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killer7/Unused Sounds

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This is a sub-page of Killer7.

To do:
  • Replace the videos with clean audio rips.
  • Old Harman has unused pain, death, critical and reload sounds.
  • Old Harman has TV dialog you can only hear while playing as Dan (TV_HAC_toDAN).

Several sounds were left off from the final game. Some interesting ones hint that Kevin wasn't meant to be mute.

Kevin's Cut Voice

Originally, Kevin had its in-game voice recorded, but the relevant audio samples are never used. It appears that it was cut in very late development.

Dan's Cut Slow Motion Ability

Dan's original ability was not the Collateral Shot, but a slow motion one. It was shown in the E3 2003 trailer.

Unused First Credits Music

Sound/music/1STstaffroll.hps is an unused song, presumed from the filename to be the first staff roll's original music. A variation of this song, IceCube Pf.(RX-Ver.S.P.L) was later included in the PlayStation 2 version of beatmania IIDX 12 HAPPY SKY. In the final game, the staff roll uses the song Dissociative Identity.

It's possible that Dissociative Identity was actually only meant for the cutscene of Garcian and Linda Vermillion and the developers opted to use it for the ending and the first credits because it fits perfectly in.