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Final Fantasy VII/Unused Text

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This is a sub-page of Final Fantasy VII.

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The bulk of the following text was originally discovered by Face of the Moon's Robert Seddon and Shademp. It was extracted from the Final Fantasy VII International field dialogue and offers more characterization and tongue-in-cheek humor than we got to see in-game. Perhaps Square felt it was unnecessary? Translation by GlitterBerri, with commentary by GlitterBerri, Robert Seddon, and Shademp.



Robert Seddon says: This dialogue is from tin_3, the carriage from which the party jumps out of the Midgar train.

ビッグス Biggs:
「おれ、一度でいいから I wanted to try out
 こんな格好してみたかったんだ」<End> this look just once.

Robert Seddon says: This duplication doesn't occur in the English files.

BARRET Barret:
「よ~しっ!! Right!!
 おめえら、よくやった!」<New> Y’all did great!
「こっからも作戦通り We’ll keep on acting
 行動しろ!」<End> according to plan!
BARRET Barret:
「んっ~~!!」<New> Alright...!!!
「おう! Hey!
 おめえら、休みがほしいか?」<End> You guys want a vacation?
ウェッジ Wedge:
「ほ、ほしいっす!」<New> I, I do!
「あっ……。 Ah...
 なんでもないっす…」<End> Nevermind...
BARRET Barret:
「おう!! OK!!
 おまえら、ちょっと聞いとけ!!」<New> Listen up, y’all!!
「このミッションが無事成功したらな。 If this mission goes well,
 オレたちは身をひそませなきゃなんねえ」<End> we’ll have to lay low for a while.
「おまえらを連れってってやるぜ!<End> I’ll take y’all to the birthplace
「アバランチの生まれ故郷。 of AVALANCHE!
 星の命を守るものの聖地 The sacred land of those that protect the
 コスモキャニオンへな」<End> life of the planet. Cosmo Canyon.
アバランチの面々 AVALANCHE Members:
「ひゅ~!!」<End> Wow!!
ジェシー Jessie:
「温泉は?」<End> Will there be hot springs?

Robert Seddon says: Cf. another piece of unused dialogue in which she talks to Cloud about visiting hot springs.

BARRET Barret:
「あるかもしんねえな」<End> Maybe.
ビッグス Biggs:
「おれ、この服着てってもいいか?」<New> Can I keep wearing these?
「おれ、一度でいいから I wanted to try out
 こんな格好してみたかったんだ」<End> this look just once.

Robert Seddon says: Maybe this repetitiousness arises from the scriptwriters trying out variations on the theme...

BARRET Barret:
「おう! Yeah!
 いいかもしんねえな」<End> It’s probably alright.
ウェッジ Wedge:
「おいしいもの Will there be
 あるっすか?」<End> good food?
BARRET Barret:
「あるぞ~。 You betcha.
 うまい酒もだっ」<End> And delicious sake!
BARRET Barret:
「ふぅっ~」<New> Sigh...
「見渡すかぎりのでっけえ空に The whole sky is full of stars,
 満天の星だ。<End> as far as the eye can see.
「遠くからチロチロと I can hear the sound of the bonfire
 かがり火の音が聞こえてる。<End> crackling in the distance.
「そいつをさかなに You can sit around it
 チビチビやんのよ」<New> and munch on grub.
「なあ、いいだろぅ?」<End> Well, whaddaya think?
ジェシー Jessie:
「ね、CLOUDは?」<End> Hey, what about Cloud?
BARRET Barret:
「ああ…… Yeah...
 あいつもいっしょだ」<End> He’s comin’ too!
ビッグス Biggs:
「でも、報酬…… But his paycheck...
 もう払えないんだろ?」<End> We can’t pay him anymore, can we?
BARRET Barret:
「よけいな心配すんじゃねえ!!」<New> Quit worryin’ so much!!
「金が払えなきゃ If we can’t pay ‘im, we’ll
 首ねっこ、ふんづかまえて catch ‘im by the scruff of
 つれてきゃいいんだ!」<End> his neck and drag ‘im along!
アバランチの面々- AVALANCHE Members:
「ふぅ~っ!! 」<END> Siiiigh!!
BARRET Barret:
「じゃな!{EOL} Alright!!
あとしまつはたのんだっ!」<END> I'll leave the rest to you!

Johnny's House


「ハッハッ…… Hah hah...
 あなたもテレビ見たさに我が家に?」<New> You came to my house to watch TV?
「ハハッ……まあ、私は家内とちがって Hahah... well, unlike my wife,
 ふところがタプタプですから I'm a pretty generous guy.
 まあ、ゆっくりしてってくださいよ」<End> Go ahead and relax.
「ところで、この事件」<New> By the way, what are your thoughts
「あなたはどう思われますかな?」 on this whole affair?
☞ 実は俺が犯人だ ☞ Actually, I’m the one who did it.
☞ 興味ない<End> ☞ Don’t care.
「ハッハ……ご冗談を」<New> Hah hah... good one!
「いやいや、私の見解ではね。 Anyway, from my point of view,
 アバランチとやらいうテログループも those AVALANCHE terrorists
 いよいよ終わりですな」<New> are finished.
「神羅カンパニーはミッドガルの警備に Sounds like Shin-Ra’s decided to
 ソルジャーの投入を決定したようですよ。 deploy Soldier in Midgar’s defense.
 いやはや、気の毒に」<End> Man, too bad for them.
「これは大きな声ではいえないんですがね。 Can’t say this too loud, but
 実は私、学生のころね。 when I was a student, you could
 あれでして、まあ反体制といいますか」<New> say I was, well... anti-establishment.
「ハッハッ……おはずかしい。 Hah hah... how embarrassing.
 かげながら、アバランチのことを I’m secretly rooting
 応援してるんですよ」<End> for AVALANCHE!
「ハッハッ…… Hah hah...
 親はそんなことでよろこぶもんです。 That's the sort of thing that
 まあ、そんなもんですなあ」<End> makes parents happy. Yeah...
「ハッハッ……。 Hah hah...
 テレビは離れて見ねえとな!」<End> The TV’s too far, I can’t see!

Robert Seddon says: Presumably referring to President Shinra’s broadcast; see below.

「おっ!! Oh!!!
 ありゃ、プレジデント神羅!! That’s President Shin-Ra!
 ほう~!!」<End> Wow!!
「おっ! Oh!
 ソルジャーが出てくるのかい! They’re sending SOLDIER out!
 アバランチとやらもこれで終わりだな」<End> Those AVALANCHE guys are finished!

Robert Seddon says: Maybe this is too excitable to be one of the parents…

「おっ!! お前は幼なじみ! Oh!! You guys are old friends!
 かわいそうによ…… That’s so sad...
 ジョニーのヤツいじけちまったぜ」<New> Johnny’s lost his nerve.
「オレはここでテレビを見ながら I’m watching TV to distract
 世の中のことでも考えて myself from thinking about
 気をまぎらしてんのよ」<End> what’s going on in the world.
「フッー…… Sigh...
 なんかあわただしい世の中になっちまった。 The world’s sure gotten confusing.
 別れの予感がするなあ」<End> I feel a premonition of farewell.
ジョニー Johnny:
「……TIFAちゃん… ...Tifa...
 TIFAちゃん……」<End> Tifa...
ジョニー Johnny:
「ああ……!! Aa...!!
 よりによって、お前にー!! By you, of all people!!
 ひどいよっ! ひどすぎるっ!」<End> It’s awful! It’s too awful!
ジョニー Johnny:
「やめろっ!! Stop!!
 やめてくれっ!!」<End> Please, stop!!
ジョニー Johnny:
「見るなっ! Don't watch!
 見ないでっ!!」<End> Don’t look!!
「あら、クールな興味ない男さん!」<New> Hey, Mr. Too-Cool-To-Care!
「このテレビ、どこ製だと思います?」 Who do you think made this TV?
☞ 神羅製かな…… ☞ Shin-Ra, maybe...
☞ ……興味ないな<End> ☞ ...Don’t care.
「正解~!!」<New> Correct!!
「ついでに、そこの子の愛車神羅T4000も While we’re at it, so was that kid’s favorite
 この家の家具もトイレのペーパーまで Shin-Ra T4000 car and all the furniture in
 ぜ~んぶ」<New> this house, right down to the toilet paper.
「便利な世の中の道具は神羅製!!」<End> All useful things in this world are made by Shin-Ra!
「だから、わかんないのよね~」 That’s what I don’t understand!
☞ なにが…… ☞ What...?
☞ ……興味ない<End> ☞ ...Don’t care.
「アバランチってのが戦う理由よ! The reason AVALANCHE fights!
 いったい、何が気に入らないのかしら? What are they so unhappy about?
 事情通の私にもわからないわよ」<End> Even a well-informed guy like me doesn’t know.
「あ!そ! Oh! Right!
 なにごとにも動じないあなたって It’s kinda cool how
 ちょっと素敵よ!」<End> nothing gets to you.
「あ!そ!! Oh! Right!!
 さっすが、クールな興味ない男さん!」<End> Just what I’d expect from Mr. Too-Cool-To-Care!
「カネさえあればこの街は天国なんだよな。 As long as you have money, this place is heaven.
 なんとかして神羅の仕事に Somehow or another, I’d like
 ありつきたいもんだぜ」<End> to find work with Shin-Ra.

Mount Corel


「ヘンだ!!<EOL> That's it!!
やってやるよ! 」<END> I'm gonna do it!
「帰ってきちまったか・・・・・・」 <END> So, I've come home...
「すごいながめね。<EOL> What an amazing view.
すいこまれそう」<END> I feel like it could swallow me up.
「んっ・・・・・・ ?<EOL> Hm...?
おまえがなに考えてるのか<EOL> I know what
だいたい想像がつくな」<END> you mean.
「こわいか?」<END> Are you scared?
「ほんのちょっとね」<END> Just a little.
「大丈夫だ」<EOL> It's alright.
☞ 俺が受けとめてやる<EOL> ☞ I'd catch you.
☞ TIFAなら落ちても死なないよ<END> ☞ A fall wouldn't kill you.
「CLOUDって誰にでもそういうこと<EOL> Cloud, I bet you'd
言ってそうだよね」<END> say that to anyone.
「あっ、ひど ~い。<EOL> Ah, you're terrible.
そんなこと思ってるわけ!」<END> How can you think that!
「CLOUD・・・・・・」<END> Cloud...
「・・・・・・うん」 <END> ...Yeah.
「大丈夫だ」<EOL> It's alright.
☞ 俺が受けとめてやる<EOL> ☞ I'd catch you.
☞ 俺といるほうが危険だ<END> ☞ You're in more danger being with me.
「きゃっ、CLOUD。<EOL> Oo, Cloud...
たのもしっ!」<END> You're so reliable!
「それもそうかも・・・・・・」<END> You might be right...
「人間とは不思議な生き物だな」<END> Humans are mysterious creatures.


