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Happy Tree Friends: False Alarm (Windows)

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Title Screen

Happy Tree Friends: False Alarm

Developer: Stainless Games
Publisher: Sega
Platform: Windows
Released in US: June 25, 2008

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

And you were just a scroll away from being fired too...
Oh dear, I do believe I have the vapors.
This page contains content that is not safe for work or other locations with the potential for personal embarrassment.
Such as: Somewhat gory images

Happy Tree Friends: False Alarm is a Lemmings-style game based on the cute-yet-gory flash cartoon. Lumpy must guide the Tree Friends' sleazy AI through vast dangers and into safety.

Unused Graphics


The Xbox Live Arcade release featured twelve achievements that cannot be accessed on the Windows version.

Early HUD

The user interface apparently was much simpler during development. HUD.DDS inside the Common folder shows an earlier version of it, with 2D sprites and buttons from the Xbox 360 controller.

HTFFAwin HUD.png

Scrapped Characters

Some assets suggest that both Cuddles and Handy were playable at one point but were cut for whatever reason.

  • They both have in-game mugshots amongst the rest of the Tree Friends in BottHUDPic.DDS, as well as full body shots for the loading screen in HTF_characters.DDS.
  • HUDFireIce.DDS even has icons to be used when they're freezed and in flames.

Blood Splatters

HTFFAwin blood SPLASH.png

blood_SPLASH.DDS is a patch of blood that has more of a jelly look to it. The blood in the final game has a bolder shade of red.

HTFFAwin blood splat2.png

blood_splat2.DDS is a much more realistic (and rather disgusting) pool of blood, complete with a brain and eyeballs. It goes unused in favor of 3D rendered counterparts.


Graphic Filename Description
HTFFAwin IceTex.png IceTex.DDS A fairly large texture with frosty maggots that tries to pass as "ice".
The games uses a much less detailed graphic for when the characters are frozen.
HTFFAwin Idol.png Idol.tga A low quaity texture of a golden statue that had a whole episode revolving around it. It lacks a model.
HTFFAwin BlockTex.png BlockTex.DDS A grey square with the letter R printed on it.
HTFFAwin TinyFont.png TinyFont.tga A small font with a pink background for transparency.
HTFFAwin distortion.png distortion.DDS A foggy distortion effect.
HTFFAwin dodo.png dodo.DDS A crude drawing of a dodo.

Upsell Screen

HTFFAwin upsell.png
upsell.DDS is a remnant from the demo version and was once used to show text detailing the game's features. It is still used by the Xbox Live Arcade trial.

Development XML

text.xml is a fairly long document detailing all of the game's text and more. It was created in mid-2006, last edited in early 2008 and pretty much contains all the text included in the Localisation folder.

Download.png Download Leftover XML File
File: HTFFAwin_textXML.7z (51 KB) (info)

Unused Models

Almost all of the models in the weapons folder is unused. None of these have textures associated to them.

HTFFAwin Box01.png

Box01.mdl is some sort of robotic claw and might be a leftover from something else.

HTFFAwin ChamferBox01.png

ChamferBox01.mdl is a cube with odd edges.

HTFFAwin Sphere01.png

Sphere01.mdl is your average test sphere.

HTFFAwin polySurface01.png

polySurface01.mdl is sphere-ception.

Unused Text


This folder contains all of the game's text, including a few strings that are never seen otherwise. All of these were translated to Spanish, French, German and Italian.

Development Strings

Anim Viewer

Review all character animations.

Text for an animation viewer. It's currently unknown if it's still in the game.

Loading SFX

Loading Textures

Creating Visual FX

Creating Weapons Of Mass Destruction

A few loading messages that are never displayed. The game uses "Locating the Happy Tree Friends..." while it is loading instead.

Trial Version

Unlock Full Game

Unlock the full game on Xbox LIVE Marketplace
Trial Version
Replay Trial

A few self-explanatory messages.

The trial version of Happy Tree Friends False Alarm is Restricted

Purchase the full version NOW to continue playing

or the bunny get's it..

Full version features..

Original gameplay in 30 different levels

A whole host of cute cuddly Happy Tree Friends

Death, explosions, maiming and fire, lot's of fire!

You may have earned Achievements!

upgrade to the full version now to add these to your gamer profile

Gold Awarded!

A handful of statements persuading the player into purchasing the game.

Unlock the full version to play the rest of the game. 

Full version features:

A brand new, unseen, two-part Happy Tree Friends movie.

Original gameplay in 30 different levels.

