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Kirby Super Star/Unused Enemy Palettes

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This is a sub-page of Kirby Super Star.

A large number of enemy palettes aren't used. Game Genie codes will be provided when available.

Palette Variants

Almost all enemies and minibosses have 3 palettes available, although for most enemies only 1-2 are used. Some of these palette variations are used in Kirby Super Star Ultra.

The Game Genie codes will turn the first Waddle Doo in Green Greens into the appropriate enemy with the unused palette.


I hope he's hiding in a forest or something

Game Genie codes: DBC9-CBAD + F8CF-1C6D
Palette 3 code: D7C4-16DD


Cardinal knowledge

Game Genie codes: 41C9-CBAD + 54CF-1C6D
Palette 3 code: D7CF-18AD

Blade Knight

Orange you glad I didn't say enguarde?

Game Genie codes: 4DC9-CBAD + 40CF-1C6D
Palette 3 code: D7C4-16DD


You know, a blipper. One that blips

Game Genie codes: FAC9-CBAD + F3CF-1C6D
Palette 3 code: D7C4-16DD


Mustard bomb?

Game Genie codes: D9C9-CBAD + DDCF-1C6D
Palette 3 code: D7CF-18AD


Star-throwing jerks

Game Genie codes: 7DC9-CBAD + 9FCF-1C0D
Palette 2 code: D4C4-166D
Palette 3 code: D7C4-166D

Broom Hatter

This article needs to be cleaned up. Please remove this tag when...oh wait

Game Genie codes: F1C9-CBAD + 92CF-1C6D
Palette 2 code: D4C4-16AD

Burnin' Leo

Flame-throwing jerks

Game Genie codes: DAC9-CBAD + 7DCF-1C6D
Palette 3 code: D7C4-16DD

Chef Kawasaki

He must have an allergic reaction...to justice

Game Genie code: 00C9-CBAD
Palette 2 code: D4C4-160D


Eugh. I don't recommend eating him

Game Genie codes: 4BC9-CBAD + 45CF-1C6D
Palette 3 code: D7C4-16DD


So how do you pronounce his name exactly?

Game Genie codes: D3C9-CBAD + 77CF-1C6D
Palette 2 code: D4C4-160D



Game Genie codes: F2C9-CBAD + F3CF-1C6D
Palette 3 code: D7C4-16DD

Javelin Knight

Javelin Knight gets no respect

Game Genie codes: 40C9-CBAD + C8CF-1C6D
Palette 3 code: D7C4-16DD

Jungle Bomb

Gene Shalit proclaims, "Jungle Book is Jungle Bomb"

Game Genie codes: FDC9-CBAD + 7BCF-1C6D
Palette 3 code: D4C4-160D

Knuckle Joe

Tan, man

Game Genie codes: F4C9-CBAD + 1ECF-1C6D
Palette 3 code: D7CF-18AD

Laser Ball

Huhuhuhuh. Check it out, Beavis. He's got blue balls.

Game Genie codes: 4EC9-CBAD + DECF-1C6D
Palette 3 code: D7CF-18AD


Hey, you aren't lovely! I have been bamboozled thusly

Game Genie codes: FFC9-CBAD + 1DCF-1C6D
Palette 3 code: D7C4-16AD

Moto Shotzo

I thought this was called Gun Gun but I was wrong. OH WELL

Game Genie codes: 43C9-CBAD + F4CF-1C6D
Palette 2 code: D4CF-18AD

Poppy Bros. Jr.

Pop pop poppity pop

Game Genie codes: F7C9-CBAD + 06CF-1C0D
Palette 2 code: D4C4-166D

Poppy Bros. Sr.

Pop pop poppity pop. Senior

Game Genie code: 07C9-CBAD
Palette 3 code: D7C4-16DD



Game Genie codes: 46C9-CBAD + 1BCF-1C6D
Palette 2 code: D4C4-16AD
Palette 3 code: D7C4-16AD


Eva, Ra, A rave!

Game Genie codes: 4CC9-CBAD + 1ACF-1C6D
Palette 3 code: D7C4-16AD

Sir Slippy

Slippy can be such a headache

Game Genie codes: F3C9-CBAD + F3CF-1C6D
Palette 3 code: D7C4-16DD



Game Genie codes: FEC9-CBAD + 9CCF-1C6D
Palette 3 code: D7C4-16AD


What kind of name is Twizzy anyway

Game Genie codes: FCC9-CBAD + 03CF-1C6D
Palette 3 code: D7C4-166D


Racial diversity? In MY Kirby game?

Game Genie codes: 48C9-CBAD + 4CCF-1C6D
Palette 2 code: D4C4-16DD
Palette 3 code: D7C4-16DD

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Dark Object Palettes

Darker, but not edgier

Dark palettes exist for all but two of the enemies and minibosses. Plasma Wisp and Magical Sweeper don't have them due to their constantly cycling palettes. These palettes would be used in dark rooms. As it is, there are only 2 dark rooms in the game, only 6 different kinds of enemies inhabit them, and no minibosses lurk there.

A stark contrast

To enable the dark object effect in Green Greens' first room, use the Game Genie code DFCE-4BAD.

Unused Flashing Palettes

Ooh, golden

All enemies that can give abilities periodically flash a golden version of their normal palette. Well, all enemies except Waddle Doo and Poppy Bros. Jr, though the palettes are in the game!

There are good reasons why these aren't used. Waddle Doo shares his palette with Waddle Dee, so every time he flashes his golden palette, Waddle Dee would too, and Waddle Dee has no ability. Likewise, there are variants of Poppy Bros Jr. that don't have any abilities, but they share their palette with Poppy Bros that do have abilities.

(Source: Original TCRF research)