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Guns Girl Z

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Guns Girl Z

Also known as: Guns Girl (SEA), Houkai Gakuen 2nd (JP), Bēnghuài Xuéyuán 2 (CN)
Developer: miHoYo
Publisher: miHoYo
Platforms: iOS, Android

TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
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This game is defunct.
Do note the game no longer works at all without modifications. This is most likely due to the game's servers being shut down. As a result, further official developments with the game are unlikely to happen.
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Guns Girl Z is the predecessor to Honkai Impact 3rd, using the same cast as that game. It's also mostly known for having a really, really bad machine translation.

The Global and SEA servers shut down in Summer 2021. Although the CDN is still up, login no longer functions. The Chinese and Japanese servers are still functioning.

Keyboard Controls?

If a keyboard is plugged into an Android device, the characters can be moved using WASD. Unfortunately this appears to be very broken because the character moves every other frame instead of moving smoothly. This support is not indicated anywhere in-game, so it might be a leftover or unfinished feature.

Partner Stories

GGZ used to have a system where you could unlock stories about the partners you obtain in events and gacha. This was removed, but PartnerStoryData.txt still exists in the game's data_all.unity3d container and the stories can be read there.

Girls' Frontline Collab

Like the collab for this game inside Girls' Frontline, this collab was never run again and all equipment is forever unobtainable. It was also never run outside of China.


This was supposed to be an additional story mode featuring reimagined characters 48,000 years before the game's current timeline. It was abruptly cancelled after two chapters, roughly a month after its release. The mode is completely inaccessible by a server-side flag which shows it in the mode select as "under maintenance", which it has been since its cancellation.

As of version 10.0, the majority of Era:ZERO content has been removed from the game files and it was removed from the mode selection screen.

Fire Moth DLC

Story ID 995 in the Fire Moth DLC seems like it would have been used after Chapter 2, which is when the characters enter ME Corp. It's also titled "Previously on Honkai Impact 3rd:", which might be a typo considering that game is the sequel.

The world has been destroyed by Herrscher Kiana. However, humans have not yet given up hope.
The resistance force "Moth into Flame" is thereby created, recruiting survivors who are still willing to continue fighting against their fate. Thus begin the never-ending battles...
In the fifth year after the wars have begun, a new survivor turns up in the base.
On the night of her arrival, the survivor joins the battle to keep the defense line aboveground intact and protects several injured members, saving their lives.
The survivor then undergoes the instructions and training of Seele Vollerei, base personnel, and joins the base maintenance and machinery part recycling crew.
When dealing with engineers who abandoned the cause, she uses her calm judgment to keep the losses to a minimum.
After that, she has become fully integrated into "Moth into Flame" as an official member.
While the investigation squad Grey Moth is on their way back to the base, they see a new type of Houkai Beast for the first time.
To bring some of these beasts back to the base for research purposes, Bronya leads the fighters to HOMU Paradise in Nagazora, so that they may investigate and even capture a specimen to study.
In the depths of a castle, the squad not only discovers the "Queen" who commands the new type of beasts, but also finds traces of Herrscher Raiden Mei.
To further track down Raiden Mei, Bronya and the Grey Moth squad leader decide to head to Massive Electric Corp, where all the clues point to, to investigate.
Meanwhile, Moth into Flame's commanding office has also received reports that Houkai Beasts are rallying at ME Corp. The attack on Massive Electric will soon begin...

994, 993, and 992 are similar, but are simply named "To be continued":

They were attacked by many mekas during the operation at ME Corp.
After Bronya hacked the ME Corp database, they had finally held off the attack of mekas and captured ME Corp.
However, Herrscher Mei appeared in front of everyone and started to attack them together with the mekas.
After they fled, they had no choice but to give up the base and use Hyperion to get away.
During this operation, in order to make Bronya leave safely, Seele didn’t manage to board to ship.
So she was lost in the devastating attack of the Herrscher...
Under the attack of Herrscher, "Moths in Fire" managed to escape in Hyperion.
Bronya killed all Houkai Creatures and left the troop.
And then Himeko became the captain and led the search for the items to repair Hyperion.
However, hope did not come true. The Houkai creatures struck again, and the dying people burned up the last life of Hyperion.
Fleeing back to ME, they fight to the death to defeat the powerful creature Kukulkan. But the Herrscher entered the battle.
Finally, the Herrscher left ME with an invitation to the place of origin. Himeko lost consciousness because of erosion, .....
They know that Himeko would make an end to Herrscher when she woke up, Emesa and Kyuushou decided to go with him.
They met Theresa who was fighting to Bronya outside the base.
The team followed Theresa and found Seele who was dying. But they didn't know that Herrscher was also coming.
In order to covering others, Himeko fought with the Herrscher and gone…
Hope everyone can live out the rest of her life in peace. Theresa also stopped Bronya to avenge.
However, the attack of Herrscher will not stop. At the same time, it was also showed that Kyuushou was controled by Houkai.
Finally, at the end of the battle, Kiana left with Mei and raised a tower above the earth that symbolized the end.
The long dead spot was shining again, the countdown to the end... will also begin.

Fire Moth DLC Placeholder?

Stories with ID 1930 to 1939 in ExtData show a BG of Kyuushou and this text associated with it. This is never used in-game, so it's a mystery what this was for. Maybe it was a placeholder for before Fire Moth was available.

Are you the brave one who has crossed time and space and come to the invisible world line?
If you're looking for anything from here, please come back. There's nothing here.
I understand your desire to find out about destiny, to change it, but it's not so easy for us to change it.
So... Please keep waiting!
The wheel of history is moving forward,
And where did it end this time…

Placeholder VN Segment

After version 9.8 was released, there was an unexpected delay for Chapter R15. Curious dataminers that extracted the data on Chapter 15's original release date soon discovered that there was a placeholder story in place of R15's VN segments, despite being impossible to view in-game without cheats since the chapter was not unlocked to play yet.

There is no known instance of this VN segment ever being shown in-game, and the fact it has an English translation indicates that it was made before the English version was discontinued.

It's a mystery why this was translated in the first place, considering it's impossible to see without cheating.

This VN segment is also repeated in ExtData (the file containing event stories) in various places.

Below is the text for the segment. The text is spoken by Lingyi "Rei" Niang, the writer for the game (who also has an in-game sprite and talks in other segments). The official English translation for the game is incredibly bad, so a fan-translation is provided for readability.

English English (fan-translated) Chinese Japanese
Yah ho, this is REI. Hey hey~ It's me, Rei, I'm working overtime temporarily~ 呀吼,这里是临时加班的灵依娘。 ヤッホー。臨時で残業している崩壊娘だよ。
Can you see me? That'll be all right. Bye Can you see me? Alright, that's good, see you later~ 能看到我是吗,那就没事了~拜拜~ 私のことが見えるかしら?それならよかった~バイバ~イ。
You ask me about the story? You'll see it when you're supposed to. Just look forward to it. The story? You'll see it when you're supposed to. Just look forward to it. 你问我剧情?该看到的时候你总会看到的,就好好期待吧。 ストーリー?時間になったらちゃんと見られるわよ。楽しみにしていてね。
So, I'll see you later.Don't skip~ See you later, and don't hit that Skip button~ 那么,我们之后再见,可不准Skip了~ じゃあ、また後で会いましょう。Skipしちゃダメだからね~