「ヒマだったら If you aren’t busy,
 のぞいてったらどうだい?」<End> how about a peek?
「ま、サバクなんて Deserts are the
 入らねぇのが1番だな」<End> thing I hate most.
BARRET Barret:
「なあ、CLOUD……」<End> Hey, Cloud...
CLOUD Cloud:
「どうした? What is it?
 おかしな声だすなよ」<End> Quit sounding weird.
BARRET Barret:
「…………チッ…! ......Jeez...!
 なんでもねぇよ」<End> It ain’t nothin’.
TIFA Tifa:
「ひそひそ…… Psst...
 (BARRET、なんだか変ね)」<End> (Something’s different about Barret.)
「ひそひそ…… Psst...
 (BARRET、元気ないね)」<End> (Barret looks kind of down.)
「彼が物静かになるとは It’s a wonder to
 私にとっては、大いなる驚異だな」<End> see him quiet.
YUFFIE Yuffie:
「ありゃ、トイレがまんしてんな。 Hey, I’m waitin' for a toilet!
 そこらへんですりゃいいのにさ」<End> I could go over there, but...

Shademp: The following is used in the original Japanese and International versions. However, in English, all we read is...


“@#$%! {Tifa},

you oughtta know by now.”

...and the text box ends there.

「星を救うなんてカッコつけてるが I may act like I’m helpin’ the planet, but
 オレは神羅に復讐したいだけなんだ。 really I jus’ want revenge on Shin-Ra.
 自分の気がすむように I only wanna satisfy my own
 したいだけなんだよ!」<End> thirst for vengeance!
トゥルルルル Riiing!
(とりあえずのメッセージ)<End> (A message)
3Dチョコボレーシングスタート… 3D Chocobo Racing Start...
調整中…、調整中…、調整中…<New> Tuning... Tuning... Tuning...

Seventh Heaven


Robert Seddon says: We begin just after the alternative version of [http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=HbnhZd2ctmo the pre-promise scene, and as you can see this version starts off familiar but exhibits much more foreshadowing than the final script; this seems to be an emerging trend in the unused text.

『ここで回想へ{EOL} To the flashback
ニブルヘルム村・旅立ち編』{END} Nibelheim - Travelling

Robert Seddon says: Placeholder text; refers to the promise flashback.

{Tifa}{EOL} Tifa:
「思い出してくれたみたいね、約束」{END} Looks like you remembered the promise.
{Cloud}{EOL} Cloud:
「俺は英雄でも有名でもない。{EOL} I'm not a hero and I'm not famous.
約束は・・・・・・守れない」{END} I can't keep... the promise.
{Tifa}{EOL} Tifa:
「でも子供のころの夢を実現したでしょ?{EOL} But you made your childhood dream come true, right?
ちゃんとソルジャーになったんだもの」{END} You became a SOLDIER.
{Tifa}{EOL} Tifa:
「ねえ、これからどうするの?」{END} So, what will you do now?
{Cloud}{EOL} Cloud:
「・・・・・・セフィロスをさがす」{END} ...Search for Sephiroth.
{Tifa}{EOL} Tifa:
「セフィロス・・・・・・生きてるの?」{END} Sephiroth... is alive?
{Cloud}{EOL} Cloud:
「わからない。{EOL} I don't know.
もう死んでるならそれでいいさ」{NewScreen} If he's dead, that's fine.
「でも、生きてるんだったら{EOL} But if he's alive,
俺は・・・・・・あのときの決着を{EOL} I... have to settle things
つけなくちゃならない」{END} once and for all.
{Tifa}{EOL} Tifa:
「あのとき?」{END} "Settle things"?
{Cloud}{EOL} Cloud:
「5年前・・・・・・ニブルヘイム。{EOL} 5 years ago... Nibelheim.
俺たちの故郷をあいつは・・・・・・」{END} Our hometown, he...
{Cloud}{EOL} Cloud:
「{Tifa}だってそうだろ?{EOL} Don't you feel the same, Tifa?
ひどい目にあったんだからな」{END} You went through something horrible.
{Tifa}{EOL} Tifa:
「・・・・・・・・・・・・」{END} ......
{Tifa}{EOL} Tifa:
「{Cloud}・・・・・・あのときのこと{EOL} Cloud... you know
知ってるの?」{END} about what happened?
{Cloud}{EOL} Cloud:
「知ってるもなにも・・・・・・よく覚えてる」{END} I know everything.. I remember it well.
{Tifa}{EOL} Tifa:
「・・・・・・・・・・・・」{END} ......
{Cloud}{EOL} Cloud:
「ん? どうした?」{END} Huh? What's wrong?
{Tifa}{EOL} Tifa:
「・・・・・・{Cloud}、覚えてるんだ・・・・・・」{END} ...Cloud, you remember...
{Barret}{EOL} Barret:
「おう!!{EOL} Oi!!
いつまで、ごたごたやってんだ!!」{END} How long till you stop fussin'!!
{Tifa}{EOL} Tifa:
「わかった。{EOL} I understand.
{Cloud}はセフィロスを探すのね」{END} You're going to look for Sephiroth.
{Tifa}{EOL} Tifa:
「でも・・・・・・気が変わったらもどってきて」{END} But... if you change your mind, come back to us.

Robert Seddon says: So that’s another point at which Cloud seems to be leaving; compare Barret yelling at him to ‘get the hell out’ in other unused text.

MDS7 Part 2

{Barret}{EOL} Barret:
「いくぜ!!{EOL} We're movin' out!!
もたもたすんな!!」{END} Quit laggin'!!
{Tifa}{EOL} Tifa:
「いきましょ!」{END} Let's go!
「お、おいっ!!{EOL} O, oi!!
どいたっ!!{EOL} It moved!!
どいたっ!!」{END} It moved!!
「撃たれるっ!!{EOL} I'm hit!!
撃たれるっ!!」{END} I'm hit!!
「ゴリラ!!{EOL} Gorilla!!
ゴリラ!!」{END} Gorilla!!
「ヤダッ!{EOL} No!
さわんないでよっ!!{EOL} Don't touch!!
変態!!」 Pervert!!
「あら、いやだ!{EOL} Ew!
{Barret}が帰ってきちゃったよ。{EOL} Barret's back.
きっとまずいことがあるよ」{END} That mean something bad's gonna happen.
「ほら、やっぱり。{EOL} Yeah, see?
いわんこっちゃない」{END} I told ya so.

Robert Seddon says: The mind boggles. Children at play? 'Gorilla' as a possibly racial slur directed at Barret? Some completely unknown NPC(s)? We don't know. We now move indoors to Seventh Heaven (mds7pb_1): most of these lines do appear in the English files, though not during gameplay, but there are occasional differences between those versions and what GlitterBerri makes the Japanese script out to say.

{Tifa}{EOL} Tifa:
「ね、{Cloud}{EOL} Hey, Cloud!
このお花、ちゃんと{MULTICOLOUR}根{MULTICOLOUR} がついてるわ。{EOL} This flower's {MULTICOLOUR}roots{MULTICOLOUR} are still attached.
「枯らさないようにすれば{EOL} If I don't let it wilt, maybe
ふやせるかもね!」{END} more will grow!

Robert Seddon says: From a technical point of view, the noteworthy thing about the above is that it doesn’t correspond to even a blank dialogue box in the (English language) PC version’s files as viewed in Loveless.exe. Maybe it isn’t referenced in the game’s own tables... I don’t know; but the presence of such things – there seem to be quite a few in the Honey Bee Inn – doesn’t make our job any easier. The use of ‘Limit’-style colour-scrolling text on a single kanji is striking: why would so much emphasis be wanted? Maybe the early plans were to have less subdued formatting. We can see by comparing this in-development promotional screenshot NexusJannis found... <img src="http://i152.photobucket.com/albums/s168/VanishedOne/screenshots_miscellaneous/av01cc3.jpg" alt="" /> ...with how the same text looks in the final game... <img src="http://i152.photobucket.com/albums/s168/VanishedOne/screenshots_miscellaneous/ffvii_int_argument_2.png" alt="" /> ...that at some point Square clearly changed their minds about the division of text between boxes; maybe they also made other stylistic changes at the same time. (Incidentally, note that Marlene’s pose is different too.) Even so, why emphasise that word? Maybe Square once planned to do more with the flower.

『ドカドカドカ!!というSEがはいるよてい』{END} “'Bang bang bang!!' sound effect planned."

Robert Seddon says: The English files have: Thudthudthud!! That ???? is supposed to come in. It now seems this refers to Barret’s footfall as he charges in (reading SE as ’sound effect’).

『ピンボール動く{EOL} "Plans for the
・・・・・・{EOL} pinball machine to
・・・・・・予定』{END} ......move."

Robert Seddon says: This could well be another placeholder; 『』 brackets seem to be used for those elsewhere. The next couple of pieces of unused Seventh Heaven dialogue can be found in the English files, but there are a couple of points to note.

{Tifa}{EOL} Tifa:
「{Cloud}! もどってくれるの?{EOL} Cloud! You're back?
あ、でも、ちょっとまって」{NewScreen} Oh, just a minute!
「プレジデント神羅の発表が{EOL} President Shinra's address
ニュースで読まれるの」{END} is being read on the news.
{Tifa}{EOL} Tifa:
「私たち・・・・・・次はソルジャーと戦うのね」{END} We... we're up against SOLDIER next.
{Tifa}{EOL} Tifa:
「{Cloud}、助けてくれるのね?」{EOL} Cloud, you'll help us, won't you?
☞ 約束だからな{EOL} ☞I did promise.
☞ でも、{Barret}がきらい{END} ☞But, I hate Barret.
{Tifa}{EOL} Tifa:
「ありがとう、{Cloud}」{END} Thank you, Cloud.
{Tifa}{EOL} Tifa:
「そんなこと言いにきたの?」{END} You came to tell me that?
{Tifa}{EOL} Tifa;
「・・・・・・悪い人じゃないわ」 ...He's not a bad person.
{Tifa}{EOL} Tifa;
「だいじょうぶ。{EOL} It's alright.
私からちゃんと話しておくから」{END} I'll talk to him, OK?
{Tifa}{EOL} Tifa:
「さあ、下へいきましょ!」{END} Well, let's head downstairs!

