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Fear Factor Unleashed

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Title Screen

Fear Factor Unleashed

Developer: DC Studios
Publisher: Hip Games
Platform: Game Boy Advance
Released in US: November 17, 2004

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

Error Messages

The ROM has a lot of error messages left over from development, so many that it's probably not worth posting them all here. Probably.

WARNING: %s (Function: %s  File: %s  Line %d)
C:\Dev\Libraries\Hydrogen Library\Sources\Common\hyDefines.cpp
hyDumpMemory: Unknown display type!
Internal error!
Referential not set, use SetReferentialInfo() first!
Video slot not selected yet!
Affine slot not selected yet!
The palette was already locked!
The palette was not locked!
Invalid argument!
You shouldn't call this function for Rotation sprites!
You have to initialize the SpriteStreamer first!
You should stop the animation first!
You are setting the same animation on this referential!
Frame counter is out of range for this animation!
Detected animation with different palettes!
You have to set an animation callback for this referential!
Invalid return value!
MasterScreenData was not set in hyBackgroundManager!
Invalid argument!
Deleting an unallocated referential!
Internal error!
The array was not initialized!
Object was already inserted into list!
Object is not in list!
Array modification in progress!
Objects not activated!
No master screen set!
Dumping referentials...
%d animated referentials:
%3d %p
%d referentials visible:
Referential dump done.
Invalid argument!
The referential must be linked to the map first!
Master screen was not set!
Cannot process enemies when using small tiles!
Tracking referential is not set!
Tracking region is not set!
Animated tile was already active!
Animated tile was not active!
Tiles memory is full!
Max tiles count reached!
Cannot copy this tile, maximum copy array reached!
This tile was not referenced!
Screen character does not match map character position!
Invalid argument!
Key script buffer overflow!
Invalid argument!
Script buffer was not initialized!
Script buffer was not recorded!
No script assigned!
Only backwards rewind allowed for recording scripts!
Rewind is not yet implemented for playing streams!
hyFileSystemManager(): Bad starting offset!
hyFileSystemManager(): Cannot find file system!
GRetrieveFile(): Cannot find %s
GetFileSize(): Cannot find %s
Dumping memory blocks...
MEM> Block #%03d: Header, (%6d) bytes at adress: 0x%p
MEM> Free gap (%6d) bytes, at adress: 0x%p
MEM> Block #%03d: (%6d) bytes (%s) at adress: 0x%p
MEM> Block #%03d: Footer, (%6d) bytes at adress: 0x%p
Internal error!
Cannot allocate memory block!
Invalid block!