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Fallout 3 (Van Buren)/Weapons

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This is a sub-page of Fallout 3 (Van Buren).


The Tech Demo has many unused weapons hidden in its files. Models and inventory icons for all of them exist in the game's files. There are also scripts for the weapons, suggesting that they can be used in the tech demo. However, there's no known way to summon them right now.

Of note is that it appears that Van Buren was going to have a weapon modding system, which “officially” made its debut in New Vegas.

.223 Autoloader

If you squint hard enough it looks like the .223 Pistol from Fallout 1, 2 and New Vegas

A .223 pistol. It could be modded with a silencer.

.22 Autoloader

Just in case you really wanted a low-power and shitty pistol in a Fallout game and don't want to play New Vegas.

A .22(LR?) pistol. It could be modded with a silencer.

.45 Autoloader

All of these pistols look the same.

A .45 pistol. It could've been modded with an extended magazine mod, a silencer, or both.


This type of hacking isn't for script-kiddies.

A hatchet for hacking people up.


Thanks again for the worthless melee weapons, Black Isle!

The useless Shiv from Fallout 2 was going to make a comeback in Fallout 3/Van Buren.


Gonna fuck you up esse.

Van Buren would've let you hack up enemies with a machete.

.45 Revolver

Van Buren let you be a cowboy long before New Vegas did.

A revolver chambered in .45. What advantages it would have over the .45 autoloader is unknown - perhaps none, since in many video games, including those in the Fallout series, players receive less effective versions of weapons earlier in the game.

.50 Revolver

.50 cal fun time!

A frikkin' revolver chamber in .50.

9mm Autoloader mods

The 9mm Autoloader present in the Tech Demo could've been modded with either an extended magazine, a silencer, OR BOTH!

9mm Machine Pistol mods

The 9mm Machine Pistol that's usable in the Tech Demo could've been modified with an extended magazine and/or a silencer. There's also a listing for a “suppressor” mod, which is pretty silly, as a silencer and a suppressor are the same thing.

Sawed Off Shotgun

Of all the shotguns BIS included in the tech demo, they included the always-useless Sawed Off Shotgun?

The Sawed Off Shotgun is the only shotgun in the game's files.

APOLLO Laser Gun

That grip doesn't look safe.

A nifty laser gun named APOLLO was going to be in the game. According to background info included with the design docs, APOLLO was a super-advanced laser weapon designed by Poseidon Energy that was never finished. A player with a high science skill could finish it.




An enormous rail gun. According to design documents, it would be an unfinished prototype weapon that a player with a high science skill could complete. It would use 15mm EC as ammo.


Gauss Pistol

How do you fit a rail gun system into a damn pistol? It's pretty damn impressive.

A Gauss Pistol, which also appeared in Fallout 2. It probably used 2mm EC ammo, if the Fallout 2 Gauss Pistol is any indication.

Laser Pistol

Pew pew goes the small laser gun.

A Laser Pistol. Nothing special about it.

Laser Array Gun

I bet this would be a major hit in the 1920s.

A large laser gun. The weapon is shaped like a Thompson SMG, which is also a shape used by the Laser RCW weapon in Fallout: New Vegas. It's possible that the Laser Array Gun evolved into the Laser RCW, as Fallout: New Vegas draws quite a bit of material from Van Buren.

Arc Welder


Your average welding tool turned murder weapon.


An extra Crowbar for Barney Calhoun.

The Gordon Freeman special from Fallout 1 and 2 would've been used in Van Buren.



The first explosive weapon in New Vegas would've appeared in Van Buren as well.


I LOVE this weapon!

Every RPG needs vendor trash, and a classic piece of Fallout 1 and 2 vender trash, the Flare, would've returned to fill that role just as well as in Fallout 1 and 2.

Bio Grenade

Perfect for terrorist scares.

Based on its name, it would probably be filled with some sort of nasty biological agent that would be released when it blew up.

EMP Grenade

It's PULSE Grenade, not EMP Grenade! Way to ignore canon, Black Isle! Oh wait, they made Fallout 1 and 2. Ooops.

Based on the name, it would probably do a shitload of damage against robots. Probably a renamed Pulse Grenade, as there is no Pulse Grenade listed in the game's files.

Frag Grenade

Stop spamming grenades you fuckin' noob!

The classic explosive grenade would've returned in Van Buren.

Plasma Grenade

How many people have actually used a Plasma Grenade in a Fallout game?

The Plasma Grenade would've returned in Van Buren.

Hand Flamer

Febreze cans can be deadly.

This would be a mini version of a Flamer. It looks a lot like a spray can.

Heavy Wrench


It seems that Van Buren would've let you go Engineer on your foes.

Kitchen Knife

I'm so "edgy"!

A kitchen knife. Simple, yet deadly.

Laser Saw

That doesn't look safe for medical purposes.

The inventory icon shows a red laser between the top and bottom cylinders on the top part of the weapon, which isn't on the actual model.

Lead Pipe

Great for smashing up random cars in Metro City and people.

A...lead pipe you would beat people over the head with. This reappeared in both Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas.

Night Stick


Another generic melee weapon.


This doesn't rock!

Just in case you were worried, Van Buren would've had worthless weapons, such as a throwable rock.


Apparently, gluing a knife and a weapon magazine together gives you a switchblade.

Yet another bladed weapon.

Table Leg

It's clobberin' time!

You would've been able to beat enemies to death with a damn TABLE LEG. Hardcore!

Throwing Knife

Wouldn't holding a throwing knife by the blade be dangerous for you?

One of two non-explosive throwable weapon in the tech demo's files.