10 unique themed environments. 

Can you rescue the Happy Tree Friends in time? Lumpy is counting on you!

Achievements earned:

Upgrade to the full version to add them to your gamer profile.

Unlockthe full game from Xbox LIVE marketplace.

These would have been placed in the upsell screen.

Xbox Live Arcade


View high-score tables and statistics.


View the achievements you have earned or are yet to complete.

Check your standings in the Leaderboards.


Check your current and target Achievements.

Few messages regarding achievements and leaderboards.


Switch between "All Time", "Monthly" and "Weekly"

All Time





Switch between "Overall", "Friends Only" and "My Score"


Friends Only

My Score

You are not yet ranked on this leaderboard.

No one is ranked yet on this leaderboard.

You are not connected to Xbox LIVE.

Press the Xbox Guide button and sign in to a gamer profile.

Your friends are not yet ranked on this leaderboard.




Notices and instructions on rankings, scores and social linking.

Beginner's Luck

Complete the tutorial

Just what the doctor ordered

Finish a zone without harming any Happy Tree Friends

Sweet Smell of Copper

Achieve a Bronze Award

The Midas Touch

Achieve a Gold Award on each level

Playing With Fire

Burn 200 characters to death

Piece of Cake

Achieve at least a Bronze Award in 15 levels

You Da Bomb

Achieve a career score of at least 18,000,000

The Last Drop

Finish a zone with all the characters under 25% health

That’s a Wrap

Unlock the 2nd part of the movie

Give Yourself A Hand

Score at least 500,000 in every level

Hi Ho Silver

Achieve a Silver Award

You're Golden

Achieve a Gold Award

Save The HTF's Save the World!

preparing for blood loss and carnage 

The mayhem begins with the Happy Tree Friends first video game! Play as Lumpy and save the Happy Tree Friends from razor sharp blades, deadly meat grinders, fire filled pits and other hazardous situations. 

Featuring 8 classic Happy Tree Friends characters, 10 frantic scenarios, and endless hazards, play with HTF in their first video game! 

Achievement text aplenty. The last four statements appear to be more remnants from the demo.

You have been returned to the main menu because your gamer profile has changed

You must be signed in to view the Leaderboards and Achievements.

You are not currently signed in. If you continue, you will not be able to save your high scores or any achievements you have earned in this game.
Return to Arcade

Quit the game and return to the Xbox Dashboard.


Just short debugging-related log that can be found in the Common folder.

Start of Frame
ProcessScene Completed
RenderThisMaterial:Shader="Def SkyBox", Material="SkyBox\SkyBox", Model="SkyBox\SkyBox", Group=0
Upload Cube Texture:"SkyBox\SkyBox", Stage=0
Setting VertexShader:1a9180
Setting PixelShader:1a8ec0
Rendering Opaque: 0 groups
Rendering Translucent: 0 groups
CView::Render Completed
Custom PixelShader:2
Setting PixelShader:e5df1a0
Custom VertexShader:5
Setting VertexShader:e5df300
Upload Shadow Texture, Stage=0
Custom PixelShader:1
Setting PixelShader:1cbd20
Custom VertexShader:4
Setting VertexShader:1e6c80
Custom PixelShader:2
Setting PixelShader:e5df1a0
Custom VertexShader:5
Setting VertexShader:e5df300
Upload Texture:"HTFontLarge", Stage=0
Setting VertexShader:1d57c0
Setting PixelShader:1d5580
Custom PixelShader:15
Setting PixelShader:e5dfa40
Custom VertexShader:4
Setting VertexShader:1e6c80
Upload Shadow Texture, Stage=0
Upload Shadow Texture, Stage=0
Custom PixelShader:15
Custom VertexShader:4
Upload Shadow Texture, Stage=0
Upload Shadow Texture, Stage=0
Upload Shadow Texture, Stage=0
Custom PixelShader:1
Setting PixelShader:1cbd20
Custom VertexShader:4
Upload Shadow Texture, Stage=0
Upload Texture:"Main Blur", Stage=1
Custom PixelShader:8
Setting PixelShader:e5e0360
Custom VertexShader:4
Upload Shadow Texture, Stage=0
Custom PixelShader:1
Setting PixelShader:1cbd20
Custom VertexShader:4
End of Frame

Unused Animations

To do:
Put in gifs of the unused animation for the characters.

The character animation file reveals unused animations, such as the character being killed by being impaled with a spike, and by being inflated until popped.

(Source: Happy Tree Friends Wiki)