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any excuse to use this wonderful thing

All you need to know about uploading, adding, and formatting files.

File Guidelines

  1. For uploading images, see here.
  2. For uploading audio, see here.
  3. For uploading videos, see here.
To do:
Finalize guidelines.

Uploading Files

  1. Click "Upload file" under the Toolbox heading on the left sidebar. (Or click here.)
  2. Choose a filename and write a description of what you're uploading in the summary box.
  3. Choose an appropriate tag that describes what platform the file is for, and include it in the description box.

Tagging Files

Files must be tagged with their system and type. Put this information into the Summary box on the Upload File page (or, if a file has already been uploaded without the necessary information, click "edit" at the top of the file's page). Tagging a file will place it into a category.

  • Replace "system" with the proper name of the platform with the title of the game the image belongs to! Example: {{ROM|PlayStation 2}},
Code: Description: Category:
{{app|system}} Files in this category are prototype versions of small applications. Apps
{{document}} Files in this category are various developer materials that don't fit nicely into any other category. Documents
{{emulatorfile}} Files in this category are for use in conjunction with emulators. Emulator Files
{{extracteddata|system}} Files in this category typically contain extracted game data in an easily processable format such as CSV and TSV files, spreadsheets, flow charts, etc. Extracted Game Data
{{gamesave|system}} Files in this category are in-game saves. Not to be confused with {{save}}. Game Saves
{{patch|system}} Files in this category are designed to modify the inner workings of a game. Patch Files
{{ROM|system}} Files in this category are ROMS of prototypes and unreleased games. For computer games, see Apps. For Adobe SWF files, use {{SWF}} instead, and {{J2ME-JAR}} for J2ME packages. ROMs
{{save|system}} Files in this category are savestates. Not to be confused with {{gamesave}}. Save Files
{{sourcecode|system}} Files in this category are extracted game source code. Source Code
{{tool}} Files in this category are related to extracting, viewing, etc game data. Tools

Formatting Files

Add the file to your wiki page with the following code.


| title=File Title
| file=File.zip
| filesize= 440 KB