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LittleBigPlanet Karting/Unused Levels

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This is a sub-page of LittleBigPlanet Karting.

This article is a work in progress.
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Of the 112 levels in DATA/ROM/TRACK, at least 39 of them are unused or inaccessible. These include test levels, ideas that were never implemented and even early versions of used levels.


Lbpkarting default level badge.png

by Team LBP

(no description)

A simple track presumably meant for a tutorial involving Breadcrumbs.


Lbpkarting levelbadge CITYSTREETRACER.png

by Don Doubtworthy

(no description)

An early version of Monster Trucks where the player controls a tank instead of a robotic dinosaur.


Lbpkarting levelbadge CORSOGP.png

by Team LBP

(no description)

A level with similar gameplay to Craftworld GP, where the kart has a fuel guage that needs to be refueled every so often. A version of this track was published to the community via the LBPK_Community PSN account, however it is no longer accessible due to the game's servers being shut down.


Lbpkarting default level badge.png

Egg Kartin' - Big
by Team LBP

(no description)

The first of six early versions of Egg Kartin'. The core gameplay is largely the same, though there are a few differences to the final version, all of which are shared between the six early variations.

  • The sky is pink, rather than the final's blue sky.
  • The huts use a different, less vibrant design.
  • The introduction cutscene is shorter than the final, and the music that plays during the tutorial loop is different.
  • The initial spawn points for each player are further away from the egg than the final.
  • The Prize Bubbles are all in a straight line rather than being hidden inside the breakable huts.


Lbpkarting default level badge.png

Egg Kartin' - Boost
by Team LBP

(no description)

The second of the Egg Kartin' variants. In this version, the egg periodically gives boost items to the player holding it. Due to the nature of the game's item system, this is the only version of Egg Kartin' where the player can defend themselves from homing projectiles while holding the egg.


Lbpkarting default level badge.png

Egg Kartin' - Goals
by Team LBP

(no description)

Yet another unused variation of Egg Kartin'. Here, the egg doesn't provide any unique abilities, but it can be driven to certain points on the map to gain bonus points.


Lbpkarting default level badge.png

Egg Kartin' - Light
by Team LBP

(no description)

In this version of Egg Kartin', the map is darkened and the egg lights up when grabbed.


Lbpkarting default level badge.png

Egg Kartin' - Mines
by Team LBP

(no description)

In this version, the egg spawns mines when grabbed. Only one mine spawned from the egg can be on the map at any given time.


Lbpkarting default level badge.png

Egg Kartin' - Speed
by Team LBP

(no description)

The last variation of Egg Kartin'. Here, the egg increases the kart's top speed when grabbed, hence the name.


Lbpkarting levelbadge ENDGAMEBOSS2.png

Rubbish on the Run
by The Hoard

Pursue Hoard Monster and destroy it to liberate The Hoard from the monster they unwittingly created.

An early version of the final boss that plays like an on-rails shooter rather than an a battle arena. The ending cutscene appears to be unfinished.


Lbpkarting default level badge.png

by Team LBP

(no description)

An early version of The Emperor Has No Clues with a number of differences compared to the final version, including:

  • There are 30 rainbow gates throughout the track, increased to 36 for the final game.
  • The time limit is more lenient in this version, starting at 2:40 instead of 2:15 like in the final version.
  • A spinning ring of Score Bubbles just after the second Launch Pad was removed.
  • The Jetpack and the block of sand inside the sand castle, along with the rolling pufferfish hazard just outside have not been implemented yet.
  • The anglerfish holding up a Grapple Sponge has a completely different design.
  • Multiple signs that indicate to use the Grapple Hook are not present.
  • The firey monsters that pop out of the ground near the entrance to the cave are in different spots.
  • The music does not change when the player approaches the giant octopus hazard like it does in the final game.
  • The final rainbow gate was brought forward slightly in the final version.
  • The Scoreboard area is different.


Lbpkarting default level badge.png

by Team LBP

(no description)

A barren level designed to test post-race cutscenes. The cutscene in question features a cow skull with bleeding eyes rising out of the ground - rather out of place imagery, given the game's age rating.


Lbpkarting levelbadge TREEWAYFREEWAY.png

by Team LBP

(no description)

A basic track that takes place in the treetops. The most notable aspect are the moving bugs that kill racers on contact. For some reason, there are garbage pixels on the bottom right of the level badge.


Lbpkarting levelbadge TUTORIALSTEER.png

by The Queen

In this mini-game, you need only steer and throttle your way to one checkpoint after another. It's like a Sunday drive, except today might not be Sunday.

An unused tutorial/minigame using the same track layout as Training Wheels. Drifting is disabled, so the only movement options are accelerating, steering and hopping. The timer starts decreasing faster after every two laps, and by lap 6 the timer will decrease faster than it can be extended.


Lbpkarting levelbadge WORMDERBY.png

by Team LBP

(no description)

An unused minigame set in the Eve's Asylum theme. The goal is to mash the displayed button to fill up a meter, at which point your worm will inch closer to the finish line. The player whose worm reaches the end first wins.