Robert Seddon says: Another bit with a difference from the English files:

ビックス{EOL} Biggs:
「あのさ、{Cloud}!{EOL} Um, Cloud!
{Barret}は、あんなこと言ってるけど・・・」{NewScreen} Barret says things like that, but...
「おれたち、ほんとは不安なんだ。{EOL} We're really worried.
ソルジャーが出てきたら{EOL} If SOLDIER gets involved,
おれたち、みんなやられちまう」{END} we're all done for.
ウェッジ{EOL} Wedge:
「{Cloud}さん、手貸してくださいよ。{EOL} Cloud, please help us out.
俺、こわいっす」{END} I'm scared.
ジェシー{EOL} Jessie:
「{Cloud}・・・・・・{EOL} Cloud...
なんだか、せつないよ」{NewScreen} You look kinda miserable.
「どうしてなの?」{END} What's wrong?
{Cloud}{EOL} Cloud:
「どうなってる・・・・・・?{EOL} What's happening...?
やけにゆれるな・・・・・・」{END} I'm really shaking...
{Cloud}{EOL} Cloud:
「{Tifa}・・・・・・?{EOL} Tifa...?
どこだ?」{END} Where am I?
{Cloud}{EOL} Cloud:
「・・・・・・俺はどこへ向かっている・・・・・・」{END} ...Where am I going...

Robert Seddon says: The last line seems to correspond to ...I’m going out... in the English files, which made me think Cloud was walking out of the door, or maybe blacking out (since I was thinking about how the Materia outtake starts with him slumped by the pinball machine). Reading this, however, I now suspect this is Cloud’s first time on the pinball machine lift: his reaction makes it sound as though he hasn’t already seen it used as a lift, which suggests a different order of events on first entering Seventh Heaven. This is all speculative, of course.

Honey Bee Inn

Robert Seddon says: Before moving on to GlitterBerri’s translations, I want to note something odd about the filenames. The Honey Bee Inn has six rooms: onna_4 is the main lobby, onna_2 is the dressing room at the top, and the left and right sides each have a pair of rooms sharing a single map file (i.e. one background with the dialogue for each of two rooms): onna_5 to the right, onna_52 to the left. (The extra terminal 2 seems to suggest an alternative version of an area: cf. ealin1 and ealin12, the ground floor of Aeris’s house viewed from two different camera angles.) Other odd aspects are quite a number of blocks that don’t correspond to anything found in Loveless and, for some reason, the absence of the room names familiar from the English script. Here’s mrkt3, just outside the Honey Bee Inn: the following (with the exception of one block, {AERIS} “Hey!! {CLOUD}!!”) is blank in the English files. Cloud apparently believes Tifa’s inside, so he can’t have discovered she’s in Corneo’s Mansion yet.

「ま・さ・か……」 You’ve GOTTA be kidding...
☞ ここは俺にまかせておけ ☞ Leave this place to me.
☞ ここにTIFAがいるんだ、きっと<End> ☞ Tifa’s here, I’m sure of it.
「女装に必要ななにかがね。 You’ll need something for cross-dressing.
 ……ふ~~ん」<End> ...Hmmm.
「ふ~~~ん! Hmmmmm!
 そういう態度にでますかねえ」<End> So that’s how you’re gonna be.
「はやかったのね、CLOUD! That was fast, Cloud!
 どうだった? よかった?」 How’d it go? Any luck?
☞ よかったよ ☞ I got lucky.
☞ TIFAはいなかった<End> ☞ Tifa wasn’t there.
「あ……!」<New> Oh...!
「なんか、想像しちゃった。 I can imagine.
 さ、いきましょ!」<End> Well, let’s go!
「最初からわかってたくせに。 You knew that from the start.
 ま、いいけど…… Oh well...
 わたしもけっこう楽しんでるし」<End> I’m having fun too.
「あ、CLOUD、いいにおい! Oh, Cloud, you smell great!
 どうだった?」 How’d it go?
☞ 楽しかった ☞ It was fun.
☞ 関係ないだろ<End> ☞ None of your business.
「あっ!! Oh!!
 なんか、ごまかしてる!」<End> Come on!
「わたしといるよりも?」 More fun than being with me?
☞ まあ、そんなところだ ☞ Something like that.
☞ ごめんよ<End> ☞ Sorry.
「気にしない気にしない! Don’t worry about it!
 じゃ、いきましょ!」<End> Alright, let’s go!
「ふ~ん!!」<End> Hmph!!
「あっ……!! Oh...!!
 もういいの? CLOUD」 Are you finished, Cloud?
☞ ああ…… ☞ Yeah...
☞ まだ……<End> ☞ Not quite...
「なんだ……。 What...
 わかってくれたと、思ったのに。 I thought you knew
 わたしの気持ち…」<End> how I felt.
「うん! よかった! OK! Great!
 じゃ、いきましょ!」<End> Well, let’s go!
「やっぱり、いくんだ……。 Well, we’re off...
 ちょっと、がっかりかな」<End> You seem a little disappointed.
「キャッ!! Eek!!
 CLOUD!!」<End> Cloud!!
「CLOUD……。 Cloud...
 わたし、待ってるね」 I’ll be waiting.
☞ 怒ってるのかい? ☞ Are you angry?
☞ 人探しの基本は聞きこみだからな<End> ☞ The first step to finding someone is getting information.
「ううん……べっつに。 Mm... nope.
 いつものことだから」<End> Just the usual.
「それに、CLOUD、待ってるのって Besides, Cloud,
 楽しいの」<New> waiting is fun!
「考えるんだ、いろんなこと。 I’ve been thinking. It’s weird,
 変だよね、まだ出会ったばかりなのに」<End> isn’t it? We’ve only just met.
「うん……。 Right...
 帰ってきて、はやく」<End> Come back soon.
「満足した、もう?」 Satisfied?
☞ ごめんな、またせて ☞ Sorry to keep you waiting.
☞ もうすこし、まっててくれ<End> ☞ Just a little longer.
「CLOUD!! Cloud!!
 やっぱり……」 I knew it...
☞ TIFAを助けるためだ ☞ It’s to help Tifa.
☞ 感じるんだ……<End> ☞ I feel like it...
CLOUD Cloud:
「TIFAを助けるためなんだ。 It’s to help Tifa.
 わかってくれるよな」<End> You understand, right?
「……はいはい、いってらっしゃい。 ...Yeah, yeah. Good luck.
 興味ある年ごろだもんね」<End> You’re the right age to be interested in that stuff.
「な~るほどっ! Oh, I see how it is!
 言いたいことはそれだけ?」<End> Is that all you want to say?


きついメイク{END} Intense Makeup
自然なメイク{END} Natural Makeup
派手なメイク{END} Flashy Makeup


Robert Seddon says: There is a smidgeon of unused text [...] which is just one indication of a more involved quest for transvestite pulchritude. Behold the untranslated text of onna_4, starting with another indication that something about the Inn’s layout may have changed during development…

「ポッ・・・・・・♥{EOL} Oh... ♥
お客さん♥」{NewScreen} Sir... ♥
「4つのお部屋から{EOL} Please pick which of
好きなコースを選んでね♥」{NewScreen} the four rooms you'd like ♥
「空いてないお部屋は{EOL} You can't choose an
ダメなのよ♥」{END} occupied room ♥
「ポッ・・・・・・♥{EOL} Oh... ♥
お客さん♥」{NewScreen} Sir... ♥
「はやくっはやくっ♥」{END} Hurry, hurry! ♥
「お客さん。{EOL} Sir ♥
はじめてかしら?」{EOL} Is this your first time?
☞ はじめて、か・・・・・・?{EOL} ☞ My first...?
☞ どうなんだ・・・・・・{END} ☞ I wonder...
「ああ・・・・・・」{END} Yeah...
「そうだな・・・・・・」{END} That's right...
「そう・・・・・・。{EOL} Ah...
5つのお部屋から{EOL} Please pick which of
好きなコースを選んでね♥」{NewScreen} the 5 rooms you'd like ♥
「空いてないお部屋は{EOL} You can't choose an
ダメよ♥」{EOL} occupied room ♥
☞ え・・・・・・{EOL} ☞ Huh...
☞ わかった{END} ☞ Got it.

Robert Seddon says: These few blocks occupy the place where the names of the rooms appear in the English files. The last version of this dialogue listed 4 rooms and said ダメなのよ instead of ダメよ. The first version also lacks the [options for] reactions; the version below has them too.

「もう!! お客さん!!{EOL} Now, sir!!
人の話、聞いてるの?」{END} Are you eavesdropping?
「・・・・・・選んでね♥」{END} ...Go on and pick ♥
「4つのお部屋から{EOL} Please pick which of
好きなコースを選んでね♥」{NewScreen} the 4 rooms you'd like ♥
「空いてないお部屋は{EOL} You can't choose an
ダメよ♥」{EOL} occupied room ♥
☞ え・・・・・・{EOL} ☞ Huh...
☞ わかった{END} ☞ Got it.

Robert Seddon says: Same as the first one, but with reactions.

「お部屋を選んでね♥{EOL} Please pick a room ♥
(変なお客・・・・・・。{EOL} (Gosh, he's so weird...
ま、いつものこと♥)」{END} But then again, they all are! ♥)
{Cloud}{EOL} Cloud:
「はじめてだ」{END} This is my first time.
{Cloud}{EOL} Cloud:
「はじめてかどうかなんて{EOL} I forget if it's
わすれたな・・・・・・」{END} my first time...
{Cloud}{EOL} Cloud:
「使用中のようだな」{EOL} Looks like it's in use.
☞ 聞き耳をたてる{EOL} ☞ Strain to hear
☞ のぞき見る{END} ☞ Take a peek
{Cloud}{EOL} Cloud:
「・・・・・・すごい!!」{END} ...Whoa!!
「不適切な内容がふくまれているため{EOL} We apologize, but the following contains material
残念ながら、お見せできません」{END} unsuitable for the general public.
{Cloud}{EOL} Cloud:
「・・・・・・・・・・・・」{END} ...

Robert Seddon says: Now I really begin to wonder what Square’s staff meetings were like.

