesn't actually seem to be used. the ID indicates it was supposed to be used for the "Berwen's Stalker" Fighters' Guild quest. In the game however, a different Corprus Stalker is used. Interestingly, this specific Corprus Stalker only has 40 health as opposed to the 60 health of the used ones and its melee attack only does 1-5 damage as opposed to 5-15.


Even the Scrib has an unused version. Oddly enough, it has a different in-game name.

A unique Scrib that goes unused. It's only really unique because of the name however. It's not much different from a typical Scrib. Oddly enough, it's missing the paralysis spell even the most basic version of the Scrib has so it's limited to using melee. The internal ID is scrib_vaba-amus.


There is an unused guar in the CS.

Tarvyn's Guar
Listed internally as guar_pack_tarvyn_unique this is obviously a Pack Guar. It seems it would have been involved in a quest of some sort as it has assorted types of dinner plates in its inventory. It would have probably been similar to the quest A Man and His Guar. Was most likely meant to be owned by the House Hlaalu-related quest NPC, Tarvyn Faren whom is indeed another character that must be escorted.

Disabled Creature Visual Effects

To do:

Various creatures' models in the vanilla game have visual effects that were disabled for technical reasons. These can be re-enabled via nifskope.

Unused Scripts

To do:
Ash Vampire Script and any other scripts that were either partially or completely unused.

An unused script can be accessed via the TES Construction Set called UseTest.

begin UseTest

;Commented out by Doug -- was not compiling & causing dialogue crashes...

;short	rotate

;if ( UsedOnMe, Misc_pot_redware_01 )
;	if ( rotate == 0 )
;		MessageBox, "The Pot was used on me, I'll spin around now"
;		set  rotate to 1
;	else
;		MessageBox, "The Pot was used on me, I'll STOP spinning now"
;		set  rotate to 0
;	endif
;if ( MenuMode == 0 )
;	if ( rotate == 1 )
;		rotate, z, 45
;	endif
end UseTest

Doug may be referring to "Douglas Goodall", one of the writers and quest designers for the game.

begin ashvampire

;on each ash vampire; when each ash vampire dies, Dagoth Ur is weakened
;based on Dagoth Ur base stats: Strength, Willpower, Speed = 100; 
;Health, Fatigue = 1000
;Magica = 5000

;when Dagoth-Ur dies, the ashvampires also die

if ( GetJournalIndex c3_DestroyDagoth >= 50 )
	if ( GetHealth > 0 )
		SetHealth 0

if ( OnDeath == 0 )

"dagoth_ur_1"->modStrength -5
"dagoth_ur_2"->modStrength -5
"dagoth_ur_1"->modWillpower -5
"dagoth_ur_2"->modWillpower -5
"dagoth_ur_1"->modSpeed -5
"dagoth_ur_2"->modSpeed -5
"dagoth_ur_1"->modHealth -50
"dagoth_ur_2"->modHealth -50
"dagoth_ur_1"->modFatigue -50
"dagoth_ur_2"->modFatigue -50
"dagoth_ur_1"->modMagicka -250
"dagoth_ur_2"->modMagicka -250

End ashvampire

This script is actually used, but the second part of its effects aren't applied due to an engine bug/limitation that prevents the effects from applying if Dagoth Ur wasn't loaded when the Ash Vampire is killed. This can be made to apply to Dagoth Ur's first form by visiting the Facility Cavern, leaving, then killing Ash Vampires before killing the first form but can never trigger for the second form since backtracking from Akulakhan's Chamber before killing Dagoth Ur is impossible. If this script did work or the workaround is used, Dagoth Ur's first form would actually die immediately upon the player entering the Facility Cavern if all Ash Vampires are killed since he has only 300 health and there are 6 Ash Vampires whose deaths reduce his health by 50 each. The OpenMW engine recreation lacks the limitation, allowing the above to be discovered and necessitating a hardcoded fix to the issue of Dagoth Ur dying if enough Ash Vampires were killed.

The part that kills Ash Vampires upon Dagoth Ur's death is fully functional.

