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Invasion from Beyond

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Title Screen

Invasion from Beyond

Also known as: B-Movie (EU)
Developer: King of the Jungle
Publisher: GT Interactive
Platform: PlayStation
Released in US: November 30, 1998
Released in EU: November 1998

CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.

To do:
*There are possibly some extra missions for some levels, although how these are activated is unknown. Investigate further.

Unused Cheats

Two cheats which normally cannot be activated can be turned on with the code below. They have correct button inputs to turn them on without a cheat device, however they do not activate with button inputs.

Activate All Cheats
80070E94 FFFF
80070E96 FFFF

This restores the unused cheats, DEATH OFF which is invincibility, and the TEXT cheat. It's unclear what the latter cheat does.