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Fire Emblem (Game Boy Advance)/Regional Differences

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This is a sub-page of Fire Emblem (Game Boy Advance).

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Japan/US EU
FE07 Ss level up ntsc-u.png FE07 Ss level up pal.png
  • The Level Up animation got reverted to the one used in the previous game for the European version. This change was not retained for The Sacred Stones, where the European localizations made their own versions of the full-size Japanese/English graphic for animations-on mode.
Japan/US EU
FE07 CG 01.png FE07 Cg 01 pal.png
  • All CG images in the European version feature a colored border four pixels wide, which is absent in the other versions. The images themselves are re-aligned four pixels up and left, in order to accommodate the border without reducing the images' quality; the images are otherwise unchanged.
  • During the intro video where the game showcases different units, there is text that accompanies what weapons each units can use. In the Japanese version the text reads "Usable of the weapon". In the international versions the text reads "Primary Weapons".
  • In the Japanese version, Lyn as a Blade Lord will erroneously use her normal battle sprites and animations when wielding the Sol Katti, due to the animations being assigned to Durandal. The localization corrected this error.
  • In the Tactician creation menu, in the localised versions, "birth moon" was changed to "birth month" ("moon" can be used as a synonym for "month", generally in more literary contexts, although it's just as likely a mistranslation stemming from 月 meaning both moon and month). Also, "Personal information" was changed to "Personal Information".
  • A minor graphical glitch occurs in the English localization of the game, when 100% of support conversations are unlocked in the support viewer. "Success" overlaps with 100% by a few pixels.
(Source: Fireemblemwiki.net)

Gameplay Changes

All localizations

Japan US
FE07 Ss tactician creation jp.png FE07 Ss tactician creation.png
  • Blood type was removed in the Tactician creation menu. Its effect on determining the tactician's affinity was removed and affinity is now decided only by birth month. The tactician's affinity gives a minor bonus to units of the same affinity. This didn't make any affinities unobtainable, but it did change their abundance. This creates a small issue with the previous game where a pair of fraternal twins have differing affinity.
  • Gate and throne terrain bonuses were reduced (3 Def and 30 Avoid to 2 Def and 20 Avoid).
  • Effective bonus was changed from 3 to 2 for Aureola and all non dragon-slaying weapons, weakening them overall.
  • Many of the bosses had their stats slightly lowered overall.
  • In the Cog of Destiny chapter, the boss of the chapter had his weapon switched from a Runesword to a Light Brand; making the boss a bit easier.
  • In the first part of the Final Chapter, two doors open at the end of every second turn in the Japanese version, and both the lower right and upper left rooms are open at the start of the chapter. The localization changed this to open one door at the end of every turn and to have only the lower right room open at the start. This was changed so that the player encounters fewer bosses at once.
(Source: Fireemblemwiki.net)


  • The allowed length of tactician and Link Arena team names was expanded from five characters to nine.
  • The speed of the text being displayed was changed for international releases, with text speed being slowed down overall.
  • In the Japanese version, a unit's affinity icon has kanji next to it clarifying what type of affinty that unit has. As it is not possible to fit this information (fire, ice, dark, etc.) in one character of space, it was omitted in non-Japanese localizations.
(Source: Fireemblemwiki.net)

Dialogue Font

The game's dialogue font was changed for the European version, with the new font being significantly shorter than the font used in the US version; this edited font was later used in all localizations of The Sacred Stones. All other fonts in the game, including the one used in gameplay menus, are unchanged.

Fire Emblem - US font.png Fire Emblem - EU font.png
(Source: Fireemblemwiki.net)

Name Changes

A few character and location names were changed between the Japanese, US, and European versions:

Japanese JP Translation United States EU
ルセア Ruthea Lucius Lucius
レナート Renato Renault Renauld
オスティア Ostia Ostia Ositia
ラウス Laus Laus Lahus
ベルン Bern Bern Biran

These changes were likely made due to the original names being more familiar to a European audience. Renault is a French car manufacturer, Ostia is a town connected to Rome, Laus was an ancient city in Italy, and Bern is the de facto capital of Switzerland.

Several other names were changed for other European languages:

(Italian version): Nino, Hawkeye, Farina, and Maxime`s names were changed to Nina, Tronk, Freya, and Maxim respectively.

(Source: Fireemblemwiki.org)

Text Changes

The localization of the text has several changes, including mistranslations and the possibly accidental removal of a background character. The European releases also remove the cliffhanger ending for the game's sequel.

