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Title Screen


Developer: Terminal Reality
Publisher: Microsoft
Platform: Windows
Released in US: August 31, 1995

CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

Fury3 is essentially a Windows port of Terminal Velocity with a different set of levels. Functionally, the games are the same; in fact, Terminal Velocity is fully playable if you can force Fury3 to load its assets.

Unused Code

Fury3 still contains code that would load the hidden stage 0-0 from Terminal Velocity if a name and call-sign of "Terminal" and "Reality" are given when setting up the game. This is impossible to do, because the player is no longer allowed to enter their name separately from their call-sign.

Changing 25CF1 to 0x74 will skip the check for the player's name, and allow this behavior to be seen by giving a call-sign of "Reality". As the game still attempts to load episode definitions from "geiger.vox", the game will just cut straight back to the title screen unless the data from Terminal Velocity is also present, since that file doesn't exist in Fury3 naturally.

Ordering Info

By forcing the game to load an episode file that has no levels available, it will display the ordering info screen from the shareware version of Terminal Velocity, albeit in a somewhat mangled state due to palette differences.

The ordering info screens appear to be from an earlier version of Terminal Velocity, as the text is slightly different and the seventh page is entirely missing. Despite this, the game still expects there to be seven screens to display, so trying to go to that page results in garbage being shown instead.