「んっ……? Huh...?
 まだなんかあるの?」<New> Was there something else?
「あたし、しつこい人はきらいなのよね♥」 I just hate stubborn people. ♥
☞ あのその…… ☞ Um, those...
☞ なんでもないんだ<End> ☞ Nevermind.
「なによっ!!」<End> What!!
「しつこいわねっ!!」<End> You sure are stubborn!
「わかったわかった……。 Oh, I get it...
 う~ん、熱意に負けたわ♥ Oo, I’m overcome by your enthusiasm. ♥
 あなただけ、特別ね♥」<New> I’ll do it just for you. ♥
「はい♥ 大事にして♥ Alright! ♥ Take care! ♥
 支配人にはないしょよ♥ Don’t tell the manager. ♥
 ふたりだけの秘密♥」<End> It’s our little secret! ♥
「じゃあね♥ See you! ♥
 バイバ~イ♥」<End> Bye bye! ♥
『セクシーランジェリー』を手に入れた。<End> Received "Sexy Lingerie"!
CLOUD> Cloud:
「あの……」 Um...
☞ 危険な任務のためだ。君の下着を貸してくれ ☞ Please lend me your panties for a dangerous mission.
☞ ほかの言い方はないのか…… ☞ Isn’t there another way to say it...?
☞ やっぱりなんでもない<End> ☞ It’s really nothing.
CLOUD Cloud:
「その……」 Uh...
☞ 彼女へのプレゼントなんだ。君の下着を… ☞ I need a present for my girlfriend. Give me your panties...
☞ うそっぽいか、ほかの言い方はないのか…… ☞ Sounds fake. Isn’t there another way to say it...?
☞ もういやだ。忘れてくれ<End> ☞ I’ve had it with this. Forget I said anything.
CLOUD Cloud:
「あの……」 Um...
☞ なにか思い出になるものを。君の下着を… ☞ I need something to remember you by. Give me your panties...
☞ だめだな、ほかの言い方だな ☞ No good. I need to think of something else.
☞ もういいんだ<End> ☞ Forget it.
CLOUD Cloud:
「その……」 Uh...
☞ じつは女装が趣味なんだ。君の下着が…… ☞ Actually, I’m into cross-dressing. I want your panties...
☞ う~ん、ほか ☞ Oog, something else.
☞ あきらめる<End> ☞ I give up.
CLOUD Cloud:
「あの……」 Um...
☞ 俺、変態なんだ。君のにおいをかぎたい… ☞ I’m a pervert. I want to smell your panties...
☞ いやだ、ほか ☞ No way, something else.
☞ バカ!<End> ☞ This is stupid!
「その……」 Uh...
☞ 俺に君の下着をくれないかぁぁ!! ☞ Give me your paaaantiiiiies!!
☞ 熱血風か…、ほかの言い方 ☞ That might be too strong... Something else.
☞ やめとく<End> ☞ I quit.
CLOUD Cloud:
「あの……」 Um...
☞ 俺、君のこと好きだ。下着くれないか? ☞ I like you. Won’t you give me your panties?
☞ ごめん、ほかないか ☞ Sorry, isn’t there something else?
☞ やめ<End> ☞ I’m done.
CLOUD Cloud:
「その……」 Uh...
☞ 下着くれ!! ☞ Your panties, please!!
☞ 開き直りか、ほかがいいな ☞ Too serious. Something else.
☞ やめだ<End> ☞ I said I’m done.
CLOUD Cloud:
「あの……」 Um...
☞ 俺、病気で…ハァハァ。君の下着が…。 ☞ I’m sick.. haha. I need your panties...
☞ どんな病気だ…、ほかの ☞ Sick with what... something else.
☞ いかん<End> ☞ I can’t do this.
CLOUD Cloud:
「う~ん…… Err...
 (TIFAを助けるために女装するとして (I need something I can use to
 使えそうなものは…… cross-dress in order to save Tifa...
 まさか、この蜜蜂ルックは目立ちすぎる…。 This Honey Bee look is way too flashy...
 う~ん、下着ぐらいか……)」<New> Err, maybe I can use the panties at least...)
「ええ……!! 下着ぃ?」<End> Uh...!! Your panties?


Robert Seddon says: Maybe if the people who want an FFVII remake ever get their wish, Square-Enix will let them play the game as it was meant to be experienced, with all these insights into social behaviour and manners restored. Finally, here’s onna_52, with an extended version of the scene where Cloud loses consciousness:

「この部屋にするよ……。 I’ll take this room...
 今夜は大切な夜なんだ」<End> Tonight’s an important night.
「ソルジャーさん? A SOLDIER?
 若いのに大変なのね」<End> But you’re so young, it must be hard.
「……まった?」<End> ...Did I keep you waiting?
「ねえ、決まった? Did you decide?
 ここでいいのね♥」<End> You wanted this one, right? ♥
「さ♥ はじめましょ♥」<New> Well. ♥ Let’s begin. ♥
「ハイ♥ まずはぁ……。 Right. ♥ First of all...
おふろにはいって♥」 Get in the bath! ♥
☞ まってくれ…… ☞ Just a minute...
☞ え……<End> ☞ OK...
「俺、ふろには入らない主義なんだ。 I’m against baths.
☞ ふろに入るなら死んだ方がましさ ☞ Give me dirt or give me death.
☞ 水がこわいんだ……<End> ☞ I’m afraid of water...
「わすれたな… I’ve forgotten...
 ふろなんて何年ぶりか…」<New> How many years has it been since I took a bath...
「安心しろ。 Relax.
 下着は常に新品だ」<End> My underwear are always brand-new.
「こまかいことは気にしない」<New> I don’t worry about the little things.
「頭も自然に決まるしな」<End> I keep my hair natural.
「なに、ばかなこといってんの?」<End> What are you talking about, silly?
「おおげさな人ね♥」<End> You tend to exaggerate, don’t you. ♥
「さ♥ お客さん♥」<New> Well. ♥ Sir. ♥
「つべこべいわないっ♥ I won’t complain. ♥
 ぬいで! ぬいで!」<End> Undress! Undress!
「やだ~♥ Eww! ♥
 あせくさ~♥」<End> You smell like sweat! ♥
「ほんとにおふろ入ってないんだぁ~♥」 You were telling the truth about not taking baths. ♥
☞ もう何年になるか…… ☞ How many years has it been...
☞ なれればどうってことない<End> ☞ I haven’t really thought about it.
「いいわ♥ That’s OK. ♥
 ゆっくりつかってね♥」<End> Take your time. ♥
「でも…… But...
 すごいよ、においが……」<End> The smell is amazing...
「ゆかげんはどうかしら?」 How’s the temperature?
☞ のぼせそうだな ☞ Could be warmer.
☞ 悪くないな<End> ☞ Not bad.
「がまんがまん♥」<End> Patience, patience. ♥
「あら♥ Oh! ♥
 うれっし♥」<End> I’m happy! ♥
「あらま♥ Wow! ♥
 お客さん、すご~いぃ♥<End> Sir, that’s incredible! ♥
「かっこいい~♥」 So handsome! ♥
☞ なにいってんだ? ☞ What are you saying?
☞ ん……?<End> ☞ Huh...?
「あ、あれ……?<New> Wh, wha...?
「ブクブクブクブク……」<End> Glub glub glub glub...

Robert Seddon says: Cloud slips and loses consciousness.

「やだ!♥ Oh no! ♥
 お客さ~ん♥<New> Siiir! ♥
「たいへ~ん! How awful!
 だれか~だれか、きて~♥」<End> Someone, anyone, help! ♥
「明日、旅立つ。 Tomorrow, we move out.
 危険な任務だ……」<End> It’s gonna be a dangerous mission...
「いいのかしら? Are you sure it’s OK for you to be
 こんなところで遊んでいて。 messing around in this sort of
 ソルジャーさん」<End> place, Mr. SOLDIER?
「あの子、待たしてるんでしょ?」<End> You’re keeping that girl waiting, right?
CLOUD Cloud:
「そうだ! That’s right!
 任務を実行しなきゃな」<End> I have to carry out the mission.

Robert Seddon says: Some of the onna_4 text (“I hate stubborn people”, etc.) is repeated after this. I don’t know quite what to make of the revelation that Cloud keeps his hair natural.

「んっ……? Huh...?
 まだなんかあるの?<New> Was there something else?
「あたし、しつこい人はきらいなのよね♥」 I just hate stubborn people. ♥
☞ あのその…… ☞ Um, those...
☞ なんでもないんだ<End> ☞ Nevermind.
「なによっ!!」<End> What!!
「しつこいわねっ!!」<End> You sure are stubborn!
「わかったわかった……。 Oh, I get it...
 う~ん、熱意に負けたわ♥ Oo, I’m overcome by your enthusiasm. ♥
 あなただけ、特別ね♥」<New> I’ll do it just for you. ♥
「はい♥ 大事にして♥ Alright! ♥ Take care! ♥
 支配人にはないしょよ♥ Don’t tell the manager. ♥
 ふたりだけの秘密♥」<End> It’s our little secret! ♥
「安心して、お客さん…… Relax, sir...
 女装が趣味だってことは It’s our little secret that
 ふたりだけの秘密ね」<New> you like to cross-dress.


ビバび蜜蜂の館1階{END} BIBAbi Honey Bee Inn 1st Floor
クェッジ{EOL} Kwedge:
「ドキドキドキドキ・・・・・・。{NewScreen} I'm nervous...
「気のせいっスかね。{EOL} Mebbe it's all my head.
熱い視線を感じるっス。{NewScreen} I feel eyes burning into me.
「まずいんっスよ、こんなところにいるの{EOL} Don’t like being here.
人に見られたくないっッス。{NewScreen} Don’t wanna be seen.
「俺のアニキにでも知れたら・・・・・・{EOL} If my big brother knew…
あわす顔ないっス。{EOL} Wouldn’t be able to face him.
星の命に悪いっス」{END} ‘S bad for the planet.”
「ああ、はやく{Tifa}ちゃん{EOL} Ah, won't Tifa
もどってこねぇかな~」{END} hurry and come back?
「おい、おまえ、知らねぇよな?」{EOL} Oi, you, you don't know, right?
☞なんだ?{EOL} ☞What?
☞・・・・・・だまっててくれ{END} ☞...Shut up.
「ヒュ~!!{EOL} Phew!!
こぇ~な、あんた」{END} Scary, ain'tcha.
「{Tifa}ちゃんの噂だよ。{NewScreen} The rumors about Tifa.
「{Tifa}ちゃんて、7番街スラムで{EOL} Tifa's that girl who's
評判のかわいい子じゃんか。{NewScreen} famous for being cute.
「それがさ、最近、あちこちで{EOL} There’s a rumor that she’s
オトコ探しまわってたって噂なんだ。{NewScreen} been out and about hunting for men.
「でもな~{EOL} But y'know...
こんなとこまでくるなんてな~。{NewScreen} to think that she’d come to a place like this.
「女ってわかんないもんだよな」{EOL} Women.. don’t understand ‘em.
☞そうだな・・・・・・{EOL} ☞Yeah...
☞それは誤解だ!{END} ☞You're wrong!
「こぇ~声だすなよ。{EOL} No need to shout.
オレにいわれてもこまるぜ」{END} No use sayin' it to me.
「なぁ! {Tifa}ちゃんの蜜蜂ルック{EOL} Right? I’m looking forward to
楽しみだよなぁ」{END} Tifa's new Honey Bee look.
「おっと、ダメだったって顔してるね」{END} Oops, looks like I said the wrong thing.
「気を落とすなよ。{EOL} Don't let it get to ya.
いいものあげっからよ」{EOL} I’ll give ya somethin’ good.
☞いらないよ{EOL} ☞No, thanks.
☞もらっとくよ{END} ☞I'll take it.
「ひそひそ・・・・・・{EOL} Psst...
(これさ、セブンスヘブンって{EOL} (Snitched these from the
{Tifa}ちゃんのお店の裏の{EOL} clothesline out back of Tifa’s shop,
ものほしざおからしっけいしたものさ。{EOL} Seventh Heaven.
正真しょうめいのほんものだぜ)」{END} It's the real thing.
『入手先不明パンツ』を手にいれた!{END} Received Panties of Unknown Origin!
「これであんたとオレも運命きょうどうたいだな」{END} Now our destinies are intertwined.
{Cloud}{EOL} Cloud:
「子供っぽいがらのパンツだ・・・・・・。{EOL} The pattern on these looks like it’s for kids...
もっていれば、女装に役立つだろう」{END} Might come in handy for cross-dressing.
「う~ん・・・・・・{EOL} Ooo...
{Tifa}ちゃん・・・・・・♥♥{EOL} Tifa... ♥♥
・・・・・・むにゃむにゃ」{END} ...Mumble mumble.
ムッキー{EOL} Mukki:
「ゼィゼィ・・・・・・。{NewScreen} Puff puff...
「トレーニングの後はこの店にかぎるなあ」{END} Nothing beats coming here after training.
「ゼィゼィ・・・・・・。 Puff puff...
「ひどいなあ、ムッキー先輩。{EOL} Mr. Mukki's awful.
僕チンをおいていっちゃうんだもんなあ」{END} Leaving me behind and all...
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Sign above left door:

今日の女の子 Today’s Girls

2nd sign above left door:

はいっちゃダメ Do Not Enter

Sign above stairs:

お二階へどうぞ Go on up to the second floor.