  • In the Japanese version, Nergal mentions that Kishuna is his 252nd morph. However, this specific number was omitted in the localization.
(Source: Fireemblemwiki.net)
  • The game's support viewer calls affinities by the abbreviation "ATL" in the Japanese and US versions. The European version corrected the abbreviation to "AFFIN".
  • Lyn’s age was changed from 15 to 18 by changing a line of dialogue with regards to Lyn's mom Madelyn eloping in the past. However, Wallace and Kent's C-rank support conversation was not edited to reflect this, and still claims that Lyn`s parents eloped 17 years prior to Eliwood/Hector's story; the correct figure according to the localization should be 20 years prior.
Japanese Translation Localization
そうです。 16年前に 遊牧民の青年と駆け落ちした、マデリン様への使者として。 Correct. We’ve come as messengers to the lady Madelyn, who eloped with a nomad 16 years ago. Correct. We’ve come as messengers to the lady Madelyn, who eloped with a nomad some 19 years ago.
  • In the European versions, a few items had their help description text strings revised to fix errors made by the US version. The US's description strings for the Dragon Axe and Wind Sword were much too long to fit into the help description box. Unfortunately, these two weapons were only released through promotional events in Japan and US and thus cannot be accessed normally in the European versions.
    • Rienfleche's description is completely incorrect in the US localization, claiming it functions like a brave weapon in that it allows the user to attack more often, which is untrue. The EU localization fixed this by giving it the correct description. This error is not present in the Japanese release.

The portions of the descriptions cut off and unviewable in-game are provided here in brackets.

Item US EU
Wind Sword A magic sword capable of[ striking at a distance.] A long-range magic sword.
Dragon Axe An axe designed to strike[ down wyverns.] A wyvern-slaying axe.
Rienfleche Can strike consecutively. For experienced units only.
(Source: Fireemblemwiki.net)


US Version

  • In the US version, Bernard’s description states that he is the “Knight Commander of Bern”, despite being in charge of the Laus army. This is a translation mistake. In the Japanese and European releases, he is correctly described as the “Knight Commander of Laus”.

European Version

  • The English mode of both European versions adds an unusual error in the world map sequence for Chapter 16xE/17xH, where for half of a sentence the script suddenly becomes Italian, replacing the clause "Heading for the southern coast of Caelin," with "In rotta per la costa a sud di Caelin,". This appears to be a typographical error with the script itself, rather than a matter of mixed-up text pointers, since this even occurs in the "AE7X" European version which does not include an Italian localization at all.

All English Localizations

  • The unit descriptions for minor early-game bosses Groznyi and Zagan describe them as Caelin bandits in the English version. In their original Japanese unit descriptions, they're simply stated to be Lycian, with no specific territory therein mentioned.
  • Florina's pegasus is called "Huey". However, there's one line in the English version where it refers to Florina's pegasus as "Makar". This error is not present in the Japanese release.
  • In the opening to Eliwood’s (or Hector’s) story, the English version of the game refers to Hanon as a male, even though Hanon is a female.
  • At one point Lowen will incorrectly refer to "Isadora" as "Isabella".
  • Eliwood’s mother is sometimes referred to as "Eleanor" instead of "Eleanora".
  • A minor location north of Caelin is referred as "Kathelet" in the conversation during Chapter 7, while "Khathelet" is used in other dialogues and the map image of Elibe.
  • In the support dialogue between Geitz and Fiora, it is said that Geitz was a merchant in Bulgar. However in the Japanese text, the aforementioned location is called ベルガー (Berugā), rather than ブルガル (Burugaru) which actually corresponds to Bulgar. Note that this location is called "Belger" during Geitz's recruitment dialogue.
  • In chapter 27 (29 in Hector's story), Nils states that he senses that the weapon the boss is holding "is cursed" and that it "steals life energies and feeds them to its wielder". The weapon he is describing is a Runesword. This is a completely correct translation of his Japanese dialogue rendered inapplicable by a gameplay change the localization introduced. In the localization the boss' weapon was changed from a Runesword to a Light Brand. This is presumably to make the boss somewhat less difficult, as Runeswords restore the wielder's HP when attacking, while Light Brands do not.
  • During the epilogue, in Karla's paired ending with Bartre the English script says that Bartre took his daughter (Fir) and "joined" Karla after she died, implying that Bartre committed suicide. This does not make sense, as Bartre appears alive and well in Fire Emblem: Fuuin no Tsurugi after her death. Bartre "joining" Karla is not said or implied in the Japanese version and is a translation error.
(Source: Fire Emblem (according to Japan))
(Source: Fireemblemwiki.net)

Translation errors in two separate lines of dialogue pretty much erase the existence of a background character named Aenir in the English version. Aenir was the wife of Nergal, the game's antagonist, and her death was a motivator in his quest for power. While these errors are (alone) minor, they combine to erase a significant story element.

