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LISA: The Painful RPG

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Title Screen

LISA: The Painful RPG

Developer: Dingaling Productions
Publisher: Dingaling Productions
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: December 15, 2014

EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

To do:
  • Upload some of the unused sprites, such as Olan without his hat, a Black recolor of Peter, and many more.
  • Add in separate pages for the unused stuff like graphics or animations.

LISA: The Painful RPG is an adventure RPG by Dingaling Productions, LLC. It is the sequel to LISA: The First, an adventure game by the same company.

Unused Enemies

Various unused enemies can be found in the game's data. Out of the six, only two are fully coded.

LisaPainfulRPG GunAmbusher.png
LisaPainfulRPG BoneRichards.png

Gun Ambusher

A version of the Ambusher with a gun, as the name implies. It has 1000 HP, 30 SP, 200 ATK, 25 SATK, 15 DEF, 25 SDEF, 32 AGI, and 32 LUCK. It drops 300 Exp and 3 Mags on death, and might only drop these items:

  • A Mystery Jerky (1/3 chance)
  • An Empty Bottle (1/3 chance)
  • Perfume (1/9 chance)

It can only use a normal Shoot attack.

Bone Richards

Has 1500 HP, 30 SP, 40 ATK, 25 SATK, 15 DEF, 25 SDEF, 32 AGI, and 32 LUCK. It drops 53 Exp and 5 Mags on death, and doesn't drop any items. It can use a normal Slice attack. When its health gets below 50%, it may use a strong Big Slice attack, or use a recovery move. And when he dies He says "ahhh god dammit I'm dead" On a loop while stock RPG maker music plays.


These enemies have no battle sprite, 100 HP, 0 SP, and 10 of every other stat. They all have a normal Attack skill and drop no Exp or items. Their placeholder stats may mean that they were cut in development. The only difference with them is the amount of Mags dropped:

  • Babe Ruthless drops 0 mags on death.
  • David Beesta drops 16 mags on death.
  • Sea Sea Rock drops 5 mags on death.
  • Randal Kieth drops 5 mags on death.

Filename Oddities

In the game's battler's folder, Some of the Character file names have different names than they appear in-game.

Gamefile In-game name
Joe Uno Bobby Diddle
High-strung Man Steel Blackman
Clinton Washington Booker Clinton
Johnny Clint
sweat Gary The Hot Soup
Gang Boss Hill Simmons Sugar Mountain
Matsumoto Ned Tanaka
Ned Tanaka Herman Masatoshi
lunatic Tom Brightside Miller

Unused Dialogue

Demon X and Buzzo have extra dialogue that will show provided you defeat them. Their stats make them impossible to defeat through normal gameplay and the player is expected to lose for the game to continue. However, they can still be defeated by using evasion-raising and poisoning moves.

If Demon X is somehow brought to 0 health, he says "You fucking cheated" before his death animation. Then, outside of battle, Demon X continues by saying, "You absolutely/ Are an asshole" and it's game over.

If Buzzo somehow reaches 0 health, he says "You made a big mistake. I'll end this world now." and it's game over.

Unused Animations

There are battle animations for Brad's friends Rick and Sticky, as well as space set aside for Cheeks' animations, but none of said animations can be found. These are remains of party members seen in early trailers.

Sticky is shown swinging a stick in his two animations called Swing and Many Swing. These resemble animations for skills belonging to Queen Roger in the final version.

Sticky's Swing animation.
Sticky's Many Swing animation.

Rick has an animation for a boomerang throw called Boomerang in which he sports a pink shawl. Rick's animation and shawl strongly resemble those of Percy Monsoon, suggesting that Rick's design concept as a party member was instead used for Percy in the final version.

Rick's Boomerang animation.