Sign on reception desk:

受付 Reception

Sign above right door:

待合室 Waiting Room

Fans in foreground:

みつばち美人 Honey Bee Beauties

Various messages on the screen:

美少女との語らい Chat with beautiful women!
蜜蜂の館 Honey Bee Inn
すべしゃるコース Special Courses:
30分コース 30 Minute Course
150分コース 150 Minute Course
はちみつはいかが? How about some honey?

Sign on right wall (kanji difficult to make out):

???・???・スカウト・来?年 ???, ???, scouts, and minors
お断りします。 not accepted.
?を?いた場合 In the event of prosecution
「10万ギン」 a fine of 100,000 gil
の罰金です。 will be enforced.

Riding the Midgar Railroad


Robert Seddon says: TIN_1, the first carriage on the Midgar train (apart from the Cargo van), is the last of the regular maps with decent-sized chunks of unused text. One piece of dialogue in this file was actually moved around by the translators so that it wasn’t on its own between blanked-out slots. Another point of interest in TIN_1 is {0xFEDA}『ルートマップ画面へ』{END}, which corresponds to “To the Route Map Screen” in the English files: it’s placeholder text from development, and so it never appears in the game. Consequently, I had to dig around in emulator memory to find out what the otherwise unseen FEDA did: it causes text to flash alternate white and grey. There’s another (glitchy) code, FEE0, which causes text to scroll upwards while the confirmation button is held down; according to the Loveless.exe help file both of these are operative in the PC conversion too, even though they’re not used anywhere in the final game proper. FEDF produces the same glitches but no other apparent effect. Other things I found while probing the dialogue memory: FC00 – FC18 replicate the kanji represented by FBE7 – FBFF for some reason. Elsewhere there are chunks of numbers which produce kana, but displaced downwards by several pixels (sometimes with the bottom of the character descending through the top of the line).

「こ、こわいかい?{EOL} A, are you scared?
大丈夫だよ、ぼ、僕が君を守ってやる。{EOL} It's alright, I, I'll protect you.
(まいったなあ・・・こしぬけちゃったよ)」{END} (I give up.. I'm a coward.)
] 「(たのむ。あっちいって){EOL} (Please go away!)
きっと、いい人たちだよ。{EOL} I'm sure you're good people.
し、心配ないよ・・・たぶん」{END} (Please, go away...) I, I'm not worried... honest.
「キャッ!!{EOL} Eek!!
どうしましょう・・・。{EOL} What do I do...
どうしましょう・・・・・・」{NewScreen} What do I do...
(ちょっとしたスリルだわ。{EOL} (It's a little thrilling,
このビリビリな緊張感・・・。{EOL} this electrifying nervousness...
さっきの爆発事故より恐怖ね)」{END} It's even scarier than that explosion!)
「キャッ!!{EOL} Eek!!
どうしましょう・・・。{EOL} What do I do...
どうしましょう・・・・・・」{NewScreen} What do I do...
「(あ、いんねんをつけられてるのかしら。{EOL} (I wonder if he's picking a fight.
からまれているのかしら・・・・・・?)」{END} Am I involved...?)
「ごめんよ・・・・・・ちょっと気分が・・・」{NewScreen} Sorry... I feel a little...
「変なもん食ったからなあ。{EOL} I must have eaten something weird.
あのミッドガル名物のプレートピザ・・・」{END} That famous Midgar plate pizza...

Robert Seddon says: Those lines, or at least some of them, presumably belong to the Shinra manager. Below is what looks like placeholder or debug text; the two blank lines are an odd detail.

{PURPLE}ドアロックまで{END} {PURPLE} To Door Lock


Robert Seddon says: ROOTMAP is the Route Map which Jessie shows to Cloud:

ジェシー{EOL} Jessie:
「ね、{Cloud}」{NewScreen} Hey, Cloud!
「聞いてる?」{EOL} Are you listening?
☞ ああ・・・・・・{EOL} ☞Yeah...
☞ 聞いてない{END} ☞No.
{Cloud}{EOL} Cloud:
「なるほど・・・・・・」{NewScreen} I see...
「ずいぶん{EOL} It's pretty
くわしいんだな」{END} complicated, huh.
{Cloud}{EOL} Cloud:
「聞いてなかった・・・」{NewScreen} I wasn't listening...
「もういちど{EOL} Let me hear it
聞かせてくれ」{END} one more time.
ジェシー{EOL} Jessie:
「え!・・・・・・うん」 {NewScreen} What! ...OK.
「あのね、アバランチの規律があって{EOL} According to AVALANCHE's rules we have
いろいろ暗記させられるわけ。{EOL} to memorize a lot of things by heart.
いちおう、大義名分ってやつなのよ」{NewScreen} Anyway, it's for a good cause.
「{Barret}がよく難しいこと言うでしょ{EOL} Barret often talks about difficult subjects.
魔晄の本質とかなんとか・・・」{NewScreen} The true nature of Mako, for example...
「ああいうのもね、暗記したのがついね{EOL} The things we memorize
でちゃうのよ」{END} just pop out sometimes.
ジェシー{EOL} Jessie:
「はいはい。{EOL} You got it.
まっかせといて」{END} Leave it to me!
「いい?{NewScreen} Ready?
「魔晄都市ミッド ガルは{EOL} The Mako city Midgar is a man-made
地上から約50Mの高さに{EOL} city constructed 50 meters
建設された人工都市なの」{END} above the planet's surface.
「最高水準の技術の結晶。{EOL} A crystallization of the highest technology.
人間の知と力のしょうちょうね。{EOL} A symbol of humanity's power and wisdom.
このミッドガルは・・・」{END} That's what Midgar is...
「考えてみると、あらためてすごいよね。{EOL} Shin-Ra's technology is amazing
神羅の技術って」{END} when you think about it.
{Cloud}{EOL} Cloud:
「神羅か・・・・・・」{EOL} Shin-Ra, huh...
☞ 神羅について聞かせてくれ{EOL} ☞Let me hear about Shin-Ra.
☞ 興味ないな{END} ☞Not interested.
ジェシー{EOL} Jessie:
「え? {Cloud}{EOL} Huh? Cloud,
私よりくわしいんじゃない?」{END} don't you know more than me?
{Cloud}{EOL} Cloud:
「昔のことなんか覚えちゃいない。{EOL} It was a long time ago.
俺は本社勤務じゃなかったしな」{END} I didn't work at headquarters or anything.
ジェシー{EOL} Jessie:
「はいはい」{NewScreen} OK then.
「神羅カンパニー・・・・・・{EOL} Shin-Ra Company...
私たち、アバランチの目下の敵」{NewScreen} They're the current enemy of AVALANCHE.
「この列車も、この街も{EOL} A giant corporation with this train,
もちろん魔晄炉も・・・」{NewScreen} this city, the Mako reactors, of course...
「さいふからせいふまで{EOL} everything from our wallets to
すべてをしょうあくする巨大企業」{END} the government in its grasp.
「神羅カンパニーのトップ は{EOL} At the top of the Shin-Ra company is
プレジデント神羅という人物よ」{NewScreen} a man called President Shin-Ra.
「魔晄炉建設を積極的におしすすめて{EOL} He actively pushed forward the construction of the Mako Reactors
いまの神羅の地位をきずいたの」{END} and was instrumental in helping Shin-Ra get where it is today..
「私たち、無謀な戦いを挑んでるの。{EOL} We're fighting a reckless battle.
勝てるのかしら・・・・・・」{END} I wonder if we can win...
ジェシー{EOL} Jessie:
「はいはい」{END} Well, there you have it.

Robert Seddon says: It’s easy enough to see why that might have been deemed redundant. The following, however, is another example of Jessie’s character development being cut back…

「私たち、スラムの住人が{EOL} For those of us who live in the slums
ミッドガルに上るには、この列車に乗るしかないの」{END} the train is the only way to get up to Midgar.
「スラムの街からミッドガルへ・・・・・・{EOL} From the slum towns to Midgar...
なにもかも管理されたこの列車で{EOL} A variety of items are transported
いろんなものが運ばれていくの」{END} by this train that controls everything.
「それにね、この列車に乗ってるとわかるの」{NewScreen} Anyway, riding this train makes you realize something.
「上の街が吸い取っていくのは{EOL} Those things aren't all the city
それだけじゃない」{NewScreen} above sucks up.
「やさしい気持ち・・・{EOL} Kind feelings...
ふわっとあたたかい心。{EOL} Warm, light hearts...
だんだんなくなっていくの・・・」{END} They're gradually disappearing...
「そういうのって、やだな。{EOL} I won't let that happen.
だから、私、アバランチに入ったんだ」{END} That's why I joined AVALANCHE.
「ごめんね、話、長くなっちゃったね。{EOL} I'm sorry, I didn't mean to talk for so long.
でも、{Cloud}に私の戦ってる理由{EOL} I just wanted you to know
知ってほしくて」{NewScreen} the reason I'm fighting.
「私、ただの爆弾女と思われるのって{EOL} I didn't want you to think I was
いやなのよ」{END} just a girl who's bomb-crazy.
自主規制 {EOL} [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voluntary_Export_Restraints">Voluntary Restraint

Robert Seddon says: Another place where we have odd blank lines; I wonder why some of them are shorter than the full 27 characters. Presumably the text is intentionally centred; this is how it looks in a monospace font. [Update: owing to problems getting it to look right with the kanji displayed, I've replaced them with alphanumeric characters to show the form the text box would take.