  • The first erroneous line occurs in chapter 19x pt. 2 (Yes, it is a side chapter of a side chapter), in a flashback Nergal mentions he is going to Aenir, however, the English localization's wording is very likely to be interpreted as "Aenir" being the name of a location, and not a person, though the localization's translation of the line isn't particularly incorrect, it gives the reader the wrong impression.
  • The second error is in Nergal's death quote. When Nergal dies and a certain set of side chapters are completed, he gets a special death quote where he begins to remember Aenir. However, the English localization seems to have missed this, having him instead mention "Quintessence" (the life force Nergal had been using for power). This error comes from Quintessence being called "Aegir" in Japanese, which, as one would notice, is very similar to "Aenir", this similarity is presumably the cause of the error.
Japanese Translation Localization
なぜだ?なぜ私が敗れる・・・?? もっと力を・・・もっと強くならねば・・・私は 私は・・・何のために・・・力が欲しかったのだ・・・?・・・ ・・・エイ・・・・・・ル・・・?・・・・・・ か・・・らん・・・ ・・・・・・・・・し・・・か・・・し ・・・ぐっ・・・このまま・・・ このままでは・・・死なんぞ 我が最後の力・・・・・・ 絶望に・・・震えるがいい・・・ フハハ・・・・・・ ハ・・・ハハハ・・・・・・ Why? How could could I lose...? More power... If only I were stronger... I I... Why did I want more power anyway...? …Ae……r…? ……I don’t... Understand... b...but... ...gah...Now... Now...as I die... With the last of my strength... You all will...tremble in despair... Fuhaha... ha...hahaha... Why? Why must I lose? More power... I... must be... stronger... I... Why? Why did I... want power? ...... Quintessence? ...Don’t...under...stand... but... Gaa... Not like this... I will not die...like this. With my last breath... tremble...and...despair. Hwah ha ha... Ha...ha ha ha...
(Source: kantopia.wordpress.com)
(Source: Fireemblemwiki.net)

Promotional Content

To do:
Double check list of event-only items and which version received them. Check if item descriptions were translated to the European languages. Is it feasible to make the Mario Kart: Double Dash!! bonus disc recognize European and Japanese games?

Extra items and features (Transfer Data menu, two hidden songs) were enabled in the Japanese version from events, and in the US version from the Mario Kart: Double Dash!! bonus disc. Since no distribution events were ever run for European versions, some the following items became completely inaccessible in gameplay. All of them can still be accessed through cheat devices and still function properly as the translation to each language is largely complete. Alternatively, you can move a save file from a US game cartridge with Transfer data unlocked to access it in the European versions.

Item Region Item Region Item Region
#99: Legend of the Dragon God* US/JP #100: Royal Palace of Silezha* US/JP Angelic robe US/JP
Body ring US/JP Dragon axe* US/JP Dragonshield US/JP
Emblem axe* US/JP Emblem blade* US/JP Emblem bow* US/JP
Emblem lance* US/JP Emblem seal* US Energy ring US/JP
Goddess icon US/JP Secret book US/JP Silver card US/JP
Thor's Ire US/JP Vulnerary (60 uses)* JP Wind sword* US

*Bonus Disc-exclusive.

Sound Room

  • As stated above, two of the songs (Song #99 and #100) that are obtained through promotional events are unavailable legitimately in the European version. However, there's also one other song (Song #98) that's also unavailable legitimately in the European version as this song is obtained after unlocking the extended epilogue and the European version removed epilogue scenes altogether. All three of these songs are still in the European version's game data and can be unlocked if a save with these songs from any other release is swapped into the game.
  • The Japanese version lists songs that come from this game as "Flame Version" (Japanese: 烈火Ver) as many of the songs in the sound room are from previous Fire Emblem games.
  • Several of the song names in the Japanese version are spelled out in often rather awkward English, and as such a few of these English names were changed in the international versions.
Japan International
[Fire Emblem "Theme"/Gate of Dragon/Let's go together!/Legend of ATOS] [Fire Emblem Theme/Dragon's Gate 1/Together, We Ride!/Legend of Athos]
(Source: Fireemblemwiki.net)

Fuuin no Tsurugi Link Up

FE07 Ss data transfer fe6.png

Fire Emblem: Fuuin no Tsurugi Link Up was removed. Originally this feature allowed the player to skip Lyn's story during the first playthrough, as well as help to unlock the extra Epilogue scenes, as well as an extra death quote for Canas. The removal of this feature also renders a CG of Fuuin no Tsurugi's boxart unused in non-Japanese releases.

Epilogue Extra Scenes

The Epilogue has additional scenes that are unlocked by default in the US version, but not in the Japanese version. These extra scenes were removed from the European version altogether. These scenes allude to future events which occur in Fuuin no Tsurugi.

  • In the Japanese version, the scene with Eliwood and Hector with their children was unlocked by linking up with Fuuin no Tsurugi with a Chapter 22 end-game save. If the player does not have Fuuin no Tsurugi they could instead complete the game 9 times to see the scene.
  • The scene with Zephiel and Jahn was unlocked by linking up with Fuuin no Tsurugi with a Final Chapter end-game save. If the player does not have Fuuin no Tsurugi they could instead complete the game 11 times to see the scene.

In addition, the CGs used during the extended epilogue are inaccessible in the European version of the game. The only way they can appear in the European version is through emulation; if a Japanese or US save file which has viewed the extended epilogue is imported, or hacking, they will be viewable in the Sound Room.

(Source: Fireemblemwiki.net)


The US version loads the unedited "Rekka no Ken" logo into memory. The European version doesn't, but for whatever reason didn't remove the small "Fire Emblem" along with it.