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Koutetsu no Kishi

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Title Screen

Koutetsu no Kishi

Developer: Dual
Publisher: Asmik
Platform: SNES
Released in JP: February 19, 1993

EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.

Koutetsu no Kishi is a tank tactics game. which is like a board game. but both allies and opponents' tanks move at the same time!

Unused Soviet Tanks

Set tank number at RAM address 0x7e1b6a ~ 0x7e1b74. This address is opponent 10 tanks. If you set this code at the player's tank address, the game will crash during the 3D view scene.


Koutetsu no Kishi KV1B Front.PNGKoutetsu no Kishi KV1B Side.PNGKoutetsu no Kishi KV1B Rear.PNG Koutetsu no Kishi KV1B ANIM.gif

tank number: 20

This tank is used in Koutetsu no Kishi 3.


Koutetsu no Kishi JSU122 Front.PNGKoutetsu no Kishi JSU122 Side.PNGKoutetsu no Kishi JSU122 Rear.PNG Koutetsu no Kishi JSU122 ANIM.gif

tank number: 21

This tank is used in Koutetsu no Kishi 3.


Koutetsu no Kishi JS3 Front.PNGKoutetsu no Kishi JS3 Side.PNGKoutetsu no Kishi JS3 Rear.PNG Koutetsu no Kishi JS3 ANIM.gif

tank number: 22

This tank is used in Koutetsu no Kishi 3.


Koutetsu no Kishi SU85 Front.PNGKoutetsu no Kishi SU85 Side.PNGKoutetsu no Kishi SU85 Rear.PNG Koutetsu no Kishi SU85 ANIM.gif

tank number: 23

This tank is used in Koutetsu no Kishi 2.


Koutetsu no Kishi T34 100 Front.PNGKoutetsu no Kishi T34 100 Side.PNGKoutetsu no Kishi T34 100 Rear.PNG Koutetsu no Kishi T34 100 ANIM.gif

tank number: 24

This tank has a very large cannon!

Hidden Codes

Enter these codes as a name, to enable some effect:

Code Transcription Translation Description
ベニヤいた Beniya ita Plywood Allies tanks changes to マルダーII(Marder II)
トタンいた Totan ita Tan board Allies tanks changes to ナースホルン(Nashorn)
どいっちぇランド Doicche rando Deutschland Allies tanks changes to タイガー1(Tiger I)
ケニッヒス Kenihhisu König Allies tanks changes to キングタイガー(King tiger/Tiger II)
SSしだん SS Shidan Hit rate 100%

Unused Images

Map Chips

In battle scenes, there are four unused broken houses loaded in VRAM:

Koutetsu no Kishi Broken House 1.png Koutetsu no Kishi Broken House 2.png Koutetsu no Kishi Broken Wood House 1.png Koutetsu no Kishi Broken Wood House 2.png


In battle scenes, there are unused mini-sized sprites for various actions. While firing, the game normally returns to a 1x map scale.

Mini Micro Notes
Koutetsu no Kishi unused destroy tank.PNG Koutetsu no Kishi unused destroy tank mini.PNG Two destroyed tanks. Left is tank (e.g. Panzer IV), Right is assault gun (e.g. StuG III).
Koutetsu no Kishi unused fire.PNG Koutetsu no Kishi unused fire mini.PNG Two frames animation for fire when a tank is destroyed.
Koutetsu no Kishi unused muzzle.PNG Koutetsu no Kishi unused muzzle mini.PNG Smoke from the muzzle break.

Development Text

Address Text
0x009d30 grp:Illegal BGMODE/baseno
0x009e6e pal:Illegal BGMODE/bgno
0x00bb53 bgput:Illegal baseno

Unused Sounds

There is unknown sounds. Set sound number to SPC input port #1.

Sound number: 0x10

Sound number: 0x1B