Maybe it was intended as some kind of notice...

Debug Text


Robert Seddon says: This final miscellany in the search for unused text in FFVII International omits a couple of placeholders which amount to 'battle here', and ignores a few empty text blocks which turned out to be annoyingly blank in the Japanese files too, but it's pretty exhaustive otherwise. In ANCNT3, one of the maps from Aeris's dying place, we see what's presumably debug text...

チェック0{END} Check 0


ゆうやみの丘{END} Twilight Hill

Robert Seddon says: As a minor point, the hill where Cloud and Tifa spend the night together (HILL/HILL2) is identified as "Twilight Hill".

決戦前 ハイウインド{END} Highwind - Before the Decisive Battle
北の大空洞5~1です。{EOL} Great North Cave 5~1
バトルロックしています。{EOL} Battle lock enabled.

Robert Seddon says: Maybe a message from him to testers? I'd guess it has to do with the 'battle lock' that can be enabled in the main debug room.


大空洞{END} Great Cave

Robert Seddon says:TRNAD52, by the way, has its location identifier included, but seems to have an empty block in the English (PC) files missing altogether from International.


Robert Seddon says: FSHIP_2 is from the Highwind. This follows '{RED XIII} Well then‚ what is {CLOUD}?'

{Cait Sith}{EOL} Cait Sith:
「{Tifa}さんの幼なじみの{EOL} Tifa's childhood
{Cloud}さんですわ」{NewScreen} friend, Cloud.
「5年前、ニブルヘイムのセフィロス事件・・・・・・{EOL} 5 years ago, during the Sephiroth incident at Nibelheim...
そのときに意識不明の重体・・・・・・{EOL} Cloud was rendered unconscious...
宝条の実験に使われた・・・・・・」{NewScreen} He was used as Hojo's experiment...
「宝条は、よ~さんの人間に{EOL} Hojo likely did the same
同じようなことしたんでしょうなぁ」{END} to countless others.

Robert Seddon says: There follows (in English too) '{RED XIII} But why only {CLOUD}?'—and that's the last line in the file.


Robert Seddon says: FSHIP_3 is also from the Highwind. Besides the 'speak to Captain Cid' and 'job well done' lines which are present in English, here we see some placeholder text.

「す、すいません!{EOL} E, excuse me!
一度{Cid}艇長とお話を!」{END} Go and talk to Captain Cid!
「仮:{Tifa}、{Barret}、{Red XIII}」{END} Temporary: Tifa, Barret, Red XIII
「{Cid}さんごくろうさまです!{EOL} Thank you very much, Cid!
「仮:{Cid}、{Barret}、{Cait Sith}」{END} Temporary: Cid, Barret, Caith Sith
仮:{Cid}、{Barret}、{Cait Sith} Temporary: Cid, Barret, Caith Sith
「{Tifa}さんごくろうさまです!」{END} Thank you very much, Tifa!
[...] ...
{Cloud}の演説ながなが終了{END} Cloud's speech draws to a close.


Robert Seddon says: CHORACE1 and CHORACE2 have some debugging text – デバック{EOL}{VAR1} だって{END} – but what variable VAR1 represents would be context-dependent, so it can't be determined from the text. Also of note on these maps: CHORACE2 has the キーストーン (Keystone) we see in the finished game, but CHORACE1 has キー・マテリア (Key Materia). Maybe Square decided they didn't want another special Materia in the plot. There are a couple of other maps that appear in two visually identical versions: DEL1/DEL12 (Costa del Sol harbour) and RCKT3/RCKT32 (Cid's garden). (Usually an extra trailing 2 suggests a variant, e.g. a different camera angle, but these have no visual differences. Each has a piece of scenery which may be present or absent, so my guess is that Square started out using multiple map versions, then decided that complete multiple files weren't necessary, but didn't clean up fully.) The latter has no dialogue variations (although the filesizes are different, so something must vary), but the former has a smidgeon of variation (and DEL12's dialogue is curtailed before DEL1's version ends). Probably an editor only bothered changing the one that was actually used. Besides a very slight variation in Aeris's text, this line was added to Barret's:

「いいか!!{EOL} Alright!!
こっからは一般人として行動しろ!」{END} From now on, y'all act like ordinary folks!


Robert Seddon says: MIDGAL, Zack's dying place, brings up sad news: not only is a known blank from the English version still blank here, the adjacent, unused 'Received "High Blow ST"!' is blanked out in International too.


Robert Seddon says: MTNVL6, outside the Nibel Reactor, offers this...

] メモリ{END} Memory


Robert Seddon says: There's various stuff to probe in the debug rooms. Some of it was left blank or not fully translated in English – see a previous post for some of the stuff the translators butchered – and some isn't used in the final versions.

☞コルネオ{EOL} ☞ Corneo
☞うんぱんせん{EOL} ☞Transport Ship
☞コスモキャニオン{EOL} ☞Cosmo Canyon
☞{Red XIII}{EOL} ☞Red XIII
☞{Red XIII}とセト{EOL} ☞Red XIII and Seto
☞{Cid}のテーマ{EOL} ☞Cid's Theme
☞シエラ{EOL} ☞Shera
☞ロケット{EOL} ☞Rocket
☞スラムで{EOL} ☞In the Slums
☞{Tifa}のテーマ{EOL} ☞Tifa's Theme
☞コスタデルソル{END} ☞Costa del Sol
☞{Aeris}のテーマ{EOL} ☞Aeris' Theme
☞{Aeris}ここぞ{EOL} ☞Aeris (Here)
☞{Aeris}軽い{EOL} ☞Aeris (Light)
☞るけいち{EOL} ☞Penal Colony
☞セフィロス{EOL} ☞Sephiroth
☞{Barret}{EOL} ☞Barret
☞コレル村{EOL} ☞Corel Village
☞リズム{EOL} ☞Rhythm
☞ひくうてい{EOL} ☞Airship
☞{Yuffie}{EOL} ☞Yuffie
☞あせり{END} ☞Impatience
☞どこかの村{EOL} ☞1. A Town Somewhere
☞チョコしょうり{EOL} ☞Choco Win
☞チョコタンゴ{EOL} ☞Choco Tango
☞チョコオッヅ{EOL} ☞Choco Odds
☞暗い村{EOL} ☞Dark Town
☞メインテーマやさしい{EOL} ☞Main Theme (Gentle)
☞(){EOL} ☞()
☞(){END} ☞()

Robert Seddon says: BLACKBG1 has lots of what looks like menu text for a music test.

☞(){EOL} ☞()
☞(){EOL} ☞()
☞(){EOL} ☞ ()
☞キャノン砲のムービーで{EOL} ☞Cannon Movie
☞(){EOL} ☞()
☞(){EOL} ☞()
☞(){EOL} ☞()
☞(){EOL} ☞()
☞(){EOL} ☞()
☞(){END} ☞()

Robert Seddon says: This menu is irritating: just one line that differs from the complete set of ()s in the English version. Mind you, another menu of ()s doesn't even have that much.

パスキーを手にいれてません{END} You don't have the Passkey.

Robert Seddon says: This is presumably some sort of key item reference.


☞クラウドどん{END} ☞Mr. Cloud
☞バレットさま{END} ☞Master Barret
☞ボインちゃん{END} ☞Miss Busty
☞エアリス♥♥{END} ☞Aeris ♥♥
☞おいぬさまXIII{END} ☞Master Canine XIII
☞ウフィウフィ{END} ☞Uffie-uffie
☞ケツトシリト{END} ☞Ass and Butt
☞シシドおやじ{END} ☞Old Man Cicid
☞ビンセントン{END} ☞Vincenton

Robert Seddon says: A quirky version of the party selection text.

Blurayno: "Ass and Butt" is about correct translation. Cait Sith is called "ケット・シー" (Ketto shii) in the Japanese version and it probably won't take too long for a Japanese guy to come up with a word-play "ケツトシリト" (ketsu to shiri to). Note the difference in meaning between a small ッ and a big ツ! (Can't believe this comment wasn't already in here...)

ティファ{EOL} Tifa:
「できちゃったなんて、うそ・・・・・・。{EOL} You've gotta be kidding, no way it's ready.
ごめんなさい{EOL} Sorry.
まだぜんぜんできてないの」{END} It's not finished at all.
「たすけて・・・・・・」{END} Help me...
プリシラ{EOL} Priscilla:
「ウフ・・・・・・わたし、幼女プリシラ。{EOL} Teehee... I'm little Priscilla.
小く保さん、パレット命令{EOL} Mr. Kokubo, please do some debugging.
デバグしてくださいね」{END} Barret's orders!
『モグリの家』{END} Mogli's House


ここは、ヨシオカせんようジャンプです。{EOL} This is Yoshioka's private jump.
話かけると音楽が変わりますよ」{END} Talk to me and the music will change.

Robert Seddon says: This was changed to "Music mode" in the English files.

「ここは、よしおか用マップテストです。{EOL} This is a map test for Yoshioka's use.
はずかしいのであまりじろじろ見ないでください」{EOL} Please don't stare so much, you're embarrassing me!
☞わかった{EOL} ☞Understood
☞わからない{END} ☞I don't get it.

Robert Seddon says: The English files say:

Map check

Do not use!!


「ほな、おとなしゅうしとるうちに出て行けや」{END} Well then, shut up and get out.
「どないなっても知らんで。カクゴしいや!」{END} I don't know what's going to happen, so be ready!

Robert Seddon says: The 'Aho'/'Baka' text turns out not to be any more obviously meaningful at greater length.

大氷河の入口へ飛びますか?{EOL} Warp to the entrance of the great glacier?
☞大成功{EOL} ☞Huge Success
☞成 功{EOL} ☞Success
☞失 敗{EOL} ☞Failure
☞大失敗{EOL} ☞Huge Failure
☞入浴前HYOU13-1{EOL} ☞Before Bathing (GLACIER13-1)
☞入浴後HYOU13-1{EOL} ☞After Bathing (GLACIER13-1)
☞いいえ{END} ☞No
コンドルフォート(CONDOR1)へ飛びますか?{EOL} Warp to Fort Condor (CONDOR1)?
☞コンドルフォートふもと へ{EOL} ☞To Fort Condor's Foot
☞コンドルフォート村 へ{EOL} ☞To Fort Condor Village
☞ミニゲー勝利後{EOL} ☞After Minigame Victory
☞まげ後に初めてたずねた{EOL} ☞First Visit After Departure
☞ラストバトル直前{EOL} ☞Just Before Last Battle
☞ラストバトル直後{EOL} ☞Just After Last Battle
☞全部終わった後{EOL} ☞After Finishing Everything
☞ミニゲー開始{EOL} ☞Minigame Start
☞コレルミッション成功終了{EOL} ☞After Corel Mission Success
☞やってっれっか{END} ☞Cancel
メンバーは誰が中心ですか?{EOL} Who is the leader?
☞{Cloud}{EOL} ☞Cloud
☞{Tifa}{EOL} ☞Tifa
☞{Cid}{EOL} ☞Cid
☞けっこう{END} ☞I'm good.

