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Title Screen


Developer: Mason Lindroth
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: October 2, 2015

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
CharacterIcon.png This game has unused playable characters.
CopyrightIcon.png This game has hidden developer credits.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
Sgf2-unusedicon1.png This game has unused abilities.

Hylics is a rather unusual RPG made in RPGMaker VX Ace. The game was described by the creator as "a recreational program with light JRPG elements".

Unused Areas

Quite a few areas went unused in the game.


Labeled as Apartment in the files. Seems to be an earlier version of Somsnosa's house.

Early Version Final Game
HylicsCastleInterior3.png HylicsCastleInterior4Color.png

An early version of the Castle Interior can be found, though all that is changed is the color being grey instead of orange.

Earliest Version Later Version Final Game
HylicsNew Tomb Exterior3.png HylicsRevisedTombExterior2.png HylicsNew Tomb Exterior Repathed B 6.png

The Graveyard area went through a few revisions.

The first one didn't use the maze structure of the other ones.

The second version is closer to the final, though it didn't use the blue paths that run over the top of the door.


An unused area that looks similar to the mountain area where Dedusmuln is found.

Hylics Black and White World map-.png

A monochrome version of the blue world's map, unknown use.

Unused Version Final Game
Hylics Computer TV 1-ground1-.png Hylics Computer TV 2D.png

An unused version of the computer room. Some noticeable differences are that The Sage of Computers door is completely omitted, the map appears to be mirrored, and the Necro Skull maze is missing.


Unused Cave area, has enemy sprites in the files as well.

HylicsOfficeRoom1.png HylicsOfficeRoom2.png

Two unused Offices in the game's files, interestingly enough, one of the NPCs that was to be used here is used in the first Tomb area.


An unused shop that contains no map data in game, so it's unknown if it's an earlier version of one of the shops that is still in the game.

HylicsWaterfall City 8.png

Labeled as Waterfall City in the game's files, with no theorized use.


A very early version of Somsnosa's basement, the map data contains event triggers for Necro Skulls.

Mase 1.png Mase2.png

Unused first person dungeon crawling levels using the FPLE Engine in RPG Maker VXACE.

Footage of the first maze map.

Unused Character Sprites

Several sprites remain in the game, though they aren't used for various reasons.


Hylics Dedusmulnhey.png

Dedusmuln has a sheet comprised solely of them saying hey. There's no clear clue as to where this could be used.


Hylics !$SomsnosaRetro.png

NES styled sprite sheet. There is no area where NES styled sprites exist, making this an oddity.


Dracula went through several variations during development.

Intermission Words

Several sprite sheets of animated words can be found, though they are never used.



These were most likely to be used during the Dracula interludes, though it is not featured in the final game.


Was going to be used for loading screens, but as RPGMaker games don't have loading screens, it wasn't used.


The Musical Break here corresponds to the name of the concert area, which is named MusicalBreakRoom(Ground 1).

Leftovers from Somsnosa

Leftovers from Mason Lindroth's first RPG, Somsnosa, can still be found in the files.


Main character sprite from Somsnosa.


Old Man Sprite from Somsnosa.


Punk sprites from Somsnosa.


Rabbit sprites from Somsnosa.


Ship sprites from Somsnosa.


Balloon sprites from Somsnosa.

Unused Enemies


An overworld sprite for an unused enemy named StaffMan in the files.

Miscellaneous Sprites

Sprites that don't fall into a particular category.


Monsters for the unused cave area.


A sheet full of coffins, possibly used in an earlier version of the Graveyard.


Office furniture, most likely used in the unused office areas.

Hylics!$PlantCouch - Copy.png

This couch isn't seen anywhere in the game.

Hylics!$Gauntlets 1.png

A version of Somsnosa's Gauntlets on a pedestal. In the final game, there is no pedestal used.


A totem found in the files next to the totem chasers.


Unused magic animation sprites, unclear what they would've been used for.

Unused Character

There is one unused character in the RPGMaker files under the name Debug. Due to his name, it's safe to assume that he was only used to test the battle system.


Debug uses Wayne's sprites if hacked onto the overworld, and has no face sprite in battles.

He has every skill, and is set at level 99 automatically. Note that characters in Hylics can only gain experience by killing the final boss, and as such only ever level up after one fight.

Unused Enemies

The game files contain enemies not found anywhere in-game.


Hylics ChairBattler.png

Referred to as "Dude", can only attack for 10 damage. Has 20,000 HP.

Gremlin Master


Referred to as Gremlin Master, can only attack for 10 damage. Has 400 health.


HylicsHatBattler3.png HylicsHatBattler1.png HylicsHatBattler2.png

Referred to as Gremlin, can only attack for 10 damage. Has 100 health.

Shop Guy

Shop guy has no sprite, nor attacks. He seems to have been scrapped very early on.


Found in the troops section in RPGMaker. Consists of a Ghost, Vital Statue, Gremlin, Gremlin Master, Clawman, and Dude.

Unused Tiles

As the environments were later changed to be made entirely out of clay, these are still left within the files.

HylicsGroundtiles A5.png

Hylics Tileset dream 001.png

Hylics Tileset house 001.png

Hylics Tileset mase 001.png

Hylics Tileset mason 001.png

Unused Skills

HylicsWipe skill.PNG

Debug skill, if used it attacks all enemies and displays the message "(User) DEBUG MESSAGE should not be in final game."


A kick, if used it hits one enemy and displays the message. "(User) kicks."


A counter, if used it applies the counter effect to whoever used it and displays the message "(User) looks pointy!"


Buffing magic, if used it adds an unspecified buff and displays the message "(User) expressed gratitude!

Leftover Credits


These credits from Somsnosa are still left in the game.

Unused Backgrounds

A few unused backgrounds can still be found in the game's files.


An early title screen.


An unused battle background for the computer area.

Version 1 Version 2
HylicsFleshBattleback.png HylicsFleshBattleback2.png

This unused background has two variations; one is red while the other is pink, but neither is used in-game.

Unused Items

HylicsQuestion Mark..PNG

Used as head armor, only usable through cheating.


Used as a projectile, one time use poison.

Developer Notes

Opening the game in RPGMaker shows that a few things are changed.

Hellfire BBQ

Found in the files for the Dread meat enemy, but it's unknown what it means.

Censuring Eye: Silence player

Melancholy Eye: Paralyze player


Found in the files for the Monoops enemy, indicates that there was going to be more than one stare magic.

Chrome Lava - Fire damage for several turns.

Eldritch Pugilism - Pierces defense, drains HP.

Maybe... when body is defeated the head
detaches... or all the body parts detach and
attack separately.

Or... some kind of skeleton version.

Right arm attacks
Left Arm Heals All

Found in the files for the Pongorma fight, indicates that he was going to use different magic. Also contains concepts for using two arms to fight, and having a second undead form.