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Lua:Metal Slader Glory

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This page contains Lua scripts for the game Metal Slader Glory.

Text Id Displayer

The following Lua scripts display the id of the currently displayed dialogue line.


while true do
  local DialogueIdOffset = 0x64
  local DialogueId = memory.readword(DialogueIdOffset)
  gui.text(20, 20, "Dialogue Id: " .. DialogueId)


function sceneInfo()
  state = emu.getState()

  bgColor = 0x302060FF
  fgColor = 0x30FF4040

  --Draw some rectangles and print some text
  emu.drawRectangle(8, 8, 86, 16, bgColor, true, 1)
  emu.drawRectangle(8, 8, 86, 16, fgColor, false, 1)
  emu.drawString(12, 12, "Dialogue ID: " ..  string.format('%02d', emu.read(0x64, emu.memType.cpu)), 0xFFFFFF, 0xFF000000, 1)

emu.addEventCallback(sceneInfo, emu.eventType.endFrame)