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To do:
Loads of expansion to do here.

Prototypes are in-development versions of the game. These pages cover prototype versions that have been released in some form or another.

Page Setup

  1. Prototype pages don't require bobs or title screen images. These are already covered on the main page for the game in question.
  2. Start your article with a {{prototype}} tag and a note as to how the prototype(s) was/were found.
  3. Organize the prototypes.
    1. If there's only one prototype, no splitting is needed unless said prototype has a lot of additional stuff in it.
    2. If there are multiple prototypes...
      • Split these into subpages, which are linked on the main prototype page.
      • Start with the earliest prototype in development and work up to the newest.
  4. Don't forget to add the prototype page to the series template and list it along with the game in question.

What information can I add?

Except for the rules about what to add and what to avoid that are specific to Prototype pages, TCRF's regular rules and guidelines also apply. Don't forget to read them, too!

Add This Stuff

  1. Differences between Prototypes and Final Versions

    • Example: Different object placement, artwork changes, music differences, materials exclusive to prototypes, and changes in gameplay mechanics.
  2. Unused stuff in Prototypes

    • Virtually anything unused in a prototype is of equal interest to that of unused material in the final game.
    • Example: Unused graphics, levels, music, etc.
  3. Demo Versions

    • Sometimes, these are based on real prototypes and can have assets not seen in the final game.
    • Example: Any demo for a game that date some time before that game was actually released.

Don't Add This Stuff

  1. Unreleased ROM images for Prototypes

    • This includes hoarded prototypes.
  2. Prerelease Images

    • These are usually placed in the Prerelease pages instead.
    • Exception: When demonstrating something not seen in the prototype, but assets for that content are in the prototype.