(Source: https://wiki.openmw.org/index.php?title=Bugs)
(Source: https://openmw.org/2014/head-falling/)


This section is dedicated to odd stuff and inconsistencies found throughout the game and its internal data. In 2024, Douglas Goodall would make his way into the Morrowind modding scene and solve some of these mysteries:

  • Although in-game text states you can catch Corprus Disease from the Corprus Stalker and Lame Corprus creatures, you can actually only catch standard Blight Diseases from them. The only actual ways to catch Corprus disease is from the event in the main quest or through a bug involving the NPC Tanusea Veloth. According to Douglas Goodall, the player was never meant to get Corprus any other way but the main quest and this may either refer to an earlier version of the game, or just that other people were supposed to get it that way and it was just a bit of lore flavoring.
  • On a related note, numerous Corprus restoration and destruction spells go unused. In some cases, the resist Corprus spell may be bought from NPCs that sell spells. Notably, Only-He-Stands-there, an Argonian found in South Wall Cornerclub in Balmora sells a couple of Resist Corprus spells. These are totally useless, obviously. Douglas Goodall said these spells may be an oversight.
  • In the Sixth House Base of Sharapli (located just over the mountains east of Ghostgate) is an odd object labeled "Pool of Forgetfulness" its purpose is unknown but the fountain of water that sprays into it is unusually low detail, even for Morrowind. It's an activator object and can be interacted with via the activate button, but it does nothing. The pool itself is actually made up of two objects, both of which are part of the lava cave interior tileset which are "furn_lavacave_spout00" and "furn_lavacave_pool00_forget. Douglas Goodall says one of the artists put it there and was probably meant to be an easter egg. He ironically doesn't recall knowing about it pre-release nor does he remember any content related to it. Granted, it has been over 20 years.
  • It was actually possible to catch Blight Diseases from the Blightstorms that plague the Red Mountain region. The game actually gives you these but never activates them while in a blight storm. This can cause some bugs with scripts by making them think you have Blight diseases, however it's not easy to encounter this in the vanilla game. The Weather settings for Blightstorms in Morrowind.ini actually have a disease chance value, which is set to about 10% or so by default. The Morrowind Code Patch's more recent versions patch this buggy behavior by removing it. Douglas Goodall said this is indeed the case but it not working is probably because it was working at one point and wasn't on anyone's testing list.
  • Ald Redaynia is a remote, ruined Velothi tower, located at the western end of the island north of Urshilaku Camp and the island itself is called "Ald Redaynia" in in-game text. While normally, this wouldn't be notable as several islands and whatnot go officially unnamed on the actual map, Ald Redaynia is special in that some of the in-game text refers to it as a small village. Despite this, nothing is on said island except the occasional creature (Cliff Racers included), and the Tower of Ald Redaynia itself. It may be possible that a town was planned for this location at one point, but no evidence other than in-game text points to this. Douglas Goodall said he did not remember much about it but does think it was supposed to be a village.
  • A Thieves' Guild quest involving Felen Maryon in Tel Branora has you steal his staff which is named "Felen's Staff". For whatever reason, a duplicate of this staff using his last name, "Maryon's Staff" exists in-game as well and can be found in the Telvanni Vaults in Vivec. No quests are associated with it, but its ID indicates it may have been another version of the staff that was planned to be used at some point instead of the actually used one. The ID for "Maryon's Staff" is ebony_staff_tges. The tg in the ID obviously stands for "Thieves' Guild". this naming scheme is used for a lot of quest-related items in-game. Douglas Goodall says he probably made both of these then either forgot he made one and made a new one or had to not use the original for some reason, and then didn't delete it.Someone else, probably an artist, seeing an unused unique id, put it in the vault.
  • In Balmora's Morag Tong Guild Hall's Basement, there is a locked prison cell containing a corpse of a member of the Morag Tong, named Methas Hlaalu. On his corpse is a unique item called "Methas Hlaalu's Amulet". It's unknown what his purpose was originally intended to be, as the game makes no references to him at all, in dialogue or otherwise. Due to his last name, he is thought to be somehow physically related to the head of the Morag Tong, Eno Hlaalu. Douglas Goodall has stated that there is indeed cut content relating to it, but he cannot remember what it was. Either he was investigating the Tong or was the former guild master or something like that. It was a big deal at one point, but he doesn't remember what the big deal was.
  • A Nord named Vori can be found at Wolverine Hall in Sadrith Mora. Strangely, her house is actually all the way in Balmora. It's unknown as to why she appears at Sadrith Mora rather than Balmora. She has no quests tied to her either, which makes this even stranger.