Robert Seddon says: These menus were largely butchered (though the first two are used) for the English rooms.

☞やめる{EOL} ☞Cancel
☞01:オープニングなの{EOL} ☞01: The opening.
☞02:オープニングバトルの曲{EOL} ☞02: Opening battle song.
☞03:これはワールドマップに出てからだな。{EOL} ☞03: After appearing on the world map.
☞04:とりあえずのっけてます。{EOL} ☞04:Leaving this here for now.
☞05:・・・う~ん・・・{EOL} ☞04: ...Um...
☞06:魔晄炉の中で{EOL} ☞06: Inside the Mako reactor.
☞07:ノーマルバトル{EOL} ☞07: Normal battle.
☞08:チョコボレースで{EOL} ☞08: At the Chocobo race.
☞09:暗いシーンで{EOL} ☞09: In a dark scene.
☞10:中ボスバトル{EOL} ☞10: Middle boss battle.
☞次{END} ☞Next
☞やめる{EOL} ☞Cancel
☞11:ケットシーのテーマ{EOL} ☞11. Cait Sith's theme.
☞12:エアリス関係、ここぞというときに{EOL} ☞12: Related to Aeris, use where you feel appropriate.
☞13:フィールドでどうかな?{EOL} ☞13: How would this sound in the field?
☞16:アンダージュノンでのルーファウス歓迎式{EOL} ☞16: Rufus' welcoming ceremony in Lower Junon.
☞17:アンダージュノンでの・・・え室{EOL} ☞17: ...e room in Lower Junon
☞18:クラウドの夢で使うつもりだったけど{EOL} ☞18: Planned to use this in Cloud's dream, but.
☞19:とくに意味を持たないフツーの街で{EOL} ☞19: For use in a regular town of little remark.
☞20:シドのテーマ{EOL} ☞20: Cid's theme.
☞21:さりげなくシドのサビが折り・・・まれている{EOL} ☞21: Nonchalant Cid's melody is weaved in.
☞22:少年の牧場でのチョコボダンス{EOL} ☞22: Chocobo dance at the Chocobo Ranch.
☞次{END} ☞Next
☞やめやんけ{EOL} ☞Cancel
☞23:コルネオの館で{EOL} ☞23: In Corneo's mansion.
☞24:コスタデルソルへ向う船内の機関室とかで{EOL} ☞24: In the machine room on board the ship to Costa del Sol or something.
☞25:コスモキャニオン{EOL} ☞25: Cosmo Canyon
☞26:レッド13の名前入力あたりで{EOL} ☞26: Around when you enter Red 13's name.
☞27:レッド13、石になったセトと出会う{EOL} ☞27: Red 13 meets the stone statue of Seto.
☞28:怪しいところで{EOL} ☞28: At a suspicious place.
☞29:神羅のお偉方が登場するあたりで{EOL} ☞29: Around when the Shinra VIPs appear.
☞30:神羅ビルの中とかでいいんじゃない?{EOL} ☞30: Wouldn't this be good in the Shinra building or something?
☞31:独房の中で{EOL} ☞31: In the cell.
☞32:少年の牧場{EOL} ☞32: Chocobo Ranch.
☞次{END} ☞Next
☞やめやゆうとんや{EOL} ☞Cancel
☞33:メインテーママイナーアレンジ{EOL} ☞33: Main Theme Minor Arrangement
☞34:ティファのテーマ{EOL} ☞34: Tifa's Theme
☞35:コスタ・デル・ソル{EOL} ☞35: Costa del Sol
☞36:ロケット村{EOL} ☞36: Rocket Town
☞37:エアリス軽いヴァージョン{EOL} ☞37: Aeris Light Version
☞38:バイクチェイス{EOL} ☞38: Bike Chase
☞39:流刑地{EOL} ☞39: Penal Colony
☞40:(未)セフィロスの・・・いテーマ{EOL} ☞40: (Pending) Sephiroth's ...i Theme
☞41:バレットのテーマ{EOL} ☞41: Barret's Theme
☞42:コレル村{EOL} ☞42: Corel Village
☞次{END} ☞Next
☞ええかげんにせぇや{EOL} ☞Cancel
☞43:ブーゲンハーゲンの部屋{EOL} ☞43: Bugenhagen's Room
☞44:エレキ・デ・チョコボ(チョコボバトルで){EOL} ☞44: Elec de Chocobo (During Chocobo Battle)
☞45:どっかで使えないかね?{EOL} ☞45: Can't we use this somewhere?
☞46:バトルファンファーレ{EOL} ☞46: Battle Fanfare
☞47:飛空艇{EOL} ☞47: Airship
☞48:(未)キャノン砲のムービーで{EOL} ☞48: (Pending) During Cannon Movie
☞49:観・・・車でのデート音楽{EOL} ☞49: Ferris ... Wheel Date Music
☞50:(未)セフィロスのテーマイントロループ{EOL} ☞50: (Pending) Sephiroth's Theme Intro Loop
☞51:シンコ(チンコじゃないぞ)・デ・チョコボ{EOL} ☞51: Cinco (not chinko!) de Chocobo
☞52:(未)中ボスバトルその2{EOL} ☞52: (Pending) Middle Boss Battle Part 2
☞次{END} ☞Next
☞ほんま しばきまわすぞ{EOL} ☞Cancel
☞53:ユフィのテーマ{EOL} ☞53: Yuffie's Theme
☞54:あせるシーンで{EOL} ☞54: In a hurried scene.
☞55:(未)ゴールドソーサー{EOL} ☞55: (Pending) Gold Saucer
☞56:(未)どっかの村(これは使えないかもな){EOL} ☞56: (Pending) A town somewhere (might not be able to use this).
☞57:(未)宿屋でおやすみ音楽{EOL} ☞57: (Pending) Resting in an inn music.
☞58:(未)ゲームオーバー{EOL} ☞58: (Pending) Game Over
☞59:(未)チョコボレース勝利ファンファーレ{EOL} ☞59: (Pending) Chocobo Race Victory Fanfare
☞60:(未)チョコボレース敗北タンゴ{EOL} ☞60: (Pending) Chocobo Race Tango of Failure
☞61:(未)チョコボレースオッズ表画面{EOL} ☞61: (Pending) Chocobo Race Odds Screen
☞62:(未)ゴールドソーサーでの演劇{EOL} ☞62: (Pending) Performance at the Gold Saucer.
☞次{END} ☞Next
☞もぉええわ、どないなっとせぇや{EOL} ☞Cancel
☞63:(未)暗い・・・・・・気の村で{EOL} ☞63: (Pending) In a dark, ...-feeling town.
☞64:(未)メインテーマ優しいヴァージョン{EOL} ☞64: (Pending) Main Theme Gentle Version
☞お・ま・け{EOL} ☞B.O.N.U.S.
☞先頭に戻る{END} ☞Return to Top

Robert Seddon says: One unused music track is known to exist.


クラウドOO{END} CloudOO
バレットOO{END} BarretOO
ティファOO{END} TifaOO
エアリスOO{END} AerisOO
レッド13O{END} Red13O
ユフィOOO{END} YuffieOOO
ケットシーO{END} Cait SithO
ヴィンセント{END} Vincent

Robert Seddon says: A slightly strange PC list; six is the character limit in the Japanese version, I think.


Robert Seddon says: BLACKBGI has a 「{Party 1}・・・・・・{EOL} {Party 2}、{Party 3}!」{END} which seems to lack an equivalent block in the English files.

『みだれうち』のマテリアを手にいれた!{END} Received "Chaos Strike" Materia!

Robert Seddon says: It turns out that 'Received "Slapshot"!' was originally a Materia receipt line. Shademp: It seems that Slapshot is simply another translation of 4x Cut, and they are the same Materia.


Robert Seddon says: BLACKBGK is the legendary Kato's room, so here we present a fairly detailed comparison...

えいい製作中。{EOL} We're in the middle of earnest production.
しばし待たれよ。{END} Please wait a brief while.

Robert Seddon says: We know this as "We're working hard making the deep {BLUE}.Wait a little longer." That blue text always looked odd, starting just before a full stop, and here it's missing.

うっくっくっ・・・・・・。{EOL} Nyuk nyuk nyuk...
よ~うこそ、かとうの部屋へ。{NewScreen} Welcome... to Kato's room.
飛んで火にいる夏の虫。{EOL} A summer bug flying into the fire.
わびしき宿屋のナンキン虫とは、{EOL} A bedbug in a shabby inn.
きみのことだ。{END} That is what you are.

Robert Seddon says: We only got the first two lines of this in English.

まあ、そんなことは{EOL} Meh, I don't really
どうでもいいやの、{EOL} care about that,
ステラゴドン。{NewScreen} Stelagodon [sic.
かくごしちゃってくれたまえよぉ、{EOL} I hope you're ready,
あけち君、うくく・・・・・・。{EOL} [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kogoro_Akechi">Akechi . Nyuk nyuk nyuk...

Robert Seddon says: In the English translation this became...

That doesn't really matter

all that much, babushika. Get ready, caped crusader, nya-ha, ha... ...

Don't think you'll get away so easy.

I always assumed "babushika" was an alternative or erroneous spelling of "babushka", maybe suggesting the giant Aeris was scaled like a Russian doll.

In Conclusion

Robert Seddon says: When I first posted on unused text in the English files, one of the things I didn't include at the time was the lost catalogue of the Shinra Mansion library...

