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Hong Kong 97

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Title Screen

Hong Kong 97

Developer: HappySoft
Publisher: HappySoft
Platform: Unlicensed SNES
Released in JP: March 4, 1995

Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

Hong Kong 97 is... something, alright. The game was designed by Japanese video game journalist Yoshihisa "Kowloon" Kurosawa, and was made in about one week with the intention to give the middle finger to China and Nintendo, alongside being the worst video game of all-time.

Revisional Differences

There is an alternate version available to download from a Geocities website that documented Kurosawa's life, which contains some differences from the more commonly-seen ROM of the game.

Original Dump Alternate Dump
HK97Menu1.png HK97Menu2.png

The language select adds a fourth option, "CM", which displays two advertisements (see below) before continuing in Japanese.

Message Translation
HK97ad (1).png Disk drive back up machine for the Super Famicom!

Family Partner FP32
The price is 29,800 yen!!
By Amdec Japan
Call 0120-634-333
~Easy to take~

HK97ad (2).png "Ka Rei" ~Curry~ PC Network

Tokyo Junk Workshop
All 32 lines 28800bps
Open 24 hours