  • Also in Sadrith Mora's Wolverine Hall exterior location, is an Orc Knight by the name of Dumbuk gro-Bolak. While there is nothing out of the ordinary about him, it seems Bethesda goofed and put two instances of him in-game by accident. The other instance of which can be found in Gnisis. This gives him the dubious honor of being the only named NPC to have more than one instance of themselves in the game. Not really anything unused but interesting to note nonetheless. Also worth noting is Bethesda never realized this goof in any of their official patches which unsurprisingly has resulted in players fixing it in various patch project mods.
  • The same thing also happened to the artifact "Ring of Surroundings", which can be found both in Balmora and in Orvas Dren's mansion.
  • In Tel Mora, a Bosmer named "Borwen" (not to be confused with the similarly named Bosmer Trader in Tel Mora, "Berwen") is listed as an Ashlander with the rank of Hearthfriend. Normally the Ashlander faction is reserved for Dunmer only (with the exception of the player being able to join as part of the main quest). Because of this oversight, Borwen has the dubious honor of being the only non-Dunmer Ashlander. In addition, her dialogue makes her behave as if she were a Dunmer as the topic about the Dunmer Race will have her talk as if she were an Ashlander Dunmer. Whereas asking her about the Bosmer race will have her respond as if she were a Dunmer as well. She also wears the recognizable Ashlander clothing. It turns out she was always intended to be a bosmer and she is a remnant of a mostly scrapped romance series of quests Douglas Goodall was making. Each quest would have links to one of the secret master trainers. Only one of these quests actually was completed and made the final cut. This is the questline Ahnassi's Special Friend and the Secret master associated with her is the secret master of Acrobatics.
  • Huleeya, an NPC that can be found in Vivec's Black Shalk Cornerclub, will refer to the Cornerclub's owner as "Saralis Golmis", although their name is Raril Giral and no NPC by the name of Saralis Golmis exists. Douglas Goodall said that the NPC's name was more than likely changed at some point.
  • Ajira and Edwinna Elbert, both Mages Guild characters, refer to someone known as "Bribanne Erien" in dialogue, although no NPC by this name exists in the game or its files.
  • In Waist North-One of Vivec's St. Delyn Canton there's an Ancestor Ghost. Internally it's known as "ancestor_guardian_fgdd", the "fg" in this name refers to the Fighters Guild, indicating that the Ghost was once tied to a Fighters Guild quest. Said quest no longer seems to exist in any form and no-one ever acknowledges it.
  • Haema Farseer is the Shipmaster at Dagon Fel. The only ship docked there is called the "Arrow", but Haema claims her ship is called the "Wild Rover". It's likely that the name of the ship was changed during development wihout altering the text.
  • During the House Redoran quest "Trouble with Bandits", herder Drulene Falen mentions that she and two other herders, Endrone Thirendas, and Drovone Famori usually get attacked. The latter two don't exist in any way.
  • The Zainab Ashlander Camp has a yurt known as "Kuda's Yurt". No Ashlander by this name appears in the game or its files, however.
  • Both general rumors and Hides His Eyes in Suran will mention a female Dunmer called "Narese Athrys" that stumbled upon a rogue Telvanni base. However, no NPC by this name can be found in Suran or anywhere else.
  • Rumors in Vivec speak of a Dissident Priest named "Malur Omayn" that was locked up in the Ministry of Truth. No NPC by this name can be found, however.
  • General rumors and Fenas Madach speak of a local woman named "Bilsa Andaram" that was talking about smugglers. No NPC by this name exist in Gnisis or elswhere.
  • Local Ald'ruhn dialogue and the book "Guide to Ald'ruhn" mention a Redguard known as "Hean" that's supposedly the local priest for the Imperial cult. Hean doesn't exist in any form, and the Imperial cult don't have any representatives in Ald'ruhn in the final game.
  • Internally, several files reference the Ogrim Daedra as "Clannfear Daddy". Despite this, the final version of the Ogrim has no relation to the Clannfear Daedra. However, they interestingly share a color scheme so it's possible it may have been a plan for the Clannfear and Ogrim to have some sort of relationship originally. Judging by the name, it can be inferred that perhaps the Ogrim was going to originally either be a Clannfear trainer of sorts, it would have been able to use the Summon Clannfear spell, or the Clannfear were going to be its offspring.
  • Similarly, in the Tribunal expansion, the Durzog creature has files that call it "Sludge Hound". Due to it being a creature almost exclusively found in Mournhold's sewers, the original name is possibly a reference to that.
  • Factions require minimum attributes to join and progress in the ranks of. All factions the player can join (except the Blades and vampire clans, where these numbers are unused) have this value set to the minimum value possible for a player character for the five ranks, and barely above that for the remaining five. All non-playable factions (as well as the Blades and vampire clans) however, have actual values assigned. These factions also have higher skill requirements, up to the impossible requirement of having 110 (over the cap of 100) in one of the faction's skill.