"Information concerning Materia/Hojo”

{CHOICE}] ] ] ] Read it
{CHOICE}] ] ] ] Ignore

“Life of Materia”
{CHOICE}] ] ] ] Read it
{CHOICE}] ] ] ] Ignore

“Legend of the Ancients‚World Version”
{CHOICE}] ] ] ] Read it
{CHOICE}] ] ] ] Ignore

“Next Quarter's projected Budget/Hojo”
{CHOICE}] ] ] ] Read it
{CHOICE}] ] ] ] Ignore

“North Pole Daily Report/Hojo”
{CHOICE}] ] ] ] Read it
{CHOICE}] ] ] ] Ignore

{CHOICE}] ] ] ] Read it
{CHOICE}] ] ] ] Ignore

“The Promised Land”
{CHOICE}] ] ] ] Read it

{CHOICE}] ] ] ] Ignore

Robert Seddon says: We know the titles, we know they were going to be written and readable, but we don't have the books to read. That pretty well fits this enquiry as a whole: we know more, but we still have plenty of questions. With regard to the lost cutscenes which are still viewable, we don't know how or where the From Pinball scene would have continued. (It crashes because the game tries to switch location to somewhere that apparently doesn't exist.) We don't know how the Materia scene would have fitted into the plot, and I've come to suspect that the Cargo scene is actually another debugging programmer's joke. (We know there's debugging menu text on that map, after all.) We know that quite a lot was changed in Sector 7, some of it involving Johnny, but we lack a complete picture. We know some changes are beyond reach, because we've seen some in pre-release publicity. We have no idea what the 'voluntary restraints' are all about. (GlitterBerri translating part of ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/ 自主規制 : '"Voluntary restraint" is when a manufacturer voluntarily restricts a product when uneasiness about its social implications arises. On the positive side, the only great disappointment was finding that there was actually no unused text in Aeris's house after all. (The translators had just avoided duplicating stuff.) We know that quite a lot of character development, notably involving Jessie, was removed, and we can see how things would have proceeded. We know that Cloud's knowledge of and unfinished business with Sephiroth were to be foreshadowed far more explicitly in early scenes than they are in the finished game. And lastly, we know that we are but the bedbugs of a shabby inn, which is surely almost as satisfying as knowing what a Stelagodon is. Now we can go back to dreaming of the earliest scenario drafts, and their tales of New York and [http://uk.ps3.ign.com/articles/793/793956p1.html the mysterious Hot Blooded Detective Joe ...

Yuffie's Letter

A cut letter from Yuffie explaining her departure after she swipes your Materia.


TIFA Tifa:
「フー、ビックリしたわね」<End> What a shock!
BARRET Barret:
「おいYUFFIE、 Oi, Yuffie,
 これはどういう……」<End> what does this...
TIFA Tifa:
「カ、カカシ……?」<End> S, scarecrow?
BARRET Barret:
「……? ...?
 手紙……か?」<End> ...A letter?
      親愛なるみなさんへ My Dearest Friends,
] ]
「とつぜんのお別れ、お許しください。 Please forgive my sudden departure.
 さよならもできないこと、 I agree that it’s terribly sad
 アタシもかなしく思っています。<New> I wasn’t able to say goodbye.
「最後まであなたたちには Though you never once trusted
 信じてもらえなかったけど、 me,] what I’m saying now is
 アタシの言ったことは本当です。<New> the unvarnished truth.
「これからのあなたたちの旅は、 The journey ahead of you
 つらく、きびしいものになるでしょう。 will surely be difficult.
 それだけは間違いありません。<New> There’s no mistake about that.
「だって……<SpecDC> That's because...
 だって……<New> That's because...
「……だーってマテリアが ...That's because you don’t
 1個もなーいんだもーん!!<New> have a single materia!!
「やーっぱり、マテリアがないと It sure ain’t gonna be
 キッツイよねー?<New> easy without any.
「ま、アンタたちなら Well, no doubt you’ll come
 何とかなるって! up with something!
 よくわかんないけど。<New> But who knows.
「んじゃ、せいぜい気をつけて! Anyway, take care of yourselves!
 バイバーイ!!<New> See ya!!
    あなたのYUFFIEより Your Friend, Yuffie

The Travelling Peddler

The travelling peddler is part of a cut sidequest in FF7. Two unused Key Items for this quest also exist, Letter to a Daughter and Letter to a Wife. More information about this sidequest can be found here.


First he shows up in Gongaga and has this to say.

「わたしは、世界を旅する行商人。」<New> I’m a travelling peddler.
 『大地をゆるがす力を持つマテリア』 I came after I heard there was a Materia
 があると聞いて、来てみたのだが……」<New> with the power to shake the earth...
 そんなわたしだが、むしょうに Despite my wandering, I wish
 家族に会いたくなることがある」<New> to see my family terribly.
「そこであなたに、たのみがある。 That’s where you come in.
 どうかわたしの愛する娘に I’d like you to find a way to deliver
 この手紙をとどけてもらいたい」<New> this letter to my beloved wife.
「おねがいできるだろうか?」 Can you do it?
☞ 手紙を受け取る ☞ Take the letter
☞ 興味ないね<End> ☞ Not interested.
「わたしの愛する娘は My beloved wife
 カームの町に住んでいる。 lives in the town of Kalm.
 どうか、よろしくたのむ」<End> I ask this of you.
「なんということだ…… What’s that you say...?
 死が目前に迫っているこの世界では In this world where death nips at your heels,
 もはや人情もかれはてたか……」<End> has even human kindness been exhausted?


Next, we find him in Rocket Town.

「わたしは、世界を旅する行商人。 I’m a travelling peddler.
 そんなわたしだが、むしょうに Despite my wandering, I wish
 家族に会いたくなることがある」<New> to see my family terribly.
「そこであなたに、たのみがある。 That’s where you come in.
 どうかわたしの愛する娘に I’d like you to find a way to deliver
 この手紙をとどけてもらいたい」<New> this letter to my beloved daughter.
「おねがいできるだろうか?」 Can you do it?
☞ 手紙を受け取る ☞ Take the letter
☞ 興味ないね<End> ☞ Not interested.
「わたしの愛する娘は My beloved daughter
 カームの町に住んでいる。 lives in the town of Kalm.
 どうか、よろしくたのむ」<End> I ask this of you.
「なんということだ…… What’s that you say...?
 死が目前に迫っているこの世界では In this world where death nips at your heels,
 もはや人情もかれはてたか……」<End> has even human kindness been exhausted?


Some untranslated text concerning Chocobos. Not too remarkable.


A little snippet of dialogue from the Chocobo Sage.

「海を渡れるチョコボが A chocobo that can cross
 生まれるんじゃ。 the ocean will be born.
 おおっ、それにのぉ」<New> Oh, but for that to happen...
「『実』が必要じゃ You’ll need a certain type
 はて、なんの of nut. Just what type was
 『実』じゃったかのぉ」<End> it again...


Another snippet, this time from Choco Billy.

「生まれたばかりチョコボや Chocobos that have just hatched
 捕まえたばっかりのチョコボは and Chocobos you’ve just caught
 ランクCがつくんだ」<New> are rank C.
「ゴールドソーサーにある If you win in the Chocobo races
「ゴールドソーサーにある If you win in the Chocobo races
 チョコボレースで勝っていくと at the Gold Saucer, you’ll get
 上のランクがもらえるよ」<End> a higher rank.

Temple of the Ancients

Unused text from the Temple of the Ancients in which Sephiroth explains the origins of summon materia. This is curious because it seems to describe a process similar to the way he himself has become immortal.


セフィロス Sephiroth:
「かつて古代種がさかえたころ During the time when the Ancients
 豊富な魔晄の光をあびて prospered there existed beings that
 育った種族がいた」<End> grew up bathed in abundant Mako.
セフィロス Sephiroth:
「自然な形の純すいなモンスターたちだ。 They were pure creatures of natural
 いまでもいくつかの種族は残っている」<End> shape. Several remain even now.
セフィロス Sephiroth:
「ある種族は、マテリアのなかに These beings sealed their consciousness
 自らの命を封じこめ、生を永遠に変えた」<End> within materia, altering their lives for eternity.
「召喚のマテリア……」<End> The summon materia...
セフィロス Sephiroth:
「然り。 Correct.
 理解のはやい娘だ」<End> Such a clever girl.
セフィロス Sephiroth:
「この神殿を守るものは The creatures that protect this
 古代種の時代から時をこえ temple have lived long, relics
 生きながらえてきたモンスター」<End> from the age of the Ancients.
セフィロス Sephiroth:
「おまえたちよりも They belong to this planet
 この星にふさわしい種族たちだ」<End> even more than you do.
セフィロス Sephiroth:
「クックックッ…… Heh heh heh...
 思い知るがいい」<End> Keep that in mind.

In the Truck


An outtake buried in FFVII. Accessible in the 2 o'clock debug room: talk to Sephiroth and select 'From pinball'. (English version of the video here.)

クラウド Cloud:
「マテリアってどうやってつくるんだろう……」 I wonder how Materia is made...
「……知らないのか?」 ...You don't know?
クラウド Cloud:
「……知ってるのか?」 ...Do you know?
「……星がつくる。 ...It's made by the planet.
長い長い時間をかけてな」 It takes a very long time.
「もっとも、最近では神羅 However, it seems that recently (...)

Following is the full version of the scene.

「はぁ……はぁ……」<End> Pant... gasp...
セフィロス Sephiroth:
「だいじょうぶか?」<End> Are you alright?
「はい……すいません」<End> Yeah... sorry.
セフィロス Sephiroth:
「乗り物酔いの薬は I didn’t pack anything
 積んでこなかったぞ」<End> for motion sickness.
「いいんです、本当に。 It’s alright, really.
 忘れた自分が悪いんです」<End> It’s my fault for forgetting.
セフィロス Sephiroth:
「外の景色でもながめていろ。 Take a look out the window.
 少しは気がまぎれるだろ?」<End> Maybe it will distract you.
クラウド Cloud:
「ウヘヘヘ……」<End> Hehehehe...
セフィロス Sephiroth:
「おまえも気分が悪いのか?」<End> Are you feeling sick too?
クラウド Cloud:
「そういえば、セフィロス。 By the way, Sephiroth,
 マテリアって how is Materia
 どうやって作るんだ?」<End> made?
セフィロス Sephiroth:
「……星がつくる。 ...It’s made by the planet.
 長い長い時間をかけてな」<End> It takes a very long time.
セフィロス Sephiroth:
「もっとも……最近では However... it seems
 神羅カンパニーがつくったマテリアも that recently Materia made by Shin-Ra
 かなり出回っているようだが」<End> has been appearing on the market.
クラウド Cloud:
「マテリアをつくるなんて Our company’s pretty impressive
 俺たちの会社もスゴイよな」<End> if it can make Materia, huh.
セフィロス Sephiroth:
「オレたちの会社か……」<End> “Our company”...
セフィロス Sephiroth:
「……おまえ、ソルジャーを ...Haven’t you ever thought about
 いや、神羅をやめたいと wanting to quit SOLDIER...
 思ったことはないのか?」<End> no, quit Shin-Ra?
クラウド Cloud:
「……どうして?」<End> ...Why?

Cloud and Sephiroth talk a bit before the monster shows up.

セフィロス Sephiroth:
「……運転手がやられた」<End> ...The driver is dead.
セフィロス Sephiroth:
「さて……どうしたものか」<End> Hmm... what to do.
クラウド Cloud:
「じゃあ、俺が」<End> Right, leave it to me.
セフィロス Sephiroth:
「道はわかるのか?」<End> Do you know the way?
クラウド Cloud:
「……実はニブルヘイムは 生まれ故郷なんだ」<End> ...Actually, I was born here in Nibelheim.
『バトル:セフィロスVSモンスター』<End> “Battle: Sephiroth VS Monster”