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Game & Wario/Unused or Early Graphics

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This is a sub-page of Game & Wario.

Placeholder Background

Placeholder Final
Game-and-Wario-Splash-Temp.png Game-and-Wario-Splash-Final.png

There's a single placeholder mixed in with the character splash screen credits. "Temporary" is scribbled on it, and circled many times. Just to make sure.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Early Mona Card

The layout archive for the character fact cards hold an early version of Mona's card as a placeholder. For the front, the scene photo was changed entirely. For the back, Mona's artwork was resized and has a somewhat different design.

Early Final
G&W Monafrontold.png G&W Monafrontfinal.png
G&W Monabackold.png G&W Monabackfinal.png

Early Wario Credit

Unfinished Final
G&W Image1.png G&W Wariocredits.png

Just like the placeholder background, this unfinished remnant of Wario's splash screen is found with the character splash screen credits. Key differences are the image is completely lacking color and Wario's arm is positioned slightly off-screen.


G&W Top Pattern test.png
A texture used to test the patterns on the spinning top extra.

Haunted Mirror DUMMY

G&W HauntedM DUMMY.png
The Haunted Mirror extra has a dummy graphic that appears to show..... something.

Cluck-A-Pop Cards (E3)

A demo for Game & Wario was held at E3 2012. In this demo, the Cluck-A-Pop gave information about the game in the form of cards instead of little extras to dabble around with. These cards still exist in the game for the Cluck-A-Pop.

Early Balloon Fighter Extra

G&W PonPlaceholder.png
An early version of the Balloon Fighter extra icon, notably for the game Gold Digger, that lacks the color blue. Used as a placeholder for the extra that comes out of the Cluck-A-Pop machine.

Minigame Tip Screenshot

G&W Gamecard test.png
The minigame tip card layout archive holds an unused screenshot as a placeholder.

Gamepad Illustrations

Game&Wario DRCHold hand.png Game&Wario DRCHold Hand2.png
Two illustrations for the gamepad being held in different positions for the Pirate minigame. Interestingly, they use the prototype design of the GamePad.

(Source